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Desperation time for Meles and his thugs

Listen to the death threat in the audio clip below to understand how members and supporters of the genocidal tyrant in Ethiopia are filled with fear of an imminent uprising. Nothing has started yet but they are already having a meltdown.

106 thoughts on “Desperation time for Meles and his thugs

  1. Congradulations Elias,,

    This is an evidence that you are shaking the very foundation of TPLF.Keep it up. The days of TPLF are numbered. No more game. It has to be clear that we are under woyanne colonializm.

  2. I can’t believe my ears to hear this tirade but one thing for certain is Woyane days are numbers. i understand from his voice how he is disturbed and lose hope on his big boss Meles.
    Elias god bless you with every thing you do. we love you.

  3. Elias, I hope you will report this mad man to the authorities. A death threat is a serious matter. He talks about hatred, yet it is this mad man and his boss, Meles Zenawi, who is filled with hate. The crazy caller cannot claim to be unaware of the fact that it is Meles who hates Ethiopia and her people, e.g. the Amharas, Oromos, etc. and had vowed to give Ethiopians a hundred years’ of homework, which he is in the process of accomplishing his vow.
    After I saw the photos of the young Ethiopians from the Ogaden, I cannot believe that such barbarians exist in this world. Those pictures are horrific! How can individuals do such horrendus acts on anyone. It is very shameful to share the same nationality! Meles and those who inflicted such terrible wounds should go to the International Criminal Court. I don’t think the fact that he is America’s favorite tyrant should be a shield for such criminal behaviour.

  4. What can we expect from a gangster. One thing is crystal clear now – we are ruled by gangsters! And the solution is equally clear — we have to free ourselves from these stupid thugs sucking our freedom and blood. And we don’t have the slightest doubt that we can. “A dead man speaking from his coffin”. Well-said al!

  5. I do not understand, is this Person a Government Official or your Personal you know him, who wants to kill you?
    It seems he is drunk, or took some Medical tablets from head sickness. I am saying this because he is saying, he is not from Weyane. But he might be from Weyane & he is afraid this coming situation. This is People really killers, they don’t think about their People. He is warning people like this, this is very sad, in this time.
    Well, we will see, how many people, are they going to kill. They think now the Ethiopian people are quiet, cause weyane is doing fine? No, they are afraid of their illustrate Military gun-ta.
    While, the Weyan Military is going to kill or shoot, cause this the Language they speak.

    Peace for Ethiopia

    Down with Weyane

  6. ስሙት እሂን ቆሻሻ ቅጥረኛ አንተ ወንድ ነኝ ስትል ሌላው ሴት ነው ፡፡ እንግዲህ እንደነዚህ አይነት ልጋጋም ቆሻሻ ዎያኔ ባንዳዎች ናቸው አገር እንመራለን የሚሉት ለመሆኑ አንተ የያሰከው እሳት ከሌላ ቤት የለም ብለህ ታሰባለህ ? ህዝብ ትግሰት ይዞት እንጅ እናነተን አሳዶ ማጥፋት አቅቶት እንዳልሆነ እወቅ ፡፡ አሁን ግን ያ ትግሰት በያንዳንዱ ኢትዮጵያዊ ላይ ተማጦ አልቆ ፍጻሚያችሁ ላይ ደርሳችህል ያች ቀን ስትመጣ ግን ያው ወደ ወጣህበት ወደናትህ ቀዳዳ ትገባ እነደሁ እንጅ ማምለጫ የለህም ፡፡ ያው እናንተ ው በጫራችሁት እሳት ተቃጥላችሁ እንደምታልቁ እወቅ

  7. This man said his name was ABYSSINIA, sounds to me more like HAGOS who does he think he is trying to fool some one calling him self ABYSSINIA. that phone call is very interesting, because the caller did not mention any specific article posted that he finds offensive. What I don’t understand is i guess he finds every thing on here offensive since all this has to do with the dying regime of MELESE. Let me tell you HAGOS you and melese are dead period!!!! it is a matter of time before we nail you to the cross. Your attempt to put treat to any Ethiopian people is not going to work any more, your 20 year abuse is coming to an end. Ye man new defar worada bakachu, kelal leksks, degmo ayaferim, atefahalhu belo mezat. […] ELISASE keep up the good work, don’t be deter by dying groups denfata, we got your back, keep exposing this child killers to the world, as they are desperate, there is no limits to what level they are going to stoop down and this is just one of the example.

  8. Listen to this stupid ass fool leavin a “death threat” on voice mail. This is how stupid the woyane thugs are. Did he say we r afraid?? Thats a big success for u Elias. Though I am not a big fan of you Elias, you are making them weak and scared just by reporting and keep it up. The stupid fool, i know you will check this, I recommend both Amharic and English lessons so that you can speak whats in ur mind.

