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Ethiopians in DC to mourn, protest the killing of Alem Dechasa

What happened to our sister Alem Dechasa is a crime against all Ethiopian women. The horror and humiliation she suffered is unacceptable to any decent human being. To express our outrage over the crime committed against Alem and mourn her death, concerned Ethiopians in the Washington DC area will gather in front of the Lebanon embassy tomorrow, Thursday, at 11 AM.

Thursday March 15 at 11:00 AM
Place. Embassy of Lebannon
Address: 2560 28th Street NW, Washington, DC 20008

Thursday March 15 at 1:00 PM
Ethiopian Embassy: 3506 International Dr., NW Washington, D.C. 20008

Silent protest
Please wear dark clothes.

Organized by Concerned Ethiopians in the Washington DC Area.

85 thoughts on “Ethiopians in DC to mourn, protest the killing of Alem Dechasa

  1. There is no way she killed herself. She probably got raped and abused, that is why they want to cover up things. “Bonssa said he saw Dechasa Saturday and she appeared fine.” So what does it tell you?

  2. As an Ethiopian and a woman myself, I am deeply saddened by what happened to my fellow country woman. I am completely speechless. I hope those of you who are leading the opposition should do something about it. It is inhuman and illegal for this to happen to her. The people who beat her and humiliated her should be brought to justice. It is also shameful to the Ethiopian embassy in Lebanon who are acting like parasites getting paid by Ethiopian people who are not protected.

  3. The only responsible group for this tragedy is the tigrean minority junta that is selling our sisters to the arabs as a commodity, not the Lebanese. We have to protest against the minority junta infront of the tigrean woyane embassy.
    RIP my sister. Sooner or later the tigrean minority junta will pay it double fold.

    DEATH TO WOYANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gelaw replies:

    The Lebanese living in Addis have to pay for this. There is no way that this trajedy will go unanswered. Someone, somewhere will pay for it! Ethiopians feel it deep inside to their bone when one of their own is attacked by a foreginer. I have hard time to sleep after I saw the crime video. Now she is dead! How sad? I am going mad. The DC action is the first to vent our anger on them!

    peace replies:

    Stop creating more enemies. The enemy is within, and that is get the TPLF and Shaebia out of our country right now. Let Tigrians and Eritreans if they believe in living in harmony with the rest of Ethiopians we have no problem with it. Otherwise these groups acting like governemtn but mafia have to be destroyed within Ethiopia. People also have to stop passing responsiblities to other as someone above was saying that the opposition groups should do someting about it. Yes, they should and ALL of us should do something about it not just other parties.

    Anonymous replies:

    Deal with weyane and stick with our sad story. Eritreans are happy with shaebia. if we narrow down our problem we can solve it.

  4. I suggest one thing that everyone should come with a cross and show them our christen power and condemn their barbaric act. As I said it before war should began in Addis against the barbaric leba Lebanese in Addis Ababa to those that are involved in human trafficking and also prostitution and abusing of our women.

  5. Let me cry inside. Let me mourne. That is what is left for me. Let me be quite. Let me cover my face. O God, O Abesha, O O O…

    Anonymous replies:

    Hurso, that is exactly how feel. I am so bitter about this whole migration business to the Middle East. What do we do people? what do we do? As if what happened to this girl is not horendeous enough, they claim she committed suicide now. They do this knowing the Ethiopian government is so indifferent to what is happening to its girls. Shame on us all! Make no mistake, this abuse did not start in Lebanon. It started back in Ethiopia. What is happening to us Ethiopians? we are watching when our girls being bought and sold. the society just sit back and watch when thosands of these girls leaving to these barbaric hell known as Middle East. This girl was being beaten outside the Ethiopian Embassy. What does that tell you? It is like a girl being beaten outside her father or brothers house. The man from the embassy said she was there illigally. if she is there illigally, 1. Thanks to his governemtnt. 2. does she need to be beaten and humilated? Who is going to investigate this now? Will we ever get the truth, does it matter even if we do. There are thousands queuing everyday to go to this hell hole.

