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The giant shows signs of life

By Yilma Bekele

I feel energized. Our freedom tree is bearing fruits. It is the result of the tireless effort of thousands if not millions of us working together in harmony. Due to the miracle of the Internet such as our independent Web sites and Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter and our potent weapon ESAT and the various local Radio stations such as Addis Dimts, Sheger FM among many we are able to be a voice for the silenced. We have been heard.

The ethnic cleansing that is being waged has become an international knowledge. This is not the first time the TPLF regime has practiced such crime against humanity. This is the first time it has been exposed for all to see. It is no consolation to the victims’ but for what it is worth their fellow citizens and the international community has recognized and felt their pain. We owe a debt of gratitude to our brave Ethiopians at home that face danger but are relentless in their pursuit of justice for their people. We thank our Independent Web sites for their wonderful job of informing us and giving us a forum where we can discuss our hopes, concerns, worry and try to find solution for our motherland.

The criminal activity being seen and documented in broad daylight did not please Ato Meles. He reacted in a violent way. We saw his fingers curl with anger and his veins stand with too much blood. We saw agony on his face and fear in his soul. I heard him refer to our country by name for the first time. It was normally ‘Ageritua’ and we are referred to as ‘Hezbua’. He was forced to utter ‘Ethiopia” and ‘Ethiopiawinet.’ How could he point his hate finger at us without calling us by our name? Interesting, don’t you think?

Here is what he said. ‘Those that want to be famous for their stand on the unity of Ethiopia, and claim Ethiopiawinet’ as their brand’ are attempting to paint a picture as if the Southern Kilil, Benchi Maji Zone, and Gura Fereda Wereda as declaring a campaign on Amharas in general and the people of Eastern Gojjam people in particular.’ It was a strange statement. I searched to see if anyone has made such claim. I could not find any one talking about a campaign by the citizens of those localities against Amharas or any one else. The truth of the matter is the issue is not whether it is against Amharas, Gambellans or Somlais. We were against the practice of ‘ethnic cleansing’ against anyone. The current crime just happens to be directed at the Amharas and that is a fact.

Why did he say that? I saw two reasons for his convoluted logic. He has done this before and it comes natural to him. First and foremost he wanted to foment hate between the people of Benchi Maji and the Amhara community. Second he wanted to cover his role in this criminal activity. He blamed it on the Administrations of the Southern Kilil from the President to the Wereda boss. It is never his responsibility for any thing bad happening in the country while good things are due his brilliant mind and astute leadership.

Both are not worthy of a statesman. The truth is there is no animosity between the people of Benchi Maji and their Amhara fellow citizens. They are simple farmers trying hard to make a living relying on sweat, determination and hard work. They do not compete rather they cooperate due to their common quest to survive in a very primitive environment. They have no time for hate and conflict. Life is hard enough as is. It is not all right for a leader to peddle hate and mistrust.

Second The Southern President Shiferaw Shigute, the local Zonal and Wereda officials are employees of Ato Meles. The buck stops at his desk. They would not even fart without his permission. He got them elected in a rigged manner and they owe allegance to him and to him alone. In case they try to get out of line he has his Army and security ready to pounce on them and they are perfectly aware of that fact. Their position is littered with the ghosts of jailed, exiled or killed former employees.

What I saw was a person finally coming to terms with his actions. It is a defining moment for our attempt to make him accept responsibility. To make him understand there is consequences to ideas, polices and style of governance. The ‘ethnic cleansing’ being practiced is the result of the philosophy of Kilil in its pure sense. Kilil is the corner stone of Ato Melese’s style of leadership and his never ending attempt to stay in power no mater the price. Kilil is different from Federalism. Kilil is Apartheid in black. The language of Kilil is not conducive to building a Multi National democratic country or institution. The current incident from Benchi Maji will not be the last one. As long as the concept of Kilil is imposed on our people incidents such as Bedeno, Gambella, South Omo and Benchi Maji will be part of our future. We do not need fortuneteller to know that.

The Ethiopian Parliament is the perfect example of a dysfunctional body. It is here Ato Meles shows up to inform them of his current dream. All Parliamentarians except one are hand picked by Ato Meles and his associates. There is no one sitting there except one that does not owe his position to anybody else except Ato Meles and his TPLF Party. The vast majority will not be elected as a dogcatcher let alone Parliamentarian in any normal setting. It is not because our country lacks such worthy individuals to run and get elected but due to lack of freedom and the yoke of dictatorship. Only the waste (zegach) rises to the top in TPLF controlled Ethiopia. They represent no one except themselves. They are happy to accept anything the master throws their way as long as they go along with his misguided and dangerous vision. Control of over ninety-seven percent of Parliament seats does not happen in a healthy society. It is a sign of something that has gone wrong.

This is what he told his choir regarding the ‘ethnic cleansing’ activity being carried by his surrogates at his behest.

“ The Southern Administration has given adequate explanation and I do not want to go into details …..due to historical circumstances in the last ten years about thirty thousand people from East Gojjam have settled in Bench Maji area thus for all practical purposes it has become East Gojjam and the local authority is in the hands of the settlers. There is land to be farmed and we have no problem with developing the place. I see one problem here the settlement activity is done on individual basis and this is destructive. Although there is savanna land available including jungle areas and it is here the settlers decided to farm because they were not concerned regarding deforestation to use the trees for charcoal and building purpose. Thus the Kilil and the Wereda decided to protect the forest and said what is done is in the past but from now there will be no settlement with out being organized. The Southern Kilil and the Amhara Kilil consulted on this and decided to deny individual type of settlement imitative and agreed on organized approach. This is not a criminal act against people of Benchi Maji or against Eastern Gojjames. Those who want to interpret such act as such are being irresponsible. Searching for the truth and like their slogan of viewing all Ethiopians as equal instead without basis and without looking at the existing situation and without basis based on selfish personal gains declaring Amharas hare being swept away, Eastern Gojjam people are being attacked is wrong it is not helpful the truth is what I just like what said.” Please click here to watch the video version of this drama.

You see what I mean. His version is an excuse not based on the real situation we are witnessing in front of us. The victims have names; faces and we have seen the pictures of the displaced with their family. They are not a figment of our imagination. Ato Meles sitting in his bunker at Arat Kilo does not have the time or the desire to face reality. Him or any of his officials have not met the internally displaced victims and shown any kind of empathy for their fellow citizens. The same person that is leasing virgin land to Indians, Saudis and other foreigners at dirt-cheap prices, the same leader that is destroying our cherished heritage such as Waldeba Monastery is going environmentalist when it comes to a few peasant subsistence farmers. He is blaming us for being concerned for our people and calling him out for his wrongdoing. Isn’t that putting things upside down or standing things head first. In this speech he even managed to include the Amhara Kilil in this ugly act. It is not that we had any expectation of the different Bantustan governors to stand up for their respective people but he speaks as if they are independent bodies that can address the concerns of their constituents. How could that not be when they in fact are his creation and do not posses any power nor independent will of their own? As my friend Ephrem said ‘how could the tail wag the dog?”

His response, excuse or shifting the blame is not based on valid ground. There are plenty of instances where such ploy has not worked at all. Hitler was responsible for the crime committed against the Jewish people. Those who obeyed his order and did the evil deed were judged as harshly as the architect of the criminal act. The Yugoslav leader Millosevic was put on trial with his main cleanser Karadzic and his General Ratko Mladic. I was just obeying orders is not a valid defense. Shiferaw Shigute’s and other Kilil administrator’s crime is not less than Meles Zenawi’s. The master and his servant are judged equally. We are putting anyone that hurts our people on notice that justice might be slow but it always happens. We all know the Ferenji sponsors of these misfits are not reliable allies. Their motto is ‘don’t do the crime if you cant do the time.’ Recent events have proven that principle. Gadaffi used to be a good friend of Tony Blair, Mubarak was a trusted ally of the US, the Shah of Iran was the number one policeman in the Gulf and Saddam was tolerated while Charles Taylor was a useful tool. Where are they now? You hear that Meles Zenawi, how about Shiferaw Shigute? Are we clear on this concept or are we self deluding?

