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Al Amoudi servant makes legal threat

One of Al Amoudi’s servants in the Diaspora, Ato Eyaya Arega, is imitating his boss by hiring a lawyer to harass Ethiopian Review. The lawyer, Steven Sarfatti of Washington DC, wrote a letter (read here) demanding that we remove the articles about Eyaya and his gang of thugs who have turned the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) into a tool for the Woyanne genocidal regime in Ethiopia.

The answer to Mr Sarfatti is that Ethiopian Review stands by the articles. In fact, there is more to come.

105 thoughts on “Al Amoudi servant makes legal threat

  1. 16# bekaffa says:

    I wish your head was cut and offered to a hungry hayena as a christmass gift.” you wrote.

    Qiqiqiqiqiqiq… You just made me laugh very loud and saved may day with your hateful but comical expression.

    Did what Elias wrote and exposed tickle you exactly where it itches you most? Cutie, cutie, cutie, coo…coo…

    Take warm shower and cool down. Are you NOT satisfied with the butchering of 200 young and promising Ethiopians on the streets of Addis Ababa when you are still yearning for the heads of Diaspora Ethiopians? Shame on you!

  2. Eyaya is woyane how about ESFNA presedent who is supporting woyane junta. Aye Mekonen mecheresha ye alamudin dist tilis jemer. Where are ESFNA board members?

  3. Elias, you are really on to something. This is not an issue of tarnishing a good name. He could have just written a protest letter if that was the case. instead, he had to go out and hire a lawyer to clear his name. that just does not sound right. this guy is scared of IRS looking in to his account. he does not have any thing to justify for the loot. he is trying to minimize the damage by taking some of the loot and pay off a lawyer who is trying to silence you and Ethiopian review. You probably going to hear from the so called president who wrote a letter supporting this guy. I do not know how credible is one thief’s testimony to another. If i were this guy, i would go to Ethiopia and cry on woyane’s shoulder and plead to add a couple of papers on the already thick ridiculous file that woyane has on You.

  4. Dereje and Bekaffa two dama what are you talking about. Keep your big mouth shut. Dereje whou are you wishing death to other. You are a real devil and a friend of woyane hodam, you know inocent people are dieying in Ethiopia, and you want to advocate for hodam like you. Mr Eliyas is doing his part and stand for the poor.

  5. Mr sarfati!
    The document singed by your client is full of fabrication. Espeically the line that you said the revistited inviting Ms mideksa due to closed marginal vote. 12 vs 11 is white lie. The PR of esfna was quoted with different from whay your document is saying. Did your client mentioned to you that he was crying like crazy how could he face Gashe (his master) almoudi with this out come. As far as the affidavit of support to Er, we can flood mr sarfati office with mail and fax.

  6. what are we all waiting for ? Kick the … these bunch of ESFNA mafia and replace them with dynamic young Ethiopians. These are baggers waiting “gursha” and “leftover” from this Lucifer messenger(ALAMUDI)

    Why not he gives his $ 300,000.00 to the poor farmers of SHAKISO whose gold is robbed by him and people are left miserabley poor.
    Thank you

  7. I really like this, because you wrote a letter for FBI to contact you on this matter of ESFNA so it is a good start for you and ESFNA. I know that you will win the fight. But I urge all people to share the information that they know about misdoing of ESFNA to Ethiopian Review. Show him by standing with him.

  8. Steven Sarfatti tried to teach us our history. Don’t you have other important thing to do Mr. Sarfatti? I assume that you are a lawyer without enough knowledge about your case and Ethiopians. I think you should hire experienced lawyer to write for you.