    Hirut replies:

    My heart bleeds. What is happening to us People? How can a sister be beaten and humiliated outside the Ethiopian Embassy? That is like a girl being beaten by a man outside her father or brothers house. Meaning, it shows the disrespect and contempt the perpeturator has for the family. That is precisely what is happening here!!

    Wegenoche, whatever your political affliation, something has gone seriously wrong in our society. These girls are 16 17 and 18. Their humiliation does not start in the hell whole called Middle East but in Ethiopia. If you go to AA airport, everyday, you see hundred of girls sitting is a cordoned zone, squatting on the floor with tiny bags for a lagagge. Ask yourselves why? Why are they treated like that in their country when they are passengers like everybody else. The is humiliation which begins at home. Not to mention other societal and gender related abuse. The point is, when we don’t respect ourselves no one else will.

  6. Give me a break. Her abductor has her killed to justify what he said during his interrogation. He tried to so say during his first interview, the ground for his cruelty was to save her from her suicidal attempt. Now the moron did this, thinking everybody will buy this claim. Off course he knew for sure if he can do what he did in front of her embassy nobody will investigate this horrendous murder set up too.
    Woye gud we have been treated like a dog. But I know God will sick her blood..

    I am so sad and crying my eyes out..

  7. God bless her soul. What did happen after his 1 hour visit??? Bonssa should take the blame-as a cadre of Woyane junta, either he strongly abused her or psychologically abused her to feel hopelessness……….Bonssa said he saw Dechasa Saturday and she appeared fine. Bonssa also said doctors told him they checked on her at 5 a.m. this morning and when they returned at 6 a.m. she was dead.

  8. i am blaming our self sheme on us,what we have left nothing i am ashamed be ethiopian lets do something lets change some thing not crying it happens again are we try to protect them we the mens shamefull look what happen our sister it happens again lets stop that

  9. Elias,
    The protest should also be infront of Ethiopian Embassy. The Ethiopian authorities there failed to protect her and they should be held accountable for letting her dragged entually killed. this monsters should pay and we have to make sure our authorities held accountable.

    peace replies:

    Well said,

    How is it that we Ethiopians day and night afraid of to challenge the Weyane regime even in the diaspora? Even the day TPLF took power, we should have been protesting at the embassy and make their lives miserable. It is very well known that Ethiopian embassy had ceased to give service to Ethiopians but its main service had been spying, doing illegal businesses. So we should have been there day and night to stop the service of the embassy that doesn’t do anything anyways to benefit Ethiopian people.

  10. This is one tragic story that is happening all over the world to Ethiopian refugees. It is right to demonstrate against such abuse, but let us not restrict ourselves to the Lebanon. It has nothing to do with religion, just like Ethiopians the Lebanese people are Christian and Moslems, likewise their ethnic composition also include Arabs and others, Armenians, Greeks etc. The source of this tragedy primarily rest on the minority government in Addis Ababa, supported by Western Powers and others including World Bank and IMF extending billions in finance and arms shipment to the regime. We need to expose the nature of the beast to all people of the world. Let Ethiopians throughout the world demonstrate against all those who are helping the EPRDF/ TPLF government in Ethiopia. Let us learn from our Eritrean brothers and sisters who come in large numbers worldwide to demonstrate whenever their country is threatened by those organizations and countries. We Ethiopians have much large numbers may be 10, 20 times, if we can come in one vice, without dividing ourselves as Oromos, Amhars, Somalis, Christians, Moslems or highlanders or lowlanders. Perhaps this tragic death could be the spark that will unite us and restore our dignity. Let Allah/Egziabher/Rabi or God give us the wisdom and Unity. Amen

    peace replies:

    Well said.

    Alem’s death did not start, it is the Arab countries, throughout the world that are abusing Ethiopian women. I think the TPLF regime since they are getting money by selling Ethiopian women, the fault is from there. So it is not just Lebanese embassies, we should be at Saudi, Kuwait, every Arab nations that are abusing and where Ethiopians are being killed all over and most of all protest in TPLF embassies.

