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Ginbot 7 Secretary General held talks in Asmara

Secretary General of a major Ethiopian opposition party, Ginbot 7 Movement for Freedom and Justice is currently on a working visit in Asmara, Eritrea.

During his visit, Ginbot 7 Secretary General Andargachew held talks with high-level Eritrean government officials, leaders of the Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF), and officials of other opposition groups, according to Ethiopian Review sources inside Ginbot 7.

Ato Andargachew’s visit followed Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki’s ground-breaking interview with Ethiopian Review and earlier this month.

Ginbot 7’s discussion with EPPF included how to forge a broad-based alliance comprised of all the Ethiopian armed resistance groups.

Additionally, Ginbot 7 hopes to setup a temporary headquarters in Asmara, sources informed Ethiopian Review.

Ato Andargachew’s trip could also pave the way for Ginbot 7 chairman and the legitimately elected mayor of Addis Ababa, Dr Berhanu Nega, to travel to Asmara soon.

65 thoughts on “Ginbot 7 Secretary General held talks in Asmara

  1. It is a bold and positive move forward. But care should also be taken as another saying also goes, “blood pulls more than horse rein” Meles has got Eritrean blood. If this working together could hold long, I am sure it would be the strongest cause for the fall of the seemingly impenetrable tyrant regime.
    Long live Ethiopia and God’s blessing be upon Ginbot 7. Even if it may seem illusive, victory for the cause of Ginbot 7 will be fruitful, because it is for the good of the people. Viva G7

  2. Mr. Elias, you started all this long time a go and against all adds. You guided us to the light. Your job just started and you need an office in Asmara. We need to hear it from you what is happening in Asmara. I hope G7 will do the right thing and create a government among all opposition groups. That is the only way to unite Ethiopia. Just a thought! Go G7! Cheers!

  3. I have been waiting for this moment guys! they say strike the iron when it is hot. we should not miss a second chance guys. it is time to consolidate and wage something practical as our elect mayor said. for that mater we have all the resources if we believe in it, name it, brave air force pilots, army officers and thousands of civilians who are contributing in Europe and America.

  4. Dear Ethiopians,

    The struggle for freedom and justice is going well. It is on the right track. Please let’s learn from past mistakes.

    Eliays Kifle: To be honest with you, I was very sad about you in your activities during the CUD times. I was not happy when you pin-point opposition political figures and attacked them in the past. Because I beleived that has benefited the woyanes too much. But I forgot everything by your current moves. You are doing great job. For me, you are now a true freedom fighter and professional journalsit. The struggle for freedom and justice expects a lot from you now and in the future. Even your body language, when interviewing Isayas, prooved me your commitment to the struggle. You proved yourself.

    I kindly propose the following to fellow citezens who wants to see changes in Ethiopia.

    1. Respect Erirtreans and their casue. Our fathers and forefathers did a lot of good things and I am proud of them. But they made a big mistake which resulted the separation of Eritrea from Ethiopia. So, we have to inherit it silently. It is a hard fact and we must swallow it. We have to forget the past and be ready to work with Eritreans specially President Isayas Afeworki. Those of you who are participating in or leading fragmented struggles, writers, radio hosts, etc…, please stop talking against Eritrea or Shabia. THE PAST IS PASSED. Learn to live the present and the future. Look Europeans and Americans. They passed through lot of wars but now they are fully integrated. And the cooperation with Eritrea should be uttered genuinely. Look how Isayas gave us a confidence to trust him. We have to give Eritreans a confidence so that they can trust us too. Never generalize. We have to widen our heart and mind.

    2. Always we have to deferrenciate between Woyane and the people of Tigray. All woyanes are Tigres but all Tigres are not woyanes. The people of Tigray are woyanes not by choice but imposition. Imposition in both approaches: Remember the CARROT AND STICK approach of management. So, make sure they know we love them, we are not their threats. We have to make them trust us by working hard genuinely. They are hostages by Woyane. I know this is a very hard job to accomplish but we have to practice it consistently and genuinely regardless of the result.

    3. No more negotiation with Woyane/TPLF. No more professor Issacc Ephrem and the likes. No more diplomacy with Woyane. They are deceivers. Their deceiving power has been elevated too much. They are corrupt and they are shamless. Do we know that they give money to key personalities from all citizens of the world just for their political gain? So, opening door to negotiation means ready to be deceived. In the past 18 years or before, can you tell me when woyane had given-up a fraction of its interest for the sake of negotiation? The Woyane/TPLF group is greedy, full of hate, uncivilized, arrogant, selfish,etc. Meles zenawi is admired by many as an intelectual? You can call me whatever you want but he is the most stupid one. Do we know that he buys expensive advisors and use them in all his economic speeches and writings? he is copying and pasting in most of the cases.

