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Woyanne to export 45,000 Ethiopian women to Saudi per month

This news is so shocking it is hard to believe. If it is true, it must be stopped at any cost. This is a wholesale enslavement of Ethiopian women, particularly those from the Amhara and Oromo ethnic groups.

JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA (Saudi Gazette) – Ethiopia is facilitating procedures to send 45,000 maids to the Kingdom every month, an informed source at the Ethiopian Embassy in Saudi Arabia has said.

Ethiopian housemaids have been high in demand after the Kingdom stopped recruiting housemaids from four countries, including Kenya, because the Kingdom has been unable to reach a satisfactory agreement with these countries, Asharq Al-Awsat reported Wednesday.

Noor Adeen Masfa, Vice Consul for Economic Affairs in Jeddah, said his department and committees from the Ethiopian Ministry of Labor met several times to facilitate the travel of housemaids to the Kingdom after they are properly trained in Ethiopia.

“We decided to finish procedures of 1,500 housemaids due to the increasing demand for Ethiopian housemaids by Saudi families. Ethiopian housemaids are trained well on Saudi customs and traditions, besides the percentage of runaways is low,” he said.

Unavailability of sufficient flights from Addis Ababa has also caused the delay in the travel of a large number of housemaids.

Some Saudi families have complained that their Ethiopian housemaids left their households after coming to the Kingdom to work illegally because they get lucrative offers from private companies and brokers. Masfa said this matter was studied and discussed. Deterring penalties will be put on housemaids who do that, he said.
“Some Saudi families employ housemaids illegally and pay them SR2,000 a month. That’s why many housemaids run away,” he added.

Masfa said the Ministry of Labor in Ethiopia is considering to put conditions in the contracts to allow housemaids use a cell phone and talk to their families and the consulate in the Kingdom.

“Saudi recruitment offices have welcomed this idea,” he said.

52 thoughts on “Woyanne to export 45,000 Ethiopian women to Saudi per month

  1. Elias,
    You have to admit the fact that weyane had made sure that many Ethiopians are willing to fled from their country as the cost of living is a way very high expensive that anyone can imagine where millions of Ethiopians are forced to die with starvation everyday as eating once a day become a blessing for millions of Ethiopians. Of course, not to mention that there are millions of Ethiopians everyday competing with dogs to fill thier growling stomach from trash cans. As a result there would be millions of Ethiopian women will line up to leave their country as Ethiopia become apparently a hell for the citizens except for those weyane members.

    Weyane is deliberately destroying public institutions and leave the citizens without any affordable medical care. Millions are dying of preventable as well as treatable problems. Unimaginable numbers of children are unable to attend school, because their parents could not afford to buy their school materials. Prostitution seems spread like plague, because there is no job for those who do not belong to the same ethnic as the ruling gangs. Most of young men in the country seem frustrated and in order to alleviate the inescapable frustration they prefer to abuse substances, which is of course destroying the mind of young generation.

    Ethiopia become hell for those who are non-Tigrians and eating one meal a day seems a blessing, as the majority citizens are spending days with empty stomach. Seeing children scavenging in the trash can with dogs and vulture seems very common, and of course most of them could not bit either dogs or vulture, but follow their luck to get some food to fill their empty stomach. No one is responsible for destroying the country and force its citizens to live in endless misery, but weyane , so expecting to see positive venture from such kind of malevolence group would be the same as drawing blood from a stone.

    No one accept death by starvation and preventable disease while few Tigrians TPLF members and their affiliated groups are using the country’s property as their own to support their new adopted extravagant life style. Of course nothing makes the weyane gangs more than seeing non-tplf Ethiopians dying in hunger and scavenging in the trash can to fill their empty and growling stomach. Today in Ethiopia non-tplf Ethiopians are living with horror and daily brutalized by soulless and heartless barbaric and savage Tplf army. They are treated as a second citizen in their own country. In general Ethiopians are living in hell; some of them I met when I was there, they prefer to die, and said that the dead one is better than them because they do not see such endless horror and brutality. Seemingly, most of us have a problem to understand the nature of the Tplf gangs; however, the truth is that they do not consider us as one of them, and if we kill ourselves, there is no question that the Tplf gangs would celebrate our death. We have few alternatives; either remains in the mercy of Tplf gangs and oppressed forever or fights back mercilessly and reclaim our stolen freedom.

