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Meles family’s absolute corruption in Ethiopia

(ION) – Now that the EPRDF [a front organization for the ruling Tigrean People Liberation Front] has been in power for almost two decades, its leaders have had time to accumulate wealth. We make a roundup — by no means exhaustive — of their activity.

[Meles is now estimated to worth $1.2 billion, according to sources close to his regime.]

Azeb Mesfin, the wife of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, takes no mean interest in the world of business and sometimes has been highly interventionist in defending the commercial interests of those close to her. She recently put the spoke in the wheels of the firm Nyala Motors over the importing of UD Nissan lorries; conversely she has lobbied in favour of Sunshine Construction whose executives Samuel Tadesse and Fetlework Elala are close to her. Moreover, Azeb Mesfin is believed to have a stake in Alfa University College and in property in Addis Ababa.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Seyoum Mesfin, is for his part at the head of a unit producing ceramics for the construction industry. It is winning all of the contracts, to such an extent that it has pushed some of its rivals to close down. Asefaw Yirga, the manager of Ase Marble, is believed to be one of them. He committed suicide on 20 December. Seyoum Mesfin also owns several tens of lorries registered in his name. Addisu Legese, the Deputy Prime Minister currently on the way out, owns a hotel at Bahr Dar, which is the stopping place for all the officials visiting this town. The State Minister for Public Works, Arkebe Oqubay Mitiku, owns two buildings in the capital, while one adviser to the Prime Minister, Bereket Simon, owns a rental building and a fleet of lorries transporting oil products from Djibouti. The Police Commissioner Workineh Gebreyehu is at the head of an import-export company which has no difficulty in getting foreign currency when it needs it. A band of generals is very active in the property market, buying and selling villas and plots of land, beginning with the army chief of staff, General Samora Younis, who owns a building in the smart neighborhood of Bole.

The Ethiopian regime recently attributed plots of land in Addis Ababa together with money for building, to some generals, mainly Tigrayans. Samora Younis, Yohannes Gebre Meskel and a few others are among the lucky beneficiaries of this scheme.

42 thoughts on “Meles family’s absolute corruption in Ethiopia

  1. Dear All,

    YeeHin GodoLo YeSatNael QuraChe SaiWeL SayaDer KeSeLtaN MaSeWeged ALebin.

    We should remove this neo-nazi from power immediately before he completly destroys the socio-cultural fabric that unites our people and endanger the very existance of our beloved country Ethiopia as a nation state.

    Thank you.

  2. This what I can call, “PICTURE PERFECT”, WHOEVER TOOK THIS PICTURE SHOULD THE CANDIDATE FOR PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR. My brothers and sisters these families and their masters/advisors traitor Eritreans did not only bring to this great nation and people corruption, manipulation, prostitution, fabrication, deceit, lies, back stabbing, but they are also on the verge of distroying the culture, trust, hospitality, that all Ethiopian people are known for. The disease they created and invented in the jungle of aiga and brought to the greatest country in Africa must be eradicated before it consumes more people in the horn of Africa. Legesse and his marble face wife are the mother of diseases of Ethiopia and neighboring countries today and for that they must face the Ethiopians, Eritreans, and Somalians.

  3. Does anyone believed when these people came, they are going to be righteous. Do not forget that they came a dirty shirt on their back, a sandal shoe and their AK47. Now look at them where they are. They are the riches people in Ethiopia and most probably from Africa. And there is nothing anyone of us can do. When they time comes they will gone to a different country of their choosing, like that of their teacher Mingestu, who also stole ss100 millions of dollars. So shut up and just for another so called leader to come and do the same thing all over again, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

  4. “To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history”

    President Barack Obama, Inaguration Speech
    January 20, 2009

    God Save Ethiopia, Amen!

