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Desperation time for Meles and his thugs

Listen to the death threat in the audio clip below to understand how members and supporters of the genocidal tyrant in Ethiopia are filled with fear of an imminent uprising. Nothing has started yet but they are already having a meltdown.

106 thoughts on “Desperation time for Meles and his thugs

  1. well, we can always laugh about this, but a madman is desperate and unpredictable and I can only imagine there is many more desperadoes weyanes out there with a similar emotion. Keep up the good work but Be cautious too my dear brother!!

  2. TUNISIA: ████████████████ : done
    EGYPT: ████████████████ : done
    LIBYA: ███░░░░░░░░░░░░░: in progress
    Bahrain: ███░░░░░░░░░░░░░: inn progress
    Ethiopia:░░░░░░░░░░░░░: waiting..

  3. Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
    Belive or not Mr. Hadgi the day is comming that you and Woyane( what you call your peope) will be dragged down on streets of Addis Abeba with or with our you BOSS -Meles. You can not even scape when Meles run away becuse your nighbor is watching all your move since you killed his mother , father , brother and sister in a day light. No way to escape ! NO WAY Mr. Fesam!!!!!!! You can not even go back to the forests of Ethiopia sice your BOSS already destroyed it. WAAAAAAAAA !!! Woyolish—woyane!!! Woyolish!!!!!!!!

  4. really bewenetu this man is the real image of weyanne the another image of Meles murderer. Believes by killing even in civilized world. I think he is one of the thug of Meles. He is wusha dog meles’ dog barking on people who defend their country. Elias ignore this ignorant weyanne.

  5. who the f…you think you are? to warinng the free press. you ignorient woyann who teache like Meles. You woyane are going soon the real revolation comeing any way. Can I tell you something you bastard coltafa woyanne do you know your killer was close to you befor you kill some on stand for free mind and press like Elias. bewar for your self time is up for you wired woyanne. You and your boss burtality and tyrine to himmuliaty abostecle all good and true ethiopian tigrians. you bastard gamed af you don’t kow even what you talking about besbasa woyanne. Thanks elais you did good job break them by media those aragant and ingnorant woyanne puppet hodam tell him his killer is very close to him he never have live any more. he think live for ever we send him his people to tigray soon

  6. Elias, this verifies that you have done an excellent job. Congratulations. As for the TPLF thug and his masters, they better know now their days are numbered. From the very beginning they were dead enders with no conscience. These are thieves, lairs, and scum of the earth. Please make sure to have his voice and caller Id investigated.

  7. I heard that is what they do all day back home to any dissident individual who comes out and tell true stories of the goon and his untidy wife. He sounds under an influence of a substance. Brother Elias, I am sure you have reported this low life to authorities. FBI should be able to track this creep down and bring him to justice. And you should seek protection from the law enforcement.

  8. Tadias Elias,
    I am pretty sure this guy is sick, probably a psychopath. This ambeta belita Woyane is another face of Zenawi and we know they are dead men walking. They know the wrath of Ethiopia is approaching and they have no way to stop it!!
    Wend kohone, simun metew neberebet. Kizenam Woyane! All you have is the gun you all are holding in your hands, nothing else. No brain, no nothing. Advice your king Zenaw to educate himself and take some economics class instead. Go away you dogs!!! Good for nothings!! And don’t visit our websites, we don’t come to yours, so stay away, we don’t want you, we don’t need you, you parasites!!!

    Talaqwa Ethiopia will Prevail!!!
    Ethiopia Le Zelalem Tnoralech!!!

    Good job, Elias.


  10. This idiot that he will take actions on Elias and most stupidly on the Elias’s race, which reflects the mentality and operation of how the woyanes are infected with ethnic politics. Understandably, he may blame Elias by not exposing the crimes of TPLF, but should not dream his TPLF’s thugs dreams to kill a race, or a social group or any decent Ethiopian family whom the idiots think they are rivals to their power.

  11. Elias,you can report this person to the federal agencey, and let him be examined what he is up to. Ethiopians have never played the Ethnic card before neither will in the future.MEDRECK the Ethiopian alternative to peaceful political dialogue and testimony to the commitment of Ethiopians to pluralism. The man must be some one who is connected in especially way to the regime. He like every one else is no immune from legal inquiry, he needed to be investigated where is up to, before the situation gets out of hand. What if he carried his threat?mm

  12. Elias,

    Keep up the good work, man. This really shows that you are on the right track. KEEP THEM ON EDGE. It’s fun to wittness how naive and desparate they are getting!!!


