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Author: Teddy Fikre

Ethiopian Heritage or Hear Us Age

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Our heritage is our 88 beautiful tribes who are bonded not by federalism but above all Ethiopiawinet::

by Teddy Fikre  dated: Friday, Juy 27th, 2012

Do you know the sound of age? It does not sound like tic, tic, tic; age is more like a tick that sucks the blood from your soul and leaves you in senior citizen amongst the denizen of the soon to be lifeless bodies.  I know, a bit graphic right but it is the blunt truth.  We are all bonded and bound to the rest that came before us.  We will in due time disappear into the ether and be buried in graves. The only thing that will remain when we are nothing more than memories are our legacies.  Our legacy is our heritage.

So this s the crux of the matter before us, our legacy is our heritage.  Our heritage is timeless and endless.  Long after our time on this earth is finished, what will stay behind and be written in the stars is the history of our culture, our tradition, and our common aspirations—the only thing that will remain is our heritage. Heritage is the core of a people; we are defined not by our existence but by the very essence of our history and our culture.  Our heritage is our inheritance, we are nothing more and nothing less than the history of Ethiopia passed down to us one generation the next.

Our heritage is Adwa.  Our heritage is undefeated.  Our heritage is buna.  Our heritage is 13 months of Sunshine.  Our heritage is our enat (mother) Ethiopia.  Our heritage got Obama elected! In our hearts beats the heritage of ten thousand Adwa Jegnas and forty million emamas.  Our heritage is our genes and our menfes, we breathe and live our history through our stories and our fables.  Irrespective of our philosophy, our ideology, our God, or our preferences, we are all in the end tied and wedded to our heritage and our intertwined interdependence.

Our heritage is our flag without a symbol on it. Our heritage is found in our names; Desta, Tesfaye, Fikre, Haile, Emnet, Luladey, Aster, Makeda, Meron—in these names you will find a folklore of our heritage and our oneness to the ones before us.  We are the manifestation of our parents’ aspirations and the dreams of our forefathers.  We are heritage through our eskista and our injera, each shoulder shake and every gursha is the continuation of our heritage by other means.  Our heritage is found in the smiles of innocent children and in the grasp and slow walk of old men.  Our heritage is in our musika and our getems, our heritage is timeless and classic.

Our heritage is not acronyms because liberation fronts are a front that murder people instead of liberating them.  Our heritage is not found in… (Continued)…



Ethiopian Heritage Festival Weekend

[click to visit ESHNA and find out about this weekend’s event]

This weekend, July 27th – July 29th, The Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America (EHSNA) is sponsoring the second annual Ethiopian Heritage Festival at Georgetown University. The event will be a cultural extravaganza featuring some of Ethiopia’s most famous singers, food, culture, history, and activities for children.

The Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America (EHSNA) was founded to preserve and retell the story and history of Ethiopians by Ethiopians for all people who ove Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a land of blessings and a history unparalleled in human civilization. Ethiopia was the first African country to defeated a Western Colonial power (Italy) in the battle of Adwa. Ethiopia is where coffee was discovered. Ethiopia is mentioned in the Bible 13 times, only Israel surpasses Ethiopia’s name in the bible.


Teddy Fikre

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Inshalla Ethiopia? Sharia Law in Ethiopia? Is Meles Right After All?

What kind of people worship a God that would lay waste to a people and refuses to forgive people who do evil things?

by Teddy Fikre  dated: Sunday, July 15th, 2012

“If a man still prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall say to him, “You shall not live, because you have spoken a lie in the name of the Lord.” When he prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall thrust him through.”

The LORD is a jealous God, filled with vengeance and wrath.  He takes revenge on all who oppose him and furiously destroys his enemies!  The LORD is slow to get angry, but his power is great, and he never lets the guilty go unpunished.  He displays his power in the whirlwind and the storm.  The billowing clouds are the dust beneath his feet.”

“So now the LORD says: “Be patient; the time is coming soon when I will stand up and accuse these evil nations.  For it is my decision to gather together the kingdoms of the earth and pour out my fiercest anger and fury on them.  All the earth will be devoured by the fire of my jealousy.”

“I will sweep away everything in all your land,” says the LORD.  “I will sweep away both people and animals alike. Even the birds of the air and the fish in the sea will die.  I will reduce the wicked to heaps of rubble, along with the rest of humanity,” says the LORD.  “I will crush Judah and Jerusalem with my fist and destroy every last trace of their Baal worship.”

“God murders Onan for refusing to commit incest with his sister in law.”

“You Ethiopians will also be slaughtered by my sword,” says the LORD

Oh my God.  How evil this religion of Islam is.  This Allah they pray too, what kind of people pray to a God that is so wicked, so “jealous” and so full of hatred?  What kind of people worship a God that would lay waste to a people and refuses to forgive people who do evil things?  What kind of religion espouses Ethiopians being slaughtered by his sword?  What kind of God would kill a man for refusing to have sex with his sister!