  11. No No Alem did not commit sucid. It is absolutly sure that,
    That savage man has killed her.
    That is it.
    It is cover up manipulation.
    We must avenge. Retalation now!
    Any Lebanese in Africa must be a target.
    From Sera Leon to Dijbut and from Senegal to South Africa.
    Shame to the Woyane Embassy!
    Death to Melese Zenawi!
    Any Arab in Ethiopia must be dealt with.
    Death to barbaric Arabs!


    peace replies:

    I think solve the problem within Ethiopia first. These so called stupid OLFs who still live in 18th century are allowing Ethiopians and Oromos to be killed all over. You OLFites instead of helping TPLF and Shaebia make history. Oh yes, OLF is another Arab and Islam sooges waiting for Oromia but the Oromia is gone thanks to your cohort TPLF and now the people are being forced out of Ethiopia like Dechassa to be killed in Arab countries and yet your shameful problem is still Amara? Have you seen Amara giving away your land to outsiders? Have you seen Amara selling your children and women to foreigners? And yet you cry Amara, Amara. I am saying not to the fake OLFs but the true OLF unite with Amara and make history like your forefathers did during Italian fascists. Unite with Amra and make history. Stop collaborating with outsiders also Shaebia, Arabs and West, they are all about your land and resources. Wake up!

    The so called Aba Dulla, etc representing Oromos in Ethiopia are not Oromos, they are Tigrayans who grew up in Oromia land in the South.Therefoe that is why they get power staging as Oromo but doing the work of TPLF. Anyone seen the doucmentary the “Black Gold” Ethiopian coffee growers and Starbucks? The guy representing the gorups of Ethiopian farmer has Oromo name but he is actually Tigrayayn who was raised in the South during in the 80s when starvation occured in North, Mengistu transfereed most Tigrayans to South for them to use arable land in the South. Guess what , lucky for these people, when TPLF took power, it identified every Tigrayans outside of Tigray and gave them highest positions and of course power over other regions. I thought there are Oromos conspiring with TPLF, apparently these are not Oromos but Tigrayans growing up in the South.

    Anonymous replies:

    I totally agree with you. If you read qubee afaan oromo please go to and read about how the Yemen Arabs did to the 5 years old child. The Arabs most of them are savage. If our people live dissent life and freedom they wouldn’t leave their mother land. Meles is taking their land and expose them to death. That is what it is, unless he gone! no peace and harmony in my land.

    freedom&peace replies:

    I totally agree with you. If you read qubee afaan oromo please go to and read about how the Yemen Arabs did to the 5 years old child. The Arabs most of them are savage. If our people live dissent life and freedom they wouldn’t leave their mother land. Meles is taking their land and expose them to death. That is what it is, unless he gone! no peace and harmony in my land.

  12. we have to think as a nation, people! we are being abused, castigated,dragged by the hair, bullied, intimidated, unwanted where ever we go, dying in thousands in the deserts of Sinai, Libya, Sudan, raped, and our possessions taken by vagabonds. some have been killed and their body parts removed for sale. This is the misery of Ethiopians all over the middle east.

    There is no nation/country that is being abused ,slandered, raped and murdered like Ethiopia /Ethiopians are. we have become the lowest of the low.

    Arabs,pakistanis, chines, indians are pissing on our heads not only in their country, but also in our own country.

    When are we to wake up and rise as a nation to protect ourselves?

  13. Alem did not commit sucide!
    The savage Arbs in Lebanon have killed her to cover up their crime.
    That is dead sure.
    Shame to Woyane:
    Death to Melese Zenawi and his primitive Arabs.
    Death to all running dogs.

    God belss the soul of Alem.


  14. What is the problem with us? They shoot down our airplane a year ago.Woyanne didn’t stop flying to there even for one day. They know they make millions from the daily flight which brings thousands of Ethiopian girls. Now, the arabs start killing our girls in front of a camera as a mice. Arrogance at its best-they dragged her in front of the Ethiopian Consulate General. What are the Woyanne diplomats doing when this occured? Selling millenium dam bond? Viva Woyanne!! Viva to our double digit growth!!

