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Millionaire sheiks turning Ethiopia in to their personal brothel

The tourist resorts that are planned to be built by these millionaire Arab sheiks are nothing more than their personal whorehouses where they take advantage of poor and desperate Ethiopians. Al Amoudi and his Arab friends see Ethiopia under Woyanne as nothing more than one big brothel of easily exploitable underage girls and boys.

UAE investors to build over $1 billion tourist resort in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa (APA) — Investors from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Thursday launched in Addis Ababa a $1.2 billion investment bid to build a tourist resort in Ethiopia, APA learns here.

The investors have signed an agreement with the Ethiopian Oromia State administration to establish the tourist resort, to be located about 175 kilometres east of Addis Ababa.

The Oromoia Regional Commissioner Alemu Semi told journalists on Thursday that the investors have been making preparations to start construction. He said the Enjaz Business group of companies signed the agreement with the Oromia administration since 2007 to establish the resort around the lakes of Abayata and Shala in West Arsi Zone.

According to the agreement, the investors were allocated 38,000 hectares of land to construct the resort.

“Currently, a master plan is being prepared for the resort. Soil research and selection of sites was carried out to start the construction,” Semi said.

The investors received additional 4000 hectares of land to establish a factory meant for manufacturing prefabricated housing units. The construction of the factory will commence in May, the official said.

The proposed modern resort, which will have residential units, schools, sports facilities, recreational and business centers, health institutions and a modern airport, among others, will radically augment the nation’s tourism industry.

20 thoughts on “Millionaire sheiks turning Ethiopia in to their personal brothel

  1. We have to agree that Ethiopia needs to develop tourism and we know that it will be one of the greatest sources of revenue in many developed countries. In this age of globalisation all countries are competing fiercely for investors. Also Arabs have been pouring money into the West and why not in Ethiopia their neighbour? Recent history is that which brought shame and degradation to our women in the Middle East. this happened because of lack of investment in Ethiopia has driven them to this region in search of work and a better life. The top priority should have been to let the Arab sheiks invest in Ethiopia and create jobs to minimise the flow of women into this region. We are part of the Middle East and we have a very long historical connection. There will be investment from and trade with this region for a long time to come. Opposing this fact of life is no use.

    Tourism like any other industry may have a negative effect but do we have dismiss it when we also know that development comes with hardship and bad things too? No. The argument against Arab Sheiks investment in tourism can be valid if and only if they want to try to make Ethiopia a harem as you put it, if these sheiks are building a secluded hotels and fascilities only for their own personal use not because they help develop tourism.

  2. Tourism of course brings money to the country and with it desecration of culture, tradition, and religion; especially tourism destroys the Ethiopian Orthodox Church by looting its historical artifacts and shipping them to the western continents with no hope to see them again.

    Al Amoudi’s plan for building a tourist resort in the Oromia state has three implications:
    1. Al Amoudi knows very well that Christianity in the Oromia region is not well rooted, so that he can easily convert the Oromos into Islam by building for them schools, hospital, and gymnasiums and by hiring them to work there.
    2. To get the support of the Oromo people against the Oromo movement, Meles has agreed that the tourist resort should be built in the Oromo state without any opposition.
    3. The Arabs die for the Ethiopian girls, and this new building could serve as a brothel that would hire over one thousand young Ethiopian girls, so that the Arabs don’t have to go from one motel to another in Addis to get these lovely and attractive Ethiopian girls; they can easily get them huddled together and exploit them now in one place, at this tourist resort, thanks to Al Amoudi.

    Does the Ethiopian Orthodox Church leader, Abune Paulos, know Al Amoudi’s hidden agenda to convert the Oromo into Islam? Even if he does, there is nothing he could do, for he is the slave of Meles Zenawi. He has to follow and do what his master, Meles Seitanawi commands him to do. He is not the servant of God; he is the servant of Meles Seitanawi. After this project is over, Al Amoudi would ask Meles to build a second Mecca somewhere in Ethiopia so that the Ethiopian Muslims don’t have to make a hajj every year to Saudi Arabia and spend their money there; instead they would spend it here in Ethiopia. This is a noble idea, I think; King Lalibela did it; why not Al Amoudi?