  9. Elias, Keep up the good job !!!! We are behined you 100% when it comes to digging for the truth!!

    For you Mr.Lawyer! First and for most take a look ar your “clint’s” hand, to see if it is clean or messy with a bloody money being poured from Ethiopia’s dictator through it’s satelites. Secondly investigate if your “clinte” is low abiding citizen of USA, instead of trying to intimidate and scare away Elias from exposing this guy’s dirty loundry that was hidden in the name of ESFNA.Finaly MR.Lawyer, let me introduce you to the saying in Amharic that our forfathers and mothers used to say ” Eyaya will translate it for you ” AFINICHA SIMETA, AYIN YALEQISAL” Thank god we are in USA and can speak our mind !!


  10. I really feel bad that the Ethiopian Sports Federation finds it self in such situation. Instead of resolving this unfortunate situation within the federation, it has chosen to fight the community it claims to serve. Some of us may not agree with Elias all the time but do agree when he speaks the truth. The fact is, the selection of guest of honor this time was not done professionally. It is not that Birtukan has to be the one, it the selection process that is questionable.

  11. Eyaya

    If you go through the trouble of hiring a lawyer and spending your unearned money, at least get one who can write properly. I don’t know which one is funnier you getting a lawyer or your lawyer’s letter to Mr. Elias. Do you think two letters of support from your cronies absolve you and the federation? You guys have opened a Pandora’s box and the truth shall prevail.

    Elias keep on investigating.

  12. Elias we are with you man let them scream ,they have nothing to gain.all this hodams will be left empty handed when weyane and this impostor who borrow money from the national bank of Ethiopia to do everything he did. At any case all the things the built will be left behind,when they leave to where ever they go.

  13. In case you haven’t heard, one of ESFNA’s spoiled boys, has threatened to sue Ethiopian Review. This smells like Al Amoudi who likes to sue Ethiopian Review. I wonder who is going to finance the lawsuit for this Al Amoudi’s boy in ESFNA.

    And the funny thing is that the lawyer attached a letter of good recommendation written by the current president of ESFNA as a witness for the integrity of his client-Al Amoudi’s boy in ESFNA. It is a kind of like Ye ayit miskir dinbit. It is like asking Zenawi to write his recommendation ,if he has any, for Bereket Simon. It is laughable and childish too. This clueless lawyer has no idea where he got himself into. He lacks some common sense. I won’t take this lawyer for free let alone hiring him to take my case.
    Please click the link to Ethiopian Review below. Especially, read the overwhelming support Ethiopian Review received to the dismay of this spoiled boy of Al Amoudi. This should be a wake-up call to this boy that we are all behind Elias Kifle. We know Elias is not a saint. He may be an ass sometimes. But he is our own ass. No weyane or hodam agent of Weyane or Al Amoudi’s boy can touch Elias. No one. We won’t allow it. Never.

    Elias, go for their jugular! We are 1, 000, 000% behind you.

  14. I respect Elias; I respect all who open their mouth against injustice.
    These people, could have kept quite; could have spent their time and money for their own benefit and at the same time avoiding the possiblity of being victims to the criminals.
    I put down my head in shame when I think of the courage and moral of Journalists like Eskindir and Serkalem
    By the way, most of these people have better opportunity to live a quiet happy life.
    Let us forget everything else; but, I don’t understand how one can open his mouth to side with a criminal who killed children;who killed both brothers while one is weeping on the body of an already hit brother;who killed a mother in front of her children; who massacred one whole community (The Agnuwaks, The Oromos, The somalis etc);who kills, imprisons old men, old women, fathers, mothers and children through out Ethiopia.
    In Ethiopia, in any society, people would never kill a sheep, goat, cow etc., if it was suspected of being pregnant or it has given birth.
    Let’s ask ourselves, would we support a criminal if the victim was our own brother, son or daughter.
    How much care do we take for our chidren, leave alone to see them killed.
    Iw we don’t have the courage to stand or speak against injustice; at least let’s not discourage others.

    There is n’t the slightest doubt that the truth will prevail finally.
    There is no doubt The right will overcome the wrong.
    God bless our Journalists; God bless those who open their mouth against injustice.
    Thank you Elias.

