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Meles Zenawi explains eviction of Amharas from southern Ethiopia

{www:Khat}-addicted dictator Meles Zenawi explains his campaign to evict tens of thousands of Ethiopians of the Amhara ethnic group from Benchi-Maji zone of southern Ethiopia. As expected, his explanation is full of lies. There can be no justification what so ever for evicting 78,000 people after confiscating their properties and in some cases burning down their homes. It’s an ethnic cleansing by any measurement and a crime against humanity.

96 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi explains eviction of Amharas from southern Ethiopia

  1. The fact of the matter is, no one in the world is as cruel as Meles and the rest of his ass kisser brainless, and totally moron TPLF puppets who do not think for themselves, but act on whatever evil Meles orders them to do regardless, how gruesome the crime is. Now, all Ethiopians from OLF to ONLF have come to know in the last 22 years, everything what Isayass and Meles have falsely accused Amharas for, is the tactics the two hateful racist bloodsuckers used intentionally to divide Ethiopians and the crimes the two evil blood related cousins were dreaming, planning to carryout on Ethiopians. At present time, without a doubt, Ethiopians from East to West and from North to South have witnessed Meles is indeed an Evil man that has commit more than what he accused Amharas for and beyond. The only way to create Democracy in Ethiopia and live with mutual respect with one another is to get rid of the very man that is killing Ethiopians left and right, stealing Ethiopians treasures, selling Ethiopians as slaves and dismantling Ethiopia. It is a duty of Ethiopians who believe in a Merciful God/Allah to find means to get rid of the real bloodthirsty evil and that is slaughtering our Ethiopian brothers and sisters from East to West and from North to South. Believing in God means not only to care for only our intimidate family and ethnic group, but to all mankind.

  2. How dumb and pathetic?
    First, the guy, Mellesse does not know the difference between truths and lies. I also believe his reality has collided with his delusions and is unable to think rationally.

    In his blatant lies he is telling us that the devastation of forests and natural resources was caused by certain ethnic group and hence his Woyane/TPLF pseudo government is justified in committing ethnic cleansing and forcing people from their land. How sick, pathetic, and delusional is this guy? Ethnic cleansing and forcing people from their land is crime against humanity and can never be justified by anyone and anywhere.

    Contrary to what he wants us to believe, the Ethiopian people especially those in Gonder, Bale, Gamu Gofa, Gambella, and Sidamo are eye witnesses to the destruction of their national parks and forests by the Woyane/TPLF agents many times over. Ethiopians also believe that all these destructions were committed by Woyane/TPLF cadres and soldiers by the order of the PM. Anyone can go today to Netch Sar, Bale Mountains, Omo valley, Semen mountains, and other national parks and will see the devastated forests and burned down national parks that are the hall mark of Woyane/TPLF’s destructions.

    The tens of millions of acres of farm land destroyed in Shoa, Arusi, Bale, Sidamo, Keffa, Gambella, Gonder, and Gojam by EFFORT’s fertilizers forced by the Woyane/TPLF government and its agents are proofs of the destructive policies and actions of the PM’s government. Ethiopians have also seen the millions of acres of land sold by the Woyane/TPLF government to Saudis, Indian, and other countries’ businesses and destroyed by the practices of these foreign companies. We all know who the real criminal is and it is the Mellessse/Woyane/ TPLF government. We know where the buck stops and it is at your door steps of Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF group.

    These are all the hall mark of Mellesse and Woyane/TPLF’s campaign of destruction and devastation on the forests, lands, and natural resources of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. This is as if Ethiopia and Ethiopians are being raped, killed, and destroyed by revengeful enemy that don’t stop until everything destroyed. Let alone the people of Ethiopia, even the land, the forest, the animals, and the natural resources are suffering and being destroyed by the hateful, revengeful, and destructive policies and actions of the Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF terrorist government.

  3. Zinawi is full of lies and denyal.What a cruel man! Where did the deportation order come from? And really who doesn’t know this;it just came from the prime minster’s office.Simple and clear.

    Then, why the lie? A suppliment to his cruelity? Ethiopians,we had one trgedy over the other again and again;we have been hurt so much and it is not fair at all to simply watching this cruel man,Meles Zinawi distroying the livelihood of citizens.Let’s take action against cruelity and dictatorship.

  4. Oh,our dear lord,God! Oh!God Oh! God. This bull-mouthed banda is sick,and needs laser therapy,or some sort of potion injection right through his eyes.As soon as I saw him on the screen I started to see cruility on his face;when I heard his voice wrapped with lies,I felt bad for those chaised out citizens and got sick to my stomach.My dear people,imagine those mothers,school-boys,fathers,little girls,and the elderlies felt inside of their body and mind.This man,this man created a whole new way of hurting Amaras.Let’s keep the fight,let’s keep the faith,let us redouble our energy and come together on Zinawi and his regime and retaliate with victory.