You know what, I change my mind, George W. Bush was right after all, the Republicans had it right that Islam is a nefarious cult, and Meles Zenawi and TPLF agents are justified in wiping out Muslims in Ethiopia.  If this is the essence of Islam and these words are what children are taught in the name of religion, we should immediately do all that we can to eradicate Islam from Ethiopia and every ..CONTINUED…



Teddy Fikre

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Meles Zenawi, Corruption, Blood Money, and USAID

We ask you as Ethiopians and Americans please stop supporting tyranny in Ethiopia and corruption in America by Ethiopians.

by Teddy Fikre  dated: Friday, July 13th, 2012

September 11th did not occur on September 11th 2001.  Rather, the day of monumental mourning and the death of thousands of Americans was decades in the making.  September 11th occurred the moment America decided to coddle a supposed “freedom fighter” by the name of Osama bin Laden and armed him to the teeth with weapons and knowledge.  September 11th was a blowback, a result of unexpected yet foreseen set of events that led ultimately to the Twin Towers being reduced to rubble and the Pentagon morphed into a hollowed out testament to US foreign policy.  I am not a conspiracy theorist; I put all blame for September 11th on Osama bin Laden and his band of blood thirsty terrorists.  However, it would be ludicrous if we as Americans do not realize that the Clinton and Bush administration—and prior administrations —do not bear the responsibility for creating a monster who would eventually murder over 3,500 innocent Americans.

It is with this reminder that I am about to take you on a journey of another blood thirsty terrorist that the current administration is coddling by the name of Meles Zenawi—the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Meles Zenawi is no different than most African dictators, he is a ruthless tyrant who has butchered and terrorized his way to power and consolidates his grip on power by endlessly silencing dissidence.  He has shuttered free speech by killing hundreds of college students in the run up of the Ethiopian elections in 2005.  He has silenced the press by jailing and murdering journalists like Eskinder Nega.  Meles Zenawi is the African Osama bin Laden, yet here we are again replaying September 11th as the Obama administration coddles this ruthless dictator by welcoming him as a role model for Africa and inviting him to Camp David as America’s guest of honor.

The fact that Obama treats a war criminal and a man, who is at this exact moment enacting ethnic cleaning in Gonder Ethiopia, like a welcome hero is sad enough on its own; add on top of this insult that Barack Obama is a son of a Kenyan and this story morph from tragedy to an all-out heartbreak.  Tens of thousands of Ethiopians registered for the first time in 2008 and voted for Barack Obama thinking that Obama would reset the Bush policy of embracing tyrants in Africa and set a course of liberating Africa.  The result has been downright depressing; instead of liberating Africa from tyranny and oppression, Obama has hugged Meles Zenawi even closer and showered him with weapons and cash.  This is not what Ethiopian-Americans expected, this should not be what Americans as a whole should expect.

Abetted by a feckless media in America, lawmakers in the pocket of dictators in Africa, and high priced law firms like DLA Piper—where former Congressmen and Senators like Dick Gephardt and Dick Armey are employed—Meles Zenawi is pillaging Ethiopia to the hilt with the help of billionaire Al Amoudi as he doles out millions of dollars in America to influence US foreign policy and purchase law makers and media outlets as though he was purchasing Ethiopian coffee at Starbucks.  This is America, we are a land of the free and the home of the brave; we are have a long and proud history of backing the small guy and standing against tyranny wherever it exists.  America is the shining city on the hill that has for decades thwarted dictators and spoke on behalf of oppressed people throughout the world.

This is why Ethiopians and countless millions of Africans, Europeans, Asians and Latin-Americans immigrate to the United States.  We come here in hopes of a life unencumbered by repression and rank corruption.  We expect better from America, we expect more from President Obama—we demand a foreign policy that is just and a politics that is able to speak out against torture, rape, abuse, and ethnic cleaning.  Instead, what we are getting is a US government apparatus that is enabling tyrants in Africa and giving leeway to ethnic cleaning and mass killings while turning a blind eye to children dying of hopelessness and malnutrition on a minute by minute basis.

I guess we should be thankful that America spends billions a year in AID money in Ethiopia and other impoverished countries throughout the world.  But we as Ethiopians do not want a hand out, we want a hand up. We don’t want a beggar Ethiopia, we want a better Ethiopia. Besides, most of the money that the United States and the Obama administration spends goes directly into the Ethiopian military and into the pockets of fat cats like Al Amoudi and Addis Alemayehu while children are left drinking from sewer systems that drip out of the mansions and posh hotels of these very same fat cats.  Ethiopia does not want AID money; we simply want you to stop investing in tyrants and instead invest the money in giving us tools we can use to farm our lands.  We don’t need another AK47 that will only entrench Meles Zenawi for another decade, give us tractors and plows and Ethiopia herself can feed the entire continent.

Of course, Ethiopians saying this will be ignored by the mass-media, lawmakers, policy experts and President Barack Obama.  We are nobodies in the eyes of the elite in America, we are given token letters and the occasional photo op because we are not as powerful as Jewish-Americans, Gay Americans, or Latino Americans.  Thus I ask the various powerful constituencies in America to please join our cause, you know how it feels to be oppressed and subjugated.  Jewish-Americans know the sting of being tormented by a Pharaoh—meet our Pharaoh by the name of Meles Zenawi.  Gay-Americans know full well how it feels to be subjugated by bigots who would deny you the right to exist—meet our bigots by the name of Woyanes (TPLF) who have implemented a systematic program to make all but one ethnic group in Ethiopia permanent third-class citizens as they market Apartheid by another name called “Federalism”.  Latin-Americans know full well how it feels to have the home of your forefathers become an exclusive club for non-Hispanics only and being told to show your papers on a daily basis—meet our version of “papers please” as the TPLF government literally asks children for their ethnicity before giving them jobs.

