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Famous Ethiopian singer Manalemosh Dibo passed away

manalemosh dibo One of Ethiopia’s most popular singers, Manalemosh Dibo, passed away today from natural causes, according to news sources in Ethiopia.

Manalemosh died in South Africa where she went to receive medical treatment after suffering from intestinal cancer for over a year.

Before going to South Africa Manalemosh was receiving treatment at Tikur Anbessa (Black Lion) Hospital in Addis Ababa. When her condition deteriorated, Tikur Anbessa doctors recommended that she gets treatment abroad. Ethiopian billionaire Al Amoudi covered her expenses to travel to South Africa.

Manalemosh was a young singer who’s popularity grew with each song she released. She is particularly well-known for her traditional songs such as Asabelew, Awdamet, and Minjar.

Below is a video of one of her most popular and Ethiopian Review’s favorite songs:

116 thoughts on “Famous Ethiopian singer Manalemosh Dibo passed away

  1. She was one of the best singers of traditional Amharic music.

    Her song Wollo is the best video of Amharic traditional song I came across. That song is a masterful presentation of the tapestry of multinational and multireligious Ethiopia. To top it all the song is infused with abundant love, joy, and fun. It easily beats a thousand political articles written by our pundits.

    What a loss. It is a shame that she was not helped in time. RIP, dear Manalemosh.

  2. Today I heard from
    voa amharic she had a relationship with a person(Tamrat Geleta) in Ethiopia, who killed many people by poising them, to benefit from their money. this person and his gangs are in prison now accoring to the news.

    I love here a lot she was an Icon.

    Death to to Tenquai kalicha duberty asmategna .Today I heard from

  3. You have not clue about Cancer or South Africa.

    I am 100% sure that you pray for Woyane long life. I do not have the slightest doubt that you adore TPLF. You must be an insider Woyane who is trying to demean the opposition by posting his insidious but as one pointed out stone-age smart mind generated opinion. No body honestly believes you that you truly oppose Melese. If you are start posting something serious, something significant, something beyond scalding and calumniating.

  4. #46 “tobiason” or whatever your FN name is. i can tell you are lemagn stupid woyane, no other people call the ethiopian community “ignorant careless community” what did you do for community?



  5. When cancer kills the host, it kills it self!

    From my perspective, while we don’t know what we aught to know about her death, certainly, we know one thing for sure: We have lost her.
    I am saddened because she died at a very young age in which she hasn’t seen the best of herself yet.
    I am saddened because we were not there to help when she needed us the most.
    I am saddened because we are out of touch and cry wolf.

    On the other hand, I am proud because there are few among us who steps up to the plate in helping her at the last minute of her breath. Thanks!
    Now, what was her intent/wish to the living family of hers? And what can we do to that end? How do we get in-touch with beloved and aging artist of our beloved country?

  6. በማናልሞሽ ሞት በጣም አዝኛለሁ፡፡ እግዚአብሔር ነፍሷን በገነት ያኖረዉ፡፡ ለቤተሰቦቿ መጽናናት ይሁንላቸው!!

  7. I’m so sorry to hear of this. Here in the US, I had an Ethiopian friend of mine buy me her DVD after hearing her songs on youtube. Her voice is that of an angel. I was saddened upon coming into work, turning on her video to hear her music when I seen her in the hospital bed, and even more shocked when I heard she passed away. Tew Belut, is my all time favorite song. The rhythms enchants me, and her voice soothes my spirit. I will forever miss you Manelmosh. We’ll meet on the road to Zion.

  8. wow, it is so sad to learn that we lost our beautiful musician. but these should teach us how short life is. when i first heard this i could not swallow what i was told. anyway we lost a young precious woman and my condolences goes to her family and her fans around the world. Rest In Peace.

  9. May God the almighty have mercy on the depart soul and comfort her in heaven.The blessings of paradise cannot be conceived in this life and are not,therefore things of this world.Dibo Manalemosh has produces lofty ideals for the Ethiopian culture and drives to develop sound conduct and excellent moral behaviour for Ethiopia music that fills our heart with peace and happiness.GOD HAVE SPECIAL PLACE FOR HER IN HEAVEN

  10. ejig betam yasazinal! .. not even 2 weeks ago my email was FLOODED with ppl sending me the same video of her interview on ETV asking for help. I wish I could have done something to help.. hulum begzair fikad hone. I’m not really familiar with her music, but I have heard one song for Ethio new years and she was a special person! God bless u Manalemosh and egzair betesebochwon yasnanachew!!