As I said our relentless struggle on behalf our people is showing signs of momentum. It is not based on hate or directed at ethnic group or persons but love for people and country. It is invigorating to see our work being translated to action. The current discussion on waging peaceful resistance on a higher level is both promising and shows the maturity of our movement. Boycott is a tried and successful method of showing our disgust with the system. We are flexing our muscle on behalf of our people. It is not an overnight success. It takes time and requires patient explanation so our people know and understand the important role personal responsibility plays in the search for freedom and equality. Putting the needs of the many in front of self-gratification is not an easy concept to master. But we are up to the task. I have no doubt with that. When properly understood by many it will become natural as our love for our ancient land.

Fighting dictatorship takes many forms. Some use the power of the gun, others organize, many utilize boycott, citizens resort to sabotage among many other forms of making life difficult for the abusers. All are respect forms of gaining self worth and dignity. It is the combination of all these that bring the day of reckoning closer and the process of building a free and harmonies society begins in earnest. Our love and respect for each other, our commitment to equality and democracy will win over the hate and divisive politics peddled by the dying regime. Each one of us is responsible for our own actions as we hold the TPLF regime responsible for its actions. We each answer for our own sins not our friends or neighbors. Shifting responsibility onto others has not done us any good. It only makes us weak and the laughing stock of the world around us. Today the sleeping giant known as the Diaspora is stirring. It is showing signs of connecting the dots and at long last understanding without our effort there will be no Ethiopia to go to. There will be no Timket, no Fasika, no Ethiopian Eid Al-Fitir, no Adis Amet and no proud history. Our children will be dispersed and no one will be there to tell our gallant history and the sacrifice of our ancestors. It is a shame if we let that happen on our watch. Eskinder said no. Andualem said no. Reeyot said no. What say you my friend?

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Dislodging Tyranny with Nonviolent Civil Resistance

51 thoughts on “The giant shows signs of life

  1. He has two goals in this hateful deportation saga:

    1- To show he has absolute power and humiliate the people he so much hates. His speech was a good indicator of the depth of hate he suffers from.

    2- Few months back, Ato Shiferaw Shigute stated if he is help responsible for corruption Meles Zenawi’s wife should also be held accountable. Zenawi is using these defenseless Amhara to get back at Shiferaw Shigute. If he can get rid off Shiferaw Shigute under these circumstances, the hateful tyrant will have hit two birds with one stone.

  2. Most responsible thinking citizens of Ethiopia should know the fact that Power Corrupts. A dictatorship MUST become corrupt and tyrannical. It is human nature to do so and is in reality one of the facts of life in a real world. It can’t even work in Fantasy Land because we do not all share the same fantasy.
    That is why for example in United States the Founding Fathers gave the country a Constitution designed to prevent placing any significant amount of power into the hands of any one individual or group of individuals
    Who can dictate your life and who can decide for you what happiness is and what you must do to pursue it?
    You would only make a fool of yourself if you attempt to justify Dictatorships. That is what the current parliament, TPLF members, some people from Tigray, other Hodam organizations are doing by clapping and laughing for Meles the little illiterate donkey head.
    I know that some people try to make Tigres happy by saying that they are suffering like all of us. I do not agree with this assessment. How many millions of people are supporters or members of the TPLF in Tigray? I think the majority of them are. Are they all strong supporters? May be not, but they are not supporters of the opposition either. They are benefiting economically from the treasures looted from other parts of the country.
    I hope and really hope with the sacrifice of all these true children of Ethiopia there will be the end of dictatorship.

  3. The fascist woyane junta leader Meles/Legesse always shifts the blame on his puppets at woreda and killil TPLF cadres, presenting himself as a saint who is unaware of anything that goes on.

    This bloody minded fascist, knows he cannot get away with his brutality and his policy of ethnic cleansing and is now trying to cover his back.

    MELES IS NOW PUTTING HIS ETHNIC CLEANSING of the amhara as an issue between Benchi maji and those amhara farmers who have been evicted. His twisted and bent mind always is set on inciting one ethnic group against another. this is the reason why he is trying to present the issue at hand as if it is out of his hand. the issue is between those farmers in Benchi maji and the amharas who live amingst them, according to Meles.

    No doubt he will have similar excuses for the genocide he ordered in Gambella, the ongoing eviction of farmers in the afar , gambella, benishingul regions.

  4. Contempt to Amhara is obvious. The pathological lair midget didn’t want to call evicts Amhara, but he called them Misraq Gojam seffari to make division. He grew up hating Amhara and he will die hating.

  5. Our brother Ato Yilma Bekele, thank you for your hard work again, Please keep up the great job you are doing.
    I say, it is time to get rid of the master of Evil and Hate, The face of death and distraction of our people and country, The bloodthirsty and the master manipulator and a professional robber Dictator, his TPLF thugs and the rest of soulless Ethiopians who take orders from the 21st century African Hitler called, tyrant Meles Zenawi.

  6. It’s like one of the Assyrian kings, it might have been Senacherib, who invaded Jerusalem but only to wake up and find himself all the more salivated and insatiated. Although the invader firmly controlled Jerusalem and Israel, he was unable to satisfy what he came for. King zenawi and co. must be so devoid of inner peace and happiness that, after twenty years, they resort to such heinous acts of driving out people from thier settelment or perpetuate attacks on monasteries. Even Mengistu went ahead with his resettlement programs not over hate and revenge but to save the northerners from an imminent starvation. As long as there are some who do right by God, the wolf wakes up salivating and wanting.

  7. Melese is consistently doing his homework without drifting from his precalculated objectives.
    He is doing as he said on his march to the capital city, Addis Ababa, to take over power from the ignorant ‘Derg’. It is to be recalled that he bragged to demolish the Amharas chauvinism, specially the Amahas of Shoa. Likewise he has been killing many Amharas in Debirebirhan ever since he came to power, but was not reported. Now is Gojam’s turn.
    I could see that his blood stained hand is shaking.

  8. Dear Yilma,

    You said, ” he said, ‘It was normally ‘Ageritua’ and we are referred to as ‘Hezbua’. He was forced to utter ‘Ethiopia” and ‘Ethiopiawinet.’ How could he point his hate finger at us without calling us by our name? Interesting, don’t you think? ”

    I do agree with your opinion on Meles this time. Meles has no respect or he even does not know Ethiopian history. Meles loves Eritrea than Ethiopia. If you see him speaking with Eritrean about Eritrea, you would be surprised why this person even he claims he is Ethiopian.

    Agreed here about Meles. But still brother Yilma, we must blame ourselves for allowing Ato Meles to reign Ethiopia for 24 years now. The blame blame, rigged election , bla bla,… bla lame execuse will not serve us any better. Even criminalizing him will not do good, we must stand together and find a quick solution. Tha is what is missing.

    The problem is not Kill by itself, it is the ethnic kill that is not good. Meles forced it on the people, not to benefit people, but as away of keeping the people away from each other and to sow a seed of non-cohession. By default, Meles despises Ethiopian unit. He does not even like the term unit itself. He does not like Ethiopia by itself.

    This is Meles Zenawi’s personal conduct but we were supposed to teach him all of us he cannot do it his way only. But for the past 20 years, he has done everything his way. This has affected the 91 million people. He has become a problem than a problem solver himself.

    According to me, now the solution is in our hand. We have to stand united and we must show his way is over. Now is ours. That is the only quick solution to a fair society. Even hating him will not do us good. We need to remove him peacefully and join hand in hand to help our counttry all together without hating each other as amhara or gurage, ormomo or tigrie. We must stop swimming in the ethnic ocean and accuse others as ethnicists. Every Ethiopian deserves the same thing peace, dignity, integrity and love. No more or no less than that.

    If we had united earlier with good faith without hating monger about each others ethnicity or tribalism, Meles would not have choice, but either to resign or do what thee people wanted to be done.

    It is not still too late. I warn every Ethiopian to stay away from ethnic politics. It will not serve anyone. Some people love to use it for their own ethnic agenda, but it will never serve anyone because anything that is not based on truth and fidelity is corrupted. It can only serve temporarily.

    We have to start somewhere something to lay the foundation.

    Nothing is impossible

    Thank you.

