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With much to hide, Zenawi suffocates Ethiopia with information control

Editor’s Note: 

Meles Zenawi has a lot to hide.  There is much stealing and naked brutality that needs to be kept under wraps. There is torture, imprisonment, murder and the trafficking of women for profit.  Western donors, who sustain the regime with a wink and a nod, can claim ignorance as long as the brutish nature of Ethiopia’s own Joseph Koni is kept out of public view. The ruling dictatorship believes in total control of information.  Brute force and information control sustains rule by a heartless ethnic minority.

Media Control In Ethiopia

Democracy Denied

By Graham Peebles | Eurasia Review

Democracy sits firmly upon principles of freedom, justice, social inclusion and participation in civil society. Where these qualities of fairness are absent so too is democracy, for the word is not the thing, to speak of democratic values is easy enough, to dismantle repressive methods and State practices that deny there expression is quite another.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi Asres of Ethiopia knows little of democracy, human rights or the manifestation of democratic principles and much of repression and intimidation. The EPRDF government rules Ethiopia with a heavy hand of control, restricting completely free assemble – a universal right written into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), inhibiting the freedom of the media and denying the people of Ethiopia freedom of expression in manifold ways.

Media freedom is a basic pillar of any democratic society. Freedom of political expression, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press are essential elements of a democracy. Whilst media independence throughout the world is contentious at best, autonomy from direct State ownership and influence is a crucial element in establishing an independent media. The Ethiopian State owns and strictly controls the primary media of television and radio.

Not only is there no independent TV and radio in Ethiopia, but access to information is also tightly controlled, as Human Rights Watch (HRW) makes clear in its report, One Hundred Ways of Putting Pressure. Violations of Freedom of Expression and Association in Ethiopia, “the independent media has struggled to establish itself in the face of constant government hostility and an inability to access information from government officials.” Since the 2005 elections in Ethiopia the government has systematically introduced tighter and tighter methods of control, HRW continues, over the past five years the Ethiopian government has restricted political space for the opposition, stifled independent civil society, and intensified control of the media.

Owning information

Since the end of the civil war in 1991 privately owned newspapers and magazines have been appearing and despite heavy regulation by the Meles government, this area of Ethiopian media is expanding. This the government reluctantly tolerates, knowing that print media is of little significance, due to low literacy of the adult population (48%), a shameful figure that the EPRDF is no doubt delighted with, high levels of poverty and poor infrastructure making distribution difficult, newspapers are not widely circulated or read, consequently the main source of information for the majority of people is the state owned television and radio, which serve as little more than a mouthpiece of propaganda for the resident regime, the EPRDF.

Internet media is also restricted, with access to the web the lowest in Africa; Research & Markets found “Ethiopia has the lowest overall teledensity in Africa. The population is approaching 90 million, but there are less than 1 million fixed lines in service, and a little more than 3.3 million mobile subscribers. The number of internet users is dismal – below 500,000 at the end of 2009.” 1 The World Bank puts the figure a little higher at 7.5% of the population. In another demonstration of democratic duplicity, the government of Ethiopia controls all telecommunications. Internet and telephone systems must run through the State owned Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation.

The vast majority of the population – 82.40% in 2010, according to a World Bank report released in 20112, live in rural areas and have no access to the ‘worldwide web’ at all. By maintaining monopoly control of telecommunications the Ethiopian Government is denying the majority of the population access to another key area of mass information. This is an additional infringement of basic democratic principles of diversity and social participation, as Noam Chomsky makes clear “The most effective way to restrict democracy is to transfer decision-making from the public arena to unaccountable institutions: kings and princes, priestly castes, military juntas, party dictatorships, or modern corporations.”3

Party dictatorships fits the Ethiopian government tailor-made, although their arrogance and vanity would no doubt prefer the title of ‘kings and princes’, Emperor Meles perhaps, following in the brutal glow of that other conceited controller Halie Sellassie. The EPRDF regime is in fact a dictatorship and known as such to the majority of Ethiopians living inside and indeed outside the country, who are courageous enough to speak out and make their views known. Courageous indeed, for as with all cowardly brutal states, the EPRDF rules by violence, intimidation and fear, HRW again Ethiopia’s citizens are unable to speak freely, organize political activities, and challenge their government’s policies through peaceful protest, voting, or publishing their views without fear of reprisal. Such is democratic living under the Meles machine.

