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Meles Zenawi explains eviction of Amharas from southern Ethiopia

{www:Khat}-addicted dictator Meles Zenawi explains his campaign to evict tens of thousands of Ethiopians of the Amhara ethnic group from Benchi-Maji zone of southern Ethiopia. As expected, his explanation is full of lies. There can be no justification what so ever for evicting 78,000 people after confiscating their properties and in some cases burning down their homes. It’s an ethnic cleansing by any measurement and a crime against humanity.

96 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi explains eviction of Amharas from southern Ethiopia

  1. Sure. Those little children and women were destroying forests like Karturi.

    It is amazing to me the very same guy who put people to jail for genocide without a single Tigre being hurt in 2005, now sits there in his comfortable chair justifying his crime.

    This hateful midget.

  2. It does not matter what this blood thirsty dictator is saying now. He grew up in his banda home cursing and hating the heroic Amhara people who kept the independence of this great country with their blood and souls with other Ethiopians. He does not care about the Amhara people and we all know that. He has proved it many times when they were killed , tortured and beheaded. And now he is saying what ever was done is past. You donkey communist dedeb, you don’t even know what you are talking about. It would have been better for every one if you were not even born from your banda parents.
    He is used to cheat and lie all the time so I am not surprised by his talk that can make anyone vomit. It is embarrassing to all Ethiopians to see such a stupid son of a banda sitting and lecturing lies to people with little or no brains.Such uneducated idiot can lead a country like Ethiopia, it is a shame. I do not think we need the support of those hodam parliament members any way. The force of the Ethiopian people’s power will sweep them away and see blood coming out of this dictators mouth and make him drink his own saliva.
    Long live the opposition
    Long live the struggle for democracy and the rule of law
    Thank you Elias Kifle
    Thank you Eskinder Nega
    Thank you General Kemal
    Thank you Abe Tokichaw
    Thank you ESAt
    And Tamagne Beyene,
    Ethiopia will be free again by her children’s sacrifice.


    He is deporting women and children for burning forests (which is HIGHLY unlikely). Remember large scale destruction of forests is taking place in Gambella by very few employees of Karturi and yet Meles Zenawi is building roads and infrastructure for this company’s benefit.

    This same criminal has the audacity to tell us this is a case of equality. To make sure other ethnic groups hate the Amhara (ontop of the injustice they suffered already), he told his parliament the deportation of these people has something to do with equality. Implying, by deporting these defenseless people, somehow equality is achieved.

    This is all the more sad because Meles Zenawi put thousands of people in jail for genocide in 2005. At that time, no one was hurt because of his or her ethnicity but because out of thousands of members of the CUD, only one person uttered the slogan Weyane should go back to Mekele. Equality, what a meaningless word is that in Ethiopia.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. What initially seemed like a devious poltical act, is in fact a very rational (typical state like) behaviour. It is nobody’s right to occupy a piece of the woods and chop down trees. Imagine if someone from New York just decided to occupy a part of some forrest in Alabama without legal permission and chop some woods I wonder what the US government would have done

    Anonymous replies:

    you one of those hodam who eats whatever is thrown at them. you should be ashamed of yourself to actually this pethetic lier. you have the guts to comapre a ligitment government like the US with woyane whose sol pupose is distroying Ethiopia. just that you know, the US government believes any American can live in any of the 50 states.

    barka replies:

    The word ‘halafi megedi/passer by’ has special meaning for older generation Eritreans. When the legendary singer bereket mengstab released it in the early 70’s, many youth flocked to the field. so please don’t associate it with criminal enablers like yourself for woyane. i think Ethiopians need song like it.

    Teshager replies:

    Passer by: Do you really know what happened? These guys (tens of thousands) have lived in the place for tens of years. It is not a new settlement. The liar PM is telling us that they have prohibited new settlers. That is not true. The government evicted all Amhara residents. They even didn’t allow them to sell their belongings. You cite an American example but didn’t put the correct senario. Imagine your parents who have lived for ages are asked to leave their place because they don’t belong to the ethnic group that is in power. Would you support the one who take the action against them? Please be rational, be honest for the sake of your conscience. You may have love for Meles. I don’t have any problem with that. But remember that lovers can make mistakes and if you love him try to tell him to do the right thing so that other can love him too unless you don’t want the love to be shared by another people.