    Silence, docility, and opportunist attitude does not bring permanent solution, but exacerbate the suffering and the misery, and lead to intolerable situation and cause helplessness. 76 million people could not live under siege and tormented by few weyane members, unless we are devoid to the normal human feeling and abandon our self-respect, and instead choose to live like a dog in our own county.
    Nobody has any respect or show sympathy to those who refuse to help themselves. Always the braves are the one who put forward their dignity and pride more than anything else, so that they would be respected wherever they go; but on the

    other side the cowardice always live for the purpose of filling his/her stomach and finally die with shame and humiliation. We all should know that Man does not live by bread alone, and he would be nothing except eating animal, if his integrity and pride is destroyed by those who hate his humanity. We are dying every day with manmade starvation and preventable diseases, while few tplf criminal members are having endless luxury and extravagantly wasting the country’s property in western world.

    No human being could tolerate the humiliation and degradation we have, unless one is out of his mind or devoid to normal human feeling and develop thick skin. There is no question is that the struggle is between the Tplf gangs who wants to continue their hegemony and ethno-apartheid regime and the non-Tplf who want their freedom. The struggle is not a matter of democracy and individual right but a life and death situation. No one want to be starved in the mid of plenty while few narrow TPLF tigreans and their hodam servants have boundless luxury.

  2. How sure are you ? may be this is some mistake it may be some sort of cattle or sheep , I hope we are not talking about Human being

    Ebenezer replies:

    May be you are living in one of the richest country. So you are not happy and comfortable to think normaly. I am so scared about you and the others like you, because I don’t think you are not well. Whatever may be happened Ethiopian can’t wait to spend their pricious time with siting for nothing if there is an opportunity like this.

  3. Rice,Girls,and Gold:- The winners in this lucrative business there is no competition because it is owned,controlledand run by men and women surrounding Zinawi and Azeb.

    The needs of the Soudi kings,princes,sheiks,and immams have been met just on time,surely,but gradually.The main profiters in this illegal business undoubdly is Zinawi’s men and women and the regime he runs, in millions of dollars that flowing into the coifer of Zinawi and the men and women who protect and support him with anything that he needs.

    The greatest loss goes to Ethiopia and Ethiopians with a lasting negative impact on social and economic distruction in greater magnititudes. The cost on Ethiopians in life and human resources is huge and uncalculable with its prolonged negative impact on everyone and everybody.

    Well,we will continue to bear the cost for as long as our common enemy is existing.But,if we destroy our common enemy,we might soon be able to restore peace,freedom,and dignity to all our citizens and our country.

  4. It’s not always worse to work and live in Saudi and other Arab countries. There are tens of thousands of Ethiopians living in Saudi perhaps even bigger in size than there are in the west. i was one a couple years ago and have a lot of friends and relatives in Riyad and Jeddah. . It has a positive side too and not always negative as it is made out to be. Millions of Ethiopia’s families life will be changed for the better, and hope them good life

  5. We are still mourning the death of our sister Alem who was brutally beaten in broad daylight in front of the Ethiopian Embassy and we have unbelievable news that the Woyanne government making a business venture with the Saudis for mass export of our sisters to be abused and mishandled by the Arabs again.

    I can’t believe they are making profitable business by selling openly our sisters to the Arabs.

    Thank you for exposing this evil trade, we have to stop it by any means necessary!

  6. What next! Sold the land under the peasant Ethiopians to foreigners, and even after seeing all the brutality suffered by Ethiopian women recently in the Arab Countries; continue to further trafficking 45,000 of their daughters to the Arabs. I thought women trafficking for the purpose of indentured servant was illegal by International Law. What else next Meles Zenawi. Please, inform/educated those poor Ethiopians against this 21st. Century slavery.

    One thing I will say to any body listening it is time to take the trash out and you know who I am talking about. Of course the trash is Meles and company. A message to you the Ethiopian Armed forces. Thank you in advance for being true sons/daughters of Ethiopia.

    peace replies:

    It is not easy to take out the trash out without making sure of foreigners who are their advisors: in the form of Eritreans, Arabs and West, unless we embarass these groups so that they stop supporting TPLF. By the way, the war being waged against Shaebia might be dangerous for Ethiopians. The fight is with Isayas but not with Shaebia or Eritreans per Meles Zenawi and TPLF members the goal is to increase the populations of Tigrean hegemony against the rest of Ethiopians. I will worry the unification of Eritreans with Tigreans because together they can bleed the rest of Ethiopians.