    4. Ginbot-7, EPPF and others: you have to go fast. This is the time. A day shouldn’t pass. But please designe secret moves for some sensitive issues. Action should come first. When froming coalition, please take the maximum care. Remember CUD. Never and ever engage yourself in antagonistic moves with other opposition groups. Never say something bad against other opposition parties.

  5. As an Oromo Ethiopian, I consider President Isaias and the Eritrean People as the only ally who provided refuge to OLF and Oromos at large during the Woyane occupation of Oromia and Ethiopia at large. It is time to broaden our alliance with Eritreans in the fight to remove the murderous regime of the ugly Meles and the Tigre thugs in power – United OLF, EPPF, G7, ONLF, and others are the future of the democratic republic of Ethiopia which can live in peace with itself and its neighbors.

    At the end of the day, the wealth and treasure of Ethiopia looted by Woyane into building Tigrai can easily be restored to its legitimate owners. Viva President Isaias – we definitely appreciate your principled approach and most of all in your continued effort to destroy Woyane!!!

  6. Every thing is on the right way now. So don’t worry about the organizations with the different names of ethnic groups. that is the objective realty in the ground now to organize them selves. Whether you go this way or that way we are all brothers we are all Ethiopians. Let them kick out the “weyane” from every corner that is the priority. At the same time work hard to unit. Don’t give any space for “weyane” “entesaseb afncha simeta aine yalkes” About Eritrea we have to learn same thing today are not like yesterday Eritrea is a state and it needs to leave in peace with it is factual or true both countries can get benefit may god bless you Elias!

    VIVA G_7

  8. That is a great news for peace and liberty loving nation, albeit, this is the beginning, every opposition should hone its effort to topple the regime which claim to govern for the coming 100 years,

    But this is not only left to few individual, but every body has to contribute its own share, the diaspora by raising funds, and monthly contribution, influencing the politician in US and West, by awaring the people around the injustice and despicable act that is undergoing in every sector of the society.

    No matter we are poor but we were very proud people, and appreciate the past regimes in their treatment of all the nationalities even there is some injustice but not institituonlized , education was equal for every individual even though the infrastructure across the country was not appropriately allocated, everybody has given a chance to suceed, we have seen great people from south, afar let alone the major nationalities, you see professors, generals, doctors but now tplf wants to take all opportunity look all the education facilitiy in its region, industries, military , economy , they want everything for themselves, even in the past you will see many oromos , in the field of airforce, than any other, and different nationalities but the woyane uses federal system to exploit the rest of ethiopia.

    Poverty does not mean anything but we want to return our freedom and pride back, that is the meaning of ethiopia, where is our example to africa, nothing has been seen like this even in Africa,

    This is also a clear warning to the wise tigran elite to come back to their sense , do they think they will live in tigray peacefully after inflicted so much damage,

    I know woyane is now shaking but the diaspora should raise all effort to disguise the hidden agenda to the world, while putting enough work to support the struggle at home,

    The diaspora also play a good role in forming strong relationship with eritreans so foil the woyane attempt to create animosity by letting eritreans to come and run business, woyane is not a fool they are doing it intentionally but eritreans are not fool, who dare wants to invest all the bad things happen, woyane write a new law to day and erase tomorrow, meles said that we can send anybody if we do not like the color of their eyes, now it is the turn of the woayne to drink their plan which they plan for others, eritreans are not going to be fooled and become the victim, ‘ Besefert kuna mesefer aykerem”- this thing is gone cost not only woyane but the whole tigray- that is the sad thing, some of woyanes could escape with their stolen money, but create a back pain for the rest of tigrayans-why the eritreans hated them so much, the somalis, the amahra, the south , but this is due to Woyane but even though it is too late still there is time to mend what is done!!

    peace for the Horn of Africa

  9. Give way!

    Give way, the Amharas are coming; give way, the Oromos are coming; give way, the bad Tegarues are leaving in a great number; and give way, the Ethiopian Patriots and the Ginbot 7 are coming and advancing forward to liberate Ethiopia from its uncalled for confinements for eighteen solid years by the illegitimate Woyanne regime.

    It has now become clearer than ever before, and it is well confirmed after Elias Kifle interviewed President Issayas Afeworki in Asmara, that Afeworki fully supports any organization that works to remove the Woyanne regime and restores the unity of Ethiopia.

    To have such a country like Eritrea with a formidable and well disciplined army, and at that a veteran one, on our side is a blessing and a victory, not only for Elias Kifle who went extra miles to have such a blessing and cleared the doubts from some Ethiopians who considered Issayas as a number one enemy of Ethiopia, but for Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) himself that Issayas is a friend of Ethiopia who wishes to establish a strong relationship between the people of the two countries.

