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70 Ethiopian doctors meet with Woyanne agent in DC

Some 70 Ethiopian and Eritrean physicians who work and reside in the United States held a meeting with Woyanne agent Girma Birru in Old Town Alexandria Hilton Hotel near Washington DC over the weekend.

Tesfaye Demissie FantaThe meeting was organized by Meles Zenawi’s physician and investor Dr Mulai Teklu Yohannes and Dr Tesfaye Demmisie Fanta of North Carolina.

The purpose of the meeting was to raise funds for building a referral hospital in Addis Ababa. Girma Birru asked the physicians to contribute $30,000 each for the project. He also asked them to buy bond for the fake Nile Dam Project.

Many of the physicians who attended the Woyanne meeting are residing in the U.S. as political refugees, and yet they attend a fund raising party that is organized by the same regime they fled from.

The physicians also must have failed to understand that the Woyanne junta has no intention of building a hospital. The existing hospitals in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, such as Tikur Anbessa, are so dilapidated and neglected that patients go there to die. Addis Ababa’s biggest hospitals look like morgues. But Woyanne has enough money to spend over $100 million for buying tanks.

The main reason that the 70 doctors who met with Girma Birru have sought asylum in the U.S. is because they were unable to live freely and make a living in their own country. So if these physicians are genuine about helping their people back home, they need to speak out against the injustice in Ethiopia. If they are not willing to do that, the least they can do is not give money to the genocidal Woyanne junta.

112 thoughts on “70 Ethiopian doctors meet with Woyanne agent in DC

  1. I don’t even know how I can respond to this mess! I am one of the proud physicians who are ready to invest their time, talent and money back home in a positive way. I have lived enough here in the West to know what political atmosphere there is amongst the diaspora. I can only imagine what is in the minds of Elais Kifle and some of the people who posted their opinion here.
    I regret for the times I spent reading your product from the time of the print version hoping I was getting an alternative news source. I very recently learned that you are the most corrupt, selfish and unreasonable peple I ever knew. You just don’t care about the hate you instill to the minds of innocent working people who want to get their information from a drive by sites like yours. They don’t have the time to substantiate the facts…they take them as is hoping you do your home work for them. The group you are trying to smear with your negative campain message is a vibrant group with a close to 100 multispecialty, multiethnic group composed of couragous physicians from Harar to Jimma, Sidamo to Gondar and Addis to Mekelle. Oh I forgot from the US to Europe and the Caribeans to Canada. Was started in Dallas get momentum in DC continued to attract many more in its way. We are all Ethiopians. Amhara, Tigre, Gurage, Oromo and many more just the typical mix of Mama Ethiopia. I didn’t think I needed to tell you that it has nothing to do with either the current Government or the ethnic groups you mentioned apart from a working relationship you would imagine, but I felt I needed to mention it for the sake of people who frequented your site until they know your naked lie, distortion and selfish behavior.
    Just for your information:
    Once again, I am one of the proud Ethiopian Doctors who is willing to invest by challenging the politiac divide back home. You and your likes just stay put where you are until you either die or lose your mind whatever is left of. Just to give you some advice…have you ever heard of the old saying ” Kebero yeberie….yiwodikal bila sitiketel walech” if you think you are waiting for the regime to change so that you invest or help those poor who have no idea you are even existing, it will probably be a long time my friend. Until then please know your limitations. Don’t mislead innocent people with your fabricated news.
    Please have some life. Don’t you regret for some of the damages you did, are doing and continue to do? Well, then I dout your integrity. If you need your head checked one of my colligues will be willing to check you out free of charge so the you stop spreading your poison.
    For those of you who are being misled by this I am sorry for you and hope you will know the truth sooner or late. Untill then please understand to see politics, business and charity work by their own merits. You don’t have to agree with the government or the head of the state to give your share for that poor country and her desperate people.
    Take care

    Zellallem replies:

    GOD bless you and protect you from the individuals who drinks the venom of E.Review.