    Please don’t put stick in other’s wound. This is a wound that we Ethiopians have sustained from Woyane. We want to get rid of our wound. Comments like yours would increase the pain. So, if you can not talk the truth don’t talk.

    Passer by replies:

    @Barka, its just a name, get over it! Also this is a forum for Ethiopian affairs, and im getting tired of seeing all this retarded and jingoistic Eritrean nationalism and references to how much better Eritrea is doing. Yes we know now that Eritrea is the best place to live in in the world (and that is btw why half its population is living as refuggees and thousands arefleeing everyday).

    @Teshager, finally someone who actually makes a rational counter argument, thank you! If what you say is true then I agree, people should not be evicted from a place they have lived in for tens of years and certyainly not because of their ethnicity! However, the question is, is there any evidence that these people were actually living there for generations? I havent seen any tangible evidence for any of the arguments. So to be honest I cant actually say anything absolute on this topic. WhatI do know is that, people like Elias would not hesitate to use a “rumor” (even if it is simply a rtumor) on an issue like this for political propoganda. Imagine the scenario were actually these people were settlers from last month, even then some news media would use this opportunity to create sensational news headiline saying “GENOCIDE OF THE AMHARAS”. That is why I am sceptical

    loco replies:

    Passer by
    passer by is that halafi mangady in tigrenia?just wondering..
    But i don’t know if history taught you any thing about TPLF are you waiting until the genocide happens on your self or your father,Mather,or sister,i don’t know. but the genocide it has been happening,it is happening in many different form for the last 21 years and it will happen indefinitely. but telling those educated full is west of time cos you guys are so smart you cant see the oviesse..

  5. Deception of all deceptions. You see it is not about Amharas: According to him, it is about people from Eastern Gojjam (let alone Gojjam). Divide and rule tactic will never work! How frightened is he? His face is telling volumes.

  6. It is amazing how he can just lie… then again the hall is full of brainless people. Meles, you should know that Ethiopian people already figured that you are here to distroy Ethiopia and Ethiopanizm. Mot lante ena lejelewoch. with out knowing meles and his followers has awaken the sleeping lion so the Amhara people will not back down until they distroy you and your kind.

  7. This guy is a pathetical liar, he can LIE what ever story he likes to 99.6% of his friends, in the parliament, he knows no body is going to challange him, if they try they know what will happen to them.

    He thinks Ethiopian people is naive. SANFELGACHEW HAYA AMETACHEW,

  8. Meles Zenawi = pathological lair
    Meles Zenawi = Anti Amhara

    Amhara Advocacy replies:

    Which implies,

    Anti Amhara = pathological lair


    Some Tigreans = pathological lairs

  9. The more I think about his mentioning of the word “equality”, the more I understand the motive behind what he did.

    How can deporting thousands of people while robbing them of their wealth be IN ANY WAY be related to equality? What has an injustice on this scale to do with equality?

    He mentioned the word ON PURPOSE to make the Amhara hated by others. You get a glimpse of the depth of his hate, his psychological deformity when you realise he is trying to make others hate the Amhara on top of the injustice suffered.

    It does not give him satisfaction to see Women and Children homeless and destitute. He requires also hate on them.

    We need action. We need to do something. Boycotting Ethiopian Airlines is the least we can do.

  10. Shameless, self centered beast, my my, what a sociopath, he belongs in a mentally challenged people’s hospital. No wonder the country is in a total chaos; traditions, culture, religion, human dignity, proud nationalism all under attack by this inferior freak of nature.

  11. Did Aiga forum said “the displaced are not only Amhara”? while the evil Melsee said they are mainly those come from East Gojjam?

    Amhara Advocacy replies:


    He said 100 % Amhara, “misrak Gojam”

    Yes Aiga forum (BEGGAR-forum) said “the displaced are also Tigreans :)However, the aging meles forgot to include them.

  12. No body expect any thing good out of the mouth of Meles except lies. Now he trying to tell us that he worry about the forest. It was he who sold millions hectars of virgin forest land in Gambella to be burned and destoryed in the name of investment. Did he talk to the Gambella people when he did that? He took their land and removed them by force so he sell their land to a foreigner. Removing amharas from the southern part of Ethiopia is nothing but one of his mission which is ethnic cleansing.
    We as a people need to stop talking and start acting. This is just a start. We going to see more atrocities if we seat down and just talk about it. We need to organize inside and outside Ethiopia and start a revoultion to get rid of Meles’s regime.