But it is not enough for us to plead to do the right thing; the media and the policy elite in America only pays attention when a non-minority is damaged the same way hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians have been damaged and driven to depression.  It is with that fact in mind that I am going to introduce you to a Jewish-American—a blue blood New Yorker—who has been victimized and abused to such a cruel extend that he too was driven to depression at the hands of Meles Zenawi, Lily Bertu, Addis Alemayehu, and ultimately USAID.  This man is an avowed philanthropist and a humanitarian who has given to the less fortunate for half his life because he too knows how it felt to be hopeless.  He gives as he is given; he has invested his personal fortune so that children in China and Ethiopia have a hope for a better life.  He is a man who believes in the best of people, he has a pure heart and a successful businessman—he has the rare ability to mix enterprise with altruism.  His life story leading up to Ethiopia is awe-inspiring; his life after vising Ethiopia is depressing and the essence of melancholy.

Meet Victor Ozeri, a successful businessman who was a part of the first wave of American entrepreneurs who flocked to China when China was emerging from the shadows of “the Great Leap Forward”.  Victor traveled to China without practically knowing a soul and unable to speak a lick of Cantonese or Mandarin, what he had was hope in his eyes and optimism in the abundant possibilities that China offered.  Within a decade after his arrival, China arose from a slumber and now stands as the second biggest economy in the world.  Victor opened up hand bag factories and soon enough became a millionaire while helping to lift thousands of Chinese citizens from the backwater of poverty into the main streets of prosperity.  Victor’s life was transformed, he witnessed in China how capitalism and entrepreneurship—especially when combined with an altruistic spirit—can transform a country overnight from a third-world beggar into a developing shining city on a hill the same way America did 21 scores and 4 years.  China is undergoing the very same transformation in one fourth the time it took the United States.

In the 21st century, any third-world country is but a microwave button away from being transformed into an oasis of prosperity.  That is unless that third-world country happens to reside in Africa; only in this content will one find permanent poverty and endless cycles of violence.  Some of the blame can be put squarely on African tyrants like Meles Zenawi who would rather suffocate Ethiopia with tribal warfare instead of investing in his people.  In Ethiopia, more than 14% of the GDP is wasted on purchasing arms and “national defense” while less than 4% is invested in healthcare sector (in America, health care accounts for over 30% of the US GDP).  As hundreds of thousands of people are dying from lack of potable water and food, Meles Zenawi kills thousands more with the very same arms he purchases from America to start wars with neighboring countries.  But I don’t blame Meles as much as I blame countries like America, Great Britain, and France for ignoring this calamity while giving billions of dollars in “AID money” as that same money is laundered to purchase mansions with gold faucets and private airplanes.  Do you know some of the food that is dropped from UN helicopters meant to feed starving children in Ethiopia is at this exact moment behind gated mansion and is feeding fat cats in Addis Ababa instead?  You don’t have to take my word, take it from Victor, the very man who resided in Ethiopia for years as he tried in vain to transform Ethiopia from an impoverished country to a thriving nation.

With that I transition to Victor.  After Victor made his millions in China, he became passionate about repeating the same outcome for other third-world countries.  Upon his completion of his “China phase”, he fixed his aims on Ethiopia.  He traveled to Ethiopia and adopted a girl who had less than one year to live. He brought her back to America, took a dying girl and restored her to health.  From that moment on, he fell in love with Ethiopia.  Victor witnessed all the misery and hopelessness in Ethiopia—especially in Addis Ababa—and trained his passion into making a… CONTINUED


[click to view and listen to full interview with Victor Ozeri and his ordeal in Ethiopia]

It is vital that you hear this whole interview.  This is a life changing interview, once you hear this whole interview, your feelings for Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, and his crew of thugs and mercenaries.


Whether you are Ethiopian, Asian, white,  black, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, gay or straight, if you want to end the plight of Ethiopia, I beseech you to pick up your phone, send emails, send tweets, Facebook, and any other method you can to contact the following people.  Email them this article and tell them about Meles Zenawi and the continued pillaging of Ethiopia as the tyrant destroys hope throughout the country and let lawmakers know (your Congressman and Senator especially) about the “Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum” event this Saturday at George Washington University.  These are but a few leads, please use your own contacts and knowledge base to contact as many journalists, opinion leaders, and policy experts and convince them with all your heart to end tyranny in Ethiopia and Africa as a whole.  Do it because you care, do it because you are American, do it because you have children in your lives.  Most importantly, pressure these people so that another child won’t die in Ethiopia and another Victor won’t have his will to believe in charity sapped out by those who feed on the charity of others to line their pockets.  God bless you and God bless America!