    Anonymous replies:

    Peace at this stage of our struggle, I will not worry about the unification of Eritreans and Tigrians. I wish for the unification of the whole of the horn of Africa people, so that non of be used as tools for foreigners who like to exploit us because of our divisions. Peace

  7. First our babies, then our fertile land and now our daugters, sister and mothers are being sold to raise foreign exchange money to buy guns and bullet to kill us and our neighbors. Our boys, brothers and fathers who are becoming landless everyday are forced to work as Coolies of Indian Coolies, under the gun! Did we lose all the brave young boys and girls who stood infront of tanks crying “Land to the Tiller”? For how long shuld we suffer in silence? Did our forefathers fought European colonizers with barehands?

    Ethiopia wakeup,unite and get rid of the cancer TPLF today! Elias please lead this revolution. I know you are trying, but that is not enough! Call for an international meeting of people from the horn of africa of concerned nationals of all colors and religions that want to see this cancer called TPLF uprooted from our country and region.We all have only one enemy pretending to be ‘Ethiopian Government’ supported by foreigners from East and West.

    peace replies:

    Please let us stop transfering responsibility to others. Elias, ER, disagree with him or not, he has been in the forefront struggling for the rights of Ethiopians and even to the point his life could be endangered while we are sitting behind computer and feel like we are doing something. Ethiopians we came to overseas to remain timid, silent, become opportunists etc, this is not knowledge or education being self centered. Let us put our lame differences and come together to save our country. By the way, “land to the tiller” the first step of the making of non Ethiopian nation. That is the precursor where we are today. Indeed Mengistu stood up for the poor but it is uneducated revolution that destroyed our unity. Blind aggression and blind belief is delusional this is where we are today Mengistu and the so called EPRP who are shameful lead to the forming and strength of rebels.

    Even if we were under the peaceful Monrachy, foreigners would still create and fund rebels (weak that believe outsiders than addressing their issues among their fellow citizens) in a nation such as ours to change the geopoliitics for their own interest. Unless we understand there will always be outsiders involved to destroy our country and unless we understand our differences and respecting that always and uniting despite any dissatisfaction then we will never over achieve development and peace. That is for sure that is why poor countries have continiuous lack of peace and development and we seem to fall in this trap.

    As for TPLF, it has gone beyond becoming oppressor, it has shown its unethiopian and is therefore seen as foreign agent. So we must unite to stop this at the same time we need to understand and identify the driving force of TPLF because it is not alone.

    Anonymous replies:

    Mr/s Peace; you are ranting again all over the place, you have very little knowledge of your country or its situation. My writing did not deny what Elias or ER has done in the past, but only encourage him to uplift his role to become the leader of the oppositions. One of the problems of our situation is absence of a LEADER. There were several of them, who could have played that role both inside and outside the country, but then they collapse soon and we don’t have a credible leader that can be trusted by the majority. For over 20 years Elias and ER are at the forefront of Ethiopian struggle but not the leadership. TPLF and its cadres also know his potential, and that may be the reason behind drag him to their courts to pass financial and death penaltis on him, so that to intimedate him not to lead our revolution. I want to encourage Elias Kifle to be the ‘Martin Luther King’ of Ethiopia, under whom many true revolutionaries of Ethiopians, Eritreans and Somalis can organize to uproot TPLF. Such organized leadership can help to teach also such as you ‘peace’ to know what is true and what is propagandas about their country and neighbors before they exposed their ignorance to the world, and repeat fictions of how Eritrea became ‘Coffee Exporter Nation in Africa’. Peace be with you

  8. What next! Sold the land under the peasant Ethiopians to foreigners, and even after seeing all the brutality suffered by Ethiopian women recently in the Arab Countries; further trafficking 45,000 of their daughters to the Arabs. I thought women trafficking for the purpose of indentured servant was illegal by International Law. What else next Meles Zenawi. Please, inform/educated those poor Ethiopians against this 21st. Century slavery.

    One thing I will say to any body listening it is time to take the trash out and you know who I am talking about. Of course the trash is Meles and company. A message to you the Ethiopian Armed forces. Thank you in advance for being true sons/daughters of Ethiopia.

