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Author: Elias Kifle

The World’s 11 deadliest leaders of the past 100 years

By Earthling Concerned with some revision by Ethiopian Review. It was originally posted in 2009, but the list will remain be relevant for years and generations to come.

Below is a list of the most destructive world leaders in the last 100 years. I got most of the numbers from here and if you want more information on the person in question, just click on his name and Wikipedia will bring you up to speed. This list is obviously up for dispute considering how violent the last 100 years have been.

mao zedong

1. Mao Tse Tung (China), 1949-1976

  • Deaths caused Under his watch: 14 to 43 million from starvation during the Great Leap Forward/Cultural Revolution.

adolf hitler

2. Adolph Hitler (Nazi Germany), 1939-1945

  • Total Deaths Responsible for: Over 46 million as a result of the Second World War.
  • Including between 11 and 16 million systematic killings during the Holocaust.

Joseph Stalin

3. Joseph Stalin (USSR), 1929-1953

  • Deaths caused Under his watch: Approximately 20 million.
  • Up to 14.5 million starved to death
  • At leastone million executed for political offences
  • Approximately five million sent to the “Gulag Archipelago” never to return alive.

Kim Il Sung

4. Kim Il Sung (North Korea), 1948-1994

  • Total Deaths Responsible for: About three million killed in the Korean Wars.
  • At least One million needlessly starved to death due to the economic zeal of his regime.

Mohamed Suharto

5. Mohamed Suharto (Indonesia), 1967-1998

  • Total Deaths Responsible for: Up to two million killed following a supposed coup attempt in 1965 Over 250,000 deaths following the Invasion of East Timor in 1975.

Pol Pot

6. Pol Pot (Cambodia), 1975-1979

  • Total Deaths Responsible for: One to three million (between a 1/4 and 1/3 of the population).

Theoneste Bagosora

7. Théoneste Bagosora (Rwanda), April-July 1994

Saddam Hussein

8. Saddam Hussein (Iraq), 1979-2003

  • Total Deaths Responsible for: Approaching 2 million.
  • Up to 340,000 Iraqi and 730,000 Iranian combatants during the Iran-Iraq War.
  • U p to 200,000 during the Gulf War
  • Over 100,000 Kurds killed or “disappeared”.
  • Up to 150,000 Shia Muslims and Iraqi dissidents killed during his reign.

Ante Pavelic

9. Ante Pavelić (Croatia), 1941-1944

  • Total Deaths Responsible for: 300,000 to 1,000,000.
  • Up to 30,000 Jews
  • Up to 29,000 Gipsies
  • Between 300,000 and 600,000 Serbs

Omar al-Bashir

10. Omar al-Bashir (Sudan), 2003-Today

  • Total Deaths Responsible For: Upwards of 400,000.

Meles Zenawi

11. Meles Zenawi (Ethiopia), 1991-2012

  • Total Deaths Responsible For: Upwards of 1,000,000 through genocidal wars he conducted in the Ogaden and Gambella regions of Ethiopia; death by disease in concentration camps; blockade of food; ordering the shooting of unarmed pro-democracy protesters; deploying human wave tactics in the war with Eritrea; invasion of Somalia where over 10,000 Somalis slaughtered, countless died of starvation and disease, over 2 million became homeless.

Al Amoudi companies that are looting Ethiopia

The group of companies listed below are owned by Saudi agent Al Amoudi. These 40 companies are currently busy looting and plundering Ethiopia in partnership with the Woyanne apartheid junta. In the meantime, Al Amoudi’s puppet-masters in Saudi Arabia savagely attack young Ethiopian as shown in this video:

  1. Addid Gas and Plastics Factory PLC
  2. Addis Home Depot PLC
  3. Addis International Catering PL
  4. Blue Nile P.P. & Craft Paper Bags Manufacturing PLC
  5. Cabey PLC
  6. Daylight Applied Technologies PLC
  7. East West Ethio Transport PLC
  8. Elfora Agro-Industries PLC
  9. Lame Dairy PLC
  10. Mamco Paper Products Factory PLC
  11. Midroc Construction Ethiopia PLC
  12. Midroc Energy House Electro-Mechanical Services PLC
  13. MIDROC Ethiopia PLC
  14. Midroc Ethiopia Tecnology Group PLC
  15. Midroc Foundation Specialist PLC
  16. Midroc Gold Mine
  17. Modern Building Industries PLC
  18. Moha Soft Drinks Industry SC
  19. Mugad Travel PLC
  20. National Mining Corp.
  21. National Motors Corporation PLC
  22. National Oil Ethiopia PLC (NOC)
  23. Pharmacure PLC
  24. Rainbow Exclusive Car Rental and Tour Services PLC
  25. Salam Health Care PLC
  26. Sheraton Addis
  27. Star Soap and Detergent Industries PLC
  28. Summit Engineered PLC
  29. Trans Nation Airways PLC
  30. Trust Protection & Personnel Services PLC
  31. United Auto Maintenance Services PLC
  32. Unity University PLC
  33. Unlimited Packaging PLC
  34. Wamza Furnishing Industries PLC
  35. Equatorial Business Group PLC
  36. Ethio Agri-Ceft PLC
  37. Ethio Leather Industry PLC (ELICO)
  38. Huda Real Estate PLC
  39. Kebire Enterprise PLC
  40. Kombolcha Steel Products Industries PLC


Gen. Samora Yenus in a German hospital – update

UPDATE – December 28, 2012: Ethiopian Review sources are reporting that armed forces chief of staff Gen. Samora Yenus is back in a Germany hospital. In August, we reported that Samora, looking frail, returned to Addis Ababa to attend dictator Meles Zenawi’s funeral, and that he will return to the hospital.

UPDATE – August 21, 2012: Samora Yenus has been observed at Bole Airport today along with other TPLF junta officials receiving Meles Zenawi’s body. Our sources have verified that he returned to Addis Ababa two days ago from Germany, but he will return to continue his medical treatment.

Samora YenusThe late Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi’s military chief of staff, Gen. Samora Yenus, is currently in Essen, Germany, receiving medical treatment.

Doctors at Essen University Hospital have diagnosed Samora with Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia, which is a symptom of AIDS, according to Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit sources.

Samora was taken to Bole Airport by ambulance after he collapsed following a TPLF meeting last week, and flown to Germany.

Lt. General Seare Mekonnen is now in charge of the armed forces in Ethiopia, Ethiopian Review sources in Addis Ababa reported.

PM Hailemariam Desalegn expresses frustration to close confidants

Ethiopia’s new prime minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, has expressed frustration with the Tigrean People Liberation Front (TPLF) to a group of close friends he recently met. One long time friend of the prime minister (who wants to remain anonymous) told Ethiopian Review today that Hailemariam is finding it impossible to get cooperation from the TPLF members who are dominating the bureaucracy and military on a number of issues, most particularly making personnel decisions. TPLF officials also keep him in the dark on national security matters and he doesn’t get timely reports as a commander-in-chief.

Ethiopian Review’s source also said Hailemariam wants to give amnesty to all political prisoners, but hardliners in the TPLF-dominated state security are dead set against it.

Asked if Hailemariam is concerned about his security, the source said that all his family and friends are extremely worried, but Hailemariam himself doesn’t seem to be concerned.

Hailemariam wants to mend relations with the Eritrean government and he was furious that the Ethiopian football federation requested change of venue for the scheduled soccer match with Eritrea. Hailemariam believes that peaceful relations with Eritrea will solve most of the security issues in the region. However, TPLF leaders believe that Eritrea policy is their domain and they don’t want Hailemariam to come near it, Ethiopian Review source said.

The Nile river dam project is another area where Hailemariam feels that he is being sabotaged. Ever since the late dictator Meles Zenawi died last July, the TPLF has almost completely withdrawn support for the project, which is currently facing a crippling shortage of funds. Construction workers are not being paid on time, and critical supplies and equipments are not arriving. Much of the funds that have been collected so far have also been unaccounted for, the source said.

DLA Piper back in London court to harass Ethiopian Review

DLA Piper goes to a London court again representing the Woyanne junta and their money launderer and fellow thief Mohammed Al Amoudi to harass me and try to shut down Ethiopian Review (see here). Last time, in 2011, they succeeded in getting the London court to award them £175,000. I took the low amount as an insult. Why not $1 million or $100 million? This time I urge the London court to award DLA Piper and its clients a much bigger amount or else I may sue them for slander.