Contact these people

  1. President Barack Obama:  Phone:  202-456-1111 & 202-456-1414 Address: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 email: [email protected] & [email protected]  twitter: @barackobama
  2. Republican Presumptive Nominee Romney:  Phone:  857-288-3500  Address: PO Box 149756, Boston, MA 02114-9756  email:  LINK  twitter: @mittromney
  3. USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah: Phone: 202-712-4810  Fax:  202-216-3524  Address:  Ronald Reagan Building 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. email: LINK   twitter:  @RajShah
  4. Contact your lawmaker: Congress – LINK  Senate: LINK
  5. Mr. Vincent C. Gray  Mayor of the District of Columbia 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 316, Washington, DC 20004 Phone: (202) 727-6300 Fax: (202) 727-0505 TTY: 711 Email:[email protected]
  6. DLA Piper: Phone: (202) 799-4000  Address:500 8th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20004 email: [email protected] twitter:  @DLA_Piper
  7. Media:,,, and as many other media outlets as you can come up with
  8. Thomas Debass:  Virginia Tech with a master’s degree in Applied Economics and a bachelor’s in Economics  Executive Certificate in International Business Management from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.  Senior Advisor for Remittances & Diaspora and, USAID, State Department-Thomas Debass serves as a Director for Global Partnerships in the Global Partnership Initiative, responsible for economic growth, global finance, and entrepreneurship; as well as leading the Department’s Diaspora engagement efforts
  9. Dr.  Liesl A. Riddle: BA and MA in Middle Eastern Studies, an MBA in Marketing/International Business, and a PhD in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Riddle has written extensively on the topics of international entrepreneurship, trade and investment promotion, and diaspora roles in homeland economic development  Associate Professor of International Business and International Affairs Co-Director, GW Diaspora Program Funger 401T 2201 G Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20052 Phone: (202) 994-1217 E-mail: [email protected]
  10. Gorge Washington University Elliott School of School of  International Business and International Affairs Michael E. Brown Dean and Professor of International Affairs and Political Science Office: 1957 E Street, NW Suite 401 Phone: (202) 994-6241 Fax: (202) 994-0335 E-mail: [email protected]

Points of Contact within Ethiopia Diaspora Business Forum

Addis Alemayehou:  Former Chief of Party for the VEGA African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA) + project, a USAID program.

-Board member of Connect Ethiopia an Irish biz charity

-Board of SBI international private equity group

– Ethiopia (ICT-ET) Information and Communications Technology Association

Paconet Media PLV, Managing Director Addis Ababa  first English-language radio station of Ethiopia, AFRO FM, covering African business news.

Yohannes Assefa:   Practice law as member of the NY Bar association. -Ethiopian American Manger Ethiopian America Vergina based company The Diaspora Investment forum organizer sponsor  2012 Ethiopian Diaspora investment Forum

Henok Assefa:  Ethiopia Investor the online promotion website published by Precise Consult International he is a managing partner.  Board Member at Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, Board Member at American Chamber of Commerce in Ethiopia, Country Representative

Manny Amare:  An illusive man with little background information on him until he came out to join the rest of the sharks as Modern Ethiopia.    ModernETH President and Founder New York Addis Ababa and President, of Altour, NY and AA Owner Ethio market  Ethiopian Investment Commission from 91-2010 and the new website  as Modern Ethiopia

And the rest of the government websites below

  1. Ethiopian Ministry of Revenue >>>
  2. Ethiopian Custom Authority >>>
  3. Ethiopian Press Agency >>>
  4. Public Enterprises Supervising Authority >>>
  5. Ethiopian Export Promotion Agency >>>
  6. Ethiopian Privatization Agency >>>
  7. Quality and Standard Authority of Ethiopia >>>
  8. Federal Inland Revenue Authority >>>

Abi Woldemeskel:  He shows up on a few international conferences and exhibitions in the last two years but work behind the seen with his operatives.  Director General of Ethiopian investment Agency  Ethiopian Investment Agency (EIA) (

Eliab Tarkghen:  George Washington University Language Lab software consultant  developed asset management software to track media inventory Ethio-Biometrics™, Ethiopic Editor, and Ethiopic Palm PDA address book. ChamersNET project      Eliab Consulting, “Founder and CEO ModernETH partner

Ermyas Amelga:  From Boston area belive to finish in Smith college.  Member of the New York Wall Street Diaspora the former highland bottle company owner CEO of Access Capital.  Founder and Board Chairman of Zemen Bank S.C.  Access Real Estate Share Company

Zemedeneh Negatu: Educated in the Howard University, Washington, D.C. and is a Certified Public Accountant and worked as CPA E&Y New York    Eastern Africa Ernst & Young LLP  Managing Partner of Ernst & Young Ethiopia & Head of Transaction Advisory Services (Corporate Finance)  based in Addis Ababa on Mega building (TPLF)

Matt Davis:  Worked with the U.S. Federal CIO, FEMA CHCO, NOAA’s CIO and Assistant Administrator, USAID directors, and many Ministers and Members of Parliament across Africa.       Founder & CEO of Renew Strategies Incorporation: Established in 2007 as a Delaware limited liability company Location: Washington, D.C., and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia   RENEW LLC – USA 2020 Pennsylvania Ave. NW #388 Washington, D.C. 20006 RENEW – Ethiopia T.K Building No. 2, 3rd floor P.O. Box 101585 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  Voice: +1 (703) 261 9021 – U.S. +251 (0) 91 261 4746 – Ethiopia E-mail: [email protected] Also Chief Executive Officer of Orange Symphony Consulting firm that specializes in establishing multinational companies in countries throughout Africa

Bob Rabatsky:  Works in Ethiopia’s Agribusiness sector.   Fintrac- Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations Agricultural development contractor that won the New food security initiative


