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Woyanne launches a military attack on Eritrea


ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Ethiopian Woyanne forces entered Eritrea on Thursday and carried out what a regime spokesman described as “a successful attack” against military posts.

Shimeles Kemal said Ethiopia Woyanne launched the attack because Eritrea was training “subversive groups” that carried out attacks inside Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Woyanne and Eritrea fought a border war from 1998 to 2000. Tensions have reignited between the countries in recent months.

No details about the military operations or any damage or casualties were immediately released.

The “Eritrea government has continued launching attacks at Ethiopia through its proxy groups. The attacks had continued. And the recent attacks against European tourists is one of the reasons for the retaliation,” Shimeles said.

Militants attacked European tourists from five nations traveling in Ethiopia’s arid north in January. Five tourists were killed and two were kidnapped. The two kidnapped German tourists have since been released.

Ethiopia Woyanne blamed gunmen from Eritrea for the attack.

The attacks Thursday by Ethiopian Woyanne forces took place about 10 miles (16 kilometers) inside Eritrea’s territory in areas called Gelakalay and Gimbina, Kemal said. The Ethiopian Woyanne forces have returned to Ethiopia, he said.

“Today’s measures do not constitute a direct military confrontation between the two countries. The Ethiopian Woyanne defense force has entered into Eritrea and launched a successful attack against military posts that have been used to organize, finance and train the subversive groups,” Shimeles said.

Shimeles said it was unlikely that Eritrea would retaliate because it is “not in a position to launch a counter attack.”

The border war between the two countries killed about 80,000 people. Recent signs have pointed to growing tension in the region.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Woyanne junta leader Meles Zenawi told his parliament in April that his government would actively support Eritrean opposition groups to help topple that country’s regime.

121 thoughts on “Woyanne launches a military attack on Eritrea

    There was no WOYANE attack or incursion, It is pure fabrication. Adwa tigray your happiness is over!!! as usual weyane lied!!! If any news come from woyane please think the opposite don’t waste your time. spend your time in unity and how to get ridoff woyane.

  2. Let’s all focus on getting rid of the primary enemy that launched war on Ethiopia and Ethiopians in 1991.Hewhat Robbers must first be defeated then will start to focus on other things.By sticking to the committment to carying out our objective with the slogan,FIRST THING FIRST,then doing tasks according to priority given to major tasks as well as minors ones,we shall continue pulling appart the enemy from all directions until it gets broken into pieces.

    Although secretive Hiwhats since inception,it does leack something out into the world;the enemy is getting weaker and weaker;although,the enemy doesn’t say so in the public,but the reality is,the enemy is getting weaker;therefore,we must continue to weaken the enemy until it is no longer exist dead even, in its own grave.

    As Zinawi,the hewhat,robber secretive and coward he has been,what it comes out of his mouth is trash and vague;we don’t care what comes on Zinawi,if the war breaks out and gets escalated to a big fight between him and isaias, and if Zinawi gets black eye or some sort of injury. In whatever shape or form Zinawi would be found anywhere and anyplace,once he is in the hand of Ethiopians,he will be tried at the spot regardless of the condition he is found.

    Who could possibly forget this- Years ago,the war broke out because Isaias and Zinawi were not able to reach an agreement as to who would become in charge of everything and anything of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and how to share what they would get from such grand robbery.But,it did not turn into a feast fight between the two,namely, Isaias and Zinawi, and none of them lost blood or consciousness in the verbal fight;that verbal fight turned into name calling and other things that really hurting both men who live at a distant.Isaias resented Zinawi for one major thing that despite Zinawi was being taken care of,not as a foster child;rather,as a foster man,and additionally had been given the status and reasonable respect as a middle-man going to and fro between TPLF and EPLF, Zinawi was resented for failing Isaias being trustworthy and for looking at down on Isaias.But Zinawi,during those many years apart from doing the obvious in the open,he was doing what he was doing in clandestine,and no one except the ones who are still surrounding him and became multimillionaires knew what Zinawi had been doing in the preparation to become the gand boss to all,including Isaias.Sad,sad,and sad;had Isaias known what Zinawi was upto,Zinawi would be definitely kept in solitary confinement till this day until he expands and reach the size of Girma W/Georgis from the outside and shrink to the size of a burnt rubber from inside till death do apart him from this world.Well,it didn’t happen mainly because Isaias was content with what he thought he had and gotten for all,which actually tunrned out to be nearly nothing.

    The two rivals,Zinawi and Isaias,once were inseparable and were attracted kept together like magnets do;even,even were attached together more than identical twind do by virtue of sharing the same feeding tube inside their mother’s womb, and were sharing meals from the same plate and took bath together in the same river.Look where they are today.

