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EPPF’s radio is now available online

Voice of Ethiopian Patriots (YeArbegnoch Dimts), a radio program that was recently launched by the Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF), is now accessible online, according Ato Sileshi Tilahun, head of organizational affairs.

To listen the program online click here.

YeArbegnoch Dimts can be heard throughout eastern Africa currently, and now that it is accessible online, it will have worldwide reach.

YeArbegnoch Dimts is headed by former Negat Radio host Demis Belete, who has recently returned to the U.S. after visiting with EPPF leaders and forming the radio team in Asmara.

Ato Demis Belete is also head of the EPPF Press Office.

Meanwhile, EPPF Executive Committee has opened a new bank account in Washington DC. For more information, visit

3 thoughts on “EPPF’s radio is now available online

  1. Elias,

    Ethiopian review is doing better than you reported.
    Here is the latest from the wolframalpha link you provided.

    daily page views | ~~ 320000
    daily visitors | ~~ 40000
    site rank | ~~ 32536th

  2. Adamu,


    EPPF is moving the right direction with amaizing speed. Well done to alll participant who made hapen.

    We all have to do our contrubition in supporting EPPF. The Arbegnoch are the true Ethiopian fighters we must help these heroas.
    We are beging to see the light through EPPF.

    God bless Ethiopia and Arbegnoch

  3. Dear Elias Thanks for the information. I just have one though. I know the EPPF Radio Just open today and I just have one suggestion about the opening theme songs. It really have to be Powerfull Theme song such as STRONG patriotic Songs, other ways the current opening theme song is yehude tewate yemuzeka mezenaga program newe yememeselewe I am sure most people will agree with me.
    Please let this who ever in charge of, We need to Energize our people…..and its very important to have a strong opening theme song with a great patriotic songs!!

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