    Shetaye replies:

    Gezaee, I always find something puzzling in your comments. You say a lot about how bad this government of TPLF and Meles are and you inject something I see very questionable. Because you said ” we need to remove him peacefully”.
    What do you really mean by that? You mean there will be another election and the Ethiopian people will win, Meles will loose and he will transfer power to the winners. Do you really think that will happen? i do not think so.Let us see if other writers think the same. This is a guy who refused to admit his defeat before and killed many and imprisoned thousands.He made his party’s members rich and untouchable, he sold land, gave gifts of our country’s resources to Alamoudi, he hates Ethiopia,its flag and history. And you think he is going to let all these taken away peacefully by a new democratic government. It is a good dream that will never come through.
    Do you really think Meles will just retire and life goes on as usual after what you are saying happened? I hope what you said will happen, but the Ethiopian people have enough of this tyrant, blood thirsty dictator. Whether we like it or not I don’t think a peaceful transition will come.

    selamawit replies:

    Thank you shitaye! Excellent response. Ye AyT Misikru Dembit, the Dembit is in hiding licking his wounds.

    Anonymous replies:

    Dear Shitaye,

    I like your reasoning. I can work with people like you. Yes, Meles can hand power peacefully if we unite. We do not need to kill each other Shetaye. You probably have not experienced it, I have lived in it in Tigray and Eritrea during my childhood. I saw tplf fighers and shabia fighters dragged on the roads in Tigray and in Asmara after being killed by derg. That did not bring us peace except more pain. I know Ethiopians from all corners who were fighting for derg killed everywhere. Those killingns never brought peace to our land.

    I do not believe anyone can give freedom by taking away any freedom. There is no excuse about this. You can not justify killing people or armed struggle to bring a civil government. No matter whether power is taken by G7 or Elias Kilfe, or by whomever, any political movement that believes in shedding blood for freedom is wrong. you can see it from our own history.

    I do believe Meles can hand power peacefully without a shed of any blood if we unite. However, do not agree on blaming everything on Meles. This is one of the reasons I hate diaspora poliitics which never change. Always the same toytoying at white hourse or boycotting anti Tigrean sentiment and blaming on Meles everything.

    In 2005, I have no doubt for the defeat of tplf because I know no Ethiopia would elect an anti Ethiopian political party. But the onus of failure cannot be blamed on Meles only. The kinjit failed. They were not capable of taking power. They were weak, immature and they were not democractic as they claim. That was the cause of the failures.

    It is the law of physics and the a universal law any goverment will stop violence. Kinjit supporters were burning buses, shops,… no execuse, and Meles must have taken measures as government. Did you not see what the British did last time when a riot broke out? There is no government or democracy that permits anyone to set on fire public utilities or threatened any society or ethnic.

    I do agree Meles did take very barbaric measure, he could have used nonlethal means to quell the unrest. But I also understand Mele and his supporters has to react for self-defense. It is the law of physics no one is going to give his to barbaric Ethiopians who show no mercy to enemy or to non enemies. They cry foul on Meles but they themselves are even worse. You can see some barbaric Ethiopians insulting me in this website as woyane without knowing me anything about me. Shetaye, if people like you and me get together, Meles has no power. We are the majority we can force him to yield to our demand. But we to keep away the spoils here who have no clue what politics is except chewing Tigreans hatred like khat.

    Every country is removing leaders peacefully. Why not us? killing each other an old fashion barbaric method. Will not help our country but destroy it more.

    Shetaye, sister, we need to unite peace loving one and we have to marginalize the hate mongers who giving more time to Meles by pushing every Tigrean with a Tigrean name to side with TPLF. No Tigreans with his right mind would join the narrow people in this website. I cannot work with the people who are vomiting antiTigreans campaign in this website. I am not affraid of anyone. I am ready for peace and eqaulity in my country. I will never work with blind Tigreans haters who would love to become their slaves.

    We can Shetaye, Meles or TPLF or EPRDF are human like us and you know how they got to Arat kilo. We can remove them if we unite. Warning, G7,Elias kilfe, Ethiomedia ( Abraha Belay ), Tamagn,… will never bring peace because they do not have the premise of honesty in themsleves. Everything they do is counter prductive. We need new breed of people who believe in democracy and respect of everyone. People who divided people on the basis of ethnic or political affiliation will not bring a good change. They do not have the capacity.

    Anonymous replies:

    what kind of drug are you taking pleas take more of it and overdose your self.
    we know exactly what happen in 2005 go insult some body Else. people like you and your tplf masters are incapable of governing your ignorance let alon Ethiopia….Ethiopia is a nation of long history of government.

    Mr.Gazaee you are incapable of been honest to your just want to spew your TPLF garbage on us.but we are no taking find some one like you to spew.not heir.
    thanks, and hit the rood

    Surafel replies:

    Good call Shitaye!

    The willful blindness of some among us is just breathtaking. I mean, after what happened to Kinijit, the arrest and humiliation of Birtukan, and now the arrest and torture of countless journalists; there are still some Ethiopians who are spouting utter nonsense like ‘we need to remove TPLF peacefully’.

    BTW, the killings and abuse of the Derg was not limited to Mekele and Asmara. Derg was, if nothing else, an equal opportunity killer regime. Actually it killed more innocent Ethiopians, some of them as young as fourteen, in Addis and Gonder than anywhere else. At least the Shabia and TPLF victims were armed and the the kids in Addis were armed with nothing except ‘bloody EPRP pamphlets’. And some of them were dragged from their bed in the middle of the night and gunned down on the porch of their own home with their parents watching. So let’s not make the the dismantling of Ethiopia, the abuses and ethnic based killings of the TPLF, somehow a retribution for the excesses of the Derg because the people of Tigray suffered the most. This is just a typical me me that does not square with the facts ON THE GROUND. ETHIOPIANS EVERYWHERE AND FROM ALL WAKES OF LIFE SUFFERED UNDER THE DERG AND THAT IS THAT, FULL STOP!

    Am I the only one asking this, I mean what is wrong with Tigray? Nearly 5 million people over there and they give us Meles and Sebhat.



    Shetaye replies:

    Response to Gezaee,

    You and I walking a completely opposite direction. I know which way I am walking. This is what I said before. Every time you say something you bring up another point that is worse than the previous one.

    Now you are trying to blame Kinijit supporters for getting killed. You are saying Meles killed them while defending the government. You definitely out of your mind. The whole world saw and condemned the government for that action it took on peaceful, I repeat peaceful demonstrators. You are defending a minority government that killed and imprisoned its opponents, tortured and put in jail opposition party members, journalists and so on.

    You are missing the reality and the type of government in Ethiopia.No body on this planet argues by saying it was not the government’s fault for the killing of the opposition. It is a big contradiction and unforgivable sin.

    So the law of Physics you are talking about is what? The action of the opposition caused the reaction of the government. So what? What happened in the first election with the reverse of what you are assuming. It was the government’s non acceptance of the results of the election that caused the protest. Does that mean what the government did was right? Are you denying the TPLF government is a dictatorial government that resorts to violence when ever it sees people criticizing it? Take the case of Eskinder Nega, Birtukan Mideksa, and others, according to you it was their fault not the government’s fault they went to prison.

    They did not took a taxi to Kaliti prison and told the guards to take them in. They were forced arrested, put in solitary confinement, tortured mentally, brought to a kangaroo court and sentenced to long terms. You must be crazy to tell us again not to blame Meles but blame the prisoners themselves.

    You are in the habit of criticizing every body on this site. You think there should be an election again and even if Meles wins by cheating there should not be any protests because if he kills them it will be their fault. You don’t believe that any organization that is fighting the brutal racist and ethnically based government can bring change in the country. You are asking me to unite with you while insulting others who are fighting for unity.

    Obviously there is a big difference between you and I. I am not under any illusion that the Ethiopian people have reached the point of no return. They are fed up and ready to explode. No one will be able to stop it once it explodes.

    Gezaee H. replies:

    Dear Shitaye,

    You are entitled to go any direction you want my sister. What I agree with you still is you have reasons to say something. I like that. You do not have to agree with me. I actually do love people who challenge me with good reason. I accept your reasonings. I admire you for all the reasons you have mentioned no matter whether you agree with me or not.