  15. In America if the client is a person of substance most times than not the Attorney will have him sign on the dotted line and cut a check before he/she leaves the premises. So, I don’t understand all the hoopla surrounding the issue with the Lawyer.

  16. Soon or later but surely you gonna get what you deserve. This is a good record for the up coming your white lies! This by itself may not be the end because you gonna keep fabrication for which you are going to get your seeds.

  17. I watched ETV’s transmission from the parliament.I started watching,not because I expected anything important. It is just due to curiosity as to what kind of people are sitting in there and to see how funny they are( for entertainment). It is true that people also watch horor movies for entertainment.
    In general, it is a house of shame.I am sure, the prime minister, knowing that he is cunning, would laugh at them internally. If he was not in a position he is now, I am sure he would have spat on all of them.
    Shame to the so called Doctor, who spoke after the Medrek rep.( I think his name is Gizachew Hailemariam).
    His speech was all trash except of course the main purpose was to praise Meles and put his name on Meles’s list of favourables.
    The rest are just miserables not worth mentioning except a lady called Hiwot Hadush who presented our real problem wheather it is genuine or not.
    Most of the speakers are ” yeedime baletsega”
    I am one of them and shame on us.
    What we are teaching to the next generation is Hodaminet.I understand, sitting there and laughing and clapping for the prime minister is their bread and butter.They could do that without
    talking trash and nonsense.
    It is unbelievable to see them so low to the extent that they would be happy to lick the prime minister’s feet, if he lets them,after all.

  18. By the way, who are you people opposing Al-amoudi? If you are the reall ethiopians with real Ethiopian feeling, this is not the way you should handle things. Taking into consideration the contribution of Al-amoudi in the development our country, you should have been very supportive regardless of your political inclination.

    Ethiopia needs many people to invest and contribute in the development. This has to be materialized. We should not let our country and our people down for the purpose of our political achievement. We don’t have to judge every economic development to be down until we see government change. If our one and only one call is to topple the government, I believe it could not achieved from U.S. Just go to Ethiopia and fight [as what the TPLF did in the first place]. Otherwise, what you always talk will remain unmaterialized.

  19. Elais is doing a great job in a fight against TPLF and their compatriots. Sending messages of encouragement to elias does not help much. I believe we should be helping him financially a little so he can at least cover his court costs!

  20. Thank you Elias Kifle for the information.The so called lawyer is baised,blindly he needs money,this is just insulting us/Ethiopians community/ we will fight for our right.
    keep it up Elias please. bravo Elias.

  21. Elias,
    You always doing a great job,we always at the side of you.
    you struggle for ethiopian people freedom.
    so we r always with you.
    these peopla are working as mafiya group so we must stop them.

  22. I have a different take on this particular issue from most of your commentators. First, let me say that Elias is a courageous and tenacious individual. I have known him for a while, and he meant well in his actions and how he operates.

    However, here lies the problem with his tactics and his form of struggle. I see no merit in fighting ‘small fights’ with individuals like this guy. Keep your focus on the big fight; i.e., fight the big fight of putting the pressure on the Weyanne/TPLF junta than on suspected and would be sympathetic followers. I am not even sure that this guy is a weyanne. Even if he is, so what? My point is, you/we should not exhaust and/or waste our energy fighting individuals when a well organized group in Addis Ababa by the so-called ‘EPRDF’/TPLF is pillaging Ethiopia like there is no tomorrow.

    Fighting and wasting time on suspected weyannes and making them the focus of the oppoition will undermine the bigger struggle of fighting the real enemies of Ethiopians, the evil TPLF/Weyanne junta.

  23. Elias,
    I am not your fan most of the time, Some of your articles annoy me sometimes,
    But when it comes to this one, count on me, I will be behind you all the way.
    This is not about You Elias or it is not about Ethiopian Review, It is about truth, freedom and justice. So you have my full support and backing.
    keep it up

  24. This is a part of fighting the big fight!
    Never miss who is behind this. These individuals are Woyane agents. And wherever Woyane and their agents exist, the fight must go on.