  9. For me,it’s a good idea for our government to find a job for the citizen wherever it’s available.I don’t know where your complaint came want them stay in the country being jobless or you gonna find them job in the u.s.a?
    I amn’t pro EPRDF…facts are facts.

  10. when a country grow, it starts exporting goods. In the case of our country, when our economy grow “11%”, our leaders started exporting women by mass. when things gets worse to our sisters and when they run to our embassies to be protected from harm, they give them their back. when they die they come out and tell us how they are shocked. Who do we blame for all this? i think we are the ones to blame because we know nothing but holding meetings, and protests. we need to change the tone of our struggle. obviously this leaders of ours do not feel our pain so it about time we make them feel the pain. we should also make this clear to those who are in Ethiopia. the fact is, we are letting the Indians, chinease, and all the other foreigners grow whatever they wish on our land export it to their own countries. If our farmers are not allowed to eat why should the chinease, and the indians? so we should burn what they produce to show our distaste of what is going on. if we are not allowed to build on the land our fathers left us, why should the freigners? so burn why they build. this should be the message we send to our people. Nobody should be treated in their country in a way our government treats our people. Mot LEWEYANE and Gellewochu!

  11. whats wrong with that as long as they went saudi legally to get a job.nothing wrong that you can oppose about this if u live in ethiopia.but you have been in ethiopia a long time and you not understand the life situation in ethio.just talk and talk is not a solution

    Anonymous replies:

    Ali, what is wrong is precisely what kidi wrote. When your country grow as ours claim, 11%- you don’t need to sell your girls into slavary. Make no mistake, it is slavery. legal or not, migration to domestic work to the Middle East, Saudi or anyone of them all the same. It is the lowest denominator. The Middle East may be dripping with oil and money but has a long long way to go. No amount of glitter is going to hide the level of barbarism and brutality they pose to those who are less fortunate than them. The Middle East is still in the middle ages. We have the misforune of being ruled by beast of a government who would sell even his own mother, if she has any financial value. 45,000 women a month? This is truly scandlous. There must have been some super new processing department. For anyone who is familiar with the corruption and bureaucracy of Ethiopian gov. offices, really being able to process 45,000 people a month is quite an achievement. Shame it is not for a good cause. Wake up people before it is too late. This is just another level. We must act. Typically, no civil society in the country to address this modern day oppression and exploitation. The regime always ensures no such activities. If there is, I bet they must be organised by the regime as a cover up hence they are just a spokes body for the regime. And Yet, big powers and global institutions tell us this is a power that they can do business with. Sure,where else would they get a regime that carry out their neoliberal ideology in such a blatant and self serving manner. It is a perfect marrige. You scratch my back I scratch yours. But let it be known, there is so much pushing and shoving any gov. can do its people. This long suffering nation, has been pushed to the limit for far too long. It is just a matter of time before it snaps.

    gragn ahmed replies:

    Please let us not look every thing in terms of politics and religion and also nationalism.

    We have to admit Ethiopia can not feed every body. Not only that they can not be Middle class yet. European in the East are eager to flee to West. They live not like they live in their homeland. One has to know that there is a lot of competition. Saudi economy is not competitive becuase it is resource based and not on innovation. As a result they are worried about their security. Most of them are now populated by immigrants. Their population is small. Thus, don’t expect to live a luxurious life with full freedom. As long as people are decent, most Arabs don’t try to harm you just because of your skin color.

    I do not know what the future is going to be but don’t lump all Arab countries as one. That is a mistake I see in all Ethiopian copts. Even Egyptians don’t get the same treatment they expect from Saudis. Saudis view themselves as loyal to USA. So the rest don’t get all attention. So to expect European standard is out of illusion. I expect free movement for some migrants on some conditions. Other than that I hope Saudi will be a good place to help our poor people.

    anti anonymous replies:

    if it does not break do not fix it are anti -ethiopian.go to hell ok.