    I did not condon any wrong doing of TPLF. To remind you I told you last time,I had no doubt TPLF was defeated. Reason simply, TPLF have had 100% wrong policies in Ethiopia from day one upto today. I have never been or will never be a fan or an advocate of TPLF. Reasonly, simply the way they do things from day one upto now is not acceptable in my standard. I told you last time,if there was or will be a fair and democratic election, I do not believe TPLF can be voted to win not only in the rest of Ethiopia, even in dedebit itsellf. Dedebit itself will reject them. I said last time, TPLF going to election was wrong from the beginning because one cannot go to be elected with wrong policies. I know sure even now, TPLF can never be voted by the will of the people because it still has the wrong policies and no Ethiopian will vote for it except some beneficiaries.

    At the same time, it appears to me that you have not completely understood my message. I did not say TPLF has to kill people or it was right to do so. But I repeat, you cannot blame on Meles everything. That is wrong according to me. If Meles was the only problem, he would not even stay one day on power. I said Meles did what he did out of fear. He is human like me and you he got scared and reacted the way he did. I do not agree the protests was peaceful. That is a lie completely. They were burning shops, buses, even started attacking Tigreans ethnics and killed members of law enforcement.

    I repeat it, no govenment in any country would allow the rule of violence, burning public utilities, buses, taxis, ethnic threats. I repeat, Kinjit did not have the capacity to handle itself. That is why it exploded by itself aftewards. If Kinjit had the capacity, why did it disppear now after the election? a strong political organisation that has strong base can never disppear after one election. Kinjit failed and disappeaered because it was made of loose coalitions of loose people who have no democratic tenets in them. You cannot blame on TPLF everything. You can blame them for the wrong things they do. But you cannot blame them for the failure of others political parties.

    Even now, I do not believe Ethiopia will get a lasting peace like other countries in the way you are thinking. It is not only TPLF has the wrong policies. Everyone in this forum who believe in armed or unpeaceful struggle has the wrong policy to bring peace in Ethiopia. I know many of you think you are right? that is big problem in Ethiopia? Everyone is right? it is the others who are wrong? TPLF is right in its own mind? Elias Kifle is right in his own eyes? Shitaye is right in her own eyes? Ethiomedia Editor Abraha Belai is right in his own eyes? Berhanu Nega is right in his own eyes? OLF is right in its own eyes? Gezaee H. is right in his own eyes?… kkk, everyone is right in Ethiopia? There is common ground.

    Shitaye, I have to be honest to say that TPLF will continue to strive under this circumstances never mind what Elias Kifle does. Never mind what Abraha Belai does, never mind what G7 does, it will stay by brute force. It has actually weakend and destroyed the bond between Ethiopians. There is no mutual trust among Ethiopians. TPLF did this on purpose. It is working for TPLF.

    Shitaye, never mind which direction you go, how are you going to remove TPLF if Ethiopian including Tigreans are not supporting any movemement? Let me tell you, during the 17 years struggle, TPLFs challenge was not derg, TPLF challenge was the tigrean population due to the fact the Tigrean population used to support derg than TPLF. You may not agree with me, but the Tigreans population used to love derg soldiers than TPLF fighters earleir before TPLF got in the hearts and minds of the population. It was Tigreans who were fighting TPLF for 17 years. TPLF got support the Tigreans after Hawzien bombing only. After Hazwien, everyone joined them and you saw it how they run all over Ethiiopia after that.

    How are you going to bring a lasting to peace in Ethiopia without the support of all Ethiopian? no ways, Elias Kifle and others objective is to attack Tigreans? that will only backfire on them? Leave alone Tigreans, I do not believe reasonable amhara can join such type of political agenda.

    These are the policies you have on this website:

    1. Boycot Ethiopian airline? Reason: The CEO is a Tigrean? There are also other Tigreans employees working in the company? kkk, what tye of stupid Tigrean will join such barbaric and racist political agenda?

    2. Boycot TPLF supporter business? Shitaye? by default, the majority of Tigreans support TPLF because of its history that almost every family has lost son or daughter in the name of TPLF. Elias and et all are saying boycot TPLF supporter businesses? is that not a direct on the majority of Tigreans? who is going to join this? how is this going to bring lasting peace to Ethiopia? I do not think so Shitaye, if we have to remove TPLF, we have to all unite and say no together and that will even take one day. It only requires unit among people. But I do not see anyone working to unite people except everyone appears ready only to kill others in the name of freedom.

    I repeat, no matter who, you cannot bring peace by taking away peace. You cannot give freedom by taking away freedom. Freedom must be given to criminals. I even believe Mengistu must go back home and have some freedom and be judged in court room for his wrong doings. I do not believe in the law of jungle or in the law of the barrel. It does not matter whether the barrel is in Elias Kifle’s hand or in TPLF hand.

    I do believe in freedom; freedom without blood. That is pure freedom. Any freedom that comes at cost of taking away the freedom of others is not freedom. This is based on pure reason. What is freedom? freedom does not allow you to kill anyone.

  9. I say this: Yilma, the author of the above trash is a breeder of hatred and divisiveness. I have been reading his writings (although riddled with atrocious grammar errors)to see if the man has any fairness in him. He accuses Meles for injustices and devastations of myriad proportion. I say this: Mister, Grow up! The people of Ethiopia are a lot smarter than you think. They will not buy your filthy, hatred tainted propaganda no matter how you submit it. Go to Ethiopia and ask the people what they think of Meles. The picture, is savagely different than the depictions you bring to the gullible Diaspora extremists.
    I rest my case.

    Anonymous replies:


    “He accused Melese for injustices and devastation of myriad proportion.”
    so Yilma is not write or the rest of us 85 millions Ethiopian are wrong in your calculation.or we are just dumb.
    2ND”the people of Ethiopia are a lot smarter than you think(Yilma)” i sure hope so, we are smart and we are not buying Ur BS” and like you said we will not buy your TPLF filth.

    the same Geazee,Ezana,tamerat coming now as Yoseph..i semail your tplf BS from a mile away.changing your pal Nam will not stop the stench of your tplf crime against Ethiopia.

  10. In the end, this whole thing of division, antagonism and warring would have been between evil and good; between wrong and right; between darkness and light; between hate and love; between unrighteousness and righteousness. Meles and his supporters everywhere: itching opportunism, breathing the sigh of ቂምና ቁጭት, heart-burning with inferiority complex, reliving and regenerating Cain’s murderous ways, relying on power usurping etc. How stupid and wrong can you be to reinvent evil when you could have taken the straight way instead of rebellion and invasion in the 21st century? That is why they say history will judge you.

  11. It is up to us to rescue Ethiopia, you and me and let us!!!!
    we say never again this atrocity will happen to mother Ethiopia by this mercenaries.

    Ezana from Toronto replies:

    Jegnaw E, Let me ask you something: are you the one and people like you who are supposed to be replacing Meles and woyanes? Hell no!! over my dead body. If that is to happen, I will change camp.

    Good day

    you know who:-)

    Anonymous replies:

    I,will tell you in the word of Malcolm X houseboy.
    and there is no side left for you,to side..

    Good day

    Ezana from Toronto replies:

    NO,NO,NO, you don’t wanna go there. leave my man Malcolm X out of your tribal politics. Malcolm X is a black man for a black man; not one who consider himslef superior because he is Semitic and oppress on those who are not. ya dig? It is a black thing you wouldn’t understand. Looool

    Ezana from Toronto

  12. Gear Abera,

    Please stop this dirty ethnic politics. Tigreans do not need anything from anyone. What they need everything any Ethiopians needs. If they have got something, they get it by working hard, not stealing from anyone. You can see people digging caves and breaking rocks to make ends meet. Please stop this nonensense Tigrean got this and that just from your imagination.

    When TPLF was controlling we were told TPLF were arleady loading Teff to Tigray. When they heard the sound of trucks driven in the night along the addis ababa high way, they were saying can you hear? they driving trucks of teff to Tigray. Ere, ere, bakachu akum endezh aynet baseless worie.

