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Meles Zenawi’s troops shoot at Libyan protesters

A South African news site, Business Day, is reporting that among the mercenaries who are shooting at Libyan protesters are troops who have been sent to Libya by Ethiopia’s tyrant Meles Zenawi for training.

Meles Zenawi has a mercenary force known as “Agazi” that is trained to indiscriminately shoot at civilians, as witnessed in June and November 2005.

36 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi’s troops shoot at Libyan protesters

  1. This news if true is among the lowest point in Priminister Meles’s legacy. He has proved he has stooped to the lowest form possible. When Libyans ambassador and other military high ranking officials are defecting the country and distancing themselves, Why on earth would Melese get involved in a problem that is not his, and assist in the massacring and genocide of poor Libyan citizens. This is really hard to take, I just can’t put any logical reasoning as to why on earth would he do such thing. It absolutely make no sense what so ever. When I first read the news on algezera, where they said, an African mercenary army has been shooting at people, I thought for sure would be that crazy Qaddafi boy ISSAYS AFEWREKI who sent some of his SAWA ABUSED youth army to help his ALL time friend and confidant Qaddafi, but to learn even ISSAYS has not lower himself to this level is just totally hard to take. Can any one try to make any sense of this, Why would MELESE send some one to do such thing, unless, this agazi were sent to practice on how to shoot on crowds so they perfect their skill and come back to Ethiopia in the event that there is a peaceful demonstration in addis, they will do what they have done in Libya. WAY to GO melese you really showed the world the real you, this is in a way a good thing for us, now every one in the world knows exactly what kind of a low life Melese ZENAWI IS. Just know this no amount of AGAZI FORCE trained or untrained, will not stop the eventual down fall of your government and it is coming and very soon.

  2. Please don’t misinform your readers by misquoting other news agency. The report says “Some protesters had been shot dead from the military barracks, said to accommodate Ethiopian and Somali mercenaries.” No one knows who fired it. It could be the Ethiopians or the Sumalis or even their trainors.

  3. I don’t think Anonymous is misinforming his readers. Meles was trained by terorrist groups during his guerrilla warfare, therefore,he has to pay back that favor by creating enormous enimies around ethiopia. Just prepare for upcoming Wars against ethiopia after Meles. Don’t you believed that Meles is anti-ethiopia yet? Is a flip-flop terorrist. The whole world know him. Don’t worry its a matter of time. Make no mistacke.

  4. Eplf or weyane they both were helped by Gadafi, so no surprise. Gadafi once even said “Ethiopia will join The Arab League”. That is also why Weyane’s web site WALTA Arab language on its site.

  5. It is amazing as to how this good country called Ethiopia have gone deep down to the dirty drain and hopeless mercenary exporter under the barbaric minority dictatorship incapable of building the country’s welfare and well being so that humans may live a descent and honorable life in own country.

    Any country deserves the kind of leader it tolerates for the leadership. Libyans are saying that tolerance is ENOUGH.

  6. Are you sure? It is usually easy to confuse Ethiopains and Eritreans. My information is Eritreans. It is also very likely that they will be Eritreans considering the long relationship between Shabia and Gadafi. Eritrean mercenaries were also reported to be active during the plunder of Congo.

  7. Idiot Ahya. You are just displaying your nightmare about the indomitable TPLF Army , including Agazi which is more than capable of exterminating all sorts of enemies under the sun.

    There is no doubt that appropriate measure will be taken, whatever its cost, against anyone daring opening stinking mouth at our government and people and throw stones in an attempt to damage public and private property. Anyone who does not like the current system is free to leave the country (like Birtukan Mideksa). Otherwise the cost to be paid will be disproportional.

    I see your mouth dribbling saliva longing and dreaming about an imaginary riot in Addis/Ethio.


    TPLF forever !

  8. To#9 anonymous
    What is the difference Somali and Ethiopian mercinaries are getting accomodated.Why?To kill lybian protestors.Where is your confusion?unless you are lezebtenga Woyana(undecided).You see, people like you are always hinderance to a struggle pretending knowledgable and caring.One way or the other Meles will go.