  13. i was very mad b/c i thought they are attacking Amhara!! now i know my brainless chate addicted Zenawi told me that eastern Gojam is the one got attacked. thank u pm bado rass zenawi

    Mamo replies:

    This criminal has no idea on the history of Eastern Gojam. I hope to god we will see a repeat of the fate of Gadaffi on my TV. If he ever escapes such justice, I will dedicate my life to hunt me down.

    funny replies:

    That is funny but i love it bro….

  14. Ahemara people is the settler on every part of the region, what they do is environmental destruction, sabotaging, prostitution, alcohol shop, corruption for over 150 years by your debtera leadership we were being poor of poor on the face of earth. No more EMYA ETHIOPIA!

    Alula A.Nega replies:

    What you have said perfectly fits the characteristic of the weyane addminstration.
    Check the facts:
    =>Ethiopia is the poorest of the poor even after $3+ billions of aid per year. This is the fact! Please don’t fool your self with double digit growth crap. Mengistu also used to say that.
    => Did you say Amharas are responsible for the Environmental distruction, Sabotaging, prostitution, corruption? realy!!?? This is when I gave up on you!!! Do you know how big a land in Gambella alone is given away( I can’t say sold) to India, China, etc… and how many poor and Innocent people were up rooted from their land? THAT IS ENVIRONMENTAL Ditruction,Sabotaging and corruption. Facilitating and giving away your ports and creating a land loked country is beyound Sabotaging and corruption.This is un Ethiopian and never happend before in the history of the country. Please also be reminded that under the Weyan’s addminstration Ethiopia is one of the top in prostitution and night clubs in Africa. Don’t be hate full. I hope you wake up one day with your right mind.

    Waka replies:

    To look to your comment (not reading) says it all you are very primitive woyanne and takes his only lies serious. even if not you can only be good as sheepard or farm guard.

  15. Historicaly you are a lier. I wish I could trust what you are saying but I know you hate Amhara. You have said it to an American officals. How can I trust you. You started TPLF by making Amhara #1 enemy of Tegry people. I think your time is coming… there is a time for everything and those Amharas you hate will one day bring you to justice.

  16. what kind of a PM is he? he never mentioned about helping the kids and mothers who lost their properties. he never proposed a plan to help them. are they non ethiopians to him? if they were tigres even Mengistu(who is Oromo) would have provided some sort of assistance to them. but meles’s action was “fuc.. them Amharas”. also, since when weyanes start using terms like Gojam and east-gojam instead of the Amhara Killil. when he wants the rest of ethiopia to hate the Amhara he uses the Amhara Kilil and to devide the amharas he says east gojam, welloy, and shewas. he doent even know its impossible to divide the amharas. on this video his true personalities and the hate that he has for the Ethiopian people and the amharas is exposed with not offering to help the displaced. but, we all can see how nerves Meles gets when it comes the Amharas though!

    Yadeshi replies:

    yes I agree with you. He should at least pretend and say He was sorry for all those children and their parents who lost eveything and told to go. In United States when some areas are hit by a hurricane or a twister the President goes there and orders all help to be provided. But this moron who sells the country for money and who has more respect for Alamoudi than the people shows how cruel he is. A dictator who killed many of our brothers and sisters does not care about people who lost their homes and properties.

    I am not an Amhara and I have a lot of Amhara friends I respect them and I love them a lot. I never knew before about their ethnic background, the only thing I knew was we all are from one country, Ethiopia. But seeing what is happening to them now, I will support if they get organized and defend themselves as long as they respect the people who respect them.It is impossible for them to do things like hundred years ago because it is a different time now. So as long as they struggle for democracy and unity of Ethiopia as well as defending themselves from this brutal system of ethnic dictatorship, I will support them.If the environment and the politics of Ethiopia tends to target the Amharas i strongly object and they have every right to defend themselves. There will not be one Ethiopia if the one group of people are oppressed by another. Not any more. This moron is lecturing his toys in the parliament about his divide and rule shark policy. What a jerk!!!!

  17. I watched the video and all I can say Wow!!! And Woe! Woe!! This buffoon is sitting there and telling lies to his mangled teeth. Folks!!! This person is not only a pathological liar but he has gone mad!!! He is mooning the Cog right on TV!!!!

