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Desperation time for Meles and his thugs

Listen to the death threat in the audio clip below to understand how members and supporters of the genocidal tyrant in Ethiopia are filled with fear of an imminent uprising. Nothing has started yet but they are already having a meltdown.

106 thoughts on “Desperation time for Meles and his thugs

  1. hay f..k head woyane w’re about to clam our country we w’ll give u good lesson if u missed what happen in egypt,tunizia u’re next beach.and u’re boss and all his thugs never never again

  2. Unless it’s to do with the land grabbing by foreign nationals that’s taking place in Ethiopia, most of your other reports/postings/comments, i rarely agree with. That being said, whom ever this guy is, you should call him back and leave him the exact same message (if there is any way you can get his number). Nothing will come out of intimidation and i’, not sure who he thinks he is…and if you are reading this message, you better hope i never find out who you are punk!!!

  3. tanx Elias keep a good work we love you !!!
    who the hell he think this mad dog keep !! this is how they are
    we even start nothing and this agame is sheaking why he call him self abysinya we can tell he is chenawi terwaye qulquale belita it is time know we gonna cut his tang !!!!

  4. He talk’s like the mad man Gadaffi, I dont think he is mad,but very confussed like the wild animal in the cage.Let’s not loose our focus,the TPLF founder’s and member’s were given orders in case of a up-rising they have to join the protester’s and open fire in order the Meles army”AGAZI” to do the killing like 2005. Elias, you have to report this ignorant mercenary to autorites.

    Thank You

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