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21 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi in handcuffs

  1. I do not think that the time is far for this to happen. This will happen very soon. Melese and his ganags will be in handcuffs while facing the ICC.
    The day will come it will come soon!!!

  2. It would be great to see Melles face justice but not with the political court at the Heague. That court is nothing but a tool of neo-colonialism. That court would never indict Melles as long as he is serving the interests of western neo-colonialists.

    If they are to indict him it will only be when they can’t control him anymore and know very well that Ethiopia is about to have a government accountable to its people. Western neo-colonialist don’t want people of Africa to be masters of their destiny and they will use the world court at the Heague as a tool for their agenda.

    The people of Ethiopia should make this butcher face justice inside Ethiopia without interference from outside, we Africans are capable of being masters of our destiny. The numerous unpopular and puppet governments have perpetuated the idea of servitude and the African elites seem to be the primary tools for this modern day slavery. I hope the Ethiopian people will follow Eritrea’s lead and unite themselves to create a government that stands up for the Ethiopian people, that is only way Ethiopia will have peace and prosperity in the long run.

  3. Perhaps, one day, he will be in that way as the book of Obadiah indicates: “As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head.” (1:15)

  4. It is so funny, but Meles also think all about this , that is why he wants to retire and lead behind the wheel. Currently he is also trying to ratify new law so that he will be benefited and to show the world , he does not take anything from the coffin.

    But who is going to buy his prtention, i do not care if he was benefited from the state for serving but what he did is the question.
    Division, hatred, regionalism, landlocked ethiopia, famine, and neoptims, and fear among nationalities,

    people talk about the roads, what roads, he took 30 billion dollars, where is the money that would have built a network for the entire country and develop big dams, but instead no power, no water, and further poor education—-

    Even dergu does not achieve much in the sector of development but tired the meagre resource with little help from abroad to allocate for all, dergu get only weapons from the socialist country, but that is worth , we have enjoyed the pride, and free port,

    This regime surrounds the country with ethernal enmies due to absence of ports, and sea outlets. The probelm ist just the begininng not the end, it will haper all development and future prospect of the country,

    I do not care about the leader weather he is dictator or not, but he should have responsibility in ensuring vision and the future of the country any other thing,

    Who cares about the false democracy if our interest is jeopardized , we are not going to live forever but what about the future generation,the heritage, —,

    Meles did all the chaose but where is the destination , it is like he started the war with erirea and killed 100,000 soliders, for piece of land, whichi does not have any signdicance, and spent billons dollars,then he negotiated to give the land, why ? that is leadership without the vision,

    He might be away from the legal systme but he is not going to hide from his shadow which is going to haunt him forever


  5. Elias,

    Why don’t you post the rest of the interview instead of non sense like this. We are tired of waiting.You are killing the relevance of that interview.

  6. Excellent satire! Meles looks exactly looser. I would like to appreciate the one who made it. Elias, if you are, you need to be an artist. By the way, where is the rest of the interview with Pres. Isayas?

  7. Hurray! My wife could not stop laughing!!! Me too! This is the guy who pressured and forced under age children to join his army during his so called ‘liberation struggle’ for 16 years. That is why I call him a ‘pedophile’. As far as him being a serial killer, well the record shows very well.

  8. I agree, we Ethiopians and Africans should be the ones handcuffing him and taking him to jail IN Africa. Brothers and sisters if we don’t stand up and take arms to take this tyrant down another will replace him.

  9. NO, not in Geneva, where is the jails are luxury, but in Mikalawee, where he and his friends stored human beings like chicken. Meles is truly African Adolf Hitler. No, his time is up, and Woyane’s time is up.

  10. “those who live by the sword die by the sword” if he continues what he has been doing for the last 17yrs, there is no doubt one day, just not very far, he will face the rule of law and pay the price.

    The soul of poor ethiopians are crying for justice from heaven.

  11. Dear Gashew:
    You seem to suggest that the problem we see in Ethiopia is due to lack of ports and sea outlets. You’re out of touch of the reality. The gross human rights violation been perpetrated in Ethiopia has NOTHING TO DO WITH PORTS OR SEA OULETS. It’s the result of the policy this racist, ethnocentrics woyane regime has adopted. Period. Could some one please enlighten Mr. Gashew about this issue? Mr, Gashew, I wish you’d stop dissimating this old and outworn issues about ports and sea outlets and accept the fact that Ethiopia and Eritrea are two sovereign nations with their respective territories, including ports. With peace and stability, there’s no reason why Ethiopia would not enjoy the services Eritrean ports provide. For more elaboration and if you care, I’d refer you to the interview Elias and Ato Seleshi conducted with Eritrean president Isayas Afewerki just recently.
    With Peace and Mutual respect, economic cooperation and integration is inevitable not only between Eri-Ethiopian people, but the whole East African region.

  12. unfortunately he would run like Mengestu did no body gonna capture him if there was a justice mengestu should face a criminal charge in Ethiopia but he is living a good life in Zimbobaie. I believe Melese is ready to leave with all that money he robbed from ethiopian people

  13. I agree with most of the comments above; this butcher should be brought to justice at home or abroad!
    I just want to add another thought to my “Eritrawi” brother. I am an Eritrean by blood but Ethiopian by choice; I agree with most of your comments, however, the fate we all wish to happen on the Butcher (his name is filthy to use) should also happen on your so called chosen Eritrean president! He is as guilty as the butcher! He has a lot of Eritrean blood in his hand ; we should all bring him to justice too!
    As Eritrean in blood, I know what is happening in the country and abroad. I just don’t understand why a lot of us try to hide his crimes. In the name of Eritrean people who suffer daily, my brother, I beg you to be brave and call him as he is- a criminal!

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