Law Breakers

Freedom of thought, freedom of expression and of information is a basic requirement under the UDHR. Article 19 makes this clear “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” Although the UDHR is not in itself a legally binding document, it provides moral guidance for states and offers a clear indication of what we as a world community have agreed as the basic requirements of correct governance and civilized living. In the preamble is stated “it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law.” Tyranny and oppression is the cloud under which the good people of Ethiopia are living and have lived for the twenty-year rule of Prime Minister Meles and co. It is through the implementation and enforcement of international law, established to safeguard the people’s basic human rights that the suffering and injustices may and will be brought to an end. The sister document to the UDHR the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) provides such legal protection and is indeed legally binding. There we find, Article 19, paragraph 1 ” Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference.” And paragraph 2 “ Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.”

Ethiopia ratified this international treatise on 11th June 1993, and is therefore legally bound by its articles. By imposing tight regulatory controls on media inside and indeed outside of Ethiopia, the case of ESAT TV based in Holland, whose satellite signal is repeatedly [illegally} blocked by the EPRDF, is an important case in question. Not only is the Ethiopian government in violation of international law, but by completely restricting the freedom of the media and inhibiting completely any hint of dissent, the regime is also in contradiction of its own constitution. Article 29, entitled rather optimistically ‘Right of Thought, Opinion and Expression’ states, 1. Everyone has the right to hold opinions without interference. 2. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression without any interference. This right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any media of his choice. 3. Freedom of the press and other mass media and freedom of artistic creativity is guaranteed. Freedom of the press shall specifically include the following elements: (a) Prohibition of any form of censorship. (b) Access to information of public interest.4 Clear and noble words, indeed democratic in content and tone, however words that sit filed neatly upon the shelf of neglect and indifference, as the people suffer and cry out to their mother country, serve only as a mask of convenience and deceit allowing the betrayal of the many to continue. Human Rights Watch gently states, the 1995 constitution incorporates a wide range of human rights standards, and government officials frequently voice the state’s commitment to meeting its human rights obligations. But these steps while important, have not ensured that Ethiopia’s citizens are able to enjoy their fundamental rights.

State suppression

In 2009 the EPRDF passed two inhibiting pieces of legislation that embody some of the worst aspects of the governments decent towards greater repression and political intolerance. The controversial CSO law, is according to HRW, one of the most restrictive of its kind, and its provisions will make most independent human rights work impossible. A ‘counterterrorism’ law was introduced at the same time; this second piece of repressive legislation allows the government and security forces to prosecute political protesters and non-violent expressions of dissent as terrorism. Since the introduction of these internationally criticised laws, the UN Jubilee Campaign in its report ‘Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review Ethiopia’ recommends the adoption of this law [emphasis mine] be repealed,” the umbrella term ‘terrorist’, meaning anyone who disagrees with the party/state line continues to be used and manipulated as justification for all manner of human rights violations and methods of suppression and control – the aim of all dictatorships. What defines a terrorist or an act of terrorism remains vague and ambiguous, enabling the Meles regime to construct definitions that suit them at any given time. Amongst other travesties of justice the legislation, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reveals, “permits a clamp down on political dissent, including political demonstrations and public criticisms of government policy, it also deprives defendants of the right to be presumed innocent.“5 A primary function of the media in a democratic society is to examine and criticise the government and provide a public platform for debate and participation. This law denies such interaction and freedom of expression. The law is in violation of the ICCPR and blatantly contravenes the much-championed Ethiopian constitution; idealised images of goodness, remaining un-manifest, stillborn.

