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The cause of Azeb Mesfin’s fury

Meles Zenawi and his wife Azeb Mesfin arrive for the G20 Summit at the Pittsburgh International Airport in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania September 24, 2009. The G20 Summit will take place on September 24 and 25Azeb Mesfin, the wife of Ethiopia’s tyrant Meles Zenawi, had captured the attention of U.S. media last September when she gave her husband an angry stare in Pittsburgh (read here). While in the plane flying from New York and after leaving Pittsburgh, Azeb’s anger did not let up. She was heard calling Meles “shermuta,” and hurling other insults.

The Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit (IU) has now learned from sources inside Woyanne that Azeb was angry after she heard about a meeting between Meles and Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kebede in New York.

Meles met Liya Kebede through her husband, Kassy Kebede, who is a hedge-fund manager and investment consultant in New York. Kassy reportedly manages multimillion-dollar investment portfolios for Meles, Azeb and other members of the Woyanne junta. Meles is currently 11th richest head of government in the world with an estimated networth of $1.2 billion.

… more details later.

22 thoughts on “The cause of Azeb Mesfin’s fury

  1. If I were this Dracula, I would sleep with this wing nut slut with one eye wide open, man. Watch!! One of these days she gonna cut one or both of his balls off. I remember reading a story on this very website years ago about one of his goon friends from xxx and how that one was shot to death by his wife because she found out he was sleeping or may be teasing with other women. Killing is nothing to her and the likes. She had lived through killing and so much blood-letting already. This ‘tumch’ better watch his ass.

  2. As facts trickle down we are astounded more and more about “Monitor of The Thieves”. His wife (Azeb Mesfin) lied to the Ethiopian people on camera telling everyone her daughter won educational scholarship to Oxford pre-University school, on her own. While we all know that all African leaders send their kids to Oxford to have the best education at a steep cost, and most of the time the money comes from the African people, snatching it from the mouth of the poor and use it to educate their kids. Azeb Mesfin thought we are bunch of idiots when she told the Ethiopian television that she and her husband ($1.2 Billion rich) struggle to pay their daughter’s educational fee month to month. She even told the Ethiopian television that many world leaders tell them they are the only poor couple amongst all leaders of the world. Further, she stated that there are some eleven kids in the street she looks after, she gives them whatever money she has on her, and she called those kids “poor and destitute street children” homelesses. The fact is she and her husband are taking the money from those she called “poor and destitute street children” and use it to educate her children so they come back with the knowledge and be leaders of those “poor and destitute street children.”

    I would not be surprised to hear she was pissed at her husband for meeting with Lia Kebede. After all, it’s growth in status, some twenty years ago Azeb Mesfin and Meles Zenawi would have looked funny. Now that they have enough money under their belt, they have reached that milestone status which would allow them to be rubbing elbows with rich and famous, including world class models and their hedge-fund investment husbands.

  3. I doubt the money sent back home by Ethiopians living abroad adds upto 1.2 billion dollars.This devil worshiper scum of the earth have went too far with all these dictatorial robbery.

  4. they are eating each other like a Hyena typical TPLF behavior. they eat many of their friends such as good Tigrayans like Hayelom Areaya. God Bless Ethiopians and Ethiopia.

  5. Why drag Liya in to this mess? You are not fair spreading unfounded allegations and unbelievable rumors.
    If you want to say something about the husband and you have any proof of mis appropriation or some help he has given to fatten the Meles gang say so. You need to leave the poor wife alone to get any credibility in the future.

  6. Sossy,
    If this report is true, AS A MOTHER, Liya Kebede should have done everything in her power to stop her husband from doing any kind of business with a man that has killed other Ethiopian parents sons and daughters. What a shame to see people sleeping with the devil for Almighty Dollar. If this story is true, I am very disappointed with her; she should have threatened to leave her husband rather than injecting herself and her children with blood money.

  7. So many greedy Ethiopians who get involved with the tyrant Meles. Yosef, Negussie & Doctor?, are other dumb greedy band group. It is a pity to these American residents to get involved in such ugly corrupt polictics while they can work here in US and earn a living. The day is gonna come when they will regret their actions.

  8. Hello ER

    Is her father’s name Gola or Mesfin. To me she is Azeb Golla; a daughter of Itallian banda from Wolkait. Daughter like her father. This Gola family some of them lives in columbus Ohio which they are proud to be one of her daughter is in menilik palace. Just to share some info.
    Wey gud

  9. It is said that their marital union is not in good standing for years. But that is just their family business. So I wonder why the sudden jealousy for the “first lady”. Specially when the auto proclaimed PM was very passive going against outside skirts even when his closest allies like the foreign Minister, Defense minister or even the “first lady” were in rumors circulating Addis.

