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Meles Ashebari Zenawi and death

By Yilma Bekele

It has been two weeks now since our conversation has been revolving around the dictator. We know for sure he is not well but beyond that no one has come up with any credible explanation for his absence. Rumors, counter rumors, news updates, breaking news have become so ubiquitous Meles Ashebari Zenawi has taken over all the news. His illness has managed to show our psychological make up and our current level of interpreting the news and how we act on it.

As usual what we present in public and what we say in private are two aspects of our forever split personality. Privately we are filled with glee and can’t wait to show our unsurpassed pleasure at his demise while officially we are pictures of reserved behavior and civilized pleasantries. Our reporters did not fare any better. Their updates are based on rumors; unvetted news and personal wishes bundled as current information. We have plenty of work to do.

It is a shame that our media can’t even send someone to St. Luc University Hospital in Brussels and report the news. They might not be able to get his charts but I am sure it is possible to confirm he is there and is receiving medical care. I am also sure there are sympathetic Ethiopians, fellow refugees and well meaning Belgians who work there and that are willing and forthcoming with his condition anonymously. It is the job of the reporter to search and look under the stone to uncover news of interest. I am also sure with a little legwork it is possible to confirm the comings and goings of the dictator from Bole airport with all the details that make the story credible. This idea of using the ‘National inquirer’ method of reporting is not what we deserve.

The failure of our media has become the cause of this tsunami of mis information, dis information and Woyane lies that has made our understanding of the situation very shameful and ugly. It has added unnecessary aspect to the event and made us digress from the point at hand that is discussing the repercussions of the incapacitation or death of the dictator.

It is very disconcerting to see that we have become uninvolved spectators of our own story. Instead of the foreign media coming to us for explanation and analysis we the subjects are reduced to quoting AFP and Bloomberg to tell us about our own affair. I would have found it a lot better and interesting if our reporters paid attention to the people that would be affected by the unfolding event and given us different perspective from our own point of view. Plastering our websites with what some ferenji said sitting in his London, New York or Nairobi office does not make the news any credible. Interviewing people in Ethiopia, Washington DC, Cape Town or Beirut on how they feel about the news, how it will affect them and what their worries are is a better way of gauging the pulse of the public. As usual we validate ourselves by what others say about us.

As it stands now this unhealthy emphasis on the health or illness of an individual has managed to dominate the conversation instead of using the opportunity to blaze new trails and focus on what should be done to bring freedom and democracy to our suffering ancient land. That is where I want to gear this conversation since our ever-loving God has presented us with a good opportunity to bring a new dawn and a bright future to mother Ethiopia.

We have to stop reading the tealeaves or in our case the coffee cup and telling our people who is up, who is in or who is out. In the scheme of the on going situation it really don’t matter and this obsession with idiot personalities does not do our situation any good. What we got here is as follows. Meles Ashebari Zenawi is not well. What ailment he is suffering from is not really important. If we know whether he will make it or not will be good to know, but even that is not that important to the conversation we should be having. We know there are no rules of succession in cases like we are confronted with now. He was the person in charge and he determines who comes after him due to the fact that he controls the economy thru control of the Banks and Party affiliated businesses. He controls the military thru appointment of all high-ranking officials from his Tigreans ethnic group; He controls the Security, Federal Police and the Judiciary. He controls body politics by the creation of all the satellite ethnic parties and the Parliament. Control of all these vital organs of government enables him to control the civil service and bureaucracies thus achieving a total strangle hold on our country.

This is the situation in a nutshell. His incapacitation or sudden death leaves a big void. That is the void we should be discussing on how to fill so we avoid the situation that created the problem we find our selves in at the moment. Spending our time and energy on gossip, Mamo kilo stories and idiotic fantasies is not going to help. What are the forces that are arrayed in front of us to sabotage transforming our nation on the path of democracy and freedom? The one and only stumbling block facing us no other than the TPLF party. It is the only entity that will work overtime and pay any sacrifice to keep the status quo. The current arrangement of forces has been very kind to TPLF and the Tigrai ethnic group asscociated with it. Denying this fact is willful ignorance. This does not mean others have not benefited from the way things are today but the fact of the matter is that like little puppies they are satisfied by sniffing and picking up crumbs thrown their way. I doubt any one will claim to have sat on the same table as the TPLF and gotten a fair share of the Injera on the Meseob. Claiming otherwise is denial of reality.