    Death to Banda!
    Death to mafia boss!
    Death to the enemy!

  5. Since 1985, Legese has been the boss and the ring leader of TPLF;it is the secrete rite of that gugeli no matter what is done by itthe criminal enterprises and her cadres are not to accept a sense of responsibility for their criminal act. TPLF uses threatening method to persuade innocent political prisoners in to confession of wrong doing. However, it is not the tenet of the criminal clique to admit wrong doing.

    How do the Ethiopian people expect the TPLF cadres who have made their ring leader a min-god to accept accountability and responsbility? Any way we look at it the option left to the rest of us is military.Weyanes has crossed the red line long ago. What is needed now is the unity of the Amharas, Oromos and the rest of our people and begins our own firecrackers, in a coordinated way, in every part of the country. This is the best and the last option that will chase the criminal TPLF out of office.Weyane’s might have its own generals presiding over the Ethiopian Army but in a time such as this when Ethiopians raise arms against the criminal TPLF there will likely be a split among EPRDF and the army in support of the people.

  6. Let Meles Zenawi and his clique leave Addis Abeba and go back to jungle.

    There comes a time that is not far that Woyane and its associates will be eradicated from main cities of Ethiopia.
    The former Chigarams(Begars) became Millioners from nothing. That is due to theft, exploitation,and money laundry.
    The whole bandits and mercenaries will pay high price in the near future.
    The Woyane cliques have also evicted urban dwellers land, house and property from Addis Abeba and some other cities, although they are not native people of the area.
    Since Woyanes are Anti-Ethiopianism, they have to go away from all Territories of Ethiopia, inhabited by other ethnic people.
    Let the Woyane be driven back to their former villages.
    If their formula of ruling based on hatred and conflict causing, let them go to hell.

    The statue of Gibre-Sedom Aba Gebremedhin and the would be villa of Meles Zenawi will be devastated within a short time by force

    Time and tide waits for none.
    Action, action,action

  7. We will definitely sue Meles Zinawi over the forced deportation of over 22,000 farmers and their families based on their targeted ehniciy from lands they lived on plouging lands and raising families to turning them to broke,hungry,and sick.

    I also cried when Meles lied to all of us.The little boy received the deportation paper while in the classroom learning;he did not know what was goiong on until the teacher held the student’s hand and walked him to the exit door,leaving behind everything,the books,the pencils,the workbooks,and his classmates.Briefly,he was somebody,but now he is nobody.

    Ato Shiferaw Shigute secured his position by executing the deportation order according to scheduled time.I would like to see Ato shiferaw Shigute standing for a trial.Nearly 21 years passed,unfortunately,in 1991, the robbers came into Ethiopia with a lot guns and bullets,and with a deep disliking towards Ehtiopians.They then scattered allover and accross the country and quickly moved into villages,towns,cities,and neighbourhoods and broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families.

    Zinawi makes the same mistake again and again.The same routine again and again with the same outcome.In 2005,Meles Zinawi lost the election to Ethiopians;he then got mad and came on TV and ordered the killing of over 200 peaceful citizens,and came back on TV and told the mourning public actions has been take on 200 bank robbers.The justice eye is on Meles Zinawi;the moment this criminal is captured,the bad mouth he lied through will be sealed hermatically and the stealing hands he murdered citizens with will be tied behind his back and will he stand on his aching knees to receive the ultimate punishment tantamount to the dispecable and the weird crimes that he has been committing on all Ethiopians.

  8. The young ones in Gojjam have no chance to get a farmland and when they ask the regional administrations they will be told “you are floated”. The street of Addis is always crowded by these unfortunate young men being LOTTERY TICKET VENDORS.

    If you go to Tigray, most towns are deserted and mostly you will see elderly people and children. The young and middle aged ones are overstretched by colonizing the south in civil service, business, industry, army, government officials secret service, beggars (spies) you name it.

    hambale replies:


    so why the south must be punished by these unfortunate people from north, when they do not have the custom/culture of respecting the enviroment like the peoples of south ? In south, west,east and central Ethiopia, people have the intercultural respect of enviroment. That is why people have still the rests of their rain forest. A piece of green land which makes Ethiopia the green country is cornered only to these above mentioned areas. So how can the people of these areas tolerate their pieces of green areas to be vanished from their eyes ? What i havn’t understod is why these people from north do not green their own region than destroying it and running to south ?