  15. The reason why we continue to have this problem is, the support the Meles regime is getting from the Obama administration. I asked all Ethiopian Americans in the past to stop supporting Obama for 2012 election. Please say not again to Obama and stay home for the next election, then they will see the power of the Ethiopian Americans, specially in Virginia.

    Annie replies:

    Do you honestly think that Mitt Romney, or rick santorum or newt gingrich will help ethiopia to fear any better? they dont care for the minority people here in the usa – it’s ethiopia they will care for? Not a chance. If you for some reason believe that ethiopia feared worse with obama, just wait and see what will happen if you dont put him back there. All this is beside the point.
    This poor girl was failed to the utmost degree. I too believe she did not take her life, and if she did someone manipulated her into it. God will judge them. God will judge them for mistreating his child.I cannot believe people stood around just watching her abuse and said or did nothing.
    Nothing at all

    peace replies:

    It is not just Obama remember? Clinton called Meles and Isayas they are “renaissance leaders” because Ethiopia is now under neocolonization through these mafia leaders that is why Clinton praised them. What is great thing about America is that, when your people are strong, they can’t do anything about their neoliberalism therefore, they will support the opposition party. So this shows still our weakness not for uniting that Americans will not do anything until we act in one voice, one flag.

  16. I Never cried before but this girl made me cry. she went to her Embassy for help but no one came to help. it is clear that she didn’t commit suicide. Ethiopians disrespect everywhere but this one is the worst. Believe it or not this government is a cancer of Ethiopia, East Africa, & Africa. This demonstration should include all African.
    No more slavery!!!!

  17. God bless your sol my dear sister..we need to bring him to jests this coward and heartless uncivilised Arab.all this happen because of our selfish so called woyane government need to blame.

  18. Meles is responsible for her death, because he and his family are exporting human being like commodity and geting tenth of million dollar by the company they open allover the country.

  19. I am joining the thousands who expressed their outrage over the abuse of our sister who was subject to a forced labor and adding insult to injury while we are reeling from the shock of the abuse her unceremonious death came as a rude surprise.May the Lord rest the soul of the the departed and comfort the bereaved family! This is not an isiolated incident paradoxically happened in a place she should have got protection but a common practise accross the Middle East if this happened in broad daylight in front of an Ethiopian consulate it is no brainer many abuses go undocumented.
    I lived in the middle East and have a first hand experience of such abuses.One time I had a call from my old friends about an abuse in a jail alleging organ harvesting of dead detainees discovered when they collected remains and they decided not to bring it to the attention of the world fearing if it gets publicised their fate would be worse so fear deters many victims to go silent.
    It is a collective shame for us all Ethiipians if we had created a livable country for our sisters they would not have ended up there in the first place.As Mohamed Bouazizi abuse turned out to be the straw for the Arab Spring I hope her tragic death might anger us in to action.May the Lord give the strength for all who go through such ordeals!
    Gezahegn Bezabeh

  20. That is what happens to you and will happen to all of us since we do not have our country. we need to take our country, our dignity and our liberty back. Now!

  21. Alem was dragged to slaughter house, where her vital organs was probably harvested to be sold to some rich people in the West, and later her body deposited in a mental hospital and blaming the victim as sucide! Alem’s vital organs will be sold to extend the life expectancy statistic in some rich countries by three months and then boast to the rest of the world how life expectancy in Africa is so low. They kill an African girl robbing her 60 years of her life to add few months to the rich. They say money talks, the rich can buy kidney and liver and in the process support an african dictator like Meles in the name of free enterprise so that he work hard to make life difficult in the country to force young people leave their country and endup in such sad situation!Those who support the Meles dictatorship have part in the killing of this Ethiopian girl. She would not have left her country if there was economic justice in Ethiopia. We live in rotten world system where aggression pays, and the rule of law flshed down the toilet.

