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What is Mahebere Kidusan?

By Bertu L’Ethiopia

Among several of the Ethiopian online journals, it is not an exaggeration to state that Ethiopian Review is the only one that understands the implications of Woyanne’s infiltration of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church (EOTC). This is due to its keen understanding that to dismember Ethiopia and build its own empire, Woyanne first must neutralize the 2000 year old institution — THE ETHIOPIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH.

This 13-page article (Amharic, pdf, click here to read) explains in detail how Mahebere Kidusan was created and what it is doing currently.

This document (click here) shows how Mahebere Kidusan achieved an unprecedented power within the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

53 thoughts on “What is Mahebere Kidusan?

  1. All the stated report regarding Mahebere Kedusan,is clearly written by the person or a group who are the supporter or mission accomplishers of Tehadeso or Menafekan(Protestant).You tried in your report to give devlish or evil name and agenda for Mahebere kedusan.Do n’t waste your time by posting shabby and untruthful trash report.Yet as every genioun(not Menafeke) Ethiopian Orthodox Church followers in Ethiopia know the real and greatly blessed activities of Mahebere Kedusan.The name Maheber Kidusan is not stands for the “Group of Kidusan” rather it is Sunday school assosation in the name of “collective Saints”.

    Maheber kedusan has roughly 300,000-500,000 members and associate mebers in Ethiopia and overseas.Most of its members are well sharpened and well-versed in both Ethiopian orthodox Tewahedo Church lessons and higher educations. Scientist,Doctors,Engineers,professors,top ranked expertise ,priests,diacons,……………
    MK is a regarded group(concerned party) for our Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.
    MK is always against Menafeke(Tehadeso) or protestant.We all the real Ethiopian Orthodox Tweahedo youths never and never give a tiny/infinicimal ..chance for Tehadeso or Menafeke to get in and ruin our church.It will be waste of time.

    Le Menafekena,Le Tehadeso Betekerstianachenen assalefen ansetem.Atelfu…

    May our almighty lord God/Medhanealem Kirstose,his holiest mother St.Mary and all saints bless Ethiopia.

  2. Hi bertu leEthiopia…How r u?
    Here i am ur bro to tell u what Holy bible says:
    1.I think u r judging what u don’t know,actually u may have hatered on Ethiopian governers and z holy church fathers…do not mix up political games with holy dids.Holy bible says:Rom.2:1-10’You therefore ,have no excuse,you who pass judgement on someone else,for at whatevr point you judge the other you are condemening yourself,…..But for those who are self seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil ,there willbe wrath and danger…..’pls I let u to read the entire page .so pls do not i repeat dont dont judge.Judgement is only for God.
    2.Pls try to see every thing regard to the Holy Bible.u were insulting those who governes and those who are the head figures.The holy bible says:Rom:13;1-14’Everyone mustsubmit himself to z governing authorites,for there is no authority that exist which God has established….they are established by God.those who rebels on ..rebels on God has instituted…..Give every one what you owe him,….if respect, then respect;if honer,then honor…’Pls keep on reading the hole chapter.U will get life .Z holy bible says not only His holyness Abune Pawlos give respect and honer to z so called Meless .God gives wise and good governer if he get good from his peoples and gives rude and arogant leader cos of wrong doings of the peoples.So keep on prying for u and ur country zat God will give her wise and honest, peaceful leader.Dont say what u will know and govern ur emotions.Religion canot handeled by mob and emotion.God Keeps u in peace.
    Yemeselgnal sew ynegrhen yezehe new yemetawrawe..Mahebre kidusan malete ager bet betehadeso,be menafekane ayewodedeme Mengest degmo yetkawami medebekiya newe bemalete zewtere yewonjelwale ante degemo I donot know who u r Either of..eyksseke new eywonjelke new wonedemy kes Yediyabilos newe Atekesse Telachana emenete yerarakalu..Do not confuse thru followers .Confusing others also Satanis stratagy….Come on bro dont be in emotion give credit 4 ur belif ‘Anenda’Selame Egezine kulachen gare yehune ,Amen!!!

  3. Mahbere kidusan is evil. You know why i said this? Because if one person from a couple who married wanted a member, this organization made her/ him be a member. Even nobody ask if her/ his husband/wife give permition eachother to be a member. Because of that some marriege destroyed because of his organization.

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