  18. Please push the player to the last part…after 5:50 minutes. Misrak Gojam tedebedebe Amhara teterege. Egiziyo…Kezih belay lezih saitnam beshitegna sew min ayinet masreja makireb yichalal?

    This evil minded, satanic, schizophrenic person is suffering from a very complicated inferiority complex, deep rooted from his childhood personality…All his expressions are anti-amhara. his anti-menelik hate has now changed to anti-Ayalew Gobeze (because Ato Ayalew refused to sign the giving away of huge amhara land to sudan and this particular person is from East Gojam- le banda asres tesema remet yeneberew ye East Gojamin hizb yastawusual). Meles is always anti-amhara and should be hanged in East Gojam by sons of Belay Zeleke.

    Lenegeru he can never cross to East Gojam, even with his heavily armed guards. Abay bereha lay yalew Jini esun mekinawunim, helicopeterun minale sibo biadebadew. … yihe ye shumbash lig.

  19. What do you expect from banda,the son of banda,the family of banda, nothing good. the only thing we can do to save Ethiopia we have to wage a total war.economic psychological,social isolation,sabotage,boycotting of any woyanne owned business.

    by the way did he bleached his face and body to look White? wow

  20. I feel really sad about this situation. When Eritrean were thrown out of Addis and While the Tigrean (not all of them, Meles ‘s hodam supporters) were looting Eritrean properties, all other Ethiopian neighbors and friends were the only one who came to the rescue for the Eritrean, of course whenever possible, sheltering them and protecting their properties. I wish I can extend whatever I can to the displace. If anyone knows of any organisation who is helping please post the information. I would gladly contribute.

  21. Anyone who listens to all VOA-Amharic interviews of those displaced poor farmers can asily know the evicted Amhara farmers are from all the Amhara Killil (Gonder,Wello, North-Shoa and Gojam). But look how this snake tries to divide the Amhara people. He thinks we don’t listen to other media outlets. He is saying “…..I am only eveictinig few people from Misrak Gojam, so you people from Gonder, Wello and North Showa have no reason to be angry at me!” But it doesn’t work. This injustice and crime has shocked all the Ethiopians to their bone. The faces of those displaced innocent children can not be forgotten so eaisly. The hate against this evil man is more intense now than ever, and people are burning in anger for revenge. Everything has an end. That is for sure. It is the law of nature. But Meles’s end will be very ugly! One can only harvest what he saws!

  22. If betederage melku is his excuse. Then why attack only the amharas? how comes the other ethnic groups who have also settled in the area still live there. Why did he kick out just the Amharas? He thinks he is smart, Stupid.the Ethiopian people and the Amharas now know who he is exactly. They know now, for the first time,that they only have ONE enemy who is living in bete mengist!

  23. it is indeed amazing to this date the people of ethiopia are dancing to the tune of the midget from adwa and his cohorts; then was the Eritreans and the east gojames and tomorrow the old ethiopia that we will remember as “was”. what is it to do now? who is and who is not for united Ethiopia? and what is this ‘amhara’ spelling and pronunciation? last time i check it was Amara; are we speaking with his accent now? let us rise and put the midget in the box for the next puppet show. enough is enough people how long can we stand by and watch all this atrocity being committed against the young and the old; women and children!

  24. This evil guy is lieing 21 years and stil lie. the point is enugh is enugh Amhara puple we have to stand togother do somithing and difend our puple and our dignity. I think we give them a chans morthan 20 years. must be stop som where that time is now. I think if we stand
    Amharas stand no more weyan with in 10 day’s. first we have to fight hodam banda Amhara.

  25. The sad part is none of the DUMMY Parliamentarian raise any question. As Meles, a Banda is always a banda, I do not expect any truth from him as he always like to deceive others except Ethiopians. The sad part is none of the parliamentarian who they claim representing the people did not even ask for any proof of the alleged destruction of this forest?
    Were they sued by the court?
    Where they told not to farm at any particular area but the farmers violated instruction given to them? by whom?
    Were they not given this land, did’t they pay their taxes?
    24000 family destroying forest? It should have been all over the world news by now.
    Was their any complain by any one prior the mass expulsion about this forest?
    Did any one give them a warning? Most of all where is the rule of law?
    I believe This is an order from Meles him self, not even from Shiferaw Shigute. Meles’s hate towards Amara is greater than Shiferaw’s who is just but another Hodam.