The anti-terror law is a pseudonym for a law of repression and control, made and enforced by a paranoid regime, that is determined to use all means in its armoury to quash any dissent and maintain a system of disinformation and duplicity. Media organisations that disagree with the EPRDF party line run the risk of being branded, under this law ‘terrorists’, arrested and imprisoned as such. Dawit Kebede, editor-in-chief of Awramba Times, says “the law provides a pretext for the government to intimidate and even arrest journalists who fall afoul of its wording. Kebede said the regulations were a government campaign to oppress all forms of dissident activity.” (Ibid) This new unjust law completely inhibits ability of the media to report anything that is deemed critical of the current government. All opposing voices to policy are stifled; journalists are frightened and the facility to expose and criticize the many serious violations of human rights, to provide a balanced view of the issues facing the country are denied. The rights to freedom of expression and association are completely restricted, all independent voices have been virtually silenced and freedom of speech and opinion are denied. Human Rights Watch makes clear its concern, over the past five years the Ethiopian government has restricted political space for the opposition, stifled independent civil society, and intensified control of the media.6

Control flows from fear, the greater the dishonesty, corruption and greed the more extreme the controls become. Under the neglectful corrupt governance of the EPRDF, Ethiopians are subjected to a range of human rights abuses and violations political opposition has been unofficially banned, making this democracy sitting in the Horn of Africa a single party dictatorship. The UN in its human rights report finds, “resistance to opposition has become the primary source of concern regarding the future of human rights in Ethiopia” and confirms the view of HRW, stating “The CSO law directly inhibits rights to association, assembly and free expression.” The Meles regime seek, as all isolated corrupt dictatorships do, to centralize power, deny dissent and freedom of expression and suppress the people by intimidation, violence and fear. Creating an atmosphere of apprehension, extinguishing all hope of justice, true human development and freedom from tyranny. Disempowerment is the aim, the means are well known, crude and unimaginative, keep the people uneducated, deny them access to information, restrict their freedom of association and expression and keep them entrapped.

Demanding justice

The downtrodden suppressed people of Ethiopia, living under the brutality of the Meles regime, whose human rights are being ignored, without an effective media, have no voice. The controls that deny media freedom and the people the freedom of association and expression, guaranteed under the Ethiopian constitution and international law, must be repealed, HRW in its detailed report makes a series of basic demands of the Ethiopian government, which reinforce this, key among them is the call to “Guarantee unrestricted access to Ethiopia to international media and independent human rights investigators, and cease harassment of Ethiopian media.”

The days of the dictator are over no amount of repressive legislation can any longer safeguard a regime that rules through violence and inhibition. Meles and his cronies ensconced behind armed walls of duplicity may well seek control, the fearful always do. The will of the people is for freedom, peace and the observation of their human rights, it must and shall be done for justice and the rule of law underlies their call.




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4. Constitution of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.…/Constitution%20Ethiopia.pdf

5. The bureau of investigative journalism

6. Human Rights watch (HRW)

Graham is Director of The Create Trust, a UK registered charity, supporting fundamental social change and the human rights of individuals in acute need. He may be reached at [email protected]

31 thoughts on “With much to hide, Zenawi suffocates Ethiopia with information control

  1. The days of Meles and his cronies are numbered. They have abused us like there is no tomorrow. The public can only take so much and once the fear is overcome, nothing will stop people’s power. How could such small ethnic minority group govern the whole country with brutallity and impunity. They have made themselves so rich at our expense and treat us like dirt. This cannot go on forever. Meles will be held accountable for all the crimes that he and his cronies are committing. That day is not far.

  2. YeBetachu YeBelayun Yigezal!

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    The latest legal action is being taken against the Commissioner of the British IndianOceanTerritory of Diego Garcia, with Belhadj claiming the island was part of the route used to transporthim from Thailand,back into the hands of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2004.

