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The Ethiopian girl who was beaten by Lebanese men died

We are shocked and terribly sad to learn that the Ethiopian girl who we saw on a video over the weekend being attacked and kidnapped by Lebanese men in front of the Ethiopian embassy has died this morning. She was fighting for her life as she was beaten and dragged into a car. How can it be said she committed suicide? She was murdered.

BEIRUT (DailyStar) — The Ethiopian woman whose beating outside her country’s consulate was widely publicized on video committed suicide Wednesday morning, Ethiopia’s consul general in Lebanon confirmed to The Daily Star.

Alem Dechasa, 33, hanged herself using her bed sheets between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m., Ethiopian General Consul Asaminew Debelie Bonssa said doctors told him. He spoke to The Daily Star while returning from the hospital Psychiatrique de la Croix Hospital, known as Deir al-Salib. Police took her to the hospital after the incident.

The video released by LBCI last week showed Dechasa moaning as a man, later identified as Ali Mahfouz, beat her and forced her into a car. According to Bonssa, who said Dechassa was in Lebanon illegally, the incident took place two weeks prior to its release. Mahfouz said Dechasa had previously attempted suicide.

Bonssa said he saw Dechasa Saturday and she appeared fine. Bonssa also said doctors told him they checked on her at 5 a.m. this morning and when they returned at 6 a.m. she was dead.

Bonssa said he was “deeply shocked” by the news.

The hospital declined to comment, citing privacy concerns.

89 thoughts on “The Ethiopian girl who was beaten by Lebanese men died

  1. Who Cares About Her, She is Just An Ethiopian is what The arab would say.. and i don’t blame them, Ethiopian Reputation is soo bad That Ethiopians are claiming to be Somali to get Treated Like Humans, and with Woyane In power I am starting to like how they stand up for their citizens hehehe. The fact is she Took her Life and No one should feel sorry for her, God punished Her for all the prostitution she did.


    Hirut replies:

    Semhar, You really are a dispeakable arsehole for saying what you said. Do you know this girl? Have you seen her prostituting? Even if she did, did she deserve to be dragged in the street and kicked? how do you know she killed herself? Really, what is the point you are trying to make here? I suppose you are one illitrate idiot from neighbouring countries-narrow minded fool who take it upon yourselves to decide who is right and who is wrong on the political football our respective leaders are playing. Before you judge others, think what drives them to such lives. Try to read proper information, possibly independent material, don’t just follow the crowd like a sheep, that is why god made you as an individual. Certainly do not make cruel comment about those who cannot defend themselves.

    semhar replies:

    She took Her Life, Only a coward do that whatever that happened to her, did you ever think she is going to hell? who would anyone feel sorry for her? She sold her self for arabs and Now sold her self to the devil. Ethiopians always find the coward way out and Take their lives, something They must of learned from their hero Tewadros.


    SAMUEL replies:

    Anten blo semhar , Weyane cadre ,

    Let me tell you about Atse Tewodros . He was not a coward like yohannes . who brought the british

    to his door steps . He was a great man to the end , he did not let himself or his people down .

    he did not beg europeans for protection or to fight on his behalf like all others. he was not a sellout .

    Most of all his head is not in Sudan like yohannes . who was paid by Menelik . who was

    paid by haile silasie . who was also paid by Mengistu . And now back to little Yohannes .

    For the great Atse Tewodros …. sadly he is the last of his kind .

    Kbur Atse Tewodros hoy inkwan yeshintam twlid sayayu alefu !

    As for you cadre …. go look for ferenj .

    Anonymous replies:

    Excellent reply Hirut, as to Semhar, she must be a typical TPLF prostitute to accuse someone else as such. ALEM WAS A VICTIM WHO WAS MURDERED BY TPLF AGENTS.

  2. I am quite sad a group of muscular beirut’s adults men killed a defenceless poor ethiopian girl brutalitly .i wish i can show them how heros we ethiopian are!
    Oh ! I feel anger , revenge. Who ever participated in this action deserve a death penality.