    Ethiopian replies:

    Doma neh betam, if you ‘re Ethiopian, you should have felt sorry for them and for your country. I have nothing against any kinds of jobs as long as the employees benefits are protected and is able to get ends meet. But in our sisters case, they are treated like animals, why do you thing this people prefer Ethiopians, its because we are cultured in a tradition that respects others and the Arabs love that. Other people, when their interests are not met, they ran away. In addition to all this, all Arabs like the good looks of Ethiopian women, so lust is definitely involved in it. The other thing is, Ethiopia has now become a country that provides “Maids and Servants” while India exports Doctors and Engineers. Why not Al Amoudi and those rich woyannes open a foundation that helps facilitate scholarship to young and bright students to learn abroad, why not support these maid to be beautiful Ethiopians train in various hospitality industry and make Ethiopia and tourist spot. When Thailand was stormed with prostitution and its citizens flying to other countries for “maid services”, the government trained its women in massage therapy with out “happy ending “prostitution” ” and the country is now well known for that. But the problem is Woyanne is a group of people like you. You need to go back to your mothers womb and born again if you have any chance of becoming a responsible citizen and matured Ethiopian. Doma

    Gragn Ahmed replies:

    Doma ante nah. You expect others to do for you. Al Amoudin is business man. So don’t call his name. He is doing great things. I don’t know what Weyane is. Weyane is your business not mine because I don’t live there. Change it if you can I don’t care. India gets help from West. But you narrow minded Amara don’t like the west. In addition, there is no such thing as free country. Saudi Arabia has problems but they are not Lebanon so don’t even go there. If you like chat or alcohol, then that is not your place. If you want a living it is nice place. Don’t forget that most Saudis don’t have decent jobs. Even Saudis don’t have enough doctors, and you want Al Amoudin to train doctors. Let us not live in illusion. We are the lowest people in the world and we want people to give us respect? Don’t expect the same treatment like Indians. The problem with ethiopian women is they like to think they can sell their body for good job. That puts them in trouble.

    kitcho replies:

    I am not a bit surprised by response. The fact is that as history has recorded, Atabs, hence muslims are famously know through history and I venture to say even today for keeping harems or raping woman. I guess just maybe they justify it woman being inferior following mohamed’s teaching. Being a muslim yourself, I see fro where you coming from. Fact is that countries and government export goods and products, not people to be abused and treated like slaves. Another fact is that in most part this girls are from low income family, who are stair struck with the idea of going to a foreign land they have heard about, never know the language or the culture or the way the muslim treat woman.Click on the link and then tell me what you think. By the way the girl eventually hang her self and have died, assuming that them filthy arabs have raped her, which otherwise she would not have killed herself’

    From what I understand from your posting, which you already have justified for them to be sold to these filthy barbarians, who justify killing being a part of their obligation to allah and Koran, once can see that their fate is done for them, since the Melese government concern is in getting foreign currency, regardless, how it is gotten and I am sure, these modern day slave export will be included in the national statistic of the GNP

    ali replies:

    then not talk here go there and make a change

    aster replies:

    mr. Ali, how come you don’t see the problem? Our concern is not about these women getting jobs, our concern is how are they going to be treated? Are they going to be slaves for the Saudis or are they going to be a respected workers with rights to communicate with their friends and families, rights to eat and sleep properly like any other human being, rights to practice their religion specially if they are Christians, they also have to have the rights to freely travel, rights to make and save money and rights to refuse working for relatives, friends and neighbors of their “masters” 24 hours a day. The Saudi government put Ethiopians in prison for weeks because they were caught praying. That country does not even give rights to its own female citizens. how do you expect them to respect Ethiopian Women?
    The other point is the Ethiopian so called government whose rulers have no respect for Ethiopia and Ethiopians should provide jobs in their own country instead of kissing the asses of the Saudis. They don’t care because they grew up denying they were Ethiopians, they grew up pretending they did not understand Amharic, they grew up saying they are Eritreans not Ethiopians. So what do you expect from them? A bunch of high school drop outs and university first year students who think they know everything about politics, economics, agriculture and more. They run from the wars they started and they are now leaders of the army. They give money. land jobs,and gold to the so called “fighters”. Fighters of what? Is Meles a fighter? His friends are saying he never fought. What a joke? How did we allow these idiots to take control of the whole country? They can not even rule a village.
    Thank God this time is not the same time as the time they were in the forest. The rest of the county knows better than them. We know what they are doing. And one day hopefully very soon they will not be sitting in the same chairs they are sitting in now.
    It is not only the Oromos, the Amharas or the Somalis but all Ethiopians will be free.
    It is not the women, the men, or the children but all young and old Ethiopians will be free.
    They will not give us freedom on a plate we will snatch it out of their bloody hands.