  3. The weyane propoganda ministry fabricates feel good news all the time. I couldn’t find Enjaz business group on the net. If the news is real, how come it is not even a news on any arab news media. Because 1.2 billion investment is huge. How come it is not picked up by any news agency except waltinfo. Sorry but I don’t trust walta.

  4. Dear Editor
    I wonder how you entertain such ‘Yemikegna sera’. Arabs are our natural brothers and neighbours and these people could be instrumental to bringing more investments in this country.They are pouring money on Ethipopian SOIL.Would those investments be prevented by authorities in Kenya, Sudan , Tanzania .. if such projects were proposed?

  5. I dont feel that the issue is who invest & on what. But it must secure the national , social , & economical advantage of ethiopians where by it sens’s the value of ethiopians devoted their all on shapeing our history ( we proud of it ), unlike the arab desert ignored till discovery of petoleium… I was in addis ayear back for short vacation from gulf & what I realise is systematic pushing out of ethiopianism from the mass on aiming to snatch our county ownership. I am more than ten years in gulf & my profession is some what of public relation on which I could get better chance to dig on hows of the arab’s & I beleive what ever comes from this region should be seen from all corners with care + consideration of general terms ( shouldnt be short sighted ). THIS LAND KEPT ALIVE NOT FREE , BUT IT COSTS LIFE OF OUR ANCESTORS. LETS NOT DEFINE NIL THE VALUE OF ADWA , METEMA , GENDIAA OF ALULAS , BLOODY DAYS OF ITALY IN ADDIS & OTHER PARTS OF THE COUNTRY. SO , DOESNT SOUND THIS PEOPLE TO BE PROTECTED MORE THAN WHAT IS GOING NOW IN THIS COUNTRY ? THOSE ON HORSE TO ….. LETS UNITE FOR SHAPEING ETHIOPIA FOR ETHIOPIANS TOGETHER … & AGAIN TOGETHER.

    thanking you
    ahmed / jeddah.

  6. If you don’t like Arabs in Oromia…go your self and invest and save you fellow ethiopians from migrating to Arab countries….If Arabs like to have ethiopian girls, ….they do not have to come to ethiopia ….they have them there for one dollar….sorry

  7. Ato Tesfaw Arabs may be your personal natural brothers,they are the future nightmare of Africa,your natural brothers are killing,torturing,raping selectively christian Ethiopians who fled to the middle east…is it not the Arabs that are killing the southern Sudanese the Dinka’s with Bashir’s government read a book by John B.Dau a southern sudanese himself “God grew tired of us”you can also watch the movie of it by Brad pitt&Angelina Jolie…the writer witnesses how Ethiopia was a sanctuary for the thousands of them until EPRDF came to power to destroy their huts blow them up torture…these are Christian Africans who share border with Ethiopia,why do you think Melles massacred the Anuak’s of Ethiopia few years ago besides for the oil and gold in that region and turn it to Alamoudin’s cruel money making machine Mr Tesfaw tell us your real name and your mission.You said they are pouring money in Ethiopia it is illusion !!!Alahmudin has been playing tricks on that land he shows you a little vanity to rip Ethiopia out of her resources for many generations to come!!! people like you are “hod amlaku”they can not see ahead of their belly .Lord have mercy on us!!!!

  8. Dear Duda,

    You are absolutely right that the Arabs can exploit our Ethiopian girls either here in Ethiopia or anywhere else in the Arab countries; the whole point is that the Arabs or the Woyanne government could not protect the Ethiopian girls from being exploited either by the Arabs or by their own people. I’m so sorry for my Ethiopian sisters; I cannot help them but shout, argue, talk, or shut up!

  9. Dear Duda,

    I don’t have anything against the Arabs. I grew up with the Arab friends in Wolo and Asmara. But I abhor and am allergic a person like you with such a perverted backward religion and culture. That is why most of the true Ethiopians simply don’t want this evil investment.