    True,none of them are ordinary wealthy men;although,Zinawi is exceedingly wealthier than Isaias wealth obtained either by stealing or grand robbery or looting the resources of citizens and the lands.Well, will the two will engage in a feast battle right inside the battle field? Who could possibly forget or had forgotten what Zinawi bragged about? Zinawi,said “If there is the second round,I will go after the leadership.” What did Isaias replied to Zinawi? Well, it was this,”I have 4,000,000 men and women ready for all eventualities. Bring it on!”

    By any expectation or measure the two rivals will not man up and stand in front the world and throw a punch on each other;for one reason,both are senior citzens and their bodies have ceased growing and their brain is not functioning the way it should.For another reason,it might look bad on them so that it will spoil their fragile image.

    At last,they both are ready to go to the second round of battle.

  3. Could there be any relationship between this Woyane war drum and Ambassador Imiru Zeleke’s recent call for Amhara self defense? If not, why now? What is new about the proxy war ambitions of both Issaiyas and Meles? Were both of them not recruiting, organizing, training and arming insurgents from both lands for years? Have both of them, against many odds, not accepted the mediation of Israel and Qattar, and finalized preparations for the reconcliatory talks in Germany? TPLF may have sent a punitive strik force accros the boarder, but why are we not hearing any reaction from the Eritrean side?

    These and related questions deserve serious deliberation. Furthermore, it is about time for Amharas and the rest not to indulge in the age old Tigrean-Eritrean conflict. What will perpetuate this conflict is TPLF’s assumption of its ability to mobilize non-Tigrean Ethiopians along the front lines. It is evidently clear that Issaiyas does not have the ambition nor the ability to occupy Ethiopia. Therefore, the rest of the Ethiopian people should encourage the TPLF and EPLF to fight it out among themselves and determine once and for all who the stronger is. Amharas in particular should be cognizant of their priorities and concentrate upon tasks aimed at their survival in dignity.

  4. good job.the megalomaniac lunatic of asmara must be brought down once and for all. The mad dog only understands when you grab him with his balls and hang him. That is the final solution!

    aradaw replies:

    go n try mr agame u we gonne see u when do this funny small face agame kkkkkk lol sorry

  5. Zinawi and Afeworki,what most know the two used to be is totally different and aukward.Of course,the two were inseparable and were glued together with the force that bind them and brought them way from afar through partnership,if not solidarity,to where they were up until the two engaged in verbal fight then leading to the battle in which none of them were injured but both sacrificed quite a lot of humans to the cause that both believed must be promoted through a bloodshed.

    No matter who initiates,no matter how and when the second round of battle commences,it has been said enough time again that it would always be inevitable that the two chaps would meet in the battlefield via their respective armies.

    Years ago,the two guys exchanged bitter words via telephone and by mail,as well as through the middlemen in different occassions without a restult.At the beginning,some thought the fight might have been started as verbal one-two take and receive due their competitive viewpoint arising from their upbringing,but soon school of thought was fallen into a crack and stuck beneath the debris.

    Years,years ago,the two guys were totally inseparable in anything that they were doing;they shared meals from the same plate and took bath in the same river and sang sentimental song together whlle talking,walking and slepping side by side. From among many greviences that the then Legesse,the now Meles had that he never talked to or shared with but himslef in silence was that he was treated as a second citizen by his supposed dear partner,Isaias, and Meles belived that he would not have a meaningful position in the new republic that would be born.

    Something went terribly wrong and both could not agree who might be the boss and the leader to the grand robbery that would be done once they had contained chaos into manageable situation.However,supporters and followers on both side did not know what their future life would be,but somehow rumor got into their ears and were immediately confused by what would happen as it would be beyond their reach and capacity;anyway,the war erupted and the battle went on while both the two guys watched from where they were residing and cheering up their respective soldiers to victory;the victory, none of the supporters and the follweres from both side were sure about it.

    Today,the two chaps have not yet managed to suppress their anger and are not in the position to put aside their differences and focus on the main long-due joint robbery on Ethiopia.But some have already expressed that it is too late for Isaias to claim authority over Meles as simply it is,too,too late and late.All Isaias could and must do is to simply tell Meles or beg to share the wealth that Meles accumelated via robbery of Ethiopia.Well,still no one knows which side the ball is rolling and who is in control of the ball and shoot it right at the goal.