  25. I have seen a lot of hate comments on this web site targeting persons and peope such as Najib Al Amudi and other figures with carelessness. I mean where is the limit of such freedom of speech. No body knows where the limit of First Amendment is. As long as you are using evidence no body is going to harm you but just because people like to work with Ehadeg does not make them a target for reckless defamation. So, I urge you to post all of the evidences you have such as: photos, video clips, phone taps or conversations and other writngs that substantiate your claim. I have the feeling that you use your web site to promote the cause of some one which we have to find out soon.

    If you really are wise you should be careful in your comments.
    don’t put words that are offensive such as thug. On this account alone, you will be sent to jail; using curse words or inappropriate use of words in the public., Even high schoolers know when they need to use these words.

    So, the box is opned now, the worms are starting to come out. In all the posts I have not seen any one who used logic and legal evidence to support you. I don’t think emotions will really help in your cause.

    Mr Kilfe.

  26. Are you member of that dirty minded “Reinvented Script” Mafia and Habesha Restaurant and Carry Out Thughs? Coup-De-Main is killing by Chikane and laugh and//or cry in public.

  27. As always, you made hallow accusations about American citizen of Ethiopian origin. Mr. Arega is not harassing you; he is challenging you to produce your facts. I think, that is fare-don’t you Mr. Kifle?


  29. #80: I guess we can agree to disagree on how to target the enemy and on the tactics used. You say let’s go after every suspected weyanne, I say that is unnecessarily wasting energy and resources that could have been better used to target the real enemy — the ruling junta. I am not saying we should condone weyanne agents in our midst to dictate things and in the process damage our communities…, not at all, absolutely not. The problem I see is the trend of going against suspected individuals full force (a repeated practice lately) while the big enemy is enjoying the trophy uncontested while we are playing tit-for-tat in public. Moreover, this trend will also add more numbers to the ‘pool’ of trivial antagonism that the opposition has to focus on.

    With all due respect, I still believe that targeting individuals is counter-productive, and I truly consider it as wasting unnecessary energy, when that energy could be best channeled on the bigger fight. In my honest opinion, what this tactic will do is take away the more needed attention on the bigger fight. If nothing else, it will shift the attention from the real enemy to individuals that should not deserve the attention.

    Once again, we can at least agree to disagree on this one.

  30. Andargachew,

    You amaze me, how Alamoudi is developing Ethiopia? Really? We are better off 20 years ago than ever since this man set a foot in Ethiopia. I don’t have a problem of him being a business man, but not to the point of pillaging Ethiopia’s resources and becoming the top riches man in the fortune 500. Don’t you think this guy becoming one of the richest person in the world in one of the poorest nation in the world. There is definitely something wrong with that. It doesn’t take economics to understand. The fact that he is taking Ethiopia’s resources and enriching beyond limit is beyond, the benefit he gives in Ethiopia is support very few individuals to got over seas and get medical treatment. That is all. We Ethiopians don’t need even need to go over seas if our country is well, and there are good hospitals, instead, we have to owe Alamoudi for pillaging our resources and in return use our money to help 5 people and we are indebted? As a business man, the contract he should have if we had a good government and not this corrupt governement, is that there should be a deal to develop Ethiopia (not erecting building pretending Ethiopia is developped) but developing meaning that is really core to Ethiopia’s survival which are:
    Improving education system, hospitals, roads, agriculture, providing jobs, empowering the people through microfinancing, etc, etc.

    What does Alamoudi do instead? Build mosques and create religion tension in our country, take our young women, pillage of course, our resources, the list goes on. Just because he benefits few hodams and Weyane doesn’t mean he is doing good for Ethiopia. He is doing null, zilch, zero,etc.