  22. Even if I despise the cruelty of these women suffer at the hands of the Arab men, the blood of this woman is on the hands of the people who are in power in Ethiopia. They sold these women like a commodity so they can be abused sexually and physically. They sold our dignity and sold our sisters and our land. We need to stop crying for every crime they committed against us and we need to start unit our struggle to overthrow them like trash once and for all. This woman was treated like an animal in front of Ethiopian Embassy and no body came to her help. We all know that they killed her to cover up the abuses she suffered from coming out.
    Now we need to write to international human right organizations to demand an investigation to her death. Until we overthrow this garbage government, we going to see more humiliation and destruction of our beloved country. We need to start a revolution in Ethiopia to end the era of Meles.

  23. She DID NOT kill herself!! Those uneducated, narrow minded and GARBAGE Arabs killed her. I knew this is going to end up happening right after the incident. My heart went out for her for being beaten up by this CRUEL, STUPID AND GOOD FOR NOTHING ARABS!!! DENKORO HIZB!!!! DAMN ARABS!!!DAMN ARABS!!!DAMN ARABS!!!I HAVE ALWAYS HATED ARABS COZ OF THEIR LACK OF REASONING AND I WILL ALWAYS. REST IN PEACE ALEM!!!

  24. I am s speecheless of this crime infront of the Embassy .Shameless ambassador talking stupid , can’t even express himself .Shame on you Melese , you are a coward stupid and disgrace for Tigreans .You are a monster and killer.Go where you came from.

  25. now i am crying
    meles zenawi is responsible for this
    rest in peace.

    Anonymous replies:

    I agree with you. She was silenced not to tell her story. What was she doing in front of wayne’s consulate? Was asking help or to be rescued from her domestic abuser? Did they call the fellow to remove her? He was implicated for abusing her on the street and he is being investigated….this is a conspiracy. The abuser, wayane and the hospital. Let God bless her soul and give strength to her loved ones.

  26. Death to woyanes who force our beloved sisters to slavery and sexual abuse in arab countries. Meles and his entire leadership will pay for this. Our sisters are beautiful and no less human being to all other nations or races. Our sisters are born free and their natural and citizenship rights should be respected by the government of Ethiopia either they are in or outside the country. The government that does not defend its people in or outside Ethiopia should be ashamed of its stand. Let Woyanes and others know that Ethiopia and Ethiopians are proud of their heritage. Ethiopia is a soverign country and its people are independent. Those of you who exploit Ethiopia and Ethiopians should know that your days are numbered. We will bring the criminals to justice when we will have the government of Ethiopia run by Ethiopians and stand for Ethiopians. SHAME TO WOYANES AND THEIR PARTNERS WHO EXPOSED ETHIOPIAN LADIES TO HARDSHIP, PROSTITUTION AND SLAVERY AT THE HAND OF ARABS.

    peace replies:

    Weyane told us long time ago that they are not Ethiopians. It seems like they have to beat our head off over and over again. Weyane is foreign agents period therefore should be regarded as such. Foreign agents that work to sustain Eritrea, serve the interests of Arabs and West. As a result they sustain itself and its big brother, Eritrea. We don’t seem to get it.

  27. I respect peoples believes regarding good morality. I detest those who are human rights abusers. I should not hate but from what I have observed and witnessed most Arabs of Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Yemen are human rights abusers. I didn’t understand Ethiopian Radio broadcasting “Jegenawu mene ale; jegenawu mini ale; ye Syria Araboch ke ager yewutu ale” repeatedly during Israel Arab war. Within few weeks, Israel won, and the war drum dissipated and most Yemenis remained in Ethiopia until 1974. After that, most of them left Ethiopia in escape of revolution that went wrong. I was teenager then. It was hard for me to understand the governing King then. Now that I witnessed, heard, read their cruelty to Africans specially those of Ethiopian origin and Christians. Recently I visited back homeland. I come across a lady who was preparing to travel for work through Woyane agencies. Directly you are going to be a slave. The other one talks how she come back empty handed after slavering for years for inhuman Arabs. I respect all religions but I hate stupid Arabs. I hate TPLF for its alliance with Arabs against Ethiopia and Ethiopian.

  28. Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409 (tail number ET-ANB, s/n 29935) left Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut about 2:30 a.m. on January 25, 2010 and was headed to the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. 90 Dead.

