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Ethiopians in 4 regions to be evicted from their land (VOA)

Ethiopia’s despot Meles Zenawi is forcibly uprooting close to a million Ethiopians in the Gambela, Afar, Ogaden, and Benishangul regions from their land, according to a report by VOA. Meles is leasing the land to foreign corporations to grow flower and plants for biofuel. Listen the report below:

11 thoughts on “Ethiopians in 4 regions to be evicted from their land (VOA)

  1. OMG! My heart is breaking for the Ethiopians who are being chased away from their home land. This seem to be another form of genocide. Meles is indeed one of the worst human rights violators on earth.
    I urge Christian and Muslim Ethiopians to pray to God to bring the end of Meles at the same time this Sunday at 11:00 am central time.

  2. This is the modern way of exploiting the masses for the benefit of individuals.Today,Zinawi and his development program have caused a great many human suffering and bondage in a large scale.

    Yes,water transported to the people in Tigraye,not the people are forcebly relocated to water;but,the reality in other part of Ethiopia where plenty of water available things are done deleberately to deprive of the people their culter,wellbing,resources,families and householdes.Is this fair?

  3. It is realy tragic hard time to this nation who is loyal to the almighty God.The Weyane is still doing hared on its agenda of disintegrating Ethiopia, dismanteling roots that may bring Ethiopians togather , creat conflicts among its people, exploiting and misusing resources, provoking one trib on the other and many other… . At times i feel that God is testing the nation and its God love people . yes we need to remain firm at this testing moment, hoping that Ethiopia as a country will never be erased from the map at the end of the day as the country has been mentioned several times in the bible. the destructors should know this, they will be facing the consequence .
    Meles and his group is enjoing on the expense of hundreds of thousends of people sufferer.Mengistu’s huge army which was the biggest of all African couintries by then was simply collapsed when the time comes.weyane’s fate will be one and the same may be the worest because they are tribalist.

  4. Here is what Hilina Negassa said in her/his write up on

    “It is not what Meles does but what we must do that is important to discuss about”.

    Melese does what he does. We keep on talking on what he does until we diminish ourselves to nothing at the end. Thank goodness, there are individuals like Hilina who at least tell us enough is enough and encourage us to do our own stuff and talk our own talk and not that of Meles.

    Do we really get what Hilina is saying? Please read her piece and get moved and start talking on what we must do and not Meles does.

    Meles hates what Ethiopians love. Can’t we hate what he loves and love what he hates? He loves our in-fighting and hates our unity. Can’t we hate our in-fighting and love our unity? Do you see what I mean?

  5. Meles is the number one enemy of Ethiopia and he is doing what he does best and that is hurt the Ethiopian people at every opportunity he gets. Someone need to stop this evil man.

  6. I think,from time to time, it is becoming more and more worthless to talk and surprise us to what this evil crook is doing. What matters most, as one brilliant lady says is, what we do to stop things happening.

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