Our job is to find a way to use the current confusion in the ruling junta and confronting them, intensifying contradiction among them and creating the conditions for inheritors of this broken system to think twice before embarking on costly repair of a rotten system that is currently on life support. This is not done thru talk or this current love affair of peaceful revolution. This fantasy has to be laid to rest. It is a smoke screen and utterly useless scenario advocated by none other than TPLF and the educated but ignorant among us. Talk unless transformed into action is nothing other than a complete waste of time. I am not even going to dignify such concept by giving a rational answer. You can keep talking but please leave me out of it.

‘Non violent resistance’ or ‘Peaceful resistance’ is one of those terms that is being bastardized by us brave Ethiopians. It has become the answer by those who are afraid to get their fingers dirty by actually doing something unpleasant as following talk with action. The truth of the matter is peaceful resistance by the oppressed does not mean their plea for freedom will not be answered by violence by the regime that feels threatened by any kind of change. That is how the situation in Syria started by ordinary people demanding a breathing room. The regime has not stopped the killing but at least now they are getting their own medicine back. I am sure all sane Syrians would prefer for the violence to stop but that is not going to happen. Assad and his Alawit tribesmen are not willing to share power and the people are not willing to be treated like second-class citizens in their own country. Check counter check is in play.

In Ethiopia the regime is in the process of trying to buy time to resolve the contradiction created by the dictator in deathbed. The system worked when one person was in charge but now they have to come to some kind of understanding to be able to keep their criminally gotten power and wealth. As is the case always thieves find themselves in a state of contradiction not during the robbery but during the sharing of the loot. It is important we stop being spectators in this drama but find a way to force ourselves on the stage so we can be part of the play. The Ethiopian people and all opposition have to dig deep into their resources and devise ways to sabotage this deal-making going on. You can call it anything you want whether non-violent resistance, civil disobedience, sabotage or anything as long as it is geared to create havoc on the current illegal structure that has been destabilizing the health and well being of our people. It can assume the South African way where they burned tires and apartheid dogs and closed the streets, the Libyan way of taking one village at a time, the Syrian way we saw today of vaporizing those that conspire together to kill their own people, the Egyptian way of convincing the Military to refuse illegal orders to shoot or the EPRP way of dealing with enemies of the people to set example to others waiting in line.

I can see the empty cry from well meaning people, the condemnation by pretentious friends and the crocodile tears by the peaceful resistance advocates. Please spare me your civilized ways. Some will say ‘hey, you are not over there so it is easy to advocate all this’ my response is where have you been the last twenty years when Woyane has been carrying out violence against our people. Where were you 2005 when Meles murdered all those young people and imprisoned over forty thousand of our citizens? I live in good old USA. The violence done against me is mental the violence done against my people is physical. Unless they decide to rise up and confront Woyane the violence will continue unabated. With or without Meles the TPLF violent rule will continue. Our people will live in misery and our children will die in the jungles of Africa, the seas of Arabia and our daughters will be slaves of unsympathetic and degenerate Arabs. Like the brave Egyptians, the resourceful Libyans the gallant Syrians our people have to find that ‘enough’ moment and take the struggle to a higher level. Pleading has not worked. Relying on ethnic identity has not born fruits. Silence is not the answer. Resolute confrontation of evil is the only way. Like the road charted by our Muslim brothers and sisters the only thing that evil is afraid of is unity and resolve.

Let us stop creating useless news and headlines that does not move our struggle forward. Let us not dwell on the machinations of the evil system and its inheritors but focus on our strength and our dreams for our future. Let us stop quoting every ferenji to tell us about ourselves but make our own news and our own analysis. Let us try to do the job ourselves instead of waiting or blaming those that have a completely different vision for our beautiful homeland. Who else can do the job better than us?

48 thoughts on “Meles Ashebari Zenawi and death

  1. Ethiopian Regime Crumbles: Enter CIA
    With its foundations irreparably cracked and its edifices of power crumbling the Ethiopian regime headed by Meles Zenawi is turning more and more to the CIA to make the critical decisions in the ministries of power in the capital Addis Ababa.