  13. Weyane is crying as usual……Devil Meles will cry like Gadafi soon…..God Bless Ethiopia! Death for weyanes!!
    We will be free soon from Devil Meles Regim…we should unite and stand together.

  14. Weyanes crying now everywhere…it shows their time is over…..Devil Meles will cry soon like Gadafi on Weyane TV …..God bless Ethiopia!! We should unite and stand together this the time to fight weyane and get our freedom.

  15. I heard that is what they do all day back home to any dissident individual who come out and tell true stories of the goon and his untidy wife. He sounds under an influence of a substance. Brother Elias, I am sure you have reported this low life to authorities. FBI should be able to track this creep down and bring him to justice. And you should seek protection from the law enforcement.

  16. Make sure to contact any local law enforcement agency,and let them take care of this stupid,he need to taste justice.
    Elias,I don’t agree with you most of the time but I respect and advocate for your freedom of speech. do your best for democratic Ethiopia and Eritrea.

  17. Elias,
    We have to take this threat seriously too,as the dumb takes it seriously.
    Look!my friends,
    The thug told us he has an ambition to kill Elias and Elias’s relatives or friends,in plain language the he is threatening all Ethiopian people except Tigrians.This is what woyanes are planning to do in the near future.

    My fellow Ethiopians,please get prepared to safe-guard you and yourself!!!

  18. Elias, consider this a Medal of Honor. Obviously, you’ve touched their nerves, congratulations! We are with you all the way, an attack on one of us, is an attack on all of us.
    This arrogant man is the kind of inhumane creature Ethiopians live and deal with in everyday basis. God only knows what I would do if I live in Ethiopia and treated like a second class citizen in a country where my family scarified their lives for. My heart goes out for my people who are being brutalized day in day out by a hateful woyanes like this man. OMG! What a brainless thug! We know this man doesn’t give damn how Meles and Co. treat Ethiopians, but why doesn’t he go after Meles, the very man that has mistreated and killed some of the Tigreans people? Why is this bloody hand TPLF barking at the wrong tree? Worada molacha leba zere asedabi koshasha balagaie: amlack indante yalewene wenjelegan hulu afire yasbelachue::

  19. Who are your peopole, WEROBELA SHARMUTAW AZEB GOLA AND LEBAW the son of beggar DUREYE LEGESE ZENAWI???

    If you had at least one tentacle you would not say what you said to anyone no matter what political or ideological difference you may had and you could have done it with out saying to the world what you will do in the future against individuals if you meant it.

    BTW, do you carry flesh and blood inside your body like the person you are threatening, if you try to harm someone somebody else will harm you too you are not iron you carry flesh, blood and life like everyone too.

    You [delet] Meshayeti Adi/Ager sheyach tell us what the Rayans, Enderta, Tembien, Welkait, Shire, Awlallo are saying today, those are the core and majority of Tigray and if they are happy towards your master looters.

    BTW, How often have you been changing your Diaper/ pants since the Tunisia, Egyptian and Libya revolution started???

  20. Hello Elias,
    I think you should take such threat seriously because you never know who is behind it; but if I were you,I will seek a legal advice especially if you can trace the person who made such a life threat lives in this country. This is America where justice is served and I am pretty sure if the person is living in the state, you have a good chance of making your case.
    Keep up the good work

  21. What are the Tigray AWRAJAS produce???

    Raya – produces huge agricultural products and domestic animals for meat and butter.

    Enderta – produces Agricultural products like MANA WHEAT, grains, Ater, Lentils, grapes, all kind of fruits & vegetables.

    Tembien – produces Agricultural crops like Taff, Shimbra, Alquay, Ater, Lentils, wheat, grain, Maar, seseame, domestic animals for meat and butter & other cash crops, Tekeze Dam and high grade Gold.

    Wolkait – produces huge agricultural cash crops like Sesame & others, Taff, cotton, domestic animals for meat and butter and limestone.

    Shire – produces huge agricultural products including cash crop like Sesame and domestic animals for meat and butter and Gold & limestone.

    Axum – produces civilization, identity, religion and Mariam Tsion to hold us all together.

    Adwa – produces looters, cheaters, Sheyeti Adi/Ager sheyachoch (Seleste Libom/sewost Libachow) and Bilharzia.

