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Al Amoudi servant makes legal threat

One of Al Amoudi’s servants in the Diaspora, Ato Eyaya Arega, is imitating his boss by hiring a lawyer to harass Ethiopian Review. The lawyer, Steven Sarfatti of Washington DC, wrote a letter (read here) demanding that we remove the articles about Eyaya and his gang of thugs who have turned the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) into a tool for the Woyanne genocidal regime in Ethiopia.

The answer to Mr Sarfatti is that Ethiopian Review stands by the articles. In fact, there is more to come.

105 thoughts on “Al Amoudi servant makes legal threat

  1. Fasil
    do not worry. You are doing your bosses message. You are kissing ass and this will be exposed soon. Remember you are not ESFNA defender. You are the first one to sue ESFNA for self interest. Please take my advise do not write any more with hungover or with taking something illegal. You know what I mean and we have the proof…

    ESFNA will survive and cleaned from those who are puppets.

  2. It appears that ESFNA Pandora’s Box is wide open now. What started as a feud within the boardroom and corridors of the ESFNA body is now being conducted on cyberspace for all to witness. I wish that this mess does not turn uglier than it really is, and affect the functioning and operation of this worthwhile institution. I hate to see a great institution like the ESFNA is kept hostage by individual squabbles within the organization.

    We have witnessed and watched great organizations (be it political, social, and even within the clergy) fail due to the greed of a few individuals. I pray this fear will not materialize. A great organization that kept and served Diaspora Ethiopians as one unit for the last 28 years is not and will not cease to exist because of a few bad apples.

    I hope something fruitful comes out of this temporary setback.

  3. Elias,
    Thanks for exposing the corruption and intimidation of the Ayaya’s and his bosses. You don’t have to worry at all.
    LE LEBAM LEBA ALEW. Just play their card and hire an ATTORNEY. I am sure you will get support from all the concerned ETHIOPIANS from contribution to petition.

  4. It is a shameful act to silence a free press in the land of the Free. If Mr Ayaya nd his budies try to do it back home, it may not be surprising.By the way who is financing this group at this magnitude. Is it ESFNA or other undercover personalities? One thing it is cear that Ayaya is not by himself. Even the prsedent of the ESFNA has given his 100% endorsement for this fight. I do not have any information about the president and his budy net asset to wage A war against Ethiopian Review. Guyes we have to wake up. If we let these people to silence Ethiopian Review today, tomorrow will be otthers. Please let us unite behind Ethiopian Review and show them that we will not retreat an inch.

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