    It may be true elite elites take money,but accusing the entire Tigrean population looting Ethiopia is just nonsense wushet or hatred or biase as if Tigreans can make money or fortune by themselves. Please you stop this divisive and poisonous activities. You accusee TPLF being ethnicist, but you yourselves chew Tigreans like khat here? does not this make a racist, tribalist, ethnicist? why do some Ethiopians they have a right to be racist? they condemn others being racist,but they themselves swimming in it. If you need fairness, you need to be fair to others. Tigreans diasporas pouring their hard gotten money in the diaspora whether TPLF is good or bad. They are not waiting to get delivery of stolen money from Arat kilo? If you really know there is any specific thing done or built in Tigray by money stolen from Amhara or gurage or oromo? then give us the evidence and we will fight against all of us. Alebeleziya, please stop your ethnic politics. If Tigreans get peace, they have enough natural resources to fend themselves like every part of Ethiopia. There is everything in Tigray except TPLF denied them to use their natural port. There is even indigeneous Technology, there are metal , gold, silver, nickel, cobalt, suphur, … other foundaries which a huge industry in the western world. These indigenous founders in Tigray have been overlooked and never used. There are alot of indigenoues Technologies in Tigray which are overshadowed by the useless modern European education system. The many gold smiths in Tigray could benefit the entire Ethiopia if they could be allowed and supported to do business by producing high quality gold works to the world. I know how Gold smiths help Israeliete and South African economy. I know how much South African daimond cutters help South African economy. If the Tigreans diamond cutters in axum could have been helped, they could have helped the entire Ethiopia. The number indigenoues Technology in Tigray numerous but despised by Haileslassie, Meles Zenawi. Hailelassie was more interested learning english than using indigenoues Technologies and he actually gave a degrading name to the hardworking Tigreans by denying them land and at the same time calling yeseytan sera seratognoch. Making metal, gold, nickel, cobalt became yeseytan sira? the work of devil and they were called by Hailelssaie budas.
    It was only Mengistu Hailemariam who gathered them and who took them to his Debrezeit or Ambo weapon factories to use their skill to manufacture weapons and ammunitions. Do you know there farmers in Tigray who produce weapons, ammunitions.They never studied chemistry but they make sodium hydroxide explosives by skills they inherited from thier fore fathers.

    So brother Abra, Tigreans do not need hand out from anyone or do not steal from you or from any fellow Ethiopians. That is haram in Tigray. Leave alone to steal, in Tigray, if you lose a wallet full of money, people used to get to its owner. It is true zemene Meles Zenawi is not good because theft and corruption is rewarded.

    Let me tell you, when I lived in Tigray. There was no prostitute. I used to live in Adrigrat. There was only one prostitute in one hotel. As kids during derg time, we will go and see what she does? derg soldiers used to line up to screw her? She was not also from Tigray. Now Mekele, Adigrat,… is probably the center of prostitution, probably prostitution is much worse in Mekele than addis this days. This has been promoted by Meles TPLF. The people of Tigray used to be honest, clean, and trustworthy and true to themselves. Today Meles has told them such moral values are not important. TPLF has actually divided them so that TPLF Meles can control them. I do not believe TPLF can do anything good to Tigray alone. If it could, it would not landlock them. Do you know no Tigreans supports the landlocking of Ethiopia? It is only Meles Zenawi who loves that landlocking? you will find any Tigreans with soul who will agree to be landlocked. Actually, Tigreans held hostage in Mekele by TPLF. They cannot do business across the redseas, across the indian ocean like their ancestors?TPLF told them they have to do business in Mekele only? what is good is this Abera? if TPLF loves the Tigreans why it did not want them to do business by using Massawa, Asseb? why would you think Tigreans have to sacrifice their interest for the sake of Erirrean independence? Brother Abera, TPLF is not good to anyone. It is a cursed organ of few blind, ignorant and primitive Tigreans who have failed to understand the difference with good and bad. Thus please leave the people of Tigray alone.

    Anonymous replies:

    why are you accusing Abera#2
    Inciting dirty ethnic politics? because he talked about the Tigerian benefiting economically from the current regime? you mean it is not true? or are you trying to deceive us?

    since when is they got it by working hard since 1991 or you are just telling us the rest of Ethiopians are Lazy only the Tigeres are smart to be millionaires and landowners overnight.
    you are a typical WOYANNE clocked in sheep skin..

    Anonymous replies:


    You can me anything you want. I do not care okay. I am not like you who jump to insult people like this. I am a civilized person who live in the 21 century. I can not afford to reduce myself to your level. Get it? I will respond to your hatred loaded response.

    I never said other ethiopians are lazy. Such words or statement never came out of me. You are fabricating them here to satisfy your hatred.

    Whether you are like it or not, Tigreans will work hard and prosper. You can see Tigreans diasporas pouring thier money to build schools, clincs regardsless whether they like TPLF or not.

    You call me Woyane, Damn, if I am woyane? so what?what are going to do? Anonymous, do you know me? you do not ? your jumping to call me woyane only exposes yourself what type of person you are, it does not justify you.

    I said it many times, in this forum, there is no man under the sun who can stop me from being woyane. The only person who can stop Gezaee H. from being Woyane is only Gezaee H. There are millions of Tigreans who are woyane? what are you going to do with it? Being a member of a certain group or political entity byitself a crime.

    You heart is going to bleed now blood? I think so. Reason, from the way I see from people like you, it is actually impossible to work with even if one is not woyane, you will accuse by calling woyane. You and your likes are pushing me to rethink the merit of opposing woyane with blind and uncivilized people like you? nothing, I am thinking joining woyane. Probably it is better to join Woyane and reform woyane to be 100% democractic and 100% powerful than it is now. You pushed me. It will be easier for me to convince Woyaniewoch than idiot people like you who even insult people without knowing the people. They preach democracy but they never have it in them.

    I will join woyane now. I will convince them to do some reforms that will make every Ethiopians very happy.People like you will die of hatred buried in their heart. Tigray with the rest Ethiopia will prosper. The Tigreans will do miracle of development not by stealing from anyone by working so hard like they do. You will shit in your pants with jealous and envy and die of illness.

    Mn aynet sew ante? lemn atasbm tnish? why you think you have right to rob people their dignity? do want to be respected? if you do , you have to respect others too? otherwise, no one is going to succumb to your barbaric racism. The Tigreans raised now from the ashes. You did not save them. They saved themsleves. You can do anything you want, if you come to me like this, I willl tell you go to hell I will fight until I die if you do not respect my existence. Even now go to hell and you can call me anything you want.I will never associate with barbaric people like you who know no respect. I will join woyane now. I will replace Meles become the new TPLF leader. I will fly tomorrow to Arat kilo and ask to Meles I want to be a leader of TPLF. He will give me the office and I will do reform so that people like you will never ever have a window of chance to get to Arat kilo.

    TPLF leaders who read this, please do reforms and deny a window of opportunities to the hyenas like anonymous who know no respect for people. I

    Anonymous replies:

    pleas convince your woyanne cousins to be woyanne no body cares your days are coming to an end period..

    Anonymous replies:

    Gezaee h., you said:
    “Please stop this dirty ethnic politics. Tigreans do not need anything from anyone. What they need everything any Ethiopians needs. If they have got something, they get it by working hard, not stealing from anyone. You can see people digging caves and breaking rocks to make ends meet. Please stop this nonensense Tigrean got this and that just from your imagination.

    When TPLF was controlling we were told TPLF were arleady loading Teff to Tigray. When they heard the sound of trucks driven in the night along the addis ababa high way, they were saying can you hear? they driving trucks of teff to Tigray. Ere, ere, bakachu akum endezh aynet baseless worie.”
    So, Mr. delusional Gazaee, you are trying to tell us that NOTHING HAVE BEEN STOLEN FROM ETHIOPIA AND ETHIOPIANS AND POURED IN TIGREA PROVINCE, AND THE Tigreans NEVER GOTTEN ANY STOLEN AND BLOOD MONEY FROM THE MASTER OF HATE AND LOOTER MELES AND THE REST OF THE TPLF MAFIA GROUP? All the up to date multimillion dollar International-airport, Hospitals, Clinics, Roads, Universities, Colleges, Apartments, Condominiums, Street lights, Monuments, Modern Farms were built and achieved with hardworking and self-determined Tigreans. In other words, the rest of Ethiopians are simply LAZY ASSES who are not capable of achieving what Tigreans able to achieve. You’re simply pathetic, totally and in denial to say the least!