    Belhadj is also suing a former headof British counter-terrorism organisation MI6,theUK government and former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

    Straw, who served in the Labour government under then-Prime Minister Tony Blair,has beenaccusedof approving Belhadj’s rendition.

    Straw said he was unable to comment because of an ongoing police investigation.

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  3. What we are talking about is a country controlled by few criminals and gangs. It is not fair to even mention the word ‘democracy’ in Ethiopia because these murderers thugs had never experienced for themselves in their life. It is like preaching civility to Ghadafi. Mark my word Meles and his associates will never escape justice.

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  6. All nondemocratic countries share one common element: Instead of representing the wishes of the population at large, they represent the preferences of a small segment of society. In China and Cuba the wishes of the Communist parties are the ones that come first. In Burma the interests of the military junta comes first. And in Ethiopia the wishes and interests of the TPLF and those supporting its dictatorship come first before the population.

    They own the rules, They own the police, the court, the army, the banks, the businesses so that they can do what ever they like when ever they want. They give anything to anyone who is their friend. If you want land you can get it as much as you want, The only criteria you need to meet is be TPLF, Hodam Oromo, Amhara, Moslem or other, follow their rules and obey them. This is the fact in Ethiopia. If any one does not believe it something is wrong with you or you are one of them.

    Writing any thing that sounds like you are talking about unity of the country, equality of the people, democracy, justice and so on is punishable by a long tern prison sentence and a lot of money.

    The video we have seen few days ago when Meles the dictator speaking in his toy parliament, is a prime example of a one man’s arrogance, ignorance, dictatorship, fascism and racism.

    Henry Wallace the 33rd President of the United States once said the following “A fascist is one whose love for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions or nations as to make him ruthless in his use of deceit or violence to attain his ends’

    That is what Meles is, and that is how he will be remembered a fascist that should go soon.

    Power to the people of Ethiopia.

  7. If you stupid folks from Shewa Amhara and ignorant Oromos don’t like how we govern your joint, we are ready to go on our own anytime soon. And you will kill each other to extinction or Somali marauders will wipe you out of the face of the earth faster than you can scream for help. So shut up and obey orders!!! You lazy bums!!! Our Tigray nation does not have ethnic or religious problem since we are all one in both ways. There is only one Tigray Nation which is one hundred percent Christian. Even The Prophet Mohammed has proclaimed an edict that Tigray should be left alone as a Christian Nation. That is why there are no Muslims in Tigray and if they are any they will be asked to convert to Christianity or leave. But I know they will chose to accept Christianity because they don’t want to leave such a well developed Tigray and the comfort it has provided them. So all of you arrogant Shewa Amharas and naive Oromos shut up!!! You hear me!!! I say shut up and that is an order!!!!

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    Majority of the tigre are noble Ethiopians. you can’t speak for anyone.

    biye replies:

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    Tekle replies:

    You two and others alike are not listening to my orders. I told you to shut up because that is my order. Now, you should always remembers who our leader is and how incredibly smart he is. His name is The Revered Meles Zenawi. Did you see his last dissertation? Did you? Simply put: A masterpiece!!! He has this way advanced brain that it is a combination of those of Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Chanakya, Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes and my favorite Milton Friedman. He has also kicked every opponent’s ass. EDU, EPRP, OLF, ONLF, AL-Shabaab, ELF, EPLF…just too many to count!!!!. When it comes to waging and winning battles, he is a combination of Alexander the Great, Hannibal, General Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower, General Patton, General Macarthur, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. and many capable commanders. To be honest with you the real Oromos are with us united around the glorious OPDO. Those big mouth bums in and around OLF are just cowards who don’t know how and where to fight.

    And some of you who came out against my claim that Tigray is a Christian country are trying to arouse my brothers and sisters of the Afar and Saho nations. They have their own territory that includes Assab and Massawa. We will help them liberate their country so they can be an independent nation like us. There were no formidable Shewan Amharas to stop us from doing this. Those capable Shewan Amharas are long gone on that momentous night of November 1974 thanks to Mengistu Haile Mariam. Just look at the list of those 60 officials gunned down that night. Thank you Mengistu!!! Thank you very much!!! As far as I am concerned he should be rewarded.
    So shut up and obey Meles orders!!!