    Faced with growing nationalist insurgencies, an ongoing economic crisis and calls for regime change from the heights of the religious community, the isolation surrounding Meles Zenawi grows almost by the day. Addis Ababa has become home to an ever shrinking inner circle of regime insiders allowed to share in the spoils of power but with no one able to replace Meles himself as head of state.

    When the Egyptian people finally exploded President Mubarak quickly became expendable for the USA had a “Plan B” in the Egyptian military. But no such back up plan exists in Ethiopia for Meles Zenawi knows all to well how quickly he can become “expendable” when it comes to the interests of Pax Americana and has made sure that the Ethiopian army has been purged of any and all who might replace him.

    Towards this end earlier this year Meles “retired” some 120 of the last of the top generals and colonels left over from the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front guerilla army that brought Meles to power in 1991.

    Hated in his ethnic homeland of Tigray, once his power base, and hated by the Amhara elite, the ethnic minority who previously ruled Ethiopia, Meles has ceded de facto control of his ministries to technocrats from the CIA and US State Department.

    The USA is desperate to keep Meles in power, for without anyone they trust to replace Meles from within or outside the regime the options facing Pax Americana should be causing a growing sense of anxiety in the White House offices of President Obama’s Senior Policy Advisor on Africa, Gayle Smith.

    The last five years has seen an historic shift in world economic power, with Asia, headed by China, and Europe, headed by Germany, becoming the major trade partners on the planet. And all of that trade, hundreds of container ships a day, must pass through not only the Suez Canal, guarded by a mercenary Egyptian army, but the Red Sea and the potential choke point Bab al Mandeb where it joins the Indian Ocean.

    So far $7 billion a year in western aid has kept Meles Zenawi and his army, the largest, best equipped in Africa, in power and able to do Pax Americana’s dirty work in the Horn of Africa. But with Meles gone and no pro-USA replacement waiting in the wings the options facing America will be daunting.

    Ethiopia is not so much a nation as a prison house of nations. The people of the Ogaden, Oromia, Gambella and Afar, some two thirds of of Ethiopia’s 80 million people, are demanding the right to self determination, de facto independence. Once this happens, and matters have gone to far to prevent such, there will no longer be an Ethiopia and no longer an Ethiopian army to do the bidding of the USA.

    The result will be that Eritrea, population 5 million, will have the strongest, most capable army in the Horn of Africa with Eritrea’s national motto being “Never Kneel Down”.

    So no matter how many drones it may have the USA may find itself having to put thousands of American boots on the ground in the Horn of Africa alongside a permanent naval fleet, a task that is a political and public relations disaster in the making.

    No matter the control wielded by the CIA inside the ministries of power in Ethiopia the end of the Meles Zenawi regime grows closer and with it will come the end of Ethiopia as the world has known it. And with the end of Ethiopia as a regional power and policeman on the beat for the imperial interests of the USA all bets are off in the Horn of Africa and America will be left to scramble for a solution to maintaining their control of one of the most critically strategic areas of the world.

    lemma replies:


    This C. Mountain is the most anti Ethiopian American and very much pro Eritrean, if you have been reading his articles. I am wondering why prominent writers such Al Mariam, Yilma, etc posting on Ethio sites challenge this guy. He hates Meles but also he shows many indication he doesn’t care about Ethiopia but Eritrea. Perhaps he is married to Eritrean or something. Who knows he is helping outsiders enflame the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Do the disorganized Ethiopans look such articles that concerns Ethiopia everywher and call them out?

    dawit replies:

    The writer of the above article, which goes by the name watchout, seems to me unintelligible, starting from his language. We need to be better than this if we have to comment.

  2. A confused diaspora from a confused land…..Meles will not die and I am hundered percent sure at the end of the day your will be the losers…no place for you Ethiopia and hope instead you will die there and be buried there….ethiopia shall prevail without you….

    Anonymous replies:

    Tazabi = Dummy
    Please, instead of writing gibberish take a class “English for Dummies”. May be then we will be able to understand what the hell you are taking about. Your blind allegiance to your Master Zenawi seems to be clouding your is pathetic mind.

    Wala replies:


    Make yourself ready for the last scrumble you have been watched all the way since leaving jungle and all your contribution for the woyanne killing sqad,along with other crimes like looting and repeated trial of creating chaoes on Ethiopians of different etnics,your shifta boss is a done issue even if he was not ill his facing justice was on the seen ,it is not joy for Ethiopians to see this individual dead rather to follow his day to day justice process would have been relief for most whose love once has been killed by this individual as he was wining and dining with his daughter as ethiopians were mourning over their loose of their 11-80 years old .