  5. This is meles’ legacy, and a prize to those who have sacrificed in the struggle to bring him to power beliving that they are ding to bring democracy. it is good that they will not raise and ask or witness, what is going on, ask why they have died, wounded, starved, travelled all the field and mountains leve their wife children… behind. It is an injury to the surviving jenuine liberation fighters, whose mentality hasnot been corrupted by the leftovers of their greedy leaders like GEBRU ASRAT, GOD be with them

  6. As I saw it overtime, corruption is natural because of human greed. Given the opportunity, if a person in authority is not corrupt then such a person must be an exception. See Cheney or Mubarek. What most trebling to me is African’s leaders to cling to power. I would even be in favor of guaranteeing an amnesty for such corrupt leaders if they peacefully handover power to an elected person as it happened in Russia for Yeltsin.

  7. Meles Zenawi, the murderer your days are numbered. President Obama’s inagural speech, more than any other dictator in the world, best describes you.

    “…To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist…”

    You better pack and leave before you will be dragged to the court of law.

  8. Elias, this is cheap. Having a property is not a crime. The crime is that they are in power for 18 years without te will of the people. Get organized in stead nof gosiping.

  9. Thank you Elias for exposing corrupt Woyane officials.They won’t learn from the mistakes commited by other despotic and corrupt pliticians in many African,Asian and Latin American countries.Mobutus’ case is a classic example.But no change of mind on the part of Woyanne officials.They will continue doing it until they are forced power.

    Whle Woyannes continue to enrich themselves, in contrast,the majority people of Ethiopia, are wallowing in abject poverty more than any time under Woyanes 18-years rule.Under Meles Zenawis’devide-and -rule unown in the history of the country. Ethiopias’ all-round development has been draged for Two decades.That’s my personal assessment.Do you agree guys?

  10. As I saw it overtime, corruption is natural because of human greed. Given the opportunity, if a person in authority is not corrupt then such a person must be an exception. See Cheney or Mubarek. The wicked Condoleezza Rice received at least $316,000 worth of jewelry from the corrupt Arab kings. What is most trebling to me is African’s leaders clining to power. I would even be in favor of granting an amnesty for such corrupt leaders if they peacefully handover power to an elected person as it happened in Russia for Yeltsin.

  11. Comment #9, Joe, Having property by stealing and robbing is big crime. The reason that Meles wants to continue murdering and killing Ethiopians is to accumulate wealth and property unjustly. He is a theif. He is a bank robber. The whole world knows that.

  12. Dued,

    I love the picture! I really due cause it portrays Meles and company (including his ugly wife).

    …but can you please correct the spelling??

    Absolut is spelled ‘Absolute’ and it’s mispelled twice!

    Just an fyi EK! Keep up the good work dued!


  13. የመንግስት ባለስልጣናት ያላቸውን ገንዘብ መዘርዘሩ ያን ያክል እንደ ወንጀለኛ ሊያስቆጥራቸው ይችላል ብየ አላምንም። ነገር ግን ይህ የያዙት ገንዘብ ያለ አግባብ ከመንግስትና ከህዝብ የዘረፉት ነው ከተባለና ማስረጃ ከቀረበባቸው ከስልጣናቸው ከተወገዱም በኃላም እንኳን ቢሆን ለፍርድ ቀርበው የሚዳኙ መሆኑን የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ከራሳቸው በመንግስቱና በአጫፋሪዎች ላይ ካደረጉት ትምህርት ለመረዳት ይችላል።

    ዋናው ግን ተጨባጭ መረጃዎችን ማን ይሰብስብ ነው? እስኪ ሁላችንም እንተባበርና ንብረታችንን እናስመልስ።

    ሌላው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ የችግሩን መፍትሄ አውቆት እያለ የደ/ር ብርሃኑና ተባባሪዎቹ ሌላ ከመለስ የበለጠ የገንዘብ ዝርፊያ ሳይሆን በህይዎት የሚከፈል ጥፋትን እያዘገጁ ስለሆነ ለዚህም የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ብሎም በውጭ የሚኖሩ ኢትዮጵያናት የችግሩን አሳሳቢነት ተገንዝበው አፋጣኝ እርምጃ እንድንወስድ አሳስባለሁኝ።