    Anonymous replies:

    ezana your full of it…

    Jegnaw replies:

    did you just wrote a new history over night?
    you don’t know the difference there is no Tigere Empire, there is only AXUMIET and your likes are not representative of that history.
    you guys are full of heat and full of inferior people.but any way your days are numbered.

    peace replies:

    Pretty soon, you will change the story of Ethiopia into Tigray although Tigray is part of Ethiopia, pretty soon you will change the bible saying it is Tigray not Ethiopia that raises her hand to god. You can’t be that ethnicist. Your comment is full of ignorance. I wonder why you are focusing on Shewa Amaras and not your neighbors Gonder or Wollo, it is obvious you are scared of the Amaras near you and bully Shewa Amara. Shewa Amara is actually the most diverse and open mind than those in Gonder because they have lived among other ethnic groups in harmony. It is those who haven’t been exposed to other ethnic groups in every region that are causing problems.

    abdi replies:

    Message to all other Ethiopians, Please don’t even reply to this moron Tekle’s comment. Don’t give him what he wants. He does not even deserve a reply because he is a little rat you find in a dirt and garbage bins. Don’t blame him he only knows his mother because she does not know which man is his father. He was born and raised in an area called prostitutes corner so what do you expect from him. I can not believe people like him live in the West with this kind of body with no brain in it.

    The Amharas and Oromos have joined their forces now, with all other Ethiopians we will make our country free and put the Woyanes in flea infested caves. Let them it the sand they bought from the Aid organizations.

    Viva Deresu Duke
    Viva Menelik the king of freedom and independence for all black people.

    Tekle replies:

    Hey you abdi!!!
    Don’t you read? I said shut up!!! Shut up and follow your, our leader The Chosen One Meles Zenawi. And you brought up the name of a historically irrelevant king from some joint in Shewa, menelik. Wasn’t he the one who had to ran to our Glorious Emperor Yohannes and kissed his feet at Boru Meda? ‘Please My Lord!! Please forgive me!!’ he said to Emperor Yohannes the moment the two met at Boru Meda. That was exactly what 20-25,000 coward OLF fighters said to Meles in 1991-93. Their leaders cut and ran like faceless cowards!!! At least EDU and EPRP had put up stubborn and bloody fights against our indomitable fighters in the 1970’s before they were overwhelmed and decimated. But these OLF’s and G7’s are cowards who cut loose and ran even before the battle began. Slapping the word ‘Lion’ as your first name does not make you a lion! You have to earn the old fashioned way, on the battle field!! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!
    But our leader is magnanimous and he will forgive you if you ask him personally for his forgiveness. And then you can go back and live like any other law-abiding citizen. If you keep your mouth shut there is plenty of work that you can find. As a matter of fact, I need some one to sweep the driveway in front of my house everyday. I have a house here in Maryland and one in Addis Abeba(Bole) and another in Mek’ele, of course. Life is good, very good!!!!!
    So shut up and read history first before you mumble and stutter to your death!!!

    Anonymous replies:

    Tekle poor Tekle you must have been born on a highway because that is where most accidents happen!!!

    I heard when you were a child your mother wanted to hire someone to take care of you , but the dogs were asking too much. Now you can afford it for your own kids, thanks to the TPLF blood money that was given to you.

    There will come a time when the guns of the Oromos and the Amharas roar in Addis and your masters will be looking for hiding places. I hope you will be there.

    Your racist TPLF came to power because the Ethiopian people refused to fight for Derg. You think it was because you were strong it was Shabia your employer that led you to Addis you used to kiss their ass and Meles slept in the same bed with Isayas. You forgot that part of your history.
    And how about the Tigray bandas who were working for Italian Fascist? You must be proud of that too. Meles became TPLF leader because he is a loyal bands compared to all other bandas since his family root is connected to bandas. That is not your history?