  3. Oh My God. This is outrageous . Shame on Ethiopian Ambassador. Shame on Embassy counselors. Shame on Lebanon. These barbaric criminals raise hell when some body burns the Quran, yet they have a total disregard of life that god has created. What does the Ethiopian Ambassador has to say about this. Does any one know how this young woman indeed up in front of the embassy? I am assuming she went there in search of assistance. Why didn’t she get the help that she desperately needed. Didn’t any body heard her cry? Please Ethiopian review people pass this video to Every news outlet. Let the world see this. Let her blood be the reason to start the end of this criminal act against our sisters. This has been going on for so long. It is time to stop it. The representative of the people of Ethiopia A.K.A Ethiopian Embassy in Lebanon fail to save her life. Let us not fail her. Rest in peace yagere lig. I am so sorry no body came to your aid when you pleaded for your life.

  4. The death of Alem or I can say her killing is the issue to be considered by all decent human beings, people who know about decency and humanity. the Arabs what they got is only oil, no moral, no humanity no religion or belief. we don’t have to expect justice for Alem from people who are using stick to sodomise other fellow human being.

  5. I’m just as outraged with the so-called “consul general” shocking rush to judgment in concluding what happened to this poor girl is a suicide. How can anyone–let alone a government representative who of citizen who was brutalized in broad daylight–be so callous as to readily blame the victim before the facts are in?

    In any democratic system of government this so-called “consul general” would have been fired as soon as his reckless declarations reached the government that sent him to represent his nation’s and the interest of his citizens.

    We should all do everything we can to pressure the Lebanese system to punish the animals who brutalized Alem and ultimately took her life one way or another. But we should also call for the resignation of the consul general for essentially attempting to whitewash this whole affair by blaming Alem’s death on her.

  6. I should add that attempts should be made to make sure that Alem’s body is autopsied by an independent medical examiner as soon as possible.

    I won’t hold my breathe that the the Ethiopian Embassy would have the decency to think about this and do it. But the Ethiopian community in Lebanon and elsewhere should pitch in to make sure that Alem’s body is examined.

    Why do I say this? Well, I don’t for a second believe Alem killed herself. I suspect foul play. The implication of this is that this courageous young woman’s effort to take matter into her own hands and free herself was thwarted not just by those who were video-taped but also by people in the so-called health facility where Alem’s young life came to a tragic end.

  7. We are in the second decade of the 21st century where bunch of weyene degraded our God given right for the last two decades now. We are the living dead as far as weyene is in power. These morons are do not care what happened to us, Ethiopians both at home and abroad. So that we have to do things today that must be done today rather than keeping it for tomorrow and learn to stand for ourselves like that of somalians. Somalianes have no govt. for the last twenty years now, owing to this fact try to touch Somali boy not to mention a girl in any country of the world. Any Lebanese pigs could punish instantly by “ Gegera” any place and time by Somalian. Am not calling for barbarism, however, in such a place like Lebanon, Saudi what have you, the response should be analogical. You can take as an example what happened in Scandinavian against somalians a number of years ago. These days around before attacking a Somali guy they think two times.

    As for weyanes’ diplomats what can I say, we know that knowledge is power, unfortunately, these guys have no knowledge, skill, professionalism and so on and so forth. What I noticed is that they have been told from the doorman to the manager to memorize “sayings” and use it. As the so-called diplomat tried his utmost to be like a diplomat by saying “ if justices is prevailing I hope in this country democracy justice is prevailing”. And then he said “I was advised to report to police”, weyenes’ diplomats need an advise even to do elementary things like reporting to police whenever such an incident occur, terrible. And went saying that he applied to assign one police person because there is always fight between us ( between Lebanese gangsters and weyanes’ diplomats) .

    All these brutal act happened before the Ethiopian embassy but nobody able to rescue her, the late Alem Dechasa. Where are the Agazees who feel a “lion” in front of unarmed people!!!!

    What we, Ethiopians, now must do is that to bring these gangsters to a legal court. Since we can not do this, what I mentioned above, “ we are the living dead” would be true.

  8. i promise on the living god if the ethiopian gov. dosent do something about it I (im sure many other ethiopians as well) will take it personally god sake all they asked was to work help thier families to get something to eat yet they were disgraced left with no options they cant go any were but endure the physical and phycological terror everday incase you dont know rape ,blind beating,spilling hot water and burning thier body,thrwing them of the balcony. yet these people are the nicest and humble people. IF GOD DOSENT DO SOMETHING MAN HAS EVERY RIGHT TO TAKE JUSTICE IN HIS ON HANDS. AND DONT YOU DARE TRY TO JUSTIFY ABOUT THIS SON OF A PIGS

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