    ali replies:

    before saudi and ethiopian gover..have agreement most ethiopian women crossing red sea get many many proble now two country have agreement now it is better than can not force another country change day i ask one lebanon guy why do u treat ethiopian maid bad he told me he told me “why do your women come here(lebanon)” the only as as long as we ethiopian poor you cannot stop the people going to another country(arab country).did you sani egipt all this related to ethiopian economy.

    peace replies:

    The so called TPLF cadres Ali and Kidi above are amazing. They have no remorse with the recent Ethiopian woman Alem Dechasa what happened to her in Lebanon. Next time, they are going to tell us Lebanon is different than Saudi. Saudi where every Ethiopian women are raped, murdered, hot water is boiled over them, etc.. Let us face it, these Ali and Kidi think abuse and enslavement is “job” for them. Taking away the freedoms of Ethiopian women and snatching their passport so that they can’t leave is “job” for them. Do they even get paid? I doubt it. I hope there is inside investigation for every Ethiopian women what is happening to them in Arab nations. 45000 women to leave Ethiopia is to depopulate Ethiopia and to get rid of any possible future resistance by Ethiopians. Ethiopia is guinnea pig, experiment for neocolonization and neoliberalism where outsiders and TPLF gangs will have full opportunity without resistance from the rest of Ethiopians.

    Kidi and Ali, shame on you, if you can’t take a lesson from recent Aljazeera video of the abuse of Ethiopian woman Alem, then you are TPLF stoooge who is taking the benefit from abuse of ethiopian women. This has nothing about empowering of women but enslavement. Domestic work is not a noble job that the TPLF wishes for Ethiopians, it is enslavement. Domestic work should be 6-1year as a transitional career for any life to get you by but with their passport being snatched they can’t go anywhere or can’t even go back then they are there being enslaved for the rest of their lives.

    I think the migration of these women is more than that, there is agenda going on: 1, depopulating Ethiopia, 2. spreading Islam in Ethiopia as these women might be forced to convert and then only then they are allowed to go back to Ethiopia to spread Islam Wahabism in Ethiopia 3. to make millions for TPLF regime.

    Anonymous replies:

    peace, have you read what Kidi wrote before acusing her/him as TPLF agent? It seems to me you smell more TPLF cadre than Kidi. Peace

  12. TPLF are selling everything to make money, from our fertile land to our young beautiful girls. Either it is modern slavery or sex-trafficking or another form of genocide by kicking Ethiopians out of their mother land and handing them to some soulless Arabs. It would be interesting to know the ethnicity of these Ethiopian girls, who are being shipped to Arab countries. I often wonder, what cause Meles and the rest of TPLF to hate Ethiopia/ns these much!

  13. That means more than half a million women a year. Unless war finishes the men,very soon Ethiopian women will start marrying more than one man just to make up for the women that are leaving the country and maintain the balance.

  14. “This news is so shocking it is hard to believe. If it is true, it must be stopped at any cost. This is a wholesale enslavement of Ethiopian women, particularly those from the Amhara and Oromo ethnic groups.”

    My dear:
    This is another kind of slavery, the worst kind at that, as it is targeting the most vulnerable part of our society, our sisters. Thanks to guns, the Tigray Society has become the ‘ROYALS’ and now they can sale their subjects ( the Amharas, Oromos, etc) and their lands to the highest bidders. That is exactly what they are doing, or the Gangs ruling over their subjects in the name of People of Tigray is doing. This is slave trade going on in 21st century. We have come so low and so helpless to the point of losing the very essence of our being. Our dignity is for sale; all the while the regime taking about unprecedented economic expansion and social progress. Wake up and smell the coffee subjects ( the Amhara, Oromo, etc). You all find yourselves in the same box now. Helpless subjects and slaves of TPLF weyyane, ready to be sold at moments notice.

  15. The United Nation Convention Article 49 , adopted in 1949 states moving a population by force is a GENOCIDE , such as in Gambela, Sending Ethiopians in mass or in exodus is idirect ethnic cleansing or GENOCIDE. This regime is in a campaign of disolving our culture, heritage, and identity . They are working 24/7 how to get rid Ethiopians. Every Ethiopian should be active from passive instead of becoming a by stander. Soon we Ethiopians will be stateless.STOP systematic GENOCIDE now.