    Could it be the “first lady” recieved the “merdo” news sent by Kassy about the family asset state after the economic collapse? Never mind just speculation but stolen money is cursed and never last long. We hope it lasts until we recover our freedom and the money in the future as Nigeria is doing now with Abacha’s family assets.

  10. When the two partners in crime met,they met in a cave and quickly became wild; and now are wealthy evils, because both Meles and Azeb have their stealing hands drenched in blood.

    It wasn’t either Love or Ramance, nor a match-maker involved;it was that they were roaming in the arid and barren landscape that they encountered and caught their first victims. She doesn’t love him nor he loves her.It is who they are,now.

    Azeb can not cook nor bake;Meles never been employed nor was bread-winner in the family,but today,he is wealthy and criminal with a bankaccount of more than a billion dollar.

    Words from her mouth have always been toxic and can break bricks.when she gets mad,she can boils eggs in her mouth.Today, she is one of the richest tiny madames among her families.The question is, will their marriage survive?

  11. The first lady is rumoured to have an affair with Arkebe & kinfe while they were in Dedebit.
    When Arkebe was mayor of Addis, a big poster of him was erected. The funny thing is that it was removed hours later after its erection completed by our first lady order. No body knows why. I think she is some kind of explosive.

  12. Mengistu, Mobutu, Bokassa, Idi Amin, Hitler, Tojo, Pinochet, Franco, Nero and so on. They were all so ugly that you feel sorry for all those women who went to bed with. But this one has his match. But I think she can benefit from meeting Liya in that she will give the goon’s mistress few nice tips about personal hygiene before and after making out with this ‘Soba Diaatt’ from some stinking joint in Adwa. Did anyone else notice his beer gut from this photo as I did? See my country is not discriminating. It took this Cyclops out of gulping ‘beles’ everyday, fed him ‘chuuma’ from Hararghe, ‘kibe’ from Gojam and Fitche and ‘netch teff’ from Minjar and he said ‘I am full at Last, I am full at last, good ole Karl Marx I am full at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Let us not condemn Liya Kebede, yet. First let us find out whether she endorses this regime and its policies or not. Second, let us find out if her husband is managing the money only without endorsing the policies.

    It is nice that we know who is managing their money if the issues comes to court, we can ask the court to freeze it and get hold of the money on behalf of the Ethiopian people.

    Managing money is not a crime on its own. Many dictators and Sheiks in Saudi Arabia get their money managed by hedge fund and other managers. So let us not carried away on that account.

    Last but not least, let us thank Elias for digging out this info.


  14. What is new with a professional assassin? Stealing money is a piece of cake for them It is interesting why we get amuzed when the mafia family close ranks. It also says a lot to the silence of many Tigrians who choice to keep silent. They talk about development taking place while ripping us off in day light robbery.

    ER intelligence unity needs to investigate the fellow who got appointment as a Director of Millennium Development Corporation by the Obama administration. According to a story, he is the one who was laundering TPLFs money when he was a Bank officer in Denver, the capital of Woyane criminals.

    The Denver area TPLF criminals must be challenged by Ethiopians for money laundering. According inside information, gas stations, apartments and shopping centers are bought by stolen money. The state law enforcement should be informed to the criminal enterprises.

  15. አዜብዬን ምን አቃጠላት? የምን በቅናት መብገን ነው ደሞ? ይሄ በሁለት እጆቹ አውሮፕላኑን ተደግፎ ሲወርድ ክምብል የሚል የሚመስል ቦርጫም ጎዶሎ ቢሔድ ምን ይቀርባታል?
    እሱዋ ይልቅ በእድሜዋ የተነሳ በረድ ብትልም ደማምና ቃ ያለች ሴት ነች::በዛ ላይ ኦ! ረብጣ ብርዋ!ታዲያ ከፈለገች በሽ ነው ምን የመሳሰለ መለሎና የብረት መዝጊያ የሚሆን ወንድ::ማለቴ ከተቃዋሚ ሰፈር::እና እኮ ልብ ቢኖራት ይህንን ድውይ እዚያ ቴስቴስትሮኔ መአት ነው ወንድ ነኝ ከሚልበት ፓርላማ ወዝፋው እስከ አሁን ያላየችውን ዓለም ትቀጭኝና ትፍስህት በትፍስህት ፈውስ በፈውስ ትሆን ነበር::

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