  9. Comment #52, I meant to say “Believing in God means not only to care for our immediate family and ethnic group, but to care for all mankind.”
    for goodness sake not “intimidate family”

  10. PM Meles said to memeber of the Parlament that majority of Ethiopian Muslims are Sufi. What a blunder! It is actually that we are Suni. Sad that our leaders they do not even understand the difference between ‘Sufi’ and ‘Suni’. They are completelt two different terms in Islam. You can not even find 1% of Sufi in Ethiopia. Sufism is actually a mysticl practice of Islam. To say the least it is embarassing. Now Elias post our request that Meles owes an apology to all Ethiopian Muslims. However,if he insists that he was right, we can actually confront him so that he will be even more embarassed in front of the whole wide world. Little knowledge is always dangerous.

  11. There is no Amhara true representative for Amhara people in the region and all over Ethiopia. Evenif some Amharas are members in political parties they continued to say, Ethiopia, Ethiopia, Ethiopia etc… Now it is Obang Meto, Gen. Kemal Gelchu’s OLF, UEDF, etc that are denouncing tplf for us. Hailu Shawul’s party is not for us. That made us to sleep for the last 10-15 years. We know that man. Ambas. Emiru Zeleke has made mistakes in the past when opposing Prof. Asrat’s strategy. We paved the way for tplf fighters to reach all the way to Addis faster than they ever dreamed. Now they are destroying us every day. Lidetu is a slave of his masters. His party cannot be trusted too.

    Aiga forum is mocking on the displacement of Amharas. One of aiga’s regular writers lives in or around Seattle as a bus driver. Another lives in/around Bay Area. We should identify such evil people. We must start collecting the names of these tplf representatives in the US or Europe. They should be dispossessed of their refuge status in the US. They are part of the tplf fascist regime. Tsehaye Debalkew lives in DC and works for “Selam Radio.” He is in political asylum status. But he works for tplf in collaboration with tplf’s representatives in DC. We should list what we know. That is an iota of an action. We need every action sooner than later. Let’s be strong Amharas first and then we can be heard as Amharas. If we cannot be respected as Amharas first, which Ethiopia is going to protect us? It is obvious that tplf is anti-Ethiopia. To do that,the very easiest way it to destroy all strong Ethiopian advocates. To accomplish project 10, tplf is clearing all the ways of achieving that by completing projects 1,2,3,4…..We are being destroyed as Amharas. The very big projects, 1 and 2 are already completed. Destroying Amharas may continues in their projects 3, 4 or 5. Can anyone know what will happen tomorrow. All things are now clear to us. No need of a prophet to tell us about what will happen tomorrow. We prayed, prayed and continued praying. But we are being destroyed every single day. Fools we have slept for the last two decades.

    The only way to freedom is to start organizing an All Encompassing Amhara Organization. Before it is too late, we should do something. We need Action now. The only solution is Action now no more discussion. No more discussion with any other Whether you like it or not, all Ethiopian people are organized in one/two/three etc groups. We Amharas need only ONE STRONG CIVIC/POLITICAL organization. We can then mobilize all Amhara people to cut the neck of our haters, oppressors, torturers.

    All Amhara People Organization in Ethiopia and all over the World shall flourish to serve the Amhara people and also for mutual and beneficial respect for all other people. We shall be strong, we shall unite and be a night mare to fascist/tribalist/neonazist and cancerous tplf led by meles zenawi and known of hatred and cruel apartheidism in the Horn of Africa.

    Response replies:

    To all followers of the ongoing event. TPLFits are working at speedlight for every idea we forward in discussion forums. Every person opposing TPLF must start working everywhere anytime.

    Winning a race entirely depends on how much you practice. Without any action/practice, you will lose the race 100% and be eventually decimated. Unless we start to act what we can right now, we will lose the race. Because as we lag behind, we will be in chaos. To avoid any CHAOS, we should start working hard to create a balanced force that can resist and even drive away anything behind us.

  12. What is he talking about??????? he did not explain at all!!! The question is why the people driven out of their home regardless of their ethnic background????? The answer he gave is CHAKKA-CHIFFCHAFFA!!!! Do you make citizens homeless because of they cut some trees in the area to prepare farmland OR maybe for the use of firewood????? I do not think someone just destroy forest for nothing. There is another way of dealing with the problem – to educate the people to plant more trees in the area than making them homeless.

    I think there is another agenda behind this!!!! Have you noticed the PM said “the kebelle system in the area the same as Misrak Gojjam” huh! hello??? Meles regime paranoid of Amhara expansion!!! These new ethnic regions created to control citizens movement especially the Amharas!!!

  13. There is no way anybody can rationalize the recent action taken against Amhara. It is a serious crime and justice must be served by giving restitution. All responsible starting with Meles and his right hand man (Deputy Crime Minster and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hailemariam Desalegn) need to pay for their crimes.We the victims have full right to defend ourselves in any way possible to stop the Ethnic Cleansing that is being waged against Ethiopians by Whisky-Woyane.