  16. In the 21st century,today in this modern world,on this Earth Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most inhabitable country in the world,not because it is a desert country;it is because of the absence of democracy in many dimensions.That land,it is not a country for women,in particular for our sisters to live in dignity and respect. No single Ethiopian woman wants to live and work in a hostile country such as Saudi Arabia where women are decreed or declared to be living-object;just like an Arab man has the right to own property,he is also entitled to own women;so how can our sisters acept to live or work being owned by a man in Saudi Arabia.

    Besides why would our sisters and brothers be forced to be converted into islam,why would our sisters and brothers be imprisioned just for praying and reading bible,and why would our sisters be rapped and murdered.

    Yes,Ehadeg has been keeping the country and the people ruling by force for the last 21 years and still is continuing doing so;it is only this regime is removed and a democratic government is running the country,we bring back our sisters and brothers from all the countries,including saudi arabia and give them the freedom and the opportunity to go to college and live in peace and traquility;until this happens,we must continue to stand for our sisters and brothers who are endlessly suffering from being sold to Arab world and live there as slaves.

  17. How many of these “export items” are from greater TIGRAI. Unless the oppositions unite and get rid of this fascist regime, they will not hestitate even to sell the organ of Ethiopians to satiate their greed for money.

  18. My dear brother Elias, I urge you to help send out somehow a warning pamphlets to be distributed to all young girls in Ethiopia about the false promises these TPLF slave traders are telling young Ethiopian girls to travel to Arab countries and the true stories of Ethiopians who have left Ethiopia and end up being abused, raped, killed, burnt and missing in various Arab countries.

  19. I really laughed too much after long time,lol. Woyane is responsible for the mass exodus of people from Ethiopia? How come? Did Woyane fill DV forms for us? Did woyane gave ticket to Arab countries?Did woyane wake up us early in the morning to go to immigration and make line?

    All of us are very weak to defend the truth and change things being in our country. All of us are running abroad . Its time to wake up and see our weakness than blaming Woyane. Woayane will stay longer b/c no one is Challenging it.

  20. This message is only for those who call themselves Christians.The one thing that ought to be soul searching to many of is this.Are we really what we pretend to be.We come to this forums for many years to agree on one thing and one thing only- that is to denouncve TPLF leaders and cadres.I am not chnging the topic her, to the most part this is true and we will continue to do it with out appology.
    However, this masks another major character flow among members and supporters of the oppostion ,namely this we hve incrisngly behaving shallow and superficial.let me ask this hypotetical question how do we as an anindividual lead our day to day life?Say one lost a job,or one wants to go to caollege? Each know the drill he or her must put the time,engergy,money to make it happen.That we very simple straight forward drill because self interest was at the center of it all.

    Now how about using the same principle to solve Ethiopia’s problem?This is entirly different matter.One ,honest soul,may say there is no incentive for me there another one will give different answer.We can all agree mostof us criticize the different organizational leaders.But most come here to be entertained.Many are in this group ,and all you have to do is read what they put before you.They say something theythemselves dont mean it in their heart.Here is some signs and symptoms of the socital sickness.We have spiritual sickness,that is we pretend to be Christians but we do those things we were accostomed to do when we were unblievers. To be frank most of us cheat,lie,steal,and petend.One of the reasons the LORD does not remove us from the scene of this earth is because he is not willing that we die in SIN, THAT IS WITH OUT REPENTANCE OR NISHA SNGEBE.He knows if we die with out repentance we are lost forever or Nisha sangebe benemot we are doomed for ever.It is time we repent now individually and nationally and be right with the LORD first.Twenty years of self effort,much of it pretention, accomplished nothing. How can we when we are out of harmoney with GOD,be able to get along one another. If I have to come to this forums just to babble and not to share my conviction I am a froud and people know about it.If I come to this forum to be entertaind by the national tragedy,I am being a con artist froud.If I come here to impress others t hrough verbage I am egotistic and immature.If I come in here to Psycho analize,melese or some one else I have no idea wht the LORD will say about me.

    Gragn Ahmed replies:

    Well said. Ethiopia lost its christian soul after death of King Negash. After that leaders were evils sent from God to punish our arrogance and its consequences. I will never call Haile Selasie or Menelik or Atse Yohannes christians. They were womanizers and killers. Now, you said these diaspora people are ill behaved. That is because they don’t follow teaching of Jesus. Most diaspora hate Meles which is okay but never love themselves since they attack each other. Who gave Amara this bad culture? With this trend Meles will continue to rule over us. Which far better than the lost diaspora.