    May be now Meles is happy because we all start to feel the pain. He has been trying to take the so called Ethiopians pride Ethiopianism away from most Amara’s and was not able to do so far.


    “There is no peace with out freedom, There is no freedom with out a fight”

  26. Only looking at this individuals mimic 100% shows that this born lier is not worth of any respond except action taking him to the ICC
    he is now in the position to the point of no return i will continue in his decipt and crime till the tsunami reached in his hiding place (Minilik palace )and bring him to justice to pay for 20 times 365 days crime loot destruction genocide and war crime in a daily basis.

  27. What shall we do about this ediot in 4 kilo, loughing at our pains all the time!

    Amhara what are you waiting for! To perish? Or do you get organized and eradicate the TPLF?

    When? time is running out….

    I am supporting and funding Gimbot 7, what are you doing? Get on your feet and fight back the traitors out and re-stablish ETHIOPIA as a one nation (in cooperation with Oromo, Gurage, Somalis, Tigre,

  28. To the best of my knowledge,Ethiopians,Meles Zinawi is heartless a man.This immediate deportation of little children,farmers and mothers is the single most act of cruelity. It is really sickening to the womb,the mother lost her baby.

    Meles Zinawi is authoritative man;what he did was cruel electric shock on the nations.It is hard to resist the call for boycotting.Ethiopians,save your money save your people.Mobaize support for the struggle to crush the enemy to its complete defeat.

  29. Eastern Gojam has “written history” that extends beyond the times of Atse Lalibela. Ofcourse, many of us Ethiopians do not know about these things and I am sure the hateful tyrant is gambling on that. He mentioned Eastern Gojam several times thinking the people who listen to him will have a wrong perception of the people being deported.

    He is like that. A determined, hateful, manipulative tyrant. He is calculating and he will die calculating. For every calculator, there is a bigger and more sophisticated calculator, little tyrant. Hope your end will be like Gadaffi. Love to see you suffer like you made the lives so many millions a wretched suffering.

  30. How can we expect any truth, or humanity to come out of the disgraceful Crime Minister who has the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Ethiopians, Eritreans and Somalis! Ethiopians are dealing with a mentally disturbed individual, a pathological liar, a hate monger and a looter that lives and gets enjoyment from causing distractions and human miseries as the world known evil worthless people such as Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and the likes who lived their lives doing hideous crimes on innocent people. Meles is Evil as Evil does!

  31. You see this moron meles use a tactic to devide and attack. He calculated that if he discuss about ‘east Gojams’ the rest of Amhara will cool down. that is a sub devide and (mis) rule.

    what is the need of repeatdly calling the Misrak Gojam, though he thought us for 21 years to call each other Amhara and Oromo?

    please let’s finish this guy! Stop sleeping and act now!!! If he has that much moral to destruct as why not we have the MORAL FOR A GOOD CAUSE!?

  32. First they attacked the gambela I did nothing ’cause I am not Gambela.
    Then they attacked the Ogadeni I did nothing ’cause I am not Ogadeni.
    Then they attacked the Oromo I did nothing ’cause I am not Oromo.
    Now they are attacking me I can’t do anything ’cause there is no one to help me.
    Unite in the fight against ethnic dictatorship. An attack against any Ethiopian is an attack against all of us.

    wedar replies:

    About which unity are you talking now. In Ethiopia, there were not unity, and it will never never come. History tells that Ethiopia is the land of dictator kings and rulers. Today this country is standing only on one very thin leg than before. Unity is not in vision than tricking and cheating.

    unity replies:

    He is talking unity…with out people like,parasite..

    unity replies:

    He is talking unity for Ethiopia with out people like you.
    your likes are nothing but parasite for people trying to bring goodness to poor Ethiopia…


  34. Dawit#34,

    you and with whom you are coopprating will not reach anywhere with your idea of rotten feudalism. Your dreaming of superiority will backfire and put your naive wrong thinkers fellows in the worst danger.

    Waka replies:

    And what is yours? woyannyism ?and when are you going to pay for your historical destruction of Ethiopians and its peoples ,when you point out your fingers at some body your other three fingers are asking yourself about the moral capacity in you.