[click to see source of money and tell Selamawit that Teddisho says “Tadias” ena “Dena Dere”]

Makeda Debebe: The One in AESA One

Makeda it seems is one of the tiny majorities of Habeshas who actually embraces and lives out the meaning of her first name::

by Teddy Fikre  dated: Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

In times of war, it is vital to understand that all on the other side are not evil and some are taking part and doing part with unethical people because they believe in an ideal beyond what the leaders of the other side espouse.  In times of war, it is vital to separate the pigs from the lamb and to treat the redeemable as friends while banishing the useless ones to the periphery of extinction.  War is a savage business, those who have God’s light in their cornea seek war not as a grand conquest or a final solution but as a means to bring about a Addis day and a lasting peace for the people.

It is with that statement that I will “expose” Makeda Debebe as the one person in AESA One who is worthy of being treated with graceful words instead of being buried with my fire pen.  Makeda is the one person in AESA One who had ethics and who embarked to market and promote AESA One because she believed in the possibility that AESA One offered.  She is the one person out of hundreds who did not take blood money to fill her wallet and instead worked with AESA One to help her brother.  This is why Makeda is the only ONE in AESA One; while the rest of the blood thirsty mercenaries were paid over $20,000 a piece stained with the blood of raped and tortured 13 year old Ethiopian girls, Makeda broke her back in a million tiny pieces to give AESA One wings while not fully grasping the wings she was providing to this tyrant federation gave flight to Lucifer and his forty Banda bandits.

Let me tell you a bit about Makeda, or as I call her Makiyeyeye (this is copy written by the way), Makeda is a refuge attorney.  She has made it her life mission to help those who are in need and she travels the world all over to give aid and comfort to those who have little and live for even less.  She helps victims of rape and exploitation; she travels to Africa continuously to assist refugees and walks endlessly in refugee camps to give Hebret to those who are left shivering in dark lit corners.  Makeda is the personification of her first name.  You see, in Ethiopia most have some poetic names that have meanings so deep that even Pluto and Aristotle get confounded trying to figure out the essence of our names.

Unfortunately, most Habeshas spit on the meaning of their names and act in ways that are polar opposite of their names.  Some are called Desta but they are the perfection of misery, some are called Dawit but don’t act as Dawit in the bible, some are called Fiker but live in hate, while others are named Emnet but have no faith at all.  Makeda it seems is one of the tiny majorities of Habeshas who actually embraces and lives out the meaning of her first name.  Her parents made no mistake calling this lovely lady Makeda—they can be proud that their daughter has grown up to be the Queen Makeda of Ethiopia after all.  Right now, at this very moment, Habeshas with names like Henok Assefa are asking teenage boys proof of their ethnicity on job applications before they ask them about their qualifications.  I told you, genocide in Ethiopia is being born and I am standing with my army of youth revolutionaries to stop it the only way we know how—to fight fight fight until the freedom is won.

The thing that galls me the most is that Makeda was the only Jegna who stood up and stood tall for AESA One.  Every “man” in AESA One revealed themselves to be nothing more than Habesha Kemis wearing qamalams as they refused to come out publicly and defend the very “non-profit” that was paying them thousands of dollars in order to feed their blood lusting bellies.  However, Makeda—the only one that did not get paid—stood like a soldier in Adwa and faced all incoming heat in order to defend the organization that she believed in.  She even took forty scud missiles aimed at Makeda’s big foreheadiye (I say that with love) from Teddisho and refused to let me intimidate her.  Imagine that, AESA One, a federation of forty bitches and one true nigist.

It is for that reason, because Makeda is a nigist of the highest order, that I write this article praising her heart.  Now, don’t get it wrong, Makeda is still wrong for being part and taking part in an organization that is creating the very turmoil and pestilence that she is trying to erase as a profession.  AESA One drinks from the cini of blood red buna as they continue to… (CONTINUED)




Adwa Spring 2012

[click to be a part of Adwa Spring 2012]

This is your chance to be with Woyane bandas or be with the people of Ethiopia.  This Adwa Spring will be of the people by the people, Tigray, Oromo, Guragaye, Amhara, all 88 tribes of Ethiopia who believe in a FREE ETHIOPIA are welcome to join this movement.  Those those are not a part of the movement and decide to stick with Meles and his TPLF Junta.  Those who stay with Meles will disappear into the trash bin of history.  Soon, not another child of Ethiopia or Africa will die from hopelessness and hunger::


Ethiopian Heritage Society

[click to visit  Ethiopian Heritage Society]

If you want to know what our heritage and society is all about, please visit the Ethiopian Heritage Society and make sure you support them when they come to DC on July 27th – July 29th.  Leave the “Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum”, a Woyane infested death panel, and support the Ethiopian Heritage Society instead.  The Ethiopian Heritage Society  supported ESFNA while the “Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum threw their lot in with Meles and AESA One.  The choice is simple, choose wisely and choose Ethiopian Heritage Society.  Enamesegenalen::

AESA One: Ye Dem Genzeb Men Geza?