    Treaty replies:

    Tekle’s weyne purpose among other things is to aggitate Ethiopians of one region with another.This is weyane’s last resort;because TPLF clique knows in the moment of stress and strain the people of Tigray will likely choose to side with the people of Ethiopia than to die with few TPLF criminal conspirators.TSuch a treashold and critical mass is approaching by the day because Ethiopians are comming together.Far from being TPLF leaders enlightend as Tekle claims ,they are mentally deranged and in total darkness.If it was not the case with them we could have not seen the type of escallation by the depraved Legese.Just to mention some of the on going situation in the country.

    Volunteery invasion in to Somalia,cross border raid in to Eretria,the burning of several Ethiopian monastries, the order to evict many churches around Waldeba monastery,The government’s interfrence with Eslamic faith followers,the eviction of innoscent poor Amhara families from the south.The arrest of many Oromo and Amhara political prisoners.Thes and similar events breathtaking events are taking place and TPLfits can’t see the end apraoching.

    Waka replies:

    Tekle (korokoram woyanne)

    Your dedebit animals are not capable of leading a family let alone a nation take your ring leaders one after the other starting from the chimp who is hiding in Minilik palace 60 years old man and never ever says a single truth through out his entire life ,you a baby chimp they raise you up with lies looking to your dedeb comment one can say that you are a dead man alive and forget governing rather take a shower and clean your dundruff and leis in your hair as you are not cut for politics

    Ittu Aba Farda replies:

    Tekle, Tekle, Tekle!!!

    I don’t know what is your position and role are in the current government back home. It shows you are well-fed financially for being in the front line standing blindly for the regime. But I want you to turn to what is happening on this very platform. This platform is free to everyone to air her/his opinion including you. This is what is missing in your Meles Ethiopia. Just listen to what your leader said right on TV at the parliament recently. When the opposition complained about the lack of conference hall because they were systematically shunned of such facilities, his answer was the same one filled with utter threat. When tens of thousands of poor farmers were cleansed out of the place they lived for years and it is a known fact, his answer was the old bag full of lies. Your leader is fatally stricken with this hatred of a particular ethnic group that he did not have an iota of compassion. He sends his children to some of the most expensive schools in the West, buy them the most expensive cars and leaves no stones unturned for their luxurious lifestyle and in the meantime his regime is sending thousands of families to abject poverty with their children. The money you used to buy your houses here in the USA and back home was taken from the mouths of those crying children evicted with their parents from Gura Ferda. You should not be proud of that. But in the meanwhile, I want you to look at this platform where everyone is speaking his/her mind without any fear of retribution. It shows the value the editors of this website stand for. Liberty, freedom, justice for all. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Tekle replies:

    Hey you above!!!

    You have not seen our platform that our Benevolent Leader Meles made available to all Ethiopians. There has never been censorship except those who were in the business of inciting the peaceful people into violence. They tried and failed in their effort. And they ran away to America. Ethiopia has the most liberal press freedom mankind has ever experienced. Period. That is why the country is surging ahead in every facet of advancement. Don’t blame our leader if that country joins the middle income countries group in 2013. We have built the most formidable defense force in all Sub-Saharan Africa. We just graduated 39 pilots trained in the most sophisticated aerial warfare available. And don’t cry foul if the majority of the graduates are our gallant sons from Tigray. We can’t help if the rest of you failed the entrance test. You have to know how to add and subtract first before applying an aviator position.
    And you Shewan Amharas!!! You are living at places that don’t belong to you. All these places and localities like Menz. Bulga, Tegulet or Minjar were given to you as temporary camping ground when our Tigray Emperor decided to establish outposts to control vandalism in the 18 century. Then he hired young men from Sayint as frontiers soldiers for that purpose and moved them to their current locations. We believe that assignment is out of date now and you will be asked to go back to Sayint. That is the only way our country’s nightmare will be resolved. Don’t worry, we will give you enough time to pack up. You may ask what we will do with the localities after they leave. We have better uses for all of the area. You should learn your history first before talking to us or about us. So shut up!!! I say shut up!!!!