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    when the cats are away the mouse will play. so don’t worry the cat is awakening slowly,when that cat is fully awake where are you going to run you little rat? there might not be any hole left hide..

    kanate replies:

    Mine is not Wayanism, it is the Southernism which is defending its home from unwished visitors. Your died cat or lion’s carcas is smelling very bad and spoiling the atmosphere over Ethiopia.

    Waka replies:

    I am sure you will get what you and your barbarians who are born evil and stays evil till the end of their lives deserved not an inch in Ethiopian soil mark my words and that applies for monster zenawi and his slave Shigute as well.

    Anonymous replies:

    what is southernsim any way?typical woyane dedebit.i suggest you go to the school of dumb and dumber,and com buck with the degree of stupidity..

    good day

  35. ጠሚ መለስ “ኃላፊነት የጎደለው” ነው ብለው የሌሎችን ሮሮ ገለጹ። ከአሁን በፊት የሆነው ሆኗል ከአሁን በኋላ ግን ሌላ እንዳይሰፍር ነው የተባለው አሉ። እንዴት ነው ነገሩ የውሸትም አለው አይነት አይነት። በሺህ የሚቆጠሩት ንብረታቸውን ጥለው እንዲወጡ የተደረጉት ለምንድን ነው? ንብረት ያፈሩት በቦታው ስለነበሩ ነው። ልጆች የወለዱት በቦታው ነው። ታዲያ እንዚህ ሰዎች ከቦታ ተፈናቅለው ሲወጡ እርሰዎ እመራዋለሁ የሚሉት አገር ዜጎች በመሆናቸው ለደረሰባቸው ችግር በመጀመሪያ ች ሩ እንዳይፈጠር በማድረግ ካልሆነም ችግሩን ለመፍታት አስፈላጊውን ሁሉ ማድረግ የእርሰዎ ኃላፊነት አይደለም? እርሰዎ ያስፈጸሙት ድርጊትና ከዚያም ድርጊቱን ትክክል ነው ለማለት ለም/ቤትዎ ያቀረቡት ማብራሪያ ቃሉን ሲናገሩት የአይነዎት መቅበዝበዝ ውሸት መሆኑን ይናገራል። አስተሳሰበዎት ጠቅላይ ሚኒስቴርነቴ ለሚደግፈኝ ሕዝብ ብቻ ነው የሚሉ ይመስለኛል። አንቱ የምለዎት ትልቅ ቦታ ይዘዋል ብየ ነው እንጂ እንደ እርሰዎ ያለ አንቱታ አይገባውም። ስለዚህ የምትሰራው ሥራ አስቆጭቶናል። የመከፋፈል በሺታህ አለቅህ ብሎ ተጎጂዎቹ የምሥራቅ ጎጃም ሰዎች ናቸው አልክ። እኛ ግን ከአንደበታቸው ከጎንደር ከወሎ ከሸዋ ከጎጃም መምጣታቸውን ሲገልጹ ሰምተናል። አንተንና አገዛዝህን የሚደግፈው aigaforum ሳይቀር የተፈናቀሉት አማሮች ብቻ አይደሉም ብሏል። አማራም ሆነ ኦሮሞ ወይም ትግሬ እንዲሁም ሌሎች የኢትዮጵያ ጎሳዎች በፈለጉት ቦታ የመኖር መብታቸው ሊከበር ይገባል።
    አሁን እኛም ነቅተናል አማራዎቹም፣ ኦሮሞዎቹም ሆኑ ሌሎች ጎሳዎች አኟኮች ሲበደሉ ወይም ሌላ ጎሳ ሲበደል የእኛ ስላልሆነ ብለን የምትፈጽመውን በደል ቁጭ ብለን አናይም። አማራም ኦሮሞም ሲበደል ኦሮሞም ሲበደል ማንም ሲበደል ቁጭ ብለን አናይም። በምታደርገው እኩይ ሥራ ሁሉ ትጠየቅበታለህ። ለልጆችህም ጥላቻን ታተርፍበታለሁ። ስለዚህ አስብበት። አሁንም አቅጣጫህን ቀይረህ የማስተካከል ዕድል አለህ።

  36. The only way to stop this situation is to nip TPLF
    from its bud.NO matter what who says,enough is enough
    and its time for Amharas to organize.Long live Ethiopia.
    Amharas don’t play with your survival,don’t shy away
    from realizing a salvation organization.

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