    Adirat – produces Agricultural products like wheat and grain for Tihini and Bosso, Beles and Maar

    Awlallo – produces Agricultural products like wheat and grain and Maar.

  22. Congratulation, Ato Elias Kifle *** You are already our Hero***You are our Mandela ***because you have not used any arms to fight anyone but used your words and showed your love for your country and people, you have put yourself and your family in danger all this time. The truth will set you free. May God haste and save as all from this kind of people, who are in hell on earth and till the end. The blood they have shade will not stop here.

  23. I believe this guy has called from Addis, from one of the Weyane security offices and it seems that this is what the Weyanes are doing in Ethiopia these days, calling and threatening everyone who seems to expose the Weyane’s evil dids.

    This guy is a terrorist, today he is terrorazing with words tomorrow he will terrorize with bombs. If he is calling from out side Ethiopia, as he is a terrorist, he should be captured and sent to Guantanamo to be waterborded. And we don’t know how many inocent lives he has taken so far in Ethiopia.

    This guy is a racist calling the Weyanes/one ethinic group my people. Elias never called one ethinic group my people and he is advocating for the whole ethiopian people be it they are in Ogaden, Gambela, Welayta etc.

    It seems the Weyanes are desperate and in their final days – Weyane will become Wey-yane!

    Keep up the good job Elias the masses are with you. If the Weyanes lash out at you in anger, with words of action, their battle is not with you but with themselves; don’t take their behavior personally – understanding it is their personal battle. It is not so different from seeing someone with a pillow pressed to his face, being deprived of air to breathe.

  24. The foul mouth Woyane may not know this. Any physical threat spoken, written, sent via email, telephone and other means is a crime punishable by long term prison. This is specially true when the target is a known opposition member of a regime.

    Wedi Adigi, you are not the only person with balls. Your threat is the biggest joke because in your mind you think you are carrying the Woyane machine gun to kill just like your cousins in Ethiopia. In reality you and your likes are heading to diaster and eventually to unmarked graves unless you stop your stupidity and macho attitude. Your threat may have given you self gratification and a place of honor in the eyes of the extremist Tigrian bunch. But, but, you are hardening the hearts of Ethiopians and determination to do away with you forever.

    Elias, you should take the recording to an FBI and file a criminal case. They will find the origin of the phone call and eventually the dog that was barking at you from a safe distance.

    Death to Woyanes and their supporters!!

  25. Elil Bekimite,

    Without a single shot of bullet, this thief is barking like a dog. He is acting as if infected by Rabies. You “Wedi Banda,” you are bitting people as if the Rabies is flowing in your blood.

    This is one of the 10,000 or so Tigrean blind follower of Meles Zenawi. You guys remember what Tesfaye GebreAb told us about Teklay Teklu? This person is Teklu himself or another clone of Teklu Teklay. Korkoro. Ayte Teklay, ask forgiveness to Elias and follow other Tigrean brothers like Abraha Belay who are working hard for truth not for hatred as it is flowing from the Aourta of your heart to your finger nails.

    Entaly maletiyu ayte Teklay? KKKK, Wedi Banda, Wedi Adgi…..Wedi Chemuuuuuuulaka… I can’t put all the insults that you deserve here in a True Ethiopian forum.

  26. Halafi Mengadi,
    The towns you mentioned still belong to Gondar. It is the murderer tyrant that took it away to widen the greater Tigrea. As soon as the bloody hand gets toppled like Mubarak, the Gondares will get their land back.

  27. Dear my fellow Ethiopian …… The Ethiopian people are about to get back our freedom from ignorant, minority TPLF . All we need to do is let’s get ready to join the Ethiopia revaluation ….we must call now for the national uprising in ETHIOPIA!!!!!! This is the time Meles and his regime must GO. Lest start calling our brother and sisters
    Don’t waste your time about this arrogant sick man message. Let him know our freedom is on the way…..

  28. I feel we are responsible to let a person act like this for no apparent reason. We gave them a blank check for a long time now the checks are finished.This man is also doing as a favor by displaying how his friends are losing their minds before the game starts.

  29. Whatever the case, you don’t threaten a person and claim you will kill him/her. That’s an outright criminal act actionable in a court of law in the Western World. I think frustrations and anger clouded the judgment of the caller.