    Anonymous replies:

    Wow! Are you guys trying to tell us that Meles is such a great leader that no Ethiopians have been tortured or killed, no money have been robbed, the country and the major business and banks are not controlled by TPLF, no Ethiopians are locked up in jail and tortued, there is freedom of speech and press, millions of Ethiopians are not expected to die of hunger, hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians are not kicked out of their property and thrown in the cold and killed, no land have ever been given to Sudan and millions of acres of land have been sold to Arabs, Chinia, India, no historical religious monastries have ot nbeen set on fire, Ethiopia still have her sea ports, tens of thousands of Ethiopian children, young men and women are not being shipped for profit… and you want to tell us that Elias is the bad one? How laughable!

    Hunegnaw replies:

    Again you are missing the point here. What is the relationship between investing your time, money and mind and supporting/not supporting the government. You fool are you telling us the republicans close all their businesses for four or eight years any time a democrat is elected for presidency,house or senate? Do you guys have something called common sense?
    I am not trying to prove or disprove your points here. I am not suggesting that what is in Ethiopia now is all silver spoon. I am not fanning your idea of ” the sky is falling” either. I wish things are a little different with more accommodation of different ideas, perspectives and tolerance. And I wish, this one is a big wish, you guys direct this negative energy in to something positive. Do you ever read your postings when you are sober? Please do and judge for yourselves. Please have some life or at least let other have some.

    Anonymous replies:

    Hunegnaw, (I hope and pray, it is not the Hunegnaw I know)
    If Meles, his wife and the rest of TPLF, stopped abusing their power on innocent Ethiopians, looting the country to make themselves multimillionaires and billionaires… if Meles and TPLF hadn’t left Ethiopia landlocked and now, paying billions of dollars to import and export goods…If Meles hadn’t given hundreds of thousands acres of land to Sudan and sold the most fertile Ethiopia’s land to Saudis, Chinese and Indians, etc. The looted money and the fertile land that is now being owned and used by foreigners for their own profit; the stolen money and the fertile land could have been used for Ethiopia to develop the country and eradicate hunger from Ethiopia. Ethiopians shouldn’t work with the brutal regime that have locked up hundreds of thousands innocent Ethiopians, tortured and gunned down young Ethiopians on the streets of Ethiopia, kicked Ethiopians out of their homeland in Gondar, Wollo and Gambela and other places to hand it to foreigners…
    Working with the regime that has the blood of countless number of Ethiopians on their hands, a regime that has sold Ethiopia to foreigners, sold Ethiopian children for profit, young men and women to be enslaved in foreign countries, a regime that has burnt historical monasteries and Churches, etc.,is a great shame indeed!!!

  2. I have been reading the Ethiopian review for Over past the 20 years from day one to now. But not to much in side except hat.but the cover is so nice. for me i try to post my view about Ethiopian Doctors meting with Obo Girma Birru. you kept my posting for you. me that is it a’m aot going back to tour site un leas u post my comments.

  3. How about the Dirty Wegeneconspirators and mR. Obama ‘s Ring who always eluded helpless American Citizens by partying a lot at the expense of an Ethiopian Persecutee they looted by infringement, copyright violations, conspiracy and failed assassination more than twice? They were honored in broad day light and by the White House. Did you licence Dr. Liya Kebede and Mr, Samualssen to have their own illegal patents as the nations new inventors and innovators? Did you ask Mulai and his associates to stop perpetrating injustice by one dirty cri-du-chat professor who never toucjhed a knife but always made a front page news as the Reagan Primary Surgeon and Bush appointee? Did yopu ask mr. Mezgerbe of the dirty Eritream=n Tyranny ring to stop racketeering jobs. Did you ask the DC /MD/VA inept thieves and plagiarixzers who always rode on political asylum as their cowardice machine and tailgate a scrutinized stupid who lost more tha his life? Did you ask the Michelle to stop the plagiarism and did you ask one stupid prince to stay awake or leave the nation alone?