    በርግጥም የመለስን አውዳሚነት፣ ገዳይነት፣ ዘራፊነትና አገር ሻጭነት ድርጊቱን እንኳን በህይወት ላለ ኢትዮጵያዊ አይደለም በድንጋይ በታች ያሉትም ብሆኑ አስከፊ እንደሆነ ማሳሰቡ አስፈላጊ አይደልም። ይልቁንም ይህን ችግር በዴሞክራሲያዊ መልኩ ለመፍታት መታገል አሁንም መታገል የኖርብናል።

    ከዚህ በፊት ኢዴፓ ይዞትና ሲያራምደው የነበረውን መንፈስ አሁንም ብንቀጥልበት ውጤታማ እንሆናለነን በየ አምናለሁኝ።

  14. DEAR all as we know there are alot of things that are own by eprdf(woyane members).do u know one of the big hotel in bahir dar _PAPIRES HOTEL.
    do you know who is the owner? your answer will be _mr TEBKEW. if u say yes u wrong the owner is the former prisedant of the amhara region(ADDISU LEGESE)so friends please wakeup!

  15. the meles regim is totaly robing the country wealth while the poor citzen donot have any thing to put in their is shame to those tigray bandit at the end of the finishing of tigray empire. know that there is no a permanat government or regim in the world.We as Ethiopean need to united to trush this corrupted regim.

  16. The opposition parties supposed to shape the political behavior of the country and, without a dought I admit, the woyane’s skillful manipulation of the absence of genuine leadership in these opposition parties, the luck of discipline and focus to the prime directive of their claim – the freedom of Ethiopian people and the establishment of genuine rule of law in the country, were simply diverted to lead into compromise with the Meles regime because of their choice of engagement in achieving the goal. Simply put they dag their own trap and the recent prisonement of woizerit Birtukan was strengthen the ruthless behavior of the woyane government and the falsehood of peaceful power transition.
    As much the woyane government is responsible to the crises in the country, the political parties and the “LFs” are also accountable to victimized Ethiopians on their causes. The same individuals who encouraged the people for a peaceful transformation of power have misunderstood the woyane’s brutal behaviors and caused several hundreds and thousands of Ethiopians to die on their causes. The Ethiopian people has been aware the tribal nature of the woyane government and opposed them in many ways. But some of the leaders of the so-called opposition parties were friends with Meles and I believe this relationship and the paper tiger democracy blinded their cause and apparently lead them to sabotage the Ethiopian people.

  17. as an independent observer and concerned ethiopoian, I would be outraged if these corruption allegations were true. Is there any shed of collaborative evidence or is this just hearsay?

  18. Where are the world leaders?
    Where is Amnesty International?
    Everything is in the hands of few selfish people who don’t care about their country.
    There are millions of children craving for food but these few woyane officials with inordinately desirous of wealth and profit are leading luxurious life.

  19. The United States of America today accused the Ethiopian government of favoring one ethnicity in appointing government positions. Mr. Douglas M. Griffiths, USA representative in the United Nations Human Rights Council, stated that: “Independent observers have noted…that most senior government positions are overwhelmingly represented by one ethnicity”, and recommended Ethiopia to examine and adjust the ethnic balance in government positions as the Ethiopian governments policy of Ethnic Federalism promotes. The Vatican also emphasized on the importance of a more equitable power sharing.

    In response to the American criticism the Head of the Ethiopian delegation, H.E. Mr. Fisseha Yimer, Special Adviser to the Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, classified the accusation as “speculation”, “off the mark” and “wrong”. . Mr. Yimer indicated that the Ethiopian population misunderstands international human rights norms, which makes it difficult for the government to implement international human rights standards in the Ethiopian society. This shows how the Ethiopian regime underestimates its own people. Knowing the amount of political prisoners, media repression and reports of violations of human rights at the moment, the Ethiopian delegation tried to cover up the dictatorial nature of the regime.

  20. Melese and his followers will keep on sucking the Ethiopian people blood. They will dived and rule Ethiopia. That is why the Ethiopian people have to unify against this evil empire who has captivated our nation.