    The Arabs gave a name to the southern people “GALA” it means primitive.
    Gala is an Arabic word not an Amharic. Arabs sold the southern people to slavery until Menelik and Ras Mekonnen stopped the slave market.

    I tell you what, in Wolo Al Amoudi is considered as a no.1 enemy of Ethiopia.
    Not long ago, boycotted by the people of Wolo Al Amoudi closed his
    Congregate production factory.

    I know what I am talking about hotel investments. I have traveled extensively in developing and most tourist countries. It is revolting to see how the natives are treated by the “visitors”. The natives gates only scorn spit and crumb.

  10. On the surface it looks like investment; but, in clandestine, it is the complete destruction of the fabric of our culture, believe, custom, the livelihood of our children, and social value and treasure of millions of Ethiopians.

    Woyane agents and free-passport holders have been living on the avail of little girls and little boys first, by smuggling children of those families who forcefully lost their jobs and livelihood leading to the break up of the family which in return resulting in thousands and thousands of little boys and little girls being homeless and easy pick by the pedophiles; now, and since the invasion, agents of woyane have been transporting the little innocents and the would-be future of Ethiopia out of Ethiopia across the sea into the middle east just to meet the demand of the market.

    The innocent little boys are a complete loss, but the little girls are innocents in eternal suffering because they will be forced to produce little ones as soon as being distributed to lust hungry customers.

    Ethiopians, our children are priceless and no amount of money would replace them; when we lose them, we will definitely lose Ethiopia. Al Amoudi and his co-investors are stealing and destroying the future of our helpless children. There is justice to punish those thieves of the innocents. Ethiopians, isn’t it time to take a drastic action?

  11. he is creating job.We need more investors.Europian people invest in East Europe not in Africa.If our country economy improve,we can stay at home.God bless Al Amoudi.
    You must think positive.Immigration is not a permanent solution.

  12. Let the money and the opportunities come. Don\’t worry, the Ethiopian christians would not be converted without their will. No body prevented the Ethiopian girls either to do what they wanted to do. It has been already long ago, since they started knocking at the bedrooms of the Arabs. The hope is they would be a bit prouder when they do it at home, though there is still the likelihood of being lured by money. For sure, no body would throw them out through windows of appartments as we witness these days in the Arab cities.

  13. It is hard to ignore this kind of investment for desperately needed unemployed young people and poor economy, at the same time the price we have to pay for it seems high.
    I think if we can balance the gain and the price we have to pay we might be OK. The investor does not necessarily run the resort 100% as he wishes. If we know exactly the problems and try to regulate and solve it we should be fine.
    WE SHOLD BE ABLE TO PLAY THE GAME TO OUR ADVANTAGE. What if the investor was an American or for that matter anybody ? I assure you all of you will come up with some suspicious ideas. If you can not get us a $1.2b Ethiopian investor please let us try to take advantage of it.
    How about starting with teaching our sisters the value of
    life, their body and soul.
    those of you who are commenting are those who have access to the internet, I assume you are wearing a decent cloth and shoe and most probably you have a full stomach (If you are in the US very very full), how about the 90% Ethiopians without food, cloth, shelter, … etc, we have to get to them somehow today not tomorrow, we can no be temzaza Amara forever. I will say it again LET US PLAY IT TO OUR ADVANTAGE

  14. Some of the comments are very sad. What is the relationship between investment and relegion? One confused commentator accuses Alamoudi for conspiring to convert the Oromos to Islam. As we all know there are Oromo muslims, christians, traditional religion believers etc. To be conver to another religion is the individual right. This is not our business. A lot of orthodox christians are converted to protestant, that is thier right.
    The commentator also mentioned about those Arabs looking for beautifull Ethiopian girls. I finds this idea foolish and rubish. He is still living with the ‘Zemene mesafint’ idea of ‘christian Ethiopia’. Do you really know the population of Ethiopia?
    I am also unhappy with title of the news. We are the poorest country in the world. We are crying that the tourism sector is very under-developed. We need investors in our country if we want economic growth. Whether the investors are Arab or White is not our concern as far as they full fill the investment requirement and respects the law of our country.
    One thing the commentator doesn’t understand is if these investors went to Europe or America, the could invest their money easly.