  30. Eliase
    Keep the record and try to locate this NEBSEGEDAY AGAZI. He must be one of those who gunned down our compatriots in the Streets of Addis. These are the people that are ruling our country. Shame!

  31. That’s Meles himself. He is sheeting on his pant. He knows that the time has come to face the PEOPLE of ETHIOPIA. He and his partners in crime the tplf/eprdf tugs are paranoid and have not slept in days now.

  32. Halafi Mengedi,
    To begin with, you owe all Amharas an apology for generalizing and calling all Amharas as NEFTEGNAS. Second of all, I think you are a closet supporter of the mad man Meles, why are you claiming the land dictator Meles stolen from Gonder as being part of Tigrea province? Are you that part of that greater Tigrea separatist group? No matter how many times you keep on mentioning the names of the towns that were stolen from Gondar and Wollo as part of Tigrea, not one sane Ethiopian believe you, Ethiopians know what tyrant Meles has done to Gondar and Wollo provinces.

  33. ይህ ንግግር ለመሞት በጣር ላይ ያለው ጋዳፊ ዛሬ ካደረገው ንግግር ጋር ተመሳሳይ ነው:: ምንም ልዩነት የለውም:: ደንበኛ የመለስ ቅጥረኛ ለመሆኑም አጠያያቂ አይደለም:: ሲደነፋ ጀግና እሱ ብቻ የሆነ መስሎታል:: ነገር ግን ኢትዮጵያ አገራችን ብዙ ጀግኖች እንዳላት ዘንግቶአል:: ምን ታደርግ አበው ሲተርቱ ጊዜ የሰጠው ቅል ድንጋይ ይሰብራል ይሉ ነበር:: ለመሆኑ በህዝቤ ላይ የሚለው ወያኔንና ጥቂት ህሊናቸውን ሸጠው በህዝባቸው ላይ በመካሄድ ላይ ላለው ግፍ ተባባሪ የሆኑ ሆድ አደሮችን ካልሆነ በስተቀር ሌላውን የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ የሚመለከት አይመስለኝም:: ደግሞ አንድ ኤሊያስ ቢጠፋ ብዙ ሺህ ኤሊያሶች እንደሚፈጠሩ በቅርቡ በቱኒዚያና በግብፅ ከተከሰተው ክስተት መማር ትችላላህ:: ነገር ግን ቀድሞውኑ አምባገንኖች ጆሮ የሌላቸው ደንቆሮዎች ናቸው:: አሁን ደግሞ ጊዜው ለዘመናት በአምባገነኖች በደል የተፈፀመባቸው ህዝቦች ነፃ የሚወጡበት ነው:: ይህ የወቅቱ ሁኔታ በመሆኑ መደንፋት ሳይሆን የሚያስፈልገው የህዝቦችን ጥያቄ በፀጋ ተቀብሎ እግሬ አውጪኝ ብሎ መፈርጠጥ ነው:: ደንፊው ስለቱኒዚያው ሞሀመድ ቦአዚዚ እና ስለግብፁ ካሊድ ሰይድ ሁኔታ ካልሰማ መረጃ ፈልጎ እንዲሰማ ምክሬን እለግሰዋለሁ::እንዲሁም ደግፆ አገራችን የሁላችንም ናት:: አሁን ያለው የከፋፍለህ ግዛው ሥርአት ተወግዶ ሁሉም ዜጎች ዲሞክራሲያዊና ሰብአዊ መብታቸው ተከብሮ በነፃነት የሚኖሩባት ምድር መሆን አለባት:: ስለዚህ ይህ እስኪፈፀም ትግሉ ይቀጥላል:: ከዘላለም ባርነት የአንድ ቀን ነፃነት!!!!

  34. Elias you need to change the title to these phone call…የወያኔው ዛቻ
    one thing you guys have to understand ,specially elias is..these are animals..they have animal instinct. they dont use there brain to think
    they have inferiority complexion so at any given time they snap and react like animal .
    (so my advice to you its 2011 they can trace the phone call report it to the authorities )..they dont trust no one..they are agameas to the eritreans-
    low life-they are frash adash liwach liwach to the it says a lot why they behave these way……. even thou they ruled that beloved country for 20 years still they trust no one…now there days are numbered…my gut instinct is telling me..the uprising will start in may of 2011 in gonder then will spread through the oromia and then back to ye kalicha lij endemehonea የቃሊቻ ልጅ እንደመሆኔ..make my word my people

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