    Abera replies:

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    I was going to give you one final thought but you don’t have anywhere to put it.

    Oh before i forget there was a phone call from Mekele and they said they were looking for their town’s idiot, I could not understand them first but they mentioned your name.

    Anonymous replies:

    you are funny,i like about Tekles transplant brain rejecting him….hahahahahahahahahah

    Tekle replies:

    You Abera abd Anonymous above:

    You must be one of those EPRP’s and EDU’s who were lucky enough to escape alive when our indomitable TPLF fighters came after you in the 1970’s. Those from your ranks who met their demise in the battle field were at least man enough to fight to the finish. But you cut loose and ran to the Sudan like rabbits. Now you are trying to have a 2nd life here in the USA. As far as my brain, how about if I tell I graduated Summa Cum Laude both in Economics and Mathematics from a well known university. I bet you are one of those losers who gave up education and are in the business of stealing from parking lots and gas stations.

    And I never insulted Oromos and Amharas. But I have pointed out the problems we are all facing from those who hail from the Shewan Amharas. If I said something truthful about OLF there is no way that will apply to Oromos. The real Oromos are united around OPDO and the real Amharas are made their home in ANDM. Period. Whether you like it or not, by hook or crook, the Menz, Bulga, Tegulet and Minjar residents will move back to their ancestral home Amhara Sayint in the next 10-15 years, if not sooner. Those places used to belong to my Tigray people not too long ago. So shut up!!! That is an order!!! Shut up!!!!!

    Abera replies:

    Tekle I told you before about your problem. Your parents made a mistake by having you, so learn from your parents’ mistake and use a birth control, don’t pass on your stupidity to your children. Otherwise our children will have the same problem we are having with you now.
    First of all I was not in any one of the organizations you mentioned i was only 7 when your racist,communist TPLF children of bandas took power.

    And the other thing i like to tell you about your “graduation in Economics or Mathematics” is this. There is a big difference between education and school. I don’t hope you understand what I mean. You finished the school but you are not educated. There are many people who did not go to school but they are more educated than you are.

    You can not learn from school what Ethiopians are going to do next year.

    This is what Albert Einstein said “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in School”. Just read it you don’t have to understand it.

    There is no point of telling you about me. The issue is not about you and me, it is about the TPLF dictatorship and the Ethiopian people.

    Tekle replies:

    Who are you calling dictator? TPLF is not since we were elected to the office with other sister organizations in a 99.6% landslide. The election was certified gold by all international observers including the following:

    US State Department: Certified spotless
    British Parliament: Certified exemplary
    European Parliament: Certified platinum
    All Asian and African Governments: Certified diamond
    Even Linda Tripp will tell you how flawless the last election was!!!

    By the way have you heard the latest research conducted regarding the learning capabilities of different nationalities of Ethiopia? It was a stunning discovery that people of the Tigray nation came out at the top. On 1-10 scale we scored 9.9. I can’t tell you how the other nationalities fared but I know people of the Oromo nation came a distant 2nd and those from the Amhara nationality scored way at the bottom. That is why are at all key positions in government and private organizations back home. All of you folks are not endowed with all the gifts and skills to lead anything. We are the only one genetically fit to rule the country.
    I am still telling you to shut up!!! Just shut up and obey our orders!!!

  8. Tekle, you should be going straight to a mental institution. You need your head examined. you are also illiterate. If you are living outside Ethiopia you should go to school after you’ve had your mental behavior treated. If you are in Ethiopia you can go to Ammnuel Hospital – unfortunately the schools nowadays are not up to their former standard, so there’s not much help with your illiteracy there!

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