  29. We deserve it. Spineless people. The lowest of low.

    Gebru replies:

    @ Jobera,
    you are an Anseba guy because i know how sub**man Ansebans write.
    And as a psychiatrist i can tell you that Ansebans are at least 2 stages below Ethiopians.
    Let me explain to you which stages Ansebans have to go through to reach the level of Ethiopians:
    1. they have to become slaves who hate their masters (Ansebans still love their masters).
    2. they have to free themselves physically and mentally.
    Then they reach the level of Ethiopians.
    It is easy for me to identify the comment of Ansebans who are actually psychos. They make degrading and humiliating remarks about those they think are proud and free. They do so to transfer their feelings of degradation and humiliation.
    That gives them satisfaction just like someone who was abused as a child and then abuses children when he has grown up. Ansebans experience with Italians must have been very painful and that pain is transferred from generation to generation. Among others the Italians are supposed to have “qiTachewin beduwachew”.

    We know that the Ethiopian government is controlled by Ansebans. Therefore be sure that all these humiliations we are experiencing in Ethiopia since 1991 are by intention and TO DO TO US WHAT THE ITALIANS DID TO THEM during 50 years of colonialism.
    We should remind that when hear about accidents like this.

  30. It is shame Arabs are peeing on Ethiopians and Eritreans everywhere in the Middle East.
    This is happening in every Arab nation. The most shamefull is that all these years Aljazeera was very quite for the crimes committed against us in Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan … and the Arab gulags in Sinai.
    Nobody wants to talk when the crime is a racist crime against blacks by Arabs. The Arab media hides it under the rag. If a single terrorist Arab is killed by Israel, it is in the news but not our own innocent sisters.
    Watch out Arab racism against Ethiopians and Eritreans. This is what happened in Darfur where the Arab media ignored the death of half a million people.
    The worst here are the Arab wanabe slaves defending Arab racism. Some of these slaves are Meles and Isaias who keep on licking the stinko Arab azz.

    peace replies:

    I think we need our pride back. As a non Amara, all Ethiopians should support Amara. We had dignity then. Oromos better unite with them instead of talking about 100 years of history. Life have taught us now to correct any mistakes and now it is time to grow up and have wisdom. Bring back the majority, Amara and Oromo. If this happens the fight will not only be with TPLF and Shaebia, it will be with the West also because the weaker Ethiopia is the better to control. That is what Eritreans really brought damage to themselves and Ethiopia by weakening Eritrea and Ethiopia as different country, you become prey to outsiders. Viva Haile Selassie! The lion of Judah who in fact did Eritreans favor by bringing them back to their mother land and bringing them economic opportunity.

  31. we are always ‘merdo or leksso derashoch’ first, but to oppose or revolt against any outrage, injustice, inequality or so we are somewhere else. so do you expect? whatever has happened to our sister is deeply saddening but forget not there is our share in it too. we as a country people never stand united rather divided by looking at small differences and exaggerating it and become weakened. otherwise the woyane junta should have been history long long ago. even now do not drop you crocodile tear. if stand in unison stand in unison. otherwise whenever a little incidence happens don’t be like a lion….the time to stand in unison has long overdue period.

    Anonymous replies:

    blame the brain wahsed OLF! Oromos should form their own organization to weaken OLF and truly stand for the Oromos and Ethiopian people so that they can unite with Amra and make TPLF history while at the same time protecting Tigrayans. Of course those who committ injustice with TPLF will pay dearly.

    We shoulld make copy and give it to CNN, BBC, etc.