    Inept and LAST!

  4. Elias, I never expected this from you. I am one of those great physicians. All of them are a highly educated and accomplished people. You don’t deserve my response but let me tell you this I am neither Weyane nor Eritean, I am a proud Ethiopian who just want to give back to our/your people. Thank God none of the docs are cheap like you. I now know the source of your article on ER. Complete fabrication and fiction. Will never visit this site again. Good luck on your destructive future stories. Sooner or later Everyone will find out about your lies and fabrication. Had I not be one of these docs I would have believed your story.

  5. I always have a lot of respect for this site until today. The picture you’ve posted and all other Dr. Names you mentioned are very respectful individuals. They are not even from Tigray Region. Some of them they are my relatives. Next time get the fact first, please!!!!! This time I’ve lost a respect for you and your web site. Journalism 101: get the fact first, then verify from different sources and then REPORT!!

  6. Awakiw BUBU is that how you give back to your people ? by buielding a “referal hospital”your people dont have one bread a day to eat,no clean water, no shelter they are thrown out ,those people are the one looking your referal hospital .you can go and be a servant to woyane.I know how you came here.

    Anonymous replies:

    Hey people,

    Let me baptize you with the truth: by my estimation 80% of the physicians in the U.S.A. today came and stay thru “asylum” . And most of them does not give a s**t about Hager, Wegen, bla bla bla…but it has never been seen before that they would go public; at least the 70 who did convene with Girma Biru now give you a glimpse to the glaring truth.

    And the claim that they are doing this to help their country is a white lie. They are aiming to collaborate with the regime to start a project for a referral hospital for those who can now afford to go to Thailand, South Africa, Kenya,…..and even they dream also to attract some patients from the Middle East and other East African nations. It is purely business. Do not ever expect that they will have an iota of sympathy left for the poor and “middle class” in Ethiopia.


    Anonymous replies:

    You are so narrow minded:
    Dude if we can not work with this government then who do we work with? If we don’t meet with the Ambassador then who do we need to meet with? C’mon use your brain!! Do we need to get the blessing of your immaginary Ginbot 7? The washington DC activists? Esias Afeworki? You are showing an utter foolishness!

    You said some got here by asylum so what? This is a country of immigrants my friend. We are not running for offices.
    1. Did we ask your money for charity? No, not now in the future you can make a donation.
    2. What is wrong in making money? It is a very good and admired act unless you are a communist.
    3. We will indeed help the country. How?
    We will create employment opportunities with good salaries for many.
    We will save the much needed foreign currency.
    We will transfer knowledge and skill.
    We will be involved in research.
    We will introduce the much needed change of medical care.
    We will build an INSTITUTION that we never had.
    We will establish a philanthropic arm to help the needy.
    Yes America has been good to us, yes we are wealthy, yes we are highly trained and qualified and we wish you the same as well.
    God Bless!

    Tizbit replies:

    You might, but you have to have a good foundation on which you will bulid. First thing is first. One Country, and One Nation, under One flag.
    You are trying to bulid an institiution for a Country that don’t have a national Anthum. Many Ethiopians in and abroad are unable to sing a unifing song together. All those Doctors who are claiming to be Ethiopians can’t sing together the National Anthum of Ethiopia.

    That is what you have to built first, by puting all your efforts, resources, and kowledge together. That is what the Jornaliest who might not be as well educated as you are, trying to remined you to do.

    You have the knowledge and the means to change Ethiopia, what you are lucking is the will.

    You can do it, but Knowngly or unknowingly don’t add more suffering and misery on the people of Ethiopia.

    I hope you all be considerate, and rethink and reconcider and revers your actions.

