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Hailu Shawel condemned at the Great Ethiopian Run

Great Ethiopian Run Nov 21 2009a ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA — Thousands of people have participated in the 9th annual Great Ethiopian Run that was held Sunday in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. World marathon record holder Paula Radcliffe and Ethiopian long distance star Derartu Tulu launched the race as guests of honor.

Today’s overall winner was Tilahun Regassa, while Koreni Jelila won the women’s race. Each received $2,100 award.

The Great Ethiopian Run, which was started by Haile GebreSelassie in collaboration with Toyota Motor Company, is the biggest road race in Africa attracting tens of thousands of runners.

Today’s run was broadcast live for the first time by major international sport channels, according to event organizer Haile GebreSelassie.

Since 2006, the Great Ethiopian Run has been used by Addis Ababa residents to voice their anger and frustration at the Woyanne regime, as they have no other outlet. Public meetings and opposition rallies are prohibited by the U.S.-backed brutal regime of Meles Zenawi.

Today’s event was a little different. The Woyanne regime was not the only target. The 76-year-old opposition party leader Hailu Shawel was the focus of protest. He was condemned by the runners for signing an agreement with Meles Zenawi on the upcoming general election without any tangible change on the part of the Woyanne regime, such as the release of political prisoners, including Birtukan Mideksa, leader of one of the main opposition parties. (Read more in Amharic by Awramba Times here.)

13 thoughts on “Hailu Shawel condemned at the Great Ethiopian Run

  1. Hailu will not escape from justice after this corrupt betrayal. Even if he paints his hair color on his face we will still find him. Hailu you can run but you cann’t hide from justice.

  2. Who is the leader of Ethiopia? Is Meles zenawi or Hailu shawl?
    And who has imprisoned the lady? who has said that she won’t be released in any way.
    If you have grudge against Hailu shawl, mention it and let us discuss about it.
    Nevertheless the campaign and accusation is groundless.
    Mr. Hailu shawl is not the only person that has signed the deal, but about 65 party representatives.
    Why do you single then this strong person who struggles for the unity and sovereignity of Ethiopia, for ethnic harmony and interrelashionship among the Ethiopian populace.

    It seems that some of you afraid that Meles will nominate Hailu Shawl as the President of Ethiopia.
    If it happens we are proud of that the Ethiopian politics reaches its climax.

    We need tolerance, pardoning and patience in order for the country to be developed and to have a sustainable peace and Democracy.

    Mr. Hailu and Mr. Meles go ahead !

  3. Time will come that Eng. Hailu will face a trial with the mafia tplf ethnocenteric club very soon!!!

    Death for woyane !!!

    Death for Eng. Hailu !!!

    Death for Lidetu/Kihidetu !!!

    Victory for the people of Ethiopia !!!

  4. Hi Ato Anteneh, why do not you warn ethiopian people to call your dad ‘Hero’? Your Dad is lier; he told us only diaspora condemn him. But now ethiopian people from the heart of Addis with little out let burst out their stand. Down to EPRDF, hailu, lidetu, and chamiso. The ethiopian people’s will rise soon.

  5. people it is very early to judge AEUP action and disrespecting the party’s leader eng hailu will not change anything,if you guys have a different idea to get rid off weyane just do it, your curse will make u idiot and uncivilized moron.

  6. Time will come that every one including those hired by some anti-Ehtiopian foreign paid individuals, who spoil any peace building effort among different political parties and innocent Ethiopians, will face trial!!!

    Death for no one !!!

    Peace for every one !!!

    Freedom of mental slavary for our dear foreign hired brothers and sisters!!!!

    Victory for the people of Ethiopia !!!

  7. The game is over for barbarian poltics
    I apprciate the move by hailu shawael this is the need of new generation as teady afro sayes “yeker tababalu ” please those of you in poltics for the last 40 Years enough for distrubing the region all of you opossitions and wayane you are from that barbrian generation no more for you you have not a Place we are seek of you

  8. እነ መራራስ እነ ቡልቻስ እነ ንጋሶሰ ለምን ዝም ተባሉ ኢትዮጵያን እኮ አይወድም ባንዲራችንም አይወድም እነዚህ ምንጉዶች ናቸው

  9. Hi Ethiopian review editorials bord, last time i tried to write my coment regarding THE Two idiots Merera Gudina and Beyene petroce, but you didn`t accepted my coment.why for? this idiots the first criminals who join the weyane Parlama they must be start exspose.there is no different betwwen Merere, Beyene, Lidetu and Hailu shawel.

  10. Any party don’t say about our flag except Aeup (Engineer Hailu Shawel) so why u guys oppose only Hailu shawel.U guys think over it is not only go to college.
    Thank you

  11. This is a reply to Wolde. Why are you addressing your issue to Eng. Hailu’s son. Is he running for office? Please redirect your anger else where. Being part of the Shawel family by birth doesn’t make the rest of the family responsible for the man’s action!!!

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