  32. It was already set up that the abuser was going to say she wanted to commit suicide. I think they killed her and blamed it on committing suicide. Let us keep appeasing the TPLF regime. The blame goes no where but to them. At the same time, if the person who filmed the abuse is Lebanese, then there are Lebanese who are sympathizers and let us thank them to the good job they did than the fucking ambassador. I think the killing of the Ethiopian girl is orchestreted by the Lebanese abuser and the TPLF agents. If the video come out and if she is found she will speak out on what happened to her. As a result they killed. Her. Aljazeera just reproted she killed herself. Really? Should we just take their word for it and take the abuser’s word that she killed her self? We Ethiopians are the most coward people on earth seeing our women being killed but reported “committed suicide” every time there is a report. We are coward by allowing an organized, well orchestrated group of people
    TpLf and Shaebia are now ready to destroy our country. Even Fascist didn’t even think of destroying Ethiopia but just wanted to colonize it. Is there any enemy than the enemy within? Is this time now for Ethiopian diaspora to wake up and organized rather than filled up with ethnicism, ego, status, individualistic, etc?

  33. We all died with her. I cannot live any more with this shame. No Ethiopian should accept this. TPLF is the cause of all this. Arbas are arbas :headless cruels whom time have given chance to kill our people. I now understand why these animals committed the Terrorist act of Sept 11, 2001 killing thousands. Is there any American organization who take up this issue and fight these criminals? Let’s do some thing. Her life should not be lost in vain.

    Hey Ethiopian men… either die or live a life of diginity.

    Jobera replies:

    I agree with Gemechu. Live or die trying.

  34. I think the goal for TPLF is the instigate war between Arab countries and Ethiopia. Muslims vs Christians. We do have problem with group of people but not on entire nation. For example, we have a problem with TPLF but not Tigryans, abusers in Arab countries but not on entire nations. So people better refrain from generalizing. After all TPLF forcing Ethiopian women to go to Arabs. We need to get Alamoudi out of our country as well, the guy was not on Fortune 500 Magazine prior to coming to Ethiopia and he became the 10th richest person in the world because of Ethiopia’s resources. The people where he is taking our gold are dirt poor, Ethiopia is the poorest today than it had ever been and yet this man is 10th richest person in the world?

  35. I think who ever videotaped this footage is giving us a hand and telling us, you Ethiopians better take of your people in Arab countries and against TPLF because look this is what is happening to your people and better do something about it. The indifference of Ethiopians all over the world, not even in Ethiopia is staggering.

  36. Let us not complicate the issue of this trgic event by raising other secondery issues of hatered to moslems or christians or arabs or jews. We need our focus and enegy against to tplf and its supporters. We ethiopians can lead the fight to remove this evil government because its our direct and indirect support that made it possible for tplf to distroy our lives and our neighbours at home or in exile. Can ER dedicate itself to action to bring our political and religious leaders to agree and coordinate their action to the task of removing tplf? I think the source of our problem in the horn of africa, wheather we ethiopians, somalis and eritreans is the evil government in Addis. May be God sent Alem to be the Spark of our freedom! I pray to God that he give her eternal glory to her soul.


    peace replies:

    Religious war is not the answer. Ethiopia, like Israel is surrounded by Islam nation so it is short sighted to do that. Besides, it is not about religious, it is the TPLF regime in Ethiopia instigating Islam vs Christian, one ethnicity against another ethnicity and so on so that it can survive and push its agenda. So stop diverting attention and stop this lame religious war.

  38. R I P …. Hope you are fine now.

    Those stupid moron uneducated nonsense Idiot inhuman Arabs (not generalizing all) but the majority of them took women as their slave should pay their prices what they have been doing and still doing. These horrendous action against our sister just captured attention because of it was filmed, what about those who have been abused indoors? this should not stop here, we should have some kind of permanent campaign against any inhuman action towards our sisters working in those Arab countries.

    I heard that, Indian housemaids in Arab countries once used to suffer like our sisters and the Indian people retaliated in response to that by suffering and torturing Arabs living in India and from that time on, Indians torture by Arabs has shown a dramatic change.

    what else are we waiting for? I am sure ‘woyane’ is happy to see this and woyane is doing the same thing back home. we should say enough is enough.

    RIP our sisters!!

  39. …this is not the first tragedy, and it will certainly not be the last…thousands of young Ethiopians are encouraged to work as maids in these largely philistine and inherently violent societies, who, thanks to crude oil, misleadingly appear to be civilised….what a contrast to the largely decent, cultured and God fearing Ethiopians….