    Abera replies:

    Ato Gezaee, You got a very bad temper but regardless of what you want to do or you want to tell Meles the overthrow of his dictatorship is imminent. You and I can not decide how long he is going to be in power for. The people of Ethiopia know every thing and when the time comes i don’t want to be in Woyanes shoes because it will be very harsh for them.

    Coming back to the point I raised earlier on it is not a mystery to find out whether Tigray has benefited by TPLF coming to power or not. We see it and we hear it every day. When you talk about this type of favoritism for one ethnic group TPLF’s support economically and politically for its group and for the rest of the people of Tigray comes on top of all the other governments before it. They accused Menelik and Haile Selassie and even Mengistu being Amhara Governments that favored the Amhara people. If that was the case even one example is the rebellion of Gojam, and sporadically of Gonder are in the history books. Mengistu was actually an enemy of the Amhara people because his communist advisers like Senay Like and Haile Fida were telling him to destroy all the Amhara patriots under the disguise of “class struggle”.
    Thank God, I was only 7 years old when Woyane took power and I did not know anything, Thank God now i know all about it.
    I will tell you a bad news. There are some people, just because they are from Adwa, can call Meles directly and speak in Tigrigna with him and mention some names from their town. They can ask land, money from a bank”loan”, and a job and they all got what they wanted.

    When Meles visited Tigray recently they all lined up on the streets of Mekele and Adwa thanking him for all the gifts he gave to them. Listen to what he told “his people” in Tigrigna. There are more domestic flights and “public’ transportation to and from Tigray than any where else in the country. The farmers are provided with “loans” and “government subsidies” for their farms.

    Gezaee, may be you and your family did not benefit but don’t tell me that now “tigres are not doing business across the red sea and the Indian ocean like their ancestors did”. I can not even believe that you say this here. Every one must be laughing at you. So You are telling the rest of Ethiopians that Tigres are angry at Meles and TPLF because he made their province land locked? Are you crazy or what?

    They are not angry because there is not democracy, the rule of law, and the killing of thousands of Ethiopians in broad day light but they are angry because of this.It is sad.

    So what i said is true because they don’t get it. They don’t know what is going on in the rest of the country.

    I hope the people of Tigray will wake up to the reality and be part of the struggle.

    Long live the name Menelik, the symbol of freedom, He beat the Italians in one day, unheard of in any anti-colonial history. God bless your soul.The real Tiku Sew.
    Long live the Arbegnoch of Ethiopia who said no to the Fascists and the bandas.

    Anonymous replies:

    Dear Abera,

    Your story is bere welede. No one would take your fabrication and baseless accusation. You need to show and prove what is being stolen. You need to show when? how?from where? According to you, it sounds like Tigreans has to sit down and do nothing until you give them permission to work like before? those days are gone forever and ever.

    I am sure 100% what you are saying only from your imagination, you have no any proof.Let me for some reasons,some Ethiopians do not like Tigreans to even to breath air? why? I do not know. I think it is because the Tigreans are proactive and become entrepreneurs fast and people get jealous? Let me tell you my own experience. I used to be Addis Ababa University and I and my other Eritreans were accused of wearing new shoes? This is real life experience. We were accused that TPLF and Shabia sent us shoes? kkkkkkkkkk, I think your accusations smells like that? kkkk. Brother Abra, if you can not produce any evidence right here, you need to stop your baseless accusation right.

    If you have evidence and proof that something was taken from the rest of Ethiopia to Tigray, then I will support you and we will work on it together. But do not come here with your figmentation of accusation.

    Again, again, you must able to provide proofs for all your claims. Otherwise, who cares what you say? no one lives in your brain. People to work and prosper, if you think Tigreans are prospering because they are taking money from other part of Ethiopia? it is your problem. No one is going to badge from your hatred charged against one group of people. I have heard all these accusations even long before TPLF took power. For some reasons, some narrow Ethiopians love chewing Tigrreans as they wish. And they think we have to live with thier rustic mindset of hate. You can sing Tigreans are stealing and prospering. No Tigreans is going to sit idle to wait for your permission.

    You must know you may think you are better than TPLF Meles, but you sound worse actually? reasons, you are racist and you still accuse other people being ethnicist. For you it is okay to be racist? but others you condemn them.

    I did not say corrupt TPLF elites do not take or steal. They may be doing it and I have no clue I do not live in Ethiopia. I did not say there is no favourism in Ethiopia from the time know.

    I never talked about amhara or any ethnic in my writing. I never accused any ethnic anything. It is you the ethnicist who is dragging me into this dirty ethnic discourse. I do not care if you amhara or oromo or tigrie. I am not like you. But the problem, you think everyone is like you. Abera, we live in the civilized word, where there is no ethnic talk, I become sick to come here and read people like you chewing ethnic names. We have no time here to chew ethnic names. But I do not blame you, it is away of life in Ethiopia and some Ethiopians even cannot live without it even after leaving Ethiopia.

    In general, brother Abera, if you have seen or evidence Tigreans took something from anywhere? please give proofs. Do not come here and accuse 7 million people by putting them in one black box. You are wrong. If there are corrupt elites Tigreans elites, they do not represent 7 million people. It is like the Amhara elites who did nothing for amhara but who were enriching themselves. There is nothing new. Ethiopia has been like that. There has never been fairness in Ethiopia. Stop blame blame, blame, you must also understand what you write really piss off people from different group because you are accusing 7 million at one time? imagine that damage you are causing on people.

    Anonymous replies:

    You are useless man. You do not even deserve my attention. If you know and have evidence Tigreans took something you have to prove it. No one will take your blind and hatred figmented accusation. You must prove it. if you cannot shut up.

    Anonymous replies:

    you are delusional go to igaforum you are endangered spicy in this forum.go talk to your cuisines you will get more people to listen to your dedebit mambo jumbo..

    Anonymous replies:

    you mean his useless to WOYANNE/TPLF but he is not useless to Ethiopian.
    you don’t like it when people challenge you ha? you just,want to tell us to listen to your woyanne BS.
    there is nothing you can tell us will Chang our mind what we think and know about TPLF/WOYANNE.there in nothing short of the destruction TPLF will do for most Ethiopian. only the HODAM,and those in power and there supporters still think will continue as thy have for the last 21 years…..for us Ethiopian you are finished…

    AbeeIts replies:

    @ Gezaee H. What Abrha said is truth, You just don’t admit It! It’s open secret Ye-adbabay Mester. Denying the evidence that will makes you look like undercover Weyanne. Yes, if not all by far majority Tigray is benefited with looting money they are still at it I don’t know why you looked the other way. we are not born yesterday Tigraynes genetically criminals of some sour stealing or killing very hard for them to live in peace!

    wedi gezawtka neber replies:

    ato gezaee, does it ever occur to you that the majority of the derg soldiers were stationed in eritrea when u were living adigrat? that means no business for prostitutes to open more houses. I think u r just being tribalist for hooking yr tgrean whores with the ethiopian army. by the way, how is doing the other gezaee, your identical twin brother who grew up in asmara?

    Anonymous replies:

    It does not matter where I grew up. Do not be useless.

  13. The fascist and racist Meles Zenawi has a deep seated hatred against the Amharas. He has clearly expressed his aversion to the Amharas in his manifesto where he stated that the Amharas are the enemies of the people of Tigray. The mass killings and ethnic cleansings that have manly targeted the Amharas are the outcomes of the hate politics of Meles Zenawi. Shiferaw Shigute and the other ethnic slaves and messengers of Meles Zenawi are simply executing the orders of their boss Meles. Many Tigrayans support Meles Zenawi`s ethnic cleaning and persecution of the Amharas because they are convinced that the Amaharas are their enemies.

  14. We are good in talking, writing and forming parties/organizations etc but we are also quick to dismantle it. It is those who dismantle Kinijit who now appears to care for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. We want democracy but do not abide by democratic reasons. If engineer Hailu was the problem the answer was to remove him in a democratic way but not dismantle KINIJIT.