  9. Woyanes so frighten , They desprate to avoid this change. TPLF aprethide regime has to be destroyed. We are not against the Tigiria people, we are against the TPLE regime. You tried to include the Tigirians. No more in my name. We had enough misery , torture, killing and corruption. Weather you like it or not CHANGE IS COMING. THE UPRISING IS FROM ONE END OTHER END. CHANGE IS IMMINENT.

  10. Elias,

    The caller has a mental problem and think she is calling from a mental hospital

    Do not get distracted by these type of thugs. Keep on the good work!!!


  11. Reminds me of a Birhanu Zerihun short story of an official that keeps calling and threatening a worker. After all the bravado, he turned out a weak pitiful thing in front of the judge.
    Elias, keep up the good work. Communicating threat via internet is a crime. Report to police and FBI and move right on.

  12. How funny!! Ayzoh Elias. You can see how dedeb,moron he is for leaving a voice message like that. give it to the police. They will track him down. His friends are used to do that in Ethiopia. Treatning, torturing, killing and getting away with it. Now they should know that we live in a changing world. They cannot escape the justice of the people. It is a matter of weeks now. We will rise and crush the tyrant and his dogs. Woyanes(not our tigrian brothers) the game is over!

  13. Bravo Elias!

    We are proud of you.
    This ignorant woyane says ” wond ayidelehum…”. He has forgotten that so many ethiopian girls ( women) had fallen when fighting Derg.
    You have just shown us how desperate kehadi woyanes have become.
    Yihe kehadi woyane, after seeing what has happened to Egypt, Tunisia etc, he must have lost control of his mind.That is how his voice sounds.
    Tell this Kehadi that Ethiopians, all as one are coming for you.
    All your tactics of dividing by religion, by tribe etc. is now
    We are all one to save mother Ethiopia.
    Elias is “ye ethiopia yekurt ken lij”

  14. Elias God bless you. Endezihe askeseneleghne medere Hodame woyane. We are there for you.We gonna protect ou brother, our REAL ETHIOPIAN SON Elias by any Means. Woyane you know what i mean BY ANY MEANS!! CHEGARAME WOYANE!!!

  15. Elias who the hell is this guy? please hey if u see this comment, the one you want to threat elias you better watch out. The time is up you can go with weyane to die. Do you beleive can you do this if you say yes its not on the phone, come down face to face. Elias he is not hide him self in your mama house. I will tell you this enough is enough k. Right now your leader devil meles he needs you. For elias and for ethiopians this is our time.

  16. Indeed the man on the phone sounds desperate, so are his TPLF boses. They feel the heat coming from North Africa and the Middle East. They know that Ethiopians will soon be ungovernable to the TPLF tyrant Meles. They know it is unstoppable. ESAT TV is doing a fine job! There is a saying in Amharic “BerL’e keNeK’a Ayohonem ek’a”. Let the despot know that Ethiopian people will take seriously Woyane’s act of humiliation of all Ethiopians.


  17. Anyone who recognizes this KOSHASHA speaker’s voice will be rewarded $50,000.00. Mr. Elias, use technology ( Caller ID [ Settings / Calls / Caller ID (in) ] or to disable *87)

  18. wonde ante bicha neh, zeregna… why not you speak while the group from your people are humiliating and torturing other people. that is because you think that your people are special. […] the words you have spit here are your people saying back home and humiliating people, our people back home. […] we already know who woyane is and now it is time to say no for people like you.

  19. He is a deadly criminal, a TPLF mercenary. Elias you have to report to the competent authorities so that his identity becomes revealed. This is a country of law and order. He is threatening and to threat is a crime. You should report him. I hope we will see him at the court of justice.
    Elias I am very of proud of you and you are doing great in exposing the true nature of Woyane. We are with you.
    Keep up the good job

  20. This mad guy already forgot that this voice clip could be delivered to law enforcement officials here in USA and if the mad guy is indeed here in USA, it is very easy to truck down and brought to court for endangering free speech right. Mad man you better care for the future.


  22. Its amazing …Elias bravo, you did good job. Weyane is dead fish ….we will laugh when they start crying…

    He voice looks like he is trying to escape from death kkkkkkkkkk

  23. If the Libyan regeme goes down despite it’s brutal crackdown and killing spree of peaceful demonstrators, it is an absolute certainty the weyane thugs will be thrown in the dust bin of history in no time. No matter how hard they try to stay in power, they cnannot stop the tide that is engulfing the whole region.