  14. This real chimp who survives with the life support machine of the west (money) asking them what their interest actually is about ? (Fragile stability of the region)? as one of their representative puts it and completely in a wrong way accusing the Eritrean leader who is loved by the majority of his peoples unlike the midjet in minilik palace like i have written it before guaranteed by the life support machine and its fragile security apparat compared with Ghadaffis and Mubaraks and Benali of Tunisia.It seems that the west is waiting for the uprise of the peoples like in these three countries that can occur in the near future.Having said that in his speach like the last 20 years+his jungle times there was not a single truth, for his hand picked no question members of the rubberstamp members his complicated apperance has showed what this liying machine is all about to much contradiction, his biography can most probably assure him a place in guiness book of records as no humanbeing can contradict and lies like this individual and all his speaches are directed to the internationa community and journalists that has been following the theatrical show as he is well aware that no Ethiopian takes him serious even his cult members their only interest is their existence which is financed by the west the other way (they donate half of it goes to the cult members the third for himself and fourth goes for the 80 million Ethiopians and for My fellow Ethiopians it is time to put handcuffs in all woyanne ring leaders and their associates like Mimi Sebhatu (Drag addicted journalist)

  15. Monster leader of woyanne tries to undermine the peoples request in his rude behavier,we dont need no discussion about this absolute wortheless Ethiopi enemy except the way to get rid of him so that he face justice for the crimes that he have done after leaving addis to go to the jungle

    “Liberti said that the most spectacular cases of land grabbing he came across were in Ethiopia. “This country has been suffering from famine for decades, due to armed conflicts and droughts. And yet, it has been leasing or selling its best land to foreign investors for almost nothing at all to produce food or inputs for biofuels to be consumed abroad,” Liberti said.

    In his book, Liberti illustrates the case of an Indian company, which leases 300,000 hectares of Ethiopia’s best arable land for one dollar per year per hectare, to produce wheat, palm oil, and sugar for mostly Indian consumption.

    “Ethiopians have almost nothing from this deal,” Liberti said. “The company pays extreme low salaries to its Ethiopian workers, almost nothing for the land, enjoys tax breaks for the import of technology, and on top of that uses the country’s water for free.”

    Indeed, the Ethiopian Investment Agency, the state office administering foreign direct investment (FDI), praises the country’s labour costs as “relatively low compared to the African average.” According to Liberti, foreign agricultural industries in Ethiopia pay their workers less than a dollar a day.

    The Ethiopian case is typical of the land grabbing phenomenon across the developing world.”

  16. Meles and his TPLF groupees are from the dingay covered Tigray region. They were not born and raised in Addis or Nazret or Debrezeit. They should go back to where they came from; thats not asking too much, its just implementing their policy. Go back to your dingay covered region and develop it. Why are you in Addis? Why are you in Oromia? Why are you in Amhara region? You belong to Tigrai region, and you should go back. If Amharas from East Gojam have to go back to where they came from, what are you doing in Addis? You came from Tigrai. You should go back to where you came from. Go back to where you belong.

  17. Meles could not hide his hatred for Amharas. He said everyone should be seen with equal eyes. this is purposely said to agitate our southern brothers. Naturally one becomes sympathetic with the victims, not with aggressors, who are Meles’ dogs Shigute and his likes. Amara children who are evicted from their schools, villages and homes are still suffering by this unfair treatment.

    As for Shigute, it is said that Balebetuan yetemamench beg, Latuan wooch tasadiralech.

    perhaps this is a sign that there is no such thing as God who could allow this type of humulation.

  18. the question is have people been evicted from their home and farm or not! Why does he say it is for the future settlers! We have talked and seen victims of this aggressive policy. Even Shigute said he has evicted 800 people. why is Meles contradicting Shigute and denying the fact?

  19. What answer is are you talking about. Meles knows what he is doing. He has allocated each and key positions in any institutions, whether in Ethiopia or abroad, to his TPLF followers and some other boot lickers. Sad but true. Tigray population is only 4,000,000. Among them, majority are even not supporter of TPLF. The remaining die hard, however, not only supporting Meles, but also looting the country’s resource in abundance and buy properties and businesses in and out of the country. These Mafia groups can not and will not stop through peaceful means. They can only be dealt with the only means they know, armed struggle. We Ethiopians, therefore, need to wake up and be counted. We gave Meles and TPLF more than there fare share, now they think all Ethiopians are fools. Well, if we let them carry on for the coming another 21 years, they are right and we are not only fools but dumb too.

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