  15. Dear Mr. Mike,

    I don’t think you know what is going on in Ethiopia when you blatantly assert: “To be convert [sic] to another religion is the individual right.” If you want to know the truth there is no such thing as an individual right in Ethiopia as far as Meles Seitanawi remains in power and his agent Al Amoudi tries to destroy Ethiopia by pouring his dirty money into our country in the name of investment. People, like you, who don’t care about the preservation of our culture, our tradition, our religion, and the natural beauty of our country will be easily tempted to sell everything for Al Amoudi’s hand out. You will betray the innocent Ethiopian girls and boys for few dollars to sell their bodies for the voluptuous Arabs like Al Amoudi, who is planning to build an international brothel in the heartland of Ethiopia with the support of Meles, Abune Paulos, and people like you. Investment! How many times I hear the word investment, the country needs investment? Do you know what investment of this kind proposed by the Arab Al Amoudi brings with it? It brings more prostitution, invalidates the culture, tradition, religion of the country, introduces western culture which likely supersedes the natives’ ways of life, and it will harbor terrorism since it is an international tourist resort that allows everybody to come in and have a good time. Still the money that comes from this international brothel through prostitution and other illegal activities is not going to benefit the poor Ethiopians; it will go back in the name of profits to its originators Al Amoudi, Meles Seitanawi, and its political gangs. You and I never get a dime from it. The native people will be driven out of that area without being compensated for the loss of their homes and properties. Ethiopia may be poor economically, but culturally, religiously, historically, it is one of the richest countries in the Continent of Africa, so we do not want Al Amoudi’s investment destroys our country both economically and culturally. Let him take his filthy money with him and buy an island somewhere in the Arabian Peninsula, and let him womanize those Arab women there, not our Ethiopian girls.

    We do not need economic growth by exploiting our Ethiopian boys and girls, and hell with that type of growth! We need economic investors that meet the need of the poor not the need of Meles and Al Amoudi.

    You mentioned Zemene- Mesafint in relation to Christianity as if Ethiopian Christianity were the religion of lawless people even though there were good and remarkable leaders during those years; however, Ethiopian Christianity was alive during and before those years, and it will remain as one of the dominant and powerful religion in Ethiopia for ever and ever. You don’t have any evidence that many Orthodox Christians are converted to Protestants; even if they do, Protestants are Christians, not Muslims.

    To you I may be a confused person and my ideas foolish and rubbish, but to others who love the history and the natural beauty of their country, I may be a little bit helpful.

  16. You see,Al Amoudi and his co-investers are not Ethiopia-loving elements, they are neither care about what they do to our young boys and girls, and to our country; the reality is that they are getting what they have been longing for; for that, they are thankful to the crime family of that Meles Naziawi that paved the way for them to demolish the home of Ethiopians.

    The game is this, when you set up a favourable conditition to what you are upto, thousands of victims will definitely attracted to the hive and left there being trapped for the rest of their lives.

    Al Amoudi and his co-investers have already set up a huge and deep trap to cut down the future of Ethiopian children; so, the cost on Ethiopia and Ethiopians due to the action of these destructive investors, and consequently the negative impact that would definitely cause on the future of Ethiopia is enormous.

    Al Amoudi has never revealed his true contents of heart and mind; however, he showed his money and put it into what he planned for; it worked; and it is working in luring little ones to the destructive lives and hell.

  17. some of you guys dont have a clue as to how this world works. its all business. but my question is -ok lets say and agree that invstment is bad. but who is going to feed us? you? do you know china grew because of money and investment from the america which is its enemy? or who supplies the arrabs with their money? its america which again is their sworn enemy. you make it sound like poverty is our culture anf defining fibre or whatever you wanna call it. and anything that is coming to push as a little further is some elaborate scam from weyane. comeon use your brains sometimes just sometimes.

  18. It is welcome in any form if it is true! No such resort was ever built or will be. Arab investers do not throw their money everywhere just for a personal pleasure. Live and learn!!!

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