    Indeed, it is a noble idea that Ginbot 7 has followed the steps Elias Kifle has taken by sending Ginbot 7 Secretary General Andargachew to Asmara and to prepare the way for Dr. Berhanu Nega to have an interview with Issayas Afeworki and perhaps open one head quarter in Asmara.

    To have more energy, more strength, and more accomplishments, I believe all the Ethiopian organizations, big or small, known or unknown, must recognize the new head quarter that would be established in the Eritrean soil. We can even put our transitional government in exile in that new head quarter in Asmara.

    The advantage of such a head quarter in Asmara is that it will be very close to home, and from there it would be easier to recruit new soldiers from schools, universities, and from other Ethiopian institutions.

    I believe when other Ethiopians know that there is a new head quarter in Asmara for the Ethiopian patriots, hundreds of the Woyanne soldiers will abandon their duties to protect Meles Seitanawi and his family and join the transitional government in exile in Asmara.

    When Meles Seitanawi sees all his houses at home and abroad are licking and that he could not repair them, he simply deserts them as Mengistu Hale Mariam did before him. He would not have enough time to mend them; he would not have enough soldiers to bring him victory over the mighty army of the Amhara people, the Oromo people, and the Ogaden people trained and supported by the Eritrean veteran army in the city of Asmara.

    As I understand from the interview by Elias Kifle and Sheleshe Tilahun, President Issayas Afeworki has made a commitment to help any Ethiopian organization to shelter them as far as their goal is to help Ethiopia remain united. He has clearly said that he has no intention to fragment Ethiopia into different independent states even though the Ethiopian Constitution allows any region to secede.

    Elias Kifle, a hard working journalist and a visionary, has opened a great opportunity for all the Ethiopian organizations that are working day and night against their common enemy, Meles Seitanawi, to visit Asmara and express their deep gratitude to President Issayas Afeworki for his unwavering commitment to help them, not to divide them and use them to stand up against each other but to unit them to free their country from the Dictator Meles Seitanawi.

    Unlike the Western countries that have refused to stop sending money to the Meles gang squad and allowing them to stay in power, President Issayas, who knows the Ethiopian people very well and who looks like one of them and who speaks their languages, understands what the Ethiopians and the Eritreans need – cooperation, working together, and living in peace without foreign donation. President Issayas recognizes that the West does not want Ethiopia to make a friendly gesture toward Eretria because the West believes that Eritrea supports terrorists against the Western interests in Africa.

    The politically well-advanced Issayas Afeworki, however, knows the West’s intention to create division and hatred between Ethiopia and Eritrea and between other African states and that is why he has completely rejected Western donation because he understands it has always a string attached to it.

    And what ever the West tries to undermine Issayas’ efforts to help Ethiopia, he will continue encouraging every organization, such as EPPF, Ginbot 7, and others to topple down the Meles regime.

    Meles’ propaganda that Issayas’ intention is to annex Tigray to Eritrea, using the Ethiopian Patriots and others is baseless according to Issayas’ statements in the interview. Issayas is here, he believes to tell a history to the next generation that he has been a peace-loving person who wants to live in peace, not only with Ethiopia but with all other Horn Countries also.

    In fact, it is Meles Seitanawi, not Issayas Afeworki, who is amassing wealth by robbing the Ethiopian people and investing his wealth and the wealth of his wife on one province only – Mekelle – because he wants Mekelle to secede from the rest of the Ethiopian states and declare himself the absolute ruler of Tigray Abay.

    On the other hand, Meles knows he could not declare Tigray as an independent country as far as Eritrea is there and as far as the mighty Oromos and the mighty Amharas are still fighting for the independence of all Ethiopian regions. They will work together under the protection of Issayas Afeworki to prevent the secession of the Tigray province from the rest of the rich Ethiopian provinces.

    There will be no cessation as far as all the Ethiopian people understand the value and strength of living together and working together for a common goal – building Ethiopia to be a prosperous country that accommodates all its citizens and treats them equally.

  10. Meles and Bereket should hear a shocking news every day.Ginbot 7 and its ally armed forces are now stronger than ever before.I am fully confident that the tyrant Meles regiem is gonna be wiped out sooner than desperately expected.With our strong and mighty hands together we will throw the Meles and Bereket dectator regiem to the hell!! I and a great number of my friends will be alongside Ginbot7.The time to United,strong and prosperous Ethiopia has come!

  11. Talk, talk, …, talk. You know this let alone the golden Tigrean ppl. Let us meet soon and call Mengistu Hailemariam too. KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

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