    As to the farmers who are victims of fascist Meles ethnic politics, how many of you that thousands if not millions of particularily Amhara farmers and their families are condemned to slow death by Addis Legesse the hodam Bale horse who is a surrogate of Meles. Amhara farmers are classified into three groups – feudals, Dergists and “normal” farmers. If a “normal” farmer gets 3 hectares the other groups get only one hectare as a punishment to belong to a group which the fascists categorized them. It is no wonder that Gura Ferda looks like Eastern Gojjam or Northern Shoa. Fascist Meles is happy by his deed and he is making fun as usual from the suffering of millions of Ethiopians.

    Ethiopian elites regardless of their ethnicity should unite and say no to fascist Meles and his ethnic politics. 20 years of Tigrean fascism in Ethiopia is more than enough. Please feel the suffering of our people instead of fighting for power and attacking another opposition instead of concentrating on fascist Meles who is terrorizing the Ethiopian people right now.

  15. Hello there,
    Haven’t Ethiopians passed the ethnic crap when they went to Mars 20,000 yrs ago?
    Please don’t be captivated by the primitive ethno- centri trap and regurgitate ethnicism ad infinitum .

    So much to write but so little time for good stuff. Seize the time and get rid off the tyranny as Malcom X said “…by any means necessary!”.

    Since the author Ato Yilma mentioned as a side issue so-called boycott this and that, what is left in the argument is the big elephant in the dinning room. Question:

    1. Why is talk about the drones stationed in Arba Minch a taboo and no mention of boycot or its destruction never discussed among the so- called opposition? We know what evil things drones do specially to innocent civilians all over the world. Are they not promoting a new kind of evil empire? who are their sponsors? Again the sworn enemy the ferenjis own them not Africans. Have you discovered how much ( cash cow ) this one is for the Arat Kilo illegal occupyiers – the de factos ?
    2. Now to the tangentially mentioned boycott of EAL. Yes it could be one of the hundred targeted on the list. But you have to take care of the 99% before you get there. Be realistic and insightfull.
    Consider a cash cow tied to the tyrant who abuses her. To deny the benefit to the abuser you don’t pound or starve the poor cow.

    Solution: Cut the umbilical cord from the abuser and claim your cow or cut the head of the abuser and bring solution to all. That is what our human history teaches us. That is Revolutiomary.
    Don’t be a wimp and die a wimpy death. Stand and do what you say and die the same day with dignity.
    Remember Yenesew Gebre among the many?

  16. Ato Yilma,
    Thank you very much for your eloquent analysis of the current situation in Southern Ethiopia and Mellesse’s predicaments of his own making. Indeed, Mellesse is a deeply troubled sociopath incapable of knowing his mistakes and accept responsibility for the gross human right abuses and ethnic cleansing taking place as a result of his leadership. He has been doing the same heinous crimes of treasons, treacheries, and ethnic cleansing in the last twenty years and still he can’t get it.

    To Yoseph,
    You said “the author of the above trash is a breeder of hatred and divisiveness. I have been reading his writings (although riddled with atrocious grammar errors)to see if the man has any fairness in him. He accuses Meles for injustices and devastations of myriad proportion. I say this: Mister, Grow up! The people of Ethiopia are a lot smarter than you think. They will not buy your filthy, hatred tainted propaganda no matter how you submit it. Go to Ethiopia and ask the people what they think of Meles. The picture, is savagely different than the depictions you bring to the gullible Diaspora extremists”.

    It seems Ato Yilma’s article has touched your nerve or more precisely nailed your sick mind? Have you even read what you wrote? You must be one of those illiterate Woyane/TPLF cadres that can’t even understand the basic rules of English grammar. You surely need to go to school and learn to write and communicate in proper English. Secondly, learn to construct sentences so that you can express yourself. Your writing skills and thought process reflect that of a low life Woyane/TPLF zombie programmed to say what his masters tell him to. It is so sad that you can’t see, nor understand, and can’t comprehend anything what Ethiopians live through daily. Indeed, you are not only dumb you are hopelessly delusional.

    Yoseph, instead of blabbering this none sense, defend if you can what Ato Yilma aptly described. Ato Yilma or other Ethiopians have never hated Mellesse or Woyane/TPLF thugs for being from Tigray or as group of people. We hate them because of what they have been doing to Ethiopians and Ethiopia in the last twenty years. We abhore them because they are the enemies of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Their policies, programs, and actions are contrary and enimical to the economic, security, political interests and survival of Ethiopians. Defend if you can what Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF terrorists have done in the last twenty years and still do today. May be your delusional mind is forgetful so let me refresh your though.

    Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF committed crimes of ethnic cleansing and genocide in Gambella, Sidamo, Gonder, and Ogaden. Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF planned, coordinated, and committed kidnappings, imprisonments, tortures, disappearances, and mass killings in Gambella, Sidama, Borena, Kembata, Gonder, Harer, Addis Ababa, and Ogaden. Mellesse divided Ethiopia into ethnic Bantustans, coordinated ethnic violence, and infightings in different parts of the country. Mellesse and Woyane/TPLF terrorists fought the Ethiopian army in Eritrea helping EPLF for the secession of Eritrea. They coordinated and campaigned for the independence of Eritrea. Mellesse and Woyane/TPLF land locked the Country by giving the inherent Ethiopia territory of Assab and Ethiopian Afar to Eritrea.

    All these crimes were done in broad day light, witnessed, verified, and documented by Ethiopians including other governments, organizations, EEC, and UN. Talk about these and defend if you can. But then, I don’t think so. You as Mellesse and Woyane/TPLF terrorists are cowards, liars, and treasonous. You don’t have the courage, the integrity, and the confidence. Finally, everybody knows that the Woyane/TPLF group has destroyed Ethiopia and Ethiopians in the last twenty years and it is doing the same today.

    Yoseph replies:

    I have multiple responses and they will take time and space to elaborate them here on this forum. For now, to quickly respond to your emotional diatribe, I am sorry to disappoint you, but I am 100 percent Amhara. You have retardedely assumed that anyone siding with Meles is automatically a Tigryan or a Woyanne. For example, the provider of Ethiomedia website is a Tigriyan and he is commitedely anti-Meles. Is there anything wrong about that? He is entitled to his political views, so am I. Being a Woyanne or a Tigriyan isn’t a crime and I think, your major problem (I surmise it’s a repellent psychological dysfunctionism)is being one yourself: A retarded Neftegna’s son whose racist governance is the reason for the rise of the Derg and your brother Mengistu’s crime infested rule.

    By the way nonsense is one word and shouldn’t be written none sense. Take that as basic rule of grammar and proceed with your feeble thoughts. Yes, as Yilam has aptly put (never mind his atrocious grammar)these websites and other forums have given the frustrated Diaspora a stage to vent out our their emotions. Mind you, that’s all you are going to get: venting out your emotion. Go, do it now! More power to you. But Mr. Meles is headed in a different direction and you will do nothing about it! Period. Nothing!

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    you are never 100% Amahara you are ling and don’t keep changing your name you are not fooling any one.there is nothing you can say or do can change what Ethiopians know about your TPLF masters have done to Ethiopia for the last 21 years. to me your just a clown of the TPLF mercenary but keep they said.. you can fool some of the people some time but you cant fool all of the people all the my clown friend Ezana those days are over…

  17. The mass murdering of Amharas didn’t start last month, it started long before Meles has taken power. The calculated evil cousins, Meles and Isayas, agendas were to get rid off the Bright, brave and talented young High School students, University students, Teachers, others with high-skill professions and talented people from Gondar, not to fight them in the future. The two evil cousins, Meles and Isayas had spilled the blood of Countless number of highly talented Amharas from Gondar and Gojam, particularly in Bahardar area and had put the blame on the other bloodsucker Mengestu And now we are seeing again the repeat of their crimes all over again. The only way to save the lives of all Ethiopians and our country is–to get rid off the mass murderer himself-tyrant Meles and company.

    Anonymous replies:

    God bless you
    that is what our HADGE amhara brothers and sister don’t get..that is the reason they call AMAHARAS HADGY..