  3. Your comments are well taken. But what needs to be reminded is that Ethiopia and its people have gone from Monarchy to dictatorship. The country has never experience real democracy news has always been controlled by the leaders who were never elected by the people. All the leaders of Ethiopia knew that they were never elected by the people and are not accountable to the people. Therefore, the result of all this is control,oppression, divide the people against ethnic lines and etc….the outcome of all this is lying, cheating and a deep disdain for the ethiopian people who are kept ignorant and poor.

  4. All the news we hear is AFP said this , BBC said that, VOA said another… what is exactly happening with zenawi only known to TPLF politbureau. Unless the woyane junta come out and tell the truth the only conclusion is zenawi is dead.

    There is a power struggle developing between Woyane tigres and shabia, both of whom make up the TPLF politbureau. the shabia element having the upper hand. UNTIL THEY SORT OUT, WITH THE HELP OF THE CIA WHO WILL BE THEIR LEADER THEY WONT COME OUT AND TELL THE TRUTH.


  5. This moment is again a test for anyone to be seen as a true leader.

    We remember a scenario of the 2005 election. All of us were in line for change.Some of our friends died in the fire exchanges between angry civilians and government sympathizers. That awakening was unpredictable protest but at least determined for a change.That ample chance happened to be only a case for the death of the innocent youngsters. With all the ignited move of crowds almost everywhere in the nation, with high determination for a change from the peoples end, with all the determination to be a sacrificial lamb as a cost for democracy and inherent freedom, what made that revolution to die? I think it was a leadership crisis. The opposition party leaders,CUD that time, all of them with no exception I may say, were simply waiting for thousands to die and get a shortcut to power, without tracing direction. Yes they were able to talk, and some of them are still talking from US and Europe as if just ‘words only’ matter. They were not leaders for the protest 2005 rather made that chance a hunt of gun fires. They were not willing to die but motivated others to go and die. This is not leadership. Non of them were with the youngsters dying, but were waiting to see what will happen, hiding in their rooms, some of them hiding in Sheraton Addis, waiting to see the end and then sit on power.

    Now this is another moment of a test of leadership. Is just humerus when someone out there is waiting for the News to come first and then think about the succession later. Be a leader, no need for you to wait until the broadcasting news of the death of His Excellency prime minster Meles Zenawi. You think the News of his death will miraculously give birth to a leader? Don’t mystify claiming education of whatever, from wherever. Go and present yourself, stand in the front line, and say your vision to the people who are in need of “a leader”. A leader is not one who waits, but who takes the leadership at this very moment, right there at the spot. If not you will not be the successor. Keep your mouth zipped, and wait for your own death.

  6. Yelma: Menw menew bedenb bemetawqew amaregna betetsefew tedenagreh adenagerken. englizegnam almesel alen abo. Kalhonem be Guragegna becha bemetchelew quanqua. Adera!

  7. Meles will be remembered for his legacy. But no ethiopian will foregive him for making the great african nation, symbol of freedom and the pride of africa a land locked nation. His demise will be a good beginning for ethiopia to reclaim its ill-possessed ports. All ethiopians will pay the required price

    Anonymous replies:

    Hi dear Ethiopians Meles Zenawi stood for what he believed in and did what thought was right.I appreciate him for he was able to hold power for all these years.Eventhough he is hated by all Ethiopians he has done something which he he may be remembered in bad and good at least by small groups of only Adwans.
    I really wonder what do all the oppositions plan to topple tplf or do at least some democrats of tigreans could come to power ?
    Are all oppostions stand on on the same ground of thoughts?

  8. What are the US and Britain cooking up for us this time.

    lemma replies:

    Didn’t you see? Berhane who is pro neo colonialist has been working with the West is in power perhaps for loooong time TPLF will not go away a-la-CIA and Alamoudi

  9. Wow! Well said dear. That is what is missing from conversations, action, action, action. Unfortunately, we are at the junction where opposition is non existence. Of course, we have plenty of the so called “nonviolence” oppositions, those who swear in the name of Ghandi and forgot how many Indians sacrificed in the process, swear in the name of Mandela and forgot to mention how many South Africans gave their life and forgot to say that Mandela and his followers trained in our own poor country, swear in the name of Dr. Martin Luther King and forgot to describe how many black lost their precious life…. They completely leave out Malcolm X. In general, we have oppositions who replaced FIRHAT with non violence.