  9. To # 18 [Hayelom]

    You pretend to be as patriotic as Hayelom had been. You are one of the coward members of Woyane clans that rely on the savage Agazi troops.
    We know that this killer/cold -blooded army was setup as a reserve unit to protect the barbaric and ethno centric leadership of Meles Zenawi, at the last resort.

    You believe it or not there is a mechanism to ambush and attack and dismantle these troops in a shortest mean time.

    Ethiopians have the right to revenge the murder of 250,000 people by Woyane leadership for the last 20 years. This number excels the number of people died during the reign of terror (Derg) and war with Eritrea. More than a Million people were detained in Ethiopian prisons and about 25,000 people have been abducted or disappeared. Manifold inner-ethnic conflicts were the physical features of the so-called “Nation/nationalities/peoples” and/or “Revolutionary democracy”. Generic terms like “developmental state” are hollow words that are propagated day in day out in the monopolized media of Woyane.
    So enough is enough!.
    To prolong its life-span Woyane(Meles regime)is looking for warm friendship with its equivalents. That is why you (Woyanes) are engaged in conflict affecting areas.
    What is happening in Lybia is a good lesson for Ethiopians preparing to dethrone the 20-year-old barbaric regime in Ethiopia. The barbaric action taken by the mad- dog- of Africa (Qadafi) would have been taken by the coward Meles regime in Ethiopia had the riot started earlier.
    As Ethiopians are preparing for the ultimate uprising, Woyane is also preparing to use any ugly propaganda to divide the people, to favor one ethnic group, to arouse confrontation among different societies, to show pro-government demonstrations, Air strike, etc.
    God is protecting the Ethiopian people. He will show us the right way to depose the barbaric regime even without shooting.

    Ethiopians let us be prepared!!

  10. #17 Hayelom,

    You pretend to be Tigre but you are not. I think you are Shabia intentionaly insulting and enraging Ethiopians to turn them against Tigres. Ethiopians need only democracy and freedom, they will not be agitated by your stupid provocation! Idiot!!

  11. The sad thing is that, the despicable blood thirsty TPLF criminals are identify as Ethiopians not as woyanes and they are dragging the name Ethiopia in the mud with them.

  12. Haylom

    You are dedebit chimpanze who let himself make a slave for lies and fantasy and the first one to vanish like a thin air when challenged by the reallity on the ground,by the way it is not only you the tegre gujille as a whole is not far from your view if your memory serves it was not long that your master of disaster announced that he has won the election by landslide which is 99% and now after 2 months his blood pressure plays up and down thinking back of 2005 election in which he was all the way ready to flee the country and since then every small news gives him and the whole circle night mares and many sleepless nights. My primitive dedebit boy your days are very numbered most probably months

  13. Weyane is ready to shoot at any body if paid. They have been working for some one since day one. We saw Agazi drugged in Mogadishu now in Benghazi. Melese (Abebe) is not a shamed of such acts because traditionally he is designed to be a slave for foreigners. it is unfortunate to see such mindless and careless individuals are in charge to lead the unfortunate Ethiopia

  14. This is a damn condolences to the families of the vitims, i don’t know why get involve in another country’s internal affairs in the first place. As a somali i know they associate our name with anything you can imagine nowadays, but we have a problems of our own Libya’s problems is for Libyans. Although not surprise but am saddened to see Horn Africans on the opposing side of this revolution.

    History tells us that Ethiopia has and will always be a country that is for “hire” and what amasses me is how can a leader of a nation degrade himself as leader, to send a mercenaries to a country where people have the balls to stand up against oppressor? Don’t mean to sound hypocrite somalis are in this too but local somalis are saying the few somalis that were involved are somalis that were serving time or in jail in libya for human trafficking to italy not that i condone it but they prety much fought for their freedom.

    My hat off to the Libyans they posses something the Ethiopian people lack and that’s Balls and Heart, people have to understand that things have to get worse before it can get better.