You can sleep with the pharaoh or you can stand for the people—I will not let you do both!

by Teddy (revolutionary) Fikre  dated: Monday, July 9th, 2012

It is done!  A war I started a week ago has been complete and I am now standing on top of a smoldering ash that is AESA One.  I warned all promoters and DJs who took blood money, who chose their wallets instead of their conscience, to walk away and to part ways with AESA One.  They chose greed and wonton lust of dem genzeb, for that they are forever branded as the bandas of the highest order.  They made their temporary loot but they will never be the same—they have been transformed overnight as a pariah and a virus to avoid.  This is what happens when you spit on Ethiopia, when people choose greed over the people, they will forever be left alone while they do Eskista in the 8th circle of hell.

Now I have prayed seven times today to let me write this article without venom and using cuss words.  I will try my best to do just that and live by the spirit of God and forgiveness.  I will try but I know at least one or two times I will utterly fail in this attempt the same way that AESA One utterly failed to divide our community.  So I write this article as a eulogy and a warning, anyone that does business with AESA One going forward will be branded as a banda for life and a sekaram askari who puts their belly before the belly of starving children back home.  It is with that I will explain to you fully what blood money accomplished last week and show you in the end that people who sleep with blood money will be suffocated by blood….money.

You see, I know what the whole AESA One event was all about.  It was a systematic effort to eliminate the voice of the Ethiopian diaspora in America.  Meles Zenawi—enabled by his whore Al Amoudi—grew concerned that Ethiopians in America were using ESFNA to organize politically and unite under the auspices of Ethiopiawinet.  Understand this about African pygmy DICKtators, they only hold on to power by dividing the people along ethnic and tribal lines.  This is why Meles Zenawi implemented the “Federation” plan for Ethiopia.  He sold federalism as self-governance and self-rule. But wise up my people, this is nothing more than Apartheid by another name.  Meles’s plan is to consolidate power by making every tribe in Ethiopia a victim.

He peddles false claims that Amharas are out to get Tigrays.  He blatantly spreads false propaganda that Oromos are victimized by Amarahs.  He has made Amarah people the personification of evil as he paints us Amharas the “elite tribe” and in the process depicts us the essence of malevolence.  What an ingenious yet nefarious plot, as he divides the people, he is at this exact moment undertaking Saytan’s work by initiating an ethnic cleansing agenda as he kicks Gondere people out of Gonder and supplants Gonder with Woyane moles.  The land of my father and the birthplace of my grandfather six generations removed—Atse Teodrose—is now being pillaged and raped as TPLF goons are savaging Gonder and stealing the desta of my people.

I want Ethiopians worldwide to know one thing, I am Ethiopian first and last, I am African always.  Sure I am proud to be from Gonder, but I am equally proud of the Tigray blood that flows in my veins that I inherited from my grandmother’s side.  The thing of ethnic complex, it is stupid as shit—here I failed at my attempt to not use curse words—not one Ethiopian is pure blood. We are all intermixed and intertwined; there is no blue blood amongst us.  Tigrays have Amhara blood in them, Oromos have Wollo blood in them, not one Ethiopian can stand and say that their blood is purely from one tribe.  We are united by a common hope and a common history.  Only banda Ethiopians go around espousing their tribe above their Ethiopian heritage.

But “Wedi” Meles—I refuse to call him by his last name—does not believe in Ethiopianism mish.  He believes in tribal superiority, he is the next incarnation of Hitler and Woyane is next iteration of the Nazi party.  What he and his TPLF goons are intent on accomplishing is a Tigray “homeland” and raising Tigray above all tribes—they are in essence trying to create a Tigray super race.  Now you understand that Meles is out to accomplish the African version of Aryans.  Now you understand why the bullshit yellow star on our flag is the next of kin of the Nazi swastika.

It is for this reason that I will fight until my last breath to stop this oncoming genocide of Ethiopia.  Over my dead body will I see in my lifetime a “Tigray homeland”.  Tigrays are just as Ethiopian as me and any other Ethiopian be they Oromo, Wollo, Anuk or any of our 88 beautiful tribes.  However, I will not abide the notion that Tigray people are special and superior.  Any person that believes in this notion will be buried alive by my pen and I will make it my life goal to expose anyone that believes in this bigoted agenda one by one.  No one is safe who hold tight to this netela of a racist principle. If you believe that Tigray people are superior to the other 88 tribes, I will hunt you down one by one and destroy your life like I destroyed Desta Keremela (Google that name).  I will rob any asshole who believes in ethic expectionalism and leave you only with a tizita of happier days.

Now you have a context of the birth of AESA One.  This was nothing more than a sinister plot worthy of Pol Pot to take away our collective gebena and leave us sipping buna from dried out sewers the same way that Ethiopian children drink from dried out sewers at the Addis Sheraton.  Take a step back and you will realize that Al Amoudi and his pimp Meles Zenawi are implementing a systematic plan to eviscerate the Ethiopian Diaspora.  Did you know that before 1991, the overwhelming majority of Ethiopians who migrated to America were Amharas?  After 1991, the overwhelming majority of Ethiopians who immigrate to America using the DV lottery are Tigray.  What a sick and twisted plot, the TPLF cadre are systematically devising a nefarious system that will forever bury non-Tigrays as third-class citizens.  Not even Jim Crow could have come up with a more wicked idea, even the Klu Klux Klan are shaking their heads in disbelief and telling Woyanes that they have gone too far.