  10. Yes, Yes, Yes…………..

    Action, Action, Action…………

    We will be surprised by the response from all Ethiopians who have been suffering for so long, some of them all their life.
    What are we waiting for???????????????????????????????????????????

  11. Wow,
    I just commented about the importance of video/picture to corroborate news pieces.
    Pictures and videos of TPLF celebration in Addis would have been a powerful symbol of the sort of reign Ethiopia is under.
    Thank you

  12. I hope the departure of the wickedest so called leader of Ethiopia will bring a new beginning amongst Ethiopian people and friends: the beginning of healings wounds, the beginning of mutual trust, the beginning of self worthiness, the beginning of self respect, the beginning of good feeling, and the beginning of a new good era that were all hijacked by Melese/abebe/legese, his boss mebrahtu g/hiwot, and their financier al-mouaress. It is my prayers and dream the trio (meles,his boss, and their financier al-mouares) face the justice system of the Ethiopian people in Ethiopia-by-Ethiopians.

  13. Yes u are absolutely right. We are waiting for some foreign media to confirm it for us.It is wrong. The people who are working in our media which is specially based in Europe should take the upper hand to do the job.

  14. “Let us stop quoting every ferenji to tell us about ourselves but make our own news and our own analysis. Let us try to do the job ourselves instead of waiting or blaming those that have a completely different vision for our beautiful homeland”. Well said and I agree with all you have said in your article. What I can’t understand is Ethiopian in diaspora can write, campaign and shout about all that is going wrong in their country. When it comes to doing things that actually matter, like telling the truth while facing the hostility and consequences that follow challenging the tyrant like Eskinder Nega did, they are nowhere to be seen. Some have managed to write a guideline on how to bring down the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia. What we are lacking is the courage and determination of Libyans, Egyptians and Syrians who flocked back to their respective countries to help remove the ruthless dictators in their countries. Libyans in London joined those who fought in Bengazi and Tripoli streets. What we are good at is activism in Washington and European cities and a lot talks about our God blessed country. Are we suffering because Ethiopia is blessed so much by GOD, when do we realise that it is what we actually do that matters rather than talking so much nonsense and wishful thinking.

  15. We will be in Addis at the end of the fourth month, at that historical point, What would say, especially Hodader Woyne media members who overwhelmingly flooding the people of Ethiopia with heavy chronic lie besides empty minded Berket?

    Hodader see u there!
    Victory for the people of Ethiopia!!!

  16. Ethiopian Prime Minister Takes Break to Recover From Illness

    By William Davison on July 19, 2012

    Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is taking a break to recover from an unspecified illness and will return to duty once he is well, Communications Minister Bereket Simon said.

    “He is in good health,” Bereket told reporters today in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, adding that further details aren’t being announced for privacy reasons. Meles is expected to return to work “in the near future,” he said.

    The 57-year-old leader failed to attend the two-day African Union heads-of-state summit that began in Addis Ababa on July 15. Meles had planned to go the meeting, Bereket said. Anti- government groups including the U.S.-based Ethiopian National Transitional Council said on July 15 Meles may have died after receiving treatment in a Belgian hospital, while the Middle East News Agency reported a day later that the prime minister had surgery in Germany, without citing anyone.

    Meles is head of the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front and has held power in Ethiopia for more than two decades, after helping lead allied rebel groups to overthrow Mengistu Haile Mariam’s Marxist military junta in 1991.

    Under Meles, Ethiopia’s government has been a U.S. ally in the fight against insurgencies in the Horn of Africa, especially in Somalia, where the military helped remove an Islamist group from power in 2006. The U.S. government provided $6.23 billion in assistance, including food aid and military training funds between 2000 and 2011, according to the State Department.

    Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, who is also the country’s foreign minister, led the Ethiopian delegation at the African Union summit earlier this week.