  40. Let me mourn and cry loud before God that,
    He would comfort Alem parents and beloved ones,
    He would give us political leaders that stand for the poor,
    Bless the country, end poverty, exile, and humiliation inside and outside the country,
    I do not know what to do, but my eyes are upon God


  42. Why some people here pointing fingers on Eritrea? Tplf and Eritrea two different things. We Eritreans and Ethiopian too busy fighting eachother and our sister being abused helpless.Eritrea nothing to do with your mater weyana thats who yall need fight not Eritrea.

  43. Growing up under the then Mengistu regime, I used to hate and oppose every move the regime used to make. I wished to see the regime gone. Nevertheless, I never felt ashamed of about who I am or about my nationality or about my country at large. I was always proud of my country and never felt no sense of citizenry. Now that Derge was gone, I lost everything, my dignity and sense of belonging (citizenry). My fellows, beware of what you wish for, they say. I miss Derg now, I miss it terribly. Do you?

    Once, I had a friend who happened to be one of the top military personnel during the Derg regime. He told me the story about one guy (Human trafficker) who happened to operate from his base in neighboring country of ours and who used to traffic Ethiopian women to the Arab countries and thereby shame the nation. The Derg regime took swift action against this guy by capturing him alive and extraditing him to Ethiopia.

    After the Derg was gone, the Weyyane GOONs are openly carry out human trafficking, which they started practicing during the rebel years, and profiteering from this lucrative business while they same the nation and put the lives,safety, dignity of our fellow sisters on compromising position. We, as a nation have gone so wrong and so so low under the Weyyane Mercenaries.

  44. Alem’s last and agonizing words, “No, No, No,” live engraved forever in the hearts of all the young and the old Ethiopians. The enmity between the Ethiopian people and the Lebanese Arab Muslims is eternal. When Alem said “NO, No, No,” to her abductors, no Lebanese person came to her rescue because she was a foreigner and at that from Ethiopia that has lost taking care of her own children. At this time, Ethiopia is less than a hen that gathers her chicks under her wings and protects them from their predators – the hungry eagles. These hungry eagles are the Arab-Muslims of the world.
    Who really killed Alem? Her parents who failed to keep her at home and never to send her to the Arab countries killed her. Her Ethiopian government who ignored her request for a job in her own country murdered her. Her Ethiopian Ambassador in Lebanon slaughtered her for failing to get her to his embassy and protect her. The Lebanese government ended her short life on this earth for allowing Arab-Muslim tugs to control the street instead of the Lebanese Police. All these people mentioned above conspired against Alem and terminated her precious life.

    Off course, the real killer of Alem is Islam that allows its Arab-Muslim followers to beat a woman as Muhammad the prophet did. A woman in Islam is less than a man; especially, if the woman is an infidel, a non-Muslim, she is considered a slave, a non-entity or a property; therefore, she is subjected to do everything her owner asks her to do: clean the house, prepare the food, wash the dishes, iron her master’s or mistress’ clothes, wash the car, clean the window, and be raped every single day by her Arab-Muslim owner because no other human beings do such bestial acts except the Arab-Muslim men.
    Alem might have a story to tell to the world; she might have been thinking to tell us her severe mistreatment by her employer; however, the Lebanese government didn’t want her story to be tolled; hence, the government of Lebanon may have bribed someone to kill her, and he killed her. For sure, only the Almighty God knows the real killer of his beloved child, Alem.

  45. What is the purpose of calling ourselves Ethiopians? To be somebody you have to pay a price. Dignity is earned! TPLF and cohorts believe in nothing, are nothing! The opposition in general is plagued with egocentrism. Us;Ethiopians altogether, are in self denial mode. So can anybody explain why such degrading scenes should’t happen to us? Who gives a shit’s ass if we demonstrate in front of the Lebanon embassy or not? In the past nobody messed with us. If we equate the battle of Adwa into todays terms, it would mean Ethiopia battling China or Russia and winning. But that’s what our fathers did, today let alone China or Russia we can even defend our sorry asses.

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