  24. This is a call from Ethiopia. You have to give the audio for criminal investigation. We will not be silenced a this moment the likes of Gadaffi on run. Who is afraid of Meles Zenawi who putts millions of our people on food aid and armed by USA tax payers money ? The end of him and his gangs is near. That is from not only desperation it is before suicide.

    Meles Zenawi has to be given a final warning leave of be dragged from office and face street justice.

  25. “my people”??? It sounds to me he is referring to his race. He must be one of the known privileged guys who is scared that his time is going to end. His people can kill and humiliate others but others have no the authority to say the truth. This is a complete madness.

    A death treat is by the way a crime by itself.

  26. Desperado! who is your people? stupid comment, you start the hatred and it will be against you the rest of your life, where ever you go and hide it will haunted you LIKE Cane in the bible

  27. Hahahahahahha!

    Mesaika, Kerfafa fara ye-woyane fes! This is laughable. Which one are your people? You mean woyanne thugs? Even Meles does not care bout u. But u do not have the brains to understand that. CHOMA RAS!

  28. Elias!

    Congradualtions Bro! You make the thug pee on his pant. Please report this to authorities, this is a serious matter!!

    Keep up your activity , you are doing a good job.

    May God bless Ethiopia!!

  29. Woyanae pitbulls and pupies,we said it before and we will say it again and again that they are on a shaky ground and shall they soon trumble onto the ground,the goround they stood on wherever they are.

    The man who did the threat must be deported to wherever he came from because he is a criminal and has a toxic mentality.Of coure,he souds like a dead man’s ghost breaking out of the grave that this satan goes into.How many graveyards did he detroy so far?

    In other words,this desperate criminal woyanae is a risk on everybody,but can not threat the revolution that is ready to sweep him away to the dumpster.

    Zinawi’s replicas are making everything fish market mainly because they are about to lose their criminal master,the fugitive Zinawi Naziawi.

    Readers,can you imagine how many Ehtiopians back home and else where have been under such and similar thereat day and night?

    Sure enough,we can feel the pain of our fellow Ethiopians who are under woyanae suppressive and oppressive system.We shall free everything and anything that is available in Ethiopia.The Zinawi regime that sponsors terroists such as the woyanae who did threat Ethiopians deserves the feast of the revolution.

  30. KKKKK, this mad man made me laugh for 10 minutes continously.

    I am from Boditi, a Welayita town in South Ethiopia.

    We Southerners are ready to kick the ass of tplf. Oromos, Amharas, Tigreans (who love country Ethiopia more than a single Satan on the earth, i.e. Meles) Gurages, Afars, Somalis, etc… get united and we will kick Meles out sooner than later. Meles’s boss Gadafi is shaking and the shaking has started at Arat Kilo too. Meles has no where to go. Tripoli is no more a safe haven to Meles. The agazi in Tripoli will not return to Addis, they will die in the desert. Gadafi is falling, Beshir and Meles will fall in a matter of few weeks.

  31. Elias! If you are able to get his location please let us know. We will show him who we Ethiopians are. Please find out his location. You can at least make public the telephone number he used to make this call. Thanks Elias! These bandas know that their time is numbered.

  32. All Ethiopians should take this threat personally. Why this much rage and hate towards Elias for reporting the truth? It is not Elias that is controlling the entire govt., the military, the banks and major business in Ethiopia and loots Ethiopia. It is not Elias that is locking up, torturing and killing tens of thousands of innocent Ethiopians. It is not Elias that is selling the most fertile land to foreigners for a penny. It is not Elias who became a multi milliner and a billionaire by stealing the Ethiopian goods, etc.

    Listen the misguided hateful man: unlike you, Elias is a law abiding citizen that never committed a single crime, threatened to kill or harm innocent people or loot his own people– Elias is a true humanitarian that stands for Human Rights Abuse in his mother land Ethiopia and around the world.

    You are certainly a devil possessed SOB who cannot think straight because of so much hate and rage that is built up in you towards all Ethiopians with no reason. Your threats to Elias: “ stop your site,– stop and cleanup your corruptions — stop your hate, avoid bad activity — stop your corruption activity” What a laughable and a delusional woyane you are! Moron, you need to look in the mirror and talk to the idiot in the mirror. It is so obvious that you are an angry and mentally unstable killer that is ready to drink human blood. You need to be locked up for the sake of humanity.

  33. Weyanes hands up,Pants down! If the caller knows Elias well,he wouldn’t have left such a stupid message.Elias stood against big thugs who have billions of dollars let alone this mosquito.Report him just to see him shitting on his pant,not losing sleep of his empty message.

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