  21. We know that meles and his allies are one of the highly corrupted individuals in history of the world. The time will come and they will pay for it. The life of the children of the poor, our tears and our blood will let them down.
    can every one imagine in what sort of situation we would have been if these people were not in power? with all the educated Ethiopians all over the world, with no corruption, with unity and peace, having free and democratic Ethiopia with all the resources we are blessed with. We would be one of the happiest people in the world. I wish it happens to be real sooner. May God help us.

  22. What ever you say please dont mention the Vatican. The vatican is an entity that blessed the Mussolini army to invade Ethiopia. It hasnt even apologized to the catastrophic effect it caused Ethiopia and some of you are trying to quote the VATICAN.

  23. Starting from there leader Alamudi down to the last woyane servant will face the judgement of Ethiopians.When that day comers there is no time to apologize.

    ethiopiawi replies:

    the one thing that is bothering me the most is the land grab deal in our country by multinationals (saudis and indians being the top customers).this fertile virgin land is being offered for 50 cents or 1 dollar/hectar almost for free over the table and millions of dollars/euros under the table.disturbing.can some one give me the rational behind it besides transfer of high end technology and mass employment for poor ethiopians and world class hospitals and massive infrastructure development in return. oh and dont forget it is 100 year contract.hmmm i wonder where i will be in hundred years ?by the way how about them chinese ?it is their prisoners of law they are sending to us now. will it be the red army next?something to think about…

  24. I am born in the town of dibarwa, Eritrea. During the dergh time some people were saying “ZINEGHESE NIGHUSNA” who ever the leader is, will be our king. May be that’s the problem today in Ethiopia. people try to be opportunistic, associate with the dictator and survive that way. Nobody want to challenge really the dictator. People understand the atrocity of the dictator only when they feel it in first hand, when somebody from their family member is arrested. Instead people should fight when their neghbour is arrested by dictators.

  25. This information is does not give accurate figure, the fact is EFFORT is owned by TPLF and without dividing the money amongst all the actors, EFFORT is said to be worth $15 Billion. Ethiopians should demand their money back from these individuals with the assistance of the International Criminal Court. Embazeling public fund is one crime, but embazeling poor Ethiopia’s wealth and using it for personal gain is a criminal, because there are several Ethiopians dying daily due to lack of healthcare, and medical treatment, not to mention getting killed by bullets fired from TPLF security personnel.

  26. Abebe,

    Thanks for posting about ETC,

    Elias, please post the link Abebe posted in his comment box. Everyone should know about this. Tesfaye Biru is obviously playing with the money that Ethiopian people need and he was sharing it with Weyane government of course. He would not have bee appointed otherwise.

  27. Whatever they own in Ethiopia does’t worry me, we know what happened to the to those before them. It is amazing to know people don’t learn from history.
    in the final analysis, we all will be gone with nothing.

  28. Dear Ethiopians,

    What are you doing when this minority regime is robbing your country in daylight? I mean there are a lot of these business people from different ethnicity who are working with the Woyane junta, and became instrumental to the corrupt officials. However, woyana will be reprocessed because of its self-destruction policy. You don’t have to sit on your asses and watch the sun set though. You have to work day and night to make their life short. Please help Elias for his noble deeds. May be elect him us the opposition leader of a collusion between EPPF and strong political forces. I think he is getting ready for that kind of business. Especially when you see him in the boarder eating his breakfast few meters from hundredth of thousands Woyane army.

    Believe me, He could be the God sent messiah that will return Ethiopia’s promised land, which is in auction by the Woyanes


  29. They borrow money in the name of the country, interest will accumulate, put it back in Swiss bank, use a few millions, and then they will die. The Europeans will benefit from the money 4 times. 1) To persuade the leaders to work for their own interest.
    2) Interest growth benefit.
    3) Doing business with the same money as it is in the Swiss Banks.
    4) Demanding full repayment from the Ethiopian (or other Africans) of money they did never see.

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