    Zinawi were quite cognisant of what his future in the newly-found republic;even have he convinced himslelf that he would be treated as second citizen and would not have a meaningful life whatsoever.Fully convinced by his own fear and status in the new republic,Zinawi began to think thourougly and secretely and reached to the conclusion that he should what he should do before things become too late and too fightening.He immediately pretended to respect Isaias as his boss,even as his master just like his grand pa did to Italian masters;Isaias notice and even encouraged Zinawi to act and behave the same way all the way through the struggle upuntil victory.It was like baby foat pees on the sleepy lion.This battle of the two rivals will definitely end in a huge bloodshed as it had been expected to be.

  6. common sense guys, Eritrea is a deep dilemma. as much as they want woyane to get out of their way so that they can weaken and loot Ethiopia, they also don’t want a united Ethiopian opposition..that is why the opposition is weak and divided.!

  7. Aboy Elias Kifle The Eritrian Governmnt Spokes man.Itis notblackmailing
    Any body can understand this from your headline Insted of writng “Woyanne launches amilitary attack on Shabia” you wrote “Woyanne launches amilitary attack on Eritria” dont undermine people any way good job

  8. In the Afar desert of Eritrea one can travel 30km let alone 16km if he is with enough water as there is noboday in the desert. The Woyane Soldiers has done the same. I can believe that the Wayane soldiers are brave if they invade the other fronts where they can not penetrate one KM as the Shabiya soldiers are there.

    Truth replies:

    True, i know that place, bure is the last place ethiopian army defeted in 2000. most of them died because of shortage of water. or when they were running our of water for drink the eritrean army sqash them.

  9. Aboy Elias after I posted my comment earlyier today you take it out after ten minuties you take it because from your news I apporeved you are the spoke person of Eritrian goverment but what you dont know is Isaved the page with my message &with out inorder to proof who you are Now by taking out someone desent comments you proved that you are among one of the dictators on your web page so you can not talk any more abot freedom of speech again good job


    ambabi replies:

    yes, but who are the canonfoders dude. weyane has more oromo soldiers thatn tigrayans.

  11. Guys dont believe this story. This is intended to distract from the opposition against the woyane regime in Ethiopia, latest one the attack in Gambella.
    Focus on removing the woyane regime, intensify the armed struggle against it.
    If any camp of the Ethiopian opposition forces in Eritrea was destroyed, then that surely happened in consent with Esayas.

  12. Who cares? They are both Arab slaves. The Arabs call them black slaves — Abeed to both even if they speak Arabic with their stinking azzes.
    Both are the source of our misery, the shame of Africa. Both of them volunteered to be Arab slaves.
    This makes Mengistu look better and Haileselassie the best African leader.

    Anonymous replies:

    It is Haile Selassie and Mengisu war policy in Eritrea that ended us to be in such miserable situations, because people like you then were saying who cares, because it was the poor were drafted for their war machines and the villages burning were Eritreans. Many were dancing 24 hours when the war was going for 30 years, and one day in 1991, they were ruled by TPLF. It was the sleeping of 30 years, in 20th. century that has put us in the nightmare of 21 century.

  13. Wow! Woyanes are out in droves to get support for their war. Issayas and Meles are the two evil brothers that have brought only misery, division, looting, torture and deaths to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Once again, I urge the opposition party leaders to inform the Ethiopian soldiers not sacrifice their precious lives for a dictator that has slaughtered countless number of Ethiopians and also that has sold Ethiopia for dirt cheap price to be owned by foreigners for hundred years. Let the two evil cousins never love Ethiopia and Ethiopians since childhood, kill each other.

  14. You fool Ethipians dance over your dead poor brothers. This war is not about Ethiopia Vs ERitrea.Weyane (doomed to fail)Abisinian pride seller is playing drama as usual( refer his history in 20 years)This war is between Weyane and Eritrea, cause uncle sam told him, “create some drama to hide your internal problem :) and do not worry about the lion in north we will twist his hands and cut his tooth if you are scared.” Honestly(as an eritrean ) i do not like both Shabia and weyane :) but shaebia is a neccessary evil. at least :) they do not sell Habesha Kibr to western :) and if we gonna blame shabia we eritreans are the first victim than any other people around. in the mean time i call all ethiopains not fall for the cheap false sense of bravado created in a void battle field. when the cat is away the mice will play…….

  15. Woyanne is a bunch of thieves who are only using the looted money to buy belly boys to pretend as if they have some supporters thr reality is these group is in verge of collapse and its advisors like stigltz and sachs seems to be out of decipt tactics after 21 years of trial and could not succeed by the bravery of the 80 million Ethiopians ,the last card that woyanne left with is creating chaot with the neighbouring countries and it can also be another melese Sebhat childs play against their loyals like the general of the woyanne army or its security chief and to ran away letting them behind as zenawi only interested for the safety of himself and no other

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