  11. this comment is for Assta B. Gettu, what an idiotic illiterate comment you just made? a white man’s disease??? wow go learn a little bit about cancer before you make such racist stupid insinuations. You define the very main reason why we ethiopians never advance. You are stuck in this little hole that you’re so strong and no disease can touch you; spend your time reading a little and maybe then you can wake up and try to reach a state of mind filled with something positive!

  12. It is unblievable story to hear that my delighted and everlasting favorite singer Manelomish has passed away. your songs are not separable from my daily diet; they are my strength when I am so lonely, when I miss home land, my tradition (Awdeamet), and everything else. Above all who on earth can have the ANGELIC VOICE God has blessed with? You are irriplacable Mane.

    May Your soul rest in peace!
    and condolence to her families and fans!


  13. this comment is to Lina i wish we can have more of you girl,Wow! what a great comment you wrote to Assta B.Getu you need to grow up, weak up bro. get some book to tell you what that is your head need to clean up and get up from where you stuck i dont even know what to say to you you make me sick .

  14. I am very sad about the iconic singer,Manalmosh. God bless her soul.
    For those you comment about her death cause,please let’s put aside to the expertises. Let’s note that everybody can get death ‘visa’ anytime and anyhwere and the bottom line would be let’s be ready for better or for worse.

  15. Nous avons appris avec tristesse la mort du chanteurethiopien Manalmosh Dibo ce une femme qui a fait la fierté de toute l’Afrique , les circontances de son decés est l’amentable encore pour l’Afrique et l4ethiopie Je pense cette femme merite un traitement speciale car elle a sortie le nom de l’ethiopie dans le monde et que le gouvernement doit lui etre reconnaissant . Ce triste que l’Etat n’a pas pris soins d’elle.Je pense que l’Etat doit faire quelque chose en sa memoire .

    Oumara Mamadou
    Rep Niger

  16. This futile world is meaningless for us, it is better to think for the coming new world. God is our hope not the help of the current gov’t or others.It is a hearttouching the death of Manelemosh however, she is in a good place let us thik for ourselves. Death is an indispensible.

  17. Manalemush ! I love you sweet heart. First I learned about her sickness on Jan 31/2010 at night. I had a bad feeling that she may not servuve. qu’z in the interview she looked tired. And so on that very night, I prayed for her to get well soon only to find out the following morning feb 1 when I searched google I saw it in the article that she had passed away. In the middle of my loneliness and being bored now I had to deal with this tragedy. I just lost my beloved preciouse girl. Well. I will have to deal with this loss for a while. I cann’t go to bed and get up from bed without thinking about her.

  18. Hello to my Ethiopian brothers and sisters

    I’m a Cameroonian and I was just watching some of Manalemosh’s video on you tube when I read in comments “rest in peace”… I was shocked! I’m still shocked… As I said I’m a Cameroonian and I discovered ethiopian music in 2006 and i was her. I just fell in love with ethiopian rhythm, moves and dance because she did sing and dance so well!

    And I let many other people here to know and discover about Ethiopian Amharic music and beautiful dance. They were mesmerized and so happy and I was proud because i just kept saying to myself: wow Africans do have beautiful, magic and enchanting rhythms and gracious dances! I still think that and I just want to say to you brothers and sisters that I share your lost and pain. Because she was truly a great singer and dancer. What she did was pure beauty.

    What else to say? except these sad and somehow helpless words : may your soul rest in perfect peace Mana. One day, you’ll dance and sing again, but you’ll do it along with angels.

    Africa is beautiful, Africa is magic song. Africa is pure and true rhythm from which everything came to life.

    A fan from Cameroon who didn’t know about Ethiopian music some 4 yrs ago…

    Love Mana

  19. Its unfortunate 2 us who just got interest in Amharic Music also someone married an Arabic woman, to loose an inspiring musician Like You.

    Rest In Peace Till we meet.
    Condolences to my Arab Inlaws

  20. I am from Sudan and enjoying her music very much. She is a genuine singer and reflected the traditional Ethiopain music in a respectful presentation. God blesss her soul.

  21. Im very young and just started listening to her music for only a couple of years and noticed right away how smart, beautiful, loyal, lovable she was and still today to she is and always be an angel. Wish I have could have helped, when she cried for help I cried for her. Much and many more blessings to the family, the people that were blessed to work with her,and the people she touched without even having to meet her!! I love you and always keep you in spirit!!!


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