  7. Hey Elias You are one of the stupid “dingay ras” Jornalist you are not even a jornalist you don’t have any education about journalism.
    if you are really an Ethiopian go find the truth about this Physicians and their project.They are proud are not even an Ethioian.You don’t care about Ethiopia and Ethiopians That is why you post this fabricated news. try to be human being

  8. Put me on power before your dream, body let them do what they dreamed to help. We are watching when you trying to scare them. For some, every one supporting the development, is wyane “way godishen alwakish” If you don’t participate on the growth of that poor nation. ENJALEH ENDAGAN MELAS ENDYMARTILH . Let as build Ethiopia every day, every hour, every minute. We have on time for poverty. For the poor one meal is miles far away X3……..

  9. If we Ethiopian, didn’t invest in our country know, the country is going filed with outsiders, and it is going many time harder to invest later. We have to stop chaining the people with politics.

  10. I have close information about the project.

    I read all of the postings above. Elias and the oponents of the physicians meeting Girma Biru, may not know the details of the project, but not that far off the point.

    The motive of the good doctors seems PRIMARILY MAKING MONEY because their target clients are the able payers who go overseas for treatment and would be foreign patients. Come on we should not surgar coat it.

    There may not be any thing wrong in making money. But should it be made by any means necessary? If one were to make millions of dollars while working with human rights abusers like Hitler, Meles, etc, is that money worth making?

    If most of the doctors are here in the US under asylum on the basis of fear of persecution under the Meles Zenawi regim, are they not dishonest in their venture to do business with the same regime they feared persecution from?

    As much as the oponents of the project need details before waging criticisms, some of the good doctors who posted here should also have shown restraint from calling oppents names. It is apparent that some of the doctors who posted here are not neutral as they seem to despise orgnaizations which the Meles regime considers as enemies, e.g. they mention Ginbot 7, etc.

    It is fact that the project is primarily to make money. I strongly doubt if it will do any substantive thing for the poor as it will not be accessible to them due to the high cost of care to be rendered at the proposed hospital. Those who can afford are now going to Bankog, India, even to the USA, and they will continue to do so. Patients from the Middle East and other countries may not need help from Ethiopia.

    Let the doctors make the money in the way the please.
    For the oponenets,know the facts when you pose criticisms.

    Anonymous replies:

    I liked your balanced comment. Some things are taken out of cotext though. I think somebody mentioned some organizations in a sarcastic way. I am not a supporter of this regimen but looks by far better than the feudal regimen and much better than the Dergue and poised for good development. Indeed, clearly it looks like the project is designed for the wealthy, diplomats and not for the poor.

  11. What people do not understand is that these doctors, physcians or what ever you want to call them are oportunists. The want the best in life and to do that you need money and they will do any thiung to get it.
    If you look at one of the organizers for the meeting from North carolina, his patients went on line and say things like i quote “SORRIEST DR I EVER SEEN. DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE PATIENT WHEN IT COMES TO PATIENT CARE.FAILS TO DIAGNOSE CORRECTLY AND CARES LESS. IF YOU REALLY SICK HE IS NOT THE ONE TO TREAT YOU.” end quote

    Read more:

    You can see his rating which is desmile and you can understand what is feeling right now. With that kind or rating you can imagine the type and number or patients he treat.
    Faced with this he looks someahere wher rating mean nothing and malpractise is non existance, in doing that he less care about what people in that country go through.
    The phscian from NC, Dr Tesfaye Demmisie Fanta has one goal and that is making money and live a life that he thinks is what should be for any one fill belly, sleep, play and die.
    See the rating at

  12. This is ridiculous! What is going on with you people? Let us talk about issues; we do not need personalized attacks. This is the best time of ER when individuals are analysed, defamed, and cursed. This is simply infantile politics,bankrupt journalism(if you ever call yourself a journalist, Elias) and a moral breakdown.

  13. God will prevail. All hell will break loose n millions will die before anyone will even remotely flinch. By then, revenge will consume ppl so effectively it will happen all over again. Breaks my heart.

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