    To contact the reporter on this story: William Davison in Addis Ababa at [email protected]

    To contact the editor responsible for this story: Paul Richardson at [email protected]

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  17. What do you mean by,”the system worked when one person was in charge.”The system has never worked and eventually will lead TPLF to its demise. In my opinion, the tin pot dictator is lucky that he faces a natural death. At the end of the day, all those criminals who perpetrated crimes against the people will be brought to justices. Let the child killer burn in hell!!

  18. The woyanes are clearly feeling the heat. For example, for the first time this week TV Tgray is signaling a revolutionary motivational sentiments that all Tgreans go to west/east or north/south are one. The program hostess lady also introduced certain district section in Mekel city named ‘Woyane #1’ which was ruined by the late emperor Janhoy in 1936. This sounds a cry for unity to defend and keep the status quo by any means possible for the majority Ethiopians are too civilized and alah/god fearing to repeat Africa’s most ugly and shameful history.
    I think the precious gift the opportunist Tgrean elite can present for thier people is to let them live freely and equally with thier fellow Ethiopian sisters/brothers and nieghbours for lasting development. Does this means resigning their lucrative power with full honor? Yes, so be it! Peace is priceless goddamnt!

    Anonymous replies:

    I’m a daugher of the derg sivil servant. In my formative years, i grew up in Mekel, Asab and finally Asmara when my father was assigned there. I speak fluent Tgrigna and still keep in touch with some of my childhood buddies. What a sweet old memory! Anyway, i visited Aigaforum to verify your acersion out of curiousty but found out that it was ready taken off the cite. I was told this is unusual. What possibly could be the reason?

  19. Please continue to deprive the next generation their fudamental right of loving, cherishing their country like they did to me. Remember tyrany only benefits one individual but million suffer. What are you doing my Ethiopian brothers and sister???????

  20. I dared you last time to a bet but none of you have the guts to come forward and have a wager with me. Ok I will up the ante this time. My wager is that Our Most Benevolent Prime Minister will beat the cold he is battling now and will come back stronger as our famed black lion. Anyone of you want to bet? Anyone? If I lose and you have no criminal record or intent, I will let you drive my Mercedes S600 for a day. And if you lose you will do every thing I tell you about our Most Benevolent Prime Minister and the government he leads thenceforward. Anyone?

    Anonymous replies:

    If you ever get sick, I wish you nothing bad, but the same kind of cold you think the bloody hand Crime Minster Meles has. Amen

  21. Talk is cheap. No Etiopian is willing to sacrifice anything money or blood.

    Some, especially the Amharas want only to rule Ethiopia because some think that is their given rights despite their lousy record of keeping Ethiopia dirt poor and ill-prepared for Woyane invation.

    The Tigres are the only one willing to fight for everything. So they deseve to rule.

    Anonymous replies:

    They were fighting because their land is dry and they had nothing but now they have everything so I don’t think they will fight again

  22. How weird is that the predatory, the unholy and an avowed enemy always wish to own Ethiopia when
    they have their own? After more than 20 years of absolute wolf rule, who is at the scene
    to take over the helm? The front runners are Eritrea and Islam. If you are from Tigray, Eritrea, Islam, Hadere,
    Gurage, Hadiya and Gondar, take a good, hard reality check, because of history of narrow gotengenet, in all, in all fairness, you do not make good candidate to lead a county or hold higher offices. Please exclude yourselves for the welfare of all. Even if he comes back healthy and fit, Zenawi will remain dead in the minds of the people. The invincibility and longivity of evil rulers is explained this way: our sins make the creator’s face turn away, but He has a timetable; Satan takes over and appoints his guys (Mengistu & Meles). When their allotted time is up, however, they vanish. Look at the people associated with Mengistu – they will alway be a non-factor for the the rest of their lives.

  23. [Mr.Yelma] You wrote,

    “As usual what we present in public and what we say in private are two aspects of our forever split personality. Privately we are filled with glee and can’t wait to show our unsurpassed pleasure at his demise while officially we are pictures of reserved behavior and civilized pleasantries. Our reporters did not fare any better. Their updates are based on rumors; unvetted news and personal wishes bundled as current information. We have plenty of work to do.”