  15. It absolutely make no sense for Meles to send his troops to Libya to quell the wide spread pro democracy demonastration.After all Meles and Gaddafi have been at loggerheads for a long time now.Their relationship got worse after Gaddafi sided with the blood sucker Eritrean dictator after both countries plunged into the senseless war in 1998.According to our families back home in ERITREA,the Eritrean air force runway had been so busy with planes flying in and out during the night.So I am not sure but I suspect the merceneries could be our poor Sawa abused compatriots.There is nothing the band of shiftas in Asmara won’t do if it involves money.After all,the shiftas have been counting on the assistance they recieve from Gaddafi to terrorize our people and the people across the region.But if they are,it wouldn’t surprise me at all.These are the people who massacered their own disabled vets(tegadeltti)people on wheelchairs and with crunches in Maihabar in 1994 without blinking their eyes.

  16. No = 17 Mr Hayelom ! Shame on you ! do u think ! Isayas has ruled Eritrea ? No African leader has brought good governance to his wretched poor people.why don’t you learn from current situation. some of you who are foul stinky mouth, stretch your normal venemous propaganda about our beloved tried to inculcate and spill wrong word and derogatory word like “indomitable “TPLF”, oh ! bravo ! nothing indomitable in this world let alone shabia. The only power is GOD’s power which is indomitable.

  17. When EthioEritrea war broke out 1998 as i remember almost all eritreans sided with Isayas with no
    question ask and now most of them haveant agonistic idea against Isayas and everybody knows that Isayas is a dictator but at list he is trying best for eritreans to have a better life by building roods pure water school every where clinic slowly but surely above all there is no corruption in eritrea to day. yes it’s a poor country with out any democracy and there are many things need to
    be repaired or resolved but comparing MELES with ISSAYAS when it comes loving a country wow
    the MELES admin was stealing ethiopia for twenty years all this LOAN and Donation never reached
    to the poor ethiopians at the matter of fact there are many ethiopians on a brink of starvation .

    and this above comment is for : FITIHAWI

  18. Ala Fithawi. You are just a sham. You are obsessed with Eritrea. Mind your business. The reason the great Ethiopian people is suffering under the backward tunja from Tigray is because of you and your alike. Fight for Ethiopia where its people is under savage apartheid. Eritrea is a Sovereign country led by its own principle. I hope my friends in Ethiopia enjoy the same thing!

  19. It also seems that some of the opposition elements may be Brutal Racists going on the rampage for they seem to be particularly selecting and slaughtering BLACK LIBYANS in a multinational and multiethnic Libya just to demonstrate and strengthen their argument that there are imported mercenaries fighting for Gaddafi and through that seek sick sympathy from the international communities, including brother president Barack Obama and sister Hilary Clinton.

    They have also keep doctoring lots of fake video and picture clips which have been used by the outside media outlets after which it has been found to be fake. Even the good Aljazeera is forced to keep watching eyes on videos and photos being sent by some of the Libyan opposition elements. Why are they disgracing themselves and through that strengthening Qaddafi himself for God’s sake? Damn it! ):

    In my opinion even the amount facts, real issues and truths are even suffiently abundant for them to use and drive their causes forwards.

    If they are proving to be cone artists themselves rather than truth and justice seeking for all then they might lose the moral upper hand to Qaddaffi himself. THEY BETTER STOP SUCH CHEAP, SHAMEFUL AND DISHONEST PRACTICES!

  20. meles zenawi government nakidly runing for the last chance in the horn of Africa. meles send millitry to kill innocent people as in Libya for the support of dictator while meles is the next dictator .he waiting till the nations knoking hi’s door
    Sending milltry to kill innocent unlawful , it is the responsiblity of international communities to claim it

    we will see that Gaddafi will send you support during TPLF government critical day

    =======the last chance of meles zenawi=======

  21. @ # 11
    EPLF was never helped by Libya !i think you don’t know know who is EPLF
    @ # 15 sorry Eritreans we don’t have Ethiopian passport!
    when we help we always help for revolutionaries as we know more than any one what a revolution is ! Damn
    PEACE for Eritrea and Ethiopia

  22. Agazi is Meles zenawi the most bloody group,all of them governed by drug.some of them one eye is blinded in order to shoot the target.

    meles send his best millitry toget mony as well as to protect dictators. He knows that once Gaddafi removed,he will be the next man what ever he pland.

    It is the era of ”the dictators corcodale tears ”democratic shall not be a religouse ,socialism or a monopolism . it must be a true democracy revolution that protect human being at equal level

    If you apply democracy, you could not find any part of it scrach any true democracy is a solution

    down with dictators

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