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Gen. Samora Yenus in a German hospital – update

UPDATE – December 28, 2012: Ethiopian Review sources are reporting that armed forces chief of staff Gen. Samora Yenus is back in a Germany hospital. In August, we reported that Samora, looking frail, returned to Addis Ababa to attend dictator Meles Zenawi’s funeral, and that he will return to the hospital.

UPDATE – August 21, 2012: Samora Yenus has been observed at Bole Airport today along with other TPLF junta officials receiving Meles Zenawi’s body. Our sources have verified that he returned to Addis Ababa two days ago from Germany, but he will return to continue his medical treatment.

Samora YenusThe late Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi’s military chief of staff, Gen. Samora Yenus, is currently in Essen, Germany, receiving medical treatment.

Doctors at Essen University Hospital have diagnosed Samora with Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia, which is a symptom of AIDS, according to Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit sources.

Samora was taken to Bole Airport by ambulance after he collapsed following a TPLF meeting last week, and flown to Germany.

Lt. General Seare Mekonnen is now in charge of the armed forces in Ethiopia, Ethiopian Review sources in Addis Ababa reported.

9 thoughts on “Gen. Samora Yenus in a German hospital – update

  1. Elias: Truly, i am very surprised how you got your info to report to the public. No other Ethiopian reporter has the gut and the capability to do it . You seem to have established a systematic intelligint units service. Thank You man. proud of you as always!!!!!!!!

  2. samoras illness makes no difference, he holds the title only, but melese who gives every orders to him then relied to ethnic based defense situations are different, (tegadelti Seare)will enjoy full power as long as corporal(now Lt-General) Bacha & others go as before.

  3. They are dropping like flie. Curtesy of Waldeba. They are is dropping dead one by one or abandon post. I hope the opposition is readt to take over.

    We need leadership right now. We need to hear from our leaders (opposition group) where we are going from here or what we need to do.

  4. respect to ethiopianreview keep the fire going under the weyanes feet until they are all exposed and cripples since most are affected by aids and other mental desease – not one tplf gangesters and their foot solders are in good health mentaly or physcially

  5. One by one out the door!!! It speaks volume to hear such an official at the highest echelon of the ruling party dying from a disease known to be transmitted mainly through unsafe sexual encounter. It speaks volume because it once again reveals the value of him and his cronies. No he is going to die one of the most agonizing deaths a human being can encounter. My creed does not allow me to celebrate the suffering of another human being but Allah (God) does things in mysterious ways. He can raise you to the zenith of power just to give you a chance so you can make a difference in peoples lives in positive ways and when you squander that opportunity by reverting to violence, maiming Allah created limbs and eyes, sniffing out the lives of many mothers’ only children and you go on justifying your ruthless behavior through pathological liars, then it is time for the Almighty to move in. Allah (God) has infinite power to go in swift and get rid of the hoodlums along with their cabals. This is a strong message to the surviving high profile official. He is telling them ‘Enough is enough; shape up or you will be next in the path of my rage’!!!!

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