  18. I have read the above comments from Dr Tilahun Jifara and the subsequent ones: some educative, some aggressive, some misleading messages. First of all, Dr Tilahun’s message is not targeting Amhara (Amaara) people as a whole. Dr Tilahun Jifara’s pain is, as it is the pain of all people who are part of the oppressed people in the Ethiopian empire, as well as those of progressive elements (pro people) Amhara class is what has been perpetrated and continue to be so against the oppressed people as an ethnic nation (Oromos and others) as well as the disprivileged class of people from all people under Ethiopian flag is the fact that the descendants of the ruling class wanting to preserve the repressive history without change, justifying the evil politico-economic and social order as it was/is, and no feeling guilty, not recognizing historical facts, denying the right of nations and nationalities to extent that their stance scares us even more that the Woyane is doing. Dr Tilahun who had involvement and participation both in the Ethiopian movement for social justice and as a nationalist for his own nation Oromo understands the fact that all Amhara people are not responsible for what happened to Oromos in the past and in the present; same with the Tigrayan African brothers. The scary thing is the notions and political beliefs some fascist elements within the Amhara elites who do not represent the mass of Amharas, (Like Dr Getachew Haile who is half Oromo and half Amhara but known for being a racist and ultra right wing chauvinist who from his childhood in Arsi to his grown up adulthood and educated manhood clearly exhibited his hatred for Oromos and other oppressed people in Ethiopia. It is the fascistic stance of Dr Getachew Haile’s and the likes that created fear and suspicion in my life and forced me to join the nationalist camp after I was given a clear red light that warned me staying in the Ethiopian camp is abnegating the defenceless Oromo Oromo cause and allying with Dr the fascists like, Dr Getachew Haile, Ato Getachew Redda, Iyasu Alemayehu and others who hate Oromos as their bête noire. That is what worried Dr Tilahun Jifar NOT the existence of the reputed Amhara people who have a beautiful history same as Oromos, Hadiyas, Wolayitas, Sidamas, Somalis, Affars, Beni-Shangul Gumuz, Gurages, and Gambellas, to mention few by name. All Amharas are not Neftenyas and vise-versa. Amhara is not a race. It is a socio-political and economic category describing the people who came from across the Red Sea and intermingled with the Hamites/Cushites and resulted in the creation of a predominantly Christian High Land society (Tigrey, Amhara, Tigra, and others.) Any nation is not a race. Oromos are to the socio-political-economic formation of people who merged out of different peoples, Hamites, Semites, Omites, and others into a great nation of Oromo. Race is not an issue. There are several Amhara, Gurage, Gambella, Beni-Shanguls who died fighting along Oromos. The bodyguards of the ex-OLF deputy general secretary (as it was then named), Lencho Leta were not Oromos they were from Beni-Shangul-Gumuz. The lat Col. DD was an Amhara born and raised in Adaa (Bushoftu, died fighting as an Oromo until TPLF took his life. Abiyu Geleta is half Amhara half Oromo, but still he is an Oromo nationalist. Abara Waqjira (ex-EPRP was an Oromo; the late Alemayehu Safisa, Abdata Guutamaa, Soboqa Gammachu were Oromos, but they died as EPRA fighters in the cay=use of Ethiopia. We should understand that the Cause of Oromo is not spear headed against Tigrayans and Amharas, but against the repressive fascists, Neftenyas (Black Yankees who propagate same ideology of the past superiority that includes the AASH group (Adwa Agame Shire neo-Red Neftenya class) not against the Tigrayans as people- as whole the Oromos need to regain their lost history, dignity and equality. NOT the expence of the destruction of our Semitic brothers. Therefore, the discussion should not entail Amhara as a society or nation but rather as the elites who want us back to the dark ages and destroy the reforms so far gained. Dr Getachew Haile and co advocate against Qube, against ethno regional autonomy, against Oromo language, against the federal structure, against peoples culture and want to superimpose Ethiopian (Amhara) ruling class (Neftenya-black feudo-fascist culture equivalent to TPLF fascist culture. At the same time I admire, and appreciate the progressive forces within the Amhara past and present who fought for the general good of the Ethiopian people from which Oromos and other oppressed people benefited from their sacrifice (Walelign Mekonnen and others in similar situations: the living and the dead. Non should be forgotten-those who died for a noble peoples’ caused shall be remembered regardless of their ethno-national or class or regional origin. The struggle of oppressed nations and nationalities in the Ethiopian empire-the prison of nations and peoples’ shall continue until it culminates in total victory that entails social emancipation is achieved.
    I personally pray for Dr Getachew Haile’s health and life that he be able to witness the judgement of history/sees the freedom of people against his will.
    O. E Boru

  19. Zinawi never had a positive rolemodel in the family to look up to;there was doubt in him with no desire to be a good citizen.He can not be value added person to the wellbeing of citizens because he hates amharas.As a humanbeing,he is a man;as a person,he dislikes amharas.He enjoys power out of the suffering of his victims.He got guns and bullets and 1000 goals;he ordered the killing of Anuak;what next?

    Of course,Zinawi is not in a fantasy world;rather,he has been living in his own world formed and shaped by his thoughts;what he has been in his earlier life is what he is today,and will continue to be the same person with the same routine,hater and lier,hater and lier.That was what he exhibited himself to the public.Ethiopians,we began our struggle very seriously against the enemy with the desire to establish a democratic and a just Ethiopia where citizens live and prosper together and value the wellbeing of human lives and environment.

    We shall be victorious!

  20. Elias,

    There are several people who are using Anonymous,but each with diverse message.I think this is not an accident but a result of their planning. For instance the following messages are postd by Anonymous 5,6,10,18,19.Still, there is the one who responds to Shitaye as Anonymous,while in reality is Gezaee.One thing is clear the Gezaee or
    Anonymous are knows what he is doing.May be You need to go back to enfoce forum rules, so that you can control those who conme to confuse or change at will the topic of discussion.Personally I don’t believe Gezaee seriously wants ato see change in Ethiopia,although that is what he want’s us believe.Here is why I made the above statment.He has no fire in his heart,no conviction,and onsistency to follow up or to bringa bout change in the country.His main task in here is to oppose the regime indefinately with out intangling himself to any form of action.

    In other words he wants to play first ‘foot in the door tacktic’. this way so long he continue to oppose the regime in word alone, this will give him an OPPORTUNITY TO OPPOSE the move by the rest of those who want to take the resistance one step farther in to action.The bottom line he supports at all time 100% chat room politics minuse action.Call him a weyane cadre he will come in full force to deride you,and he will not quite either.

    Gezaee H. replies:


    My nick name is my real name. Gezaee H. is not a nick name. This is my real name in real life. I do not use nick name for personal reasons. Please do not accuse me I am coming here as anonymous. The reason I do not use nick, I am not affraid of any human being under the sun to express my view. I am also responsible for whatever I say.

    Know me: I never use nick name, that is me. I am real I am not like everyone else who hide behind PC. I have also skill in my hund who is talking to me. Even if you guys think you are hiding behind pc? you are wrong. I can locate where you are and who you are. This means you cannot online.

    Gezaee H. replies:

    Seyfu, corrections

    My nick name is my real name. Gezaee H. is not a nick name. This is my real name in real life. I do not use nick name for personal reasons. Please do not accuse me I am coming here as anonymous. The reason I do not use nick, I am not affraid of any human being under the sun to express my view. I am also responsible for whatever I say.

    Know me: I never use nick name, that is me. I am real; I am not like everyone else who hide behind PC. I have also skilsl in my hand to know who is talking to me. Even if you guys think you are hiding behind pc? you are wrong. I can locate where you are and who you are. This means you cannot hide online.

    Anonymous replies:

    oh we are scared!!

  21. Here is another laughable comment that was made from some delusional Woyane named Anonymous:
    “some Ethiopians do not like Tigreans to even to breath air? why? I do not know. I think it is because the Tigreans are proactive and become entrepreneurs fast and people get jealous?”

    Simply laughable! Who does this idiot think who is committing all the crimes on innocent Ethiopians for the last two decades by locking up tens of thousands Ethiopians, torturing hundreds of thousands Ethiopian, slaughtering countless number of Ethiopians, evicting hundreds of thousands Ethiopians and selling their fertile land to foreign investor for their own profit and to help their own people, Meles and TPLF thugs who came penniless and now who are multimillionaires and some billionaires by looting the country and the Ethiopian Tax payers….

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