  31. Fassil A says:

    The noose is getting tighter isn’t it? All they are asking you is for the proof of the allegations you’ve been throwing around and if you have it they have no case. Now if you don’t, there is a problem. You know you might also be forced,legally that is, to reveal your inside source that is giving you doctored information for their own political reasons.

    Like I said the noose is getting tighter on you and your informers inside.

    Long Live ESFNA

    Fasil A, ESFNA Public relation officer are you joining Eyaya on this case? Do not worry we former and current ESFNA board members will join Elias and fight you in the open. You do not need a lawyer for us to come in the open. what you need is a hiding place when we all come out in open and tell the truth. You had no experience in ESFNA and watch what is coming….


  32. kassa!

    Even thought it is bussness deal, the Bush-Cheney lover, Mr Stevent Sarfatti, Should know he stood up for a Junta genocidal ethiopian government. It is unethical and it goes with his practice review on google forever. My message to ESFNA, Shame on you. I thought you were on the way to correct the out come your inglewood gang style meeting. wait and see for the consquence hoolgian style of handling the case of ethiopian in diaspora. Elias we are with you, it is your only cause but ethiopian in diaspora

  33. If eyaya wins,it will be the end of ESFNA.This guy is the number one crook
    of ESFNA;he has to be banned for life.
    He used to go to Ethiopia atleast twice
    a year(until they tried to kill the Reporter guy)to stay in Sheraton and
    spend the nights with prostitues.He never
    played for the national team of Ethiopia.
    He is also a high school drop-out.When he
    was a Vice president of ESFNA he submitted a lot of phony reciets and collected money from the federation.

  34. Ayaya do u have a poor family? what don’t u send z money back home, in stead of killing ur time ,money etc if ur not working c judge judy or judje mathew after zat u learn some thing ,in usa money is not buying justice Ayaya <> AYAYA BELIEVE IN MIRACLES ..Elias you did a good job keep it up & ty

  35. Elias the brave son of mother Ethiopia you let the dedebit recurits as a smoke goes to bee hive including their bosses melese zenawi and the saudi tujar who exploits our motherland to its bone and sharing the money with miss piggy zenawis wife. Any way 75 million Ethiopians are with you to dismantle don colioni (aka zenawi the banda)

  36. Unless you chicken-out,ayaya can’t beat you.He has a lot
    of baggage.He is another Kedetu.If push comes to shove,
    you can make the majority of Board Members to testfy
    against him.Don’t blame the lawyer;he is just doing his job.
    Hopefully he will find out that what ayaya told him to write
    is 90 percent wrong.

  37. Ato Eyaya Arega If the news was a lie
    what bother you to rush to the lawyer? You should have ignored it & let the truth speak for itself. By going to a lawyer You make us(readers) to belive something is fishy!

    If you are the fixture of ESFNA(member for 27 years) you have to expect one year out of 27 years could be a bad day or choice for you (to stay too long is not good). May be you were good 26/27 comparing to 1/27 . If you understand my maths. you should look at the the highest % contribution you made & move on with you life. In my opinion, Going to a lawyer is a bad choice and a waist of your time ,energy & money.

  38. #87 Tazabi, You can’t be a current or former Board member of ESFNA. If you are you’re a traitor. Why don’t you use your real name like I’m doing and come out if you believe in what you’re doing? Why hide behind fictitious names like Tazabi, Yineger etc.. Because you’re a lier and a traitor. ESFNA will survive this and thrive even more for because of the loyal support it has in the Ethiopian community worldwide.

    Be a man come out and let’s debate. I’m very proud of my association with ESFNA.

    Long Live ESFNA

  39. Fassil A is a mouse-piece of eyaya instead of ESFNA.They
    promised him he will stay in Sheraton when he goes to Addis.
    You are the traitor not Tazabi.You are another hodam which
    tried to spread a lie about what happend when they stole
    Judge Bertukan’s vote.I hope the whole truth comes out very
    LONG is when you,eyaya,sebsebe,and others like you disappear.


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