    I could have appreciated if you were taking personal responsiblity for your own action.After I read the above statment,however,it becomes clear to me you are implecating everyone of us.I am sorry I dont share the feeling of guilt you are articulating.The reason is not because I am pure or falultless,but Iconciously stay out from the news.Not all toghether.Some times I try to read the messages but soon will decide to leave because I find it is filled with negativity and madness.Some times I try to post postive message,unfortunately

    I can not even get my message posted any more because I deleberately try to differ in tone with other commentators.I have tried to share
    wisdom from the bible and my message did not get to be posted.i am not sure if this one will be either.Such paranoid are some individuals they will never permit you to differ with them.

    I drop by here to say this.Wether I like it or not The soveriegn

    LORD is incontrol of every thing.My role in this whole thing first to repent my sins and be at peace.Second,I have to please him more than anything elses. Does this mean I don’t have to care for the condition in my country? No quite to the contrary.I realized though If I refuse to make things right with the one who made me how is it going to fare with me to begin? Inother words if I ,as an individual, refuse to OBEY GOD how is it to go well with me If I want different organizations to come together in one accord? At this point you might think I am a government supporter.No i am not.However i do believe Ethiopia has been in this condition because its people have departed from faith.Even when they do claim they are believers it is only in name.
    As a result,for twenty plus years we can get it;I am afraid unless we make an attitude change it will be so as such for manty years to come.Lie is lie whether it is told by weynes or oppostion supporters.One can not events to come to pass by shere wish.God is in controle of every thing the ages may role men come and go but he alone is eternal.

  24. This is a well written article. Thank you for it. However, I have got bad news to share with you all. The demise of Ethiopia is coming. If we do not act as one people sooner than later, I can assure you there will not be Ethiopia. TPLF is ready to abandon and run to their base in Tigray. Weyane is a divided house. They are about to run for their life. Read the CIA assessment above. It is a tell tell sign of what is to come.

  25. Yes, it should not matter whether meles is sick/dies. Our responsibility shoulod be to organize and rid off the evil woyane gangs. The major problem with us is that we all are waiting for someone else to do the job for us. Woyanes know very well our weakness and they are not going to fall apart because they have ample time to reorganize survive what ever problem they face. On the other hand we are waiting for someone else. Then how are we going to save Ethiopia. Twenty-one years have passed with such expectaion. What a shame!

  26. This is a very articulate and forward thinking article regarding the subject matter at hand. Thank you, Ato Yilma. I agree with the author completely, instead of hand wringing, speculating or daydreaming about seven maids with seven mops to clean the filth that is Woyanie from Ethiopia; it is time for Ethiopians to seize the moment and finish the struggle that started in the early 50s by the Neway brothers. This is a critical moment that each and every one of us needs to pull his/her own weight to get rid of the rotten regime. All opposition parties and civic organizations from all wakes of life need to come together and speak with one voice and push or pull in the same direction. This is not the time to try outsmarting each other in the maneuver for power. You have been doing that for the last twenty years and look where we are today. If you let this golden opportunity slip away without an attempt to unify and work for a single common purpose, please be on notice that you and/or your party is dead as far as Ethiopians are concerned. And all are watching and following your actions and inactions.

    Freedom is not free and we have to be ready to pay all the necessary sacrifices to root out the evil TPLF once and for all from Ethiopia. All Ethiopians need to follow the determination of their Muslim brothers and join hands with them in the protest and not standby and watch from the sidelines. History has shown us that good governance is not a gift from God; only those brave and daring enough demand it will get it. The old adage that people get the government they deserve still holds true.

    Ethiopians must boldly seize the moment, act courageously and boldly to bring about the change they have been waiting for so long.




  27. THOMAS C. MOUNTAIN is an independent and patriotic journalist who closely monitor the U.S (or other wise known as the multi national globalist corporations) policy towards East Africa. In this respect he does expose` of the policy of his country towrds African nations.To me he is a journalist par exccelece!In no way he is against Ethiopia or Ethiopians;he simply lay the facts as they occur unfolding. He exposes the back door dealings of international actors and African tyrannts.

    Lemma,you are incredibly hate mongerer,and no one will be mislead by your comments any more.Bozene! You will do better if you learn how to communicate appropraitely with your peers.The type of statments you just made the other day about a portion of Ethiopian population proves that you might have been rared by a single parent,possibly a mother.

    Below is some of the interviews by Thomas C.mountain.

    1-Meles Zenawi gets money from Piracy

    2-Soros Georgia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Human Rights Watch – Thomas C Mountain

    3-Arab Owners of White and Black Slaves – Thomas C Mountain

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