You see, Meles and Al Amoudi rightly recognized that the ESFNA was a voice for the voiceless.  Once a year, Ethiopians of all stripes congregate to various cities to take part in soccer and reunite with other Ethiopians who they have not seen in years.  Once a year, ESFNA gives people a chance to disconnect from Facebook and Twitter and actually make real friends instead of making friends through social networks. For 29 years, ESFNA has been the one entity that gave Ethiopians like me who have been away from Ethiopia for decades a chance to reconnect to our roots.  ESFNA was and is Ethiopia for all of us.

But Meles and Al Amoudi saw in ESFNA a clear and present danger to their continued existence.  While some used ESFNA to reconnect to friends and estranged family members, the political opposition saw in ESFNA a platform to unite and come together under the umbrella of ANDINET.  Meles recognized that ESFNA was becoming a powerful political weapon for those who chose to organize once a year.  Clearly ESFNA is apolitical, but that did not prevent intelligent Ethiopians from traveling to ESFNA events to connect with likeminded Ethiopians.  Thus ESFNA became a convention for soccer lovers and revolutionaries alike.  ESFNA became Adwa, for those that chose to be enlightened; ESFNA became our version of Tahrir Square.

Meles and Al Amoudi saw this train coming and when ESFNA decided to invite Burtikan in 2010, they saw an implicit threat turn into an explicit danger.  Thus, under the guise of Burtikan’s invitation, Al Amoudi pulled his funding from ESFNA and enticed half of the ESFNA board to jump ship by offering these banda assholes—I just failed not to curse aydel—blood money to become traitors of Ethiopia.  And these jackasses from Abinet Gebremeskel on down wagged their tails like the bitches they are and promptly formed ESFNA One.  These duplicitous trolls had the nerve to use ESFNA in their names until a judge laughed them out of the court room and banned them from using ESFNA in their newly formed Lucifer’s federation.

Thus ESFNA One became AESA One, these Addis whores promptly began to prostitute Washington DC with their blood money.  I could not turn around without seeing a bus or a metro station splashed with blood money posters.  The thing that drove me to the brink of war was that these whores used the clean Ethiopian flag to promote AESA One in Washington DC while their pimp back home Al Amoudi uses the Ethiopian flag with the Saytan’s yellow star on at his Addis Sheraton.  For months two brothers who I once considered friends befriended me and set upon a psychological war to convince me to drop my war on AESA One.  These two mercenaries were paid $20,000 by AESA One to get me to.. CONTINUED..



“Bertu, tenesu, tesebsebu, be Hebret ashenefu” ~ An Ethiopian Jegna


Adwa Spring 2012

[click to join Adwa Spring 2012]

This is your chance to be with Woyane bandas or be with the people of Ethiopia.  This Adwa Spring will be of the people by the people, Tigray, Oromo, Wollo, Amhara, all 88 tribes of Ethiopia who believe in a FREE ETHIOPIA are welcome to join this movement.  Those those are not a part of the movement and decide to stick with Meles and his TPLF Junta.  Those who stay with Meles will disappear into the trash bin of history.  Soon, not another child of Ethiopia or Africa will die from hopelessness and hunger::


Ethiopian Heritage Society

[click to visit  Ethiopian Heritage Society]

If you want to know what our heritage and society is all about, please visit the Ethiopian Heritage Society and make sure you support them when they come to DC on July 27th – July 29th.  Leave the “Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum”, a Woyane infested death panel, and support the Ethiopian Heritage Society instead.  The Ethiopian Heritage Society  supported ESFNA while the “Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum threw their lot in with Meles and AESA One.  The choice is simple, choose wisely and choose Ethiopian Heritage Society.  Enamesegenalen::


Teddy Fikre

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Feeding Ethiopia to Lyons

Feeding Ethiopia to Lyons

Challenge duplicity where you see it and speak up against people like Professor Lyons who stand in league with tyrants and pygmy dictators like Meles Zenawi.

by Teddy Fikre  dated: Friday, July 6th, 2012

Colonialism.  Did you really think it disappeared a half century ago? Did you really think that Ethiopia was never colonized? Let me break it to you people, Africa is colonized more than ever before.  Moreover, please stop bragging that Ethiopia has never been colonized.  We are colonized to the core, we are enslaved and imprisoned by a corrupt political system and cronyistic regime that keeps our country impoverished and our children back home dying one by one from starvation and hopelessness.

We are colonized by multi-billion K Street law firms that keep doing the work of the devil as Meles Zenawi pays the PIPER on a month to month basis to lobby congress on behalf of the TPLF regime.  We are colonized by  lazy and useless mass-media like the Washington Post as they refuse to investigate the source of blood money right in the heart of Washington DC  and cite supposed “Ethiopian experts” without asking pertinent questions like “is this supposed expert getting paid by the TPLF junta or does this supposed expert have business before the Ethiopian government”.  We are colonized by politicians like Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes-Norton, a hero of mine who once fought on behalf of the disadvantaged and was a Civil Rights lion, who now sends a congratulatory missive welcoming AESA One to DC even though her staff was given a heads up to look into the blood money affiliated with this corrupt federation.  Most nefariously, we are colonized by “Ethiopian geo-political experts” who are cited as definitive sources as they go around white washing the blood soaked streets of Addis and in the process bless thugs and tyrants in Africa as they sit behind ivory walls at some of the most prestigious universities in America.

