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Famous Ethiopian singer Manalemosh Dibo passed away

manalemosh dibo One of Ethiopia’s most popular singers, Manalemosh Dibo, passed away today from natural causes, according to news sources in Ethiopia.

Manalemosh died in South Africa where she went to receive medical treatment after suffering from intestinal cancer for over a year.

Before going to South Africa Manalemosh was receiving treatment at Tikur Anbessa (Black Lion) Hospital in Addis Ababa. When her condition deteriorated, Tikur Anbessa doctors recommended that she gets treatment abroad. Ethiopian billionaire Al Amoudi covered her expenses to travel to South Africa.

Manalemosh was a young singer who’s popularity grew with each song she released. She is particularly well-known for her traditional songs such as Asabelew, Awdamet, and Minjar.

Below is a video of one of her most popular and Ethiopian Review’s favorite songs:

116 thoughts on “Famous Ethiopian singer Manalemosh Dibo passed away

  1. i had so many songs ,i thought i would meet her some time but she was a queen of african traditional songs ,may God bless her ,in heaven we shall meet R.I.P dibo,so condolences to her family and ethiopia in general.

    manzi from kigali

  2. God bless your soul! I heard about Manalbosh Dibo that she passed away very late and about the story of the Tamirat Geleta, I think he is the killer of this talente young woman.if I am not wrong Tamirat Geleta make her to get devorce from her husband and he took their money and make her his “wife” Tamrat is a devil worshiper, a froud, and a killer. and this shuold be a lesson for every body. i felt very sorry about Manalbosh, but may be she felt shame for what she did, and chose not to tell. May God bless your soul and forgive you, and put you in heaven. to other people do not go to Tenqui, awaki, agul emnet amlaki. if you have oroblem go to church and pray to God. ther is only one God! God bless your soul! Tesfay

  3. Quelle perte!
    Elle avais une dimension au delà des frontières de son Ethiopie natale!
    En parcourant les domiciles des camerounais de la partie septemtrionale, que sa musique retentie!
    A mon passage à Addis Abbeba en Septmbre 2011, la prémière chose que j’ai demandé: le CD de MANALEMOSH DIBO!
    Je viens de me rendre compte de la disparition de cette icone de la musique éthiopiène adulée même dans les pays lointains de l’Ethiopie, telle le Cameroun!!!
    Tu resteras dans nos coeurs pour toujours au délà de l’Ethiopie…
    Que Dieu te Bénisse et te garde dans l’haut delà!

  4. Am from south sudan.I first heard her songs in 2006, though i don’t understand Amharic i felt in love with her songs and i think her songs will live forever!!!!!….Manalemosh you hve died but what you have done will live forever and ever. May God rest this iconic singer in eternal peace.

  5. Why do people wait to help poor artists until the 11th hour? I would
    suggest to establish an Ethiopian Artists Foundation for the purpose of funding those who are in desperate need of help.

  6. It’s a pity she died so young as she was a great singer with great songs!

    Worst of all, she didn’t had to leave so soon as cancer is 100% preventable and curable, naturally!!

    So I don’t agree with funding for more western toxic treatments as it wouldn’t surprise me she died of her medical treatment instead of the cancer itself. Western doctors can not cure cancer. Chemotherapy is very toxic to the body and natural therapies instead can be used succesfully.

    Look up Weston A. Price, dr Mercola,,…

  7. i’m from Chad my name is samyra,is just that menalemosh was swo popular that we know her even here in my contry we don’t understand what she is saying in her music but we love her songs very much i ant remember that there was a time in 2007 every where u go in N’djamena u heare her songs in lubs in Bars every where even chilren can sing her song without knowing what they are saying. she was the BEST of all for me. I loved her and she will always be in my heart.despite the fact that Ethiopian’s are racist. i can see it while traveling through Ethiopia i see they treat Other African coz there are black or what i don’t know? anyway I guess Manalemosh was different i’ve never met her but i can see it in here eyes and the way she sings. Que Allah t’acorde sa misericorde Amine…..

    samyra replies:

    she was my habibi’s favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. She was this wonderful singer which I didn’t know of her names. I don’t know amharic, from her videos I couldn’t even tell her names nor what her songs were about either. Until this morning I landed on this website only to learn of her names and more so sadly about her death! It feels deeply bad.
    Rest in Peace, African sister. My prayers and condolences are with your family, friends, relatives and your native Ethiopian fans.

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