Let me introduce you to one such “Ethiopian expert”.  Meet Terrence Lyons, a professor at George Mason University.  I am not sure what Professor Lyon’s intentions are, for all I know he could very well be a fine and upstanding citizen. However, his work to this point and his judgment to this day makes me question his credentials and his overall ethics.  I know Professor Lyons; I once sat on a panel on the Kojo Namdi show where we discussed the results of the 2010 Ethiopian elections.  He came across as an intelligent man; however his stance on the outcome of the 2010 Ethiopian election disturbed me deeply.  He is one of those folks who come across as a “rational and fair-minded expert” that use the guise of “objectivity” to cover up heinous acts.  I know one thing, when it comes to issues of evil vs. good, there is no objectivity; you either call out evil where it exists or you are a part of it—there is no middle ground when one is making a judgment call with respect to malevolent and wicked deeds.  Anyone who attempts to be “fair-minded” about Hitler or Pol Pot is just as evil and corrupt as the tyrants they are trying to put into perspective.  Anyone who tries to leverage moral relativism to deflect judgment from tyrants is a tyrant as well.

Thus my issue with Professor Lyons, he has made it a point it seems to overlook heinous acts in Ethiopia and has time and time again refused to take an ethical stance and stand for a people who are oppressed to the bone.  I have yet to hear Professor Lyons speak out for the hundreds of Ethiopians who were brutally assassinated and wiped off this earth in 2005 yet he goes around espousing the development of Ethiopia under the TPLF government.  I find it ironic that Professor Lyons is a professor at George Mason University who specializes in “conflict resolution”.  Is this what students at George Mason University are taught, to resolve conflicts by overlooking sinister deeds and ignoring malevolent tyrants?

Professor Lyons caught my attention yesterday when he was cited by an article that  Annys Shin wrote about AESA One in the Metro section of the Washington Post.  A lot of people call me a journalist, and I immediately respond that I am just an observer.  However, Annys is a journalist by trade and profession.  I know a few things about journalism, like for example, you should always ask the 4 Ws (why, where, when and what) followed by a “how”.  You should always investigate experts you cite and find out what, if any, financial or other incentives those sources have.  You should not be afraid of speaking the truth and disregard being “fair and balance” if being fair and balanced prevents you from relaying the truth.

To my dismay, Annys did none of that, she wrote a lazy piece where she portrayed the anti-AESA One and the pro-AESA One camps as polar opposites of a divisive issue and then turned to Professor Lyons to be the “rational source” and offered Professor Lyons as the voice of reason.  I found this to be deeply offensive and a journalistic malpractice of the highest order.  Did Annys do any research on Professor Lyons before she decided to bestow him the final and definitive assessment of Ethiopia? Did she ask him if he has any business dealings before the Ethiopian government before she turned him into the final arbiter of all issues concerning Ethiopia? Did she ask him what his affiliations are with Al Amoudi before she turned him into the Ethiopian God? Of course not, she did what all lazy journalists do, she most likely Googled “Ethiopia + Professor + Virginia” then decided to give Professor Lyons the floor because she found his name on the first page of Google.  And of course Professor Lyons did the bidding and conferred upon Al Amoudi his blessings and praised him as though he was the African version of Bill Gates when we all know that Al Amoudi is the Ethiopian version of Bernie Madoff as he sells Ethiopia acre by acre to the West and the East.

You see this people; this is how the game is played.  This is how Ethiopia and the rest of Africa is colonized.  We are enslaved by lazy journalists, misguided politicians, blood thirsty lobbying firms, malicious tyrants like Meles Zenawi, and “Ethiopian political experts” who continue to deny the wicked deeds that occur in Ethiopia.  My challenge to Annys is simple, stop depending on Google to vet your sources and instead act like a real journalist and do the hard work the way that Walter Cronkite used to.  I will make your job easy, click HERE to find out more information, this is called a lead Annys, I hope you follow it to the source.  My challenge to Professor Lyons is simple, please tell us what incentives you have and what your ties are to Al Amoudi and Meles Zenawi before you confer legitimacy to blood soaked billionaires and tyrants.

You see people; this is how Ethiopia is colonized.  Anyone that has the power to speak for people has the power to rule the people. Why do you think that China cracks down on free speech and the media?  China silences opposition and hides the truth—by extension they own the people!  But this is not China Annys and Professor Lyons, this is America, please stop being lazy and duplicitous, speak the truth and stand up for the people or you will find yourself in league with Holocaust deniers.  We Ethiopians are a proud people, we do not take too kindly to people who profit at our expense nor will we continue to lie down and let supposed “experts” walk all over us as they peddle lies and propaganda as they…CONTINUED



Terrence Lyons

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Please contact Terrence Lyons and let him know that you are not pleased at all with his duplicitous views and hidden agenda when it comes to the Ethiopian government and Al Amoudi. Contact No: 703-993-1336. Fax No: 703-993-1302. Email: [email protected]

SHIN Circle

Annys Shin

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Please email Annys and let her know to stop using sources without investigating their hidden motives and to stop using Google as her means of research.  Tell her to be a real journalist and cover the full story, to actually investigate the full story and to get to the source of funding with respect to AESA One’s blood money.  You can email Annys at [email protected]