    Anonymous replies:

    Mr Grang, how much are you paid by your boss Mr Alamudi to spread division between Ethiopian Christians and Muslims? Please go to the ER Forum section and discuss such issues with the Ethiopian Pro-Regressives, like Awash and company.

    Anonymous replies:

    i don’t know what you are talking about. What is it you are trying to say? Religion or politics? “psyco analyze Melese?” what the heck does that mean? “the scene of this earth” what do you want to say may be you wanted to say the sin because they got completely different meanings. I don’t know man.

  21. How many ethiopian are living slavery life style in USA? Did Melese made to bo like this?
    How many ethiopian are agent of CIA and it crones?
    How many ethiopians are willing to go to USA, EUROPE and sell their labor or skill?
    Everybody of us know that ethiopia can consume all the labor force availabe to her nor the skills of graduates from university.

    marta replies:

    YO KG, just stop there. Are you comparing USA to that of Saudi? If you don’t know the difference go back to school

  22. Well done Mr Melese Zenawi

    You have done a very nice job.It is good to export human organs to the Arab world.The Arabs know that is a way to get their organs repaired or replaced.Mr Melese,you have the best deal and you are going to get at the end of the day that you yourself will pay the price for what you are doing to the Ethiopians.

    It is true you have many supporters who have the same mind and the same hunger for money.However you have failed to learn from history of the world and the history of dictators and who did crime against humanity and against their own people.

    Your friend and partner in torturing and killing innocent people end up not in victory or fame but in total shame and utter destruction for his family and his own people.He was saying that his people love him and support him.But at the end of the day he died like a dog in the street.

    Mr Melese you and your supporters love to hear your voice and want to see your own words written on papers.But the reality of the environment is the reverse of your words and your dreams.You cannot be a good leader by force and you cannot make every body listen to you with propoganda.Those who are saying and telling you that you are a good leader aren’t going to be on your side at the of the day.Be sure all your supporters will betray you and you will drink the bitter cup of sorrow alone and who knows that your children will be facing the same as you are. Now you are laugning on the misery of the people but some day the people will turn against you and just as the people of Libya did towards Gadafi and his family.

    Now you are exploiting the misery of the people to build your own wealth,the wealth that you will never see it and enjoy it.Now you are sending children of the poor people to be slaves and spare parts for your Arab friends.Your days are numbered to come to the situation of Gadafi and Mubarek.It is your choice to change your mind and be Ethiopian and serve the Ethiopians.

  23. when did we Ethiopians especially in the west started getting dumb dumber? let as get this in our head a nation that lose it is Women, has lost every thing. cos civilization is built by Women not by man.think about this,Ethiopia is losing its women in the process the mother of our nation,the mother of our sons,the mother of our daughter’s,losing our women means losing our self and our country Ethiopia. ether we can just stand and talk about it and do what we have been doing, and wait for the next news and read about it and do nothing then wait for another news and do the same all over again for the last 20 years…or we can do something to change this by mobilising Ethiopian for one common goal liberation from one will do it for us.we have to do it our self…..

  24. is this brilliant move of the dedebit grad economists to counter the almost 32% inflation rate of 2012? do they knoW exporting of these women DOESN’T REGISTER AS A G.D.P? or has their “five yr transformation plan” suddenly changed to 5 yr TRANSPORTATION PLAN? god help us as we are just sinking beyond will take us generations to fix what is done in the last 10 yrs alone.

  25. can someone take a video of the que at immigration and bole airport so that you understand the extent.

    I saw it Last month and I wished I had a camera with me.

    it breaks your heart to see this. Some of this girls look like 14years old, some of them no shoe, don’t even know how to fill a form. its just sooooo sad we are resored to see this. If this tugs start behaving like a government and make some kind compromise with everbody we could creat something for this people. Its as simple as $10.00 a month.

  26. uneconomy with 11% amazing growth will not export slaves, while it can export items ,goods ,wyene alula aba nega, weyne abbdessa aga ,weyne belay zeleke ,tareke kemesera teweled alfen werdet west gebeten kuch alen weyne hagere .you can kill men, girls,but no one will kill ETHIOPIANISMS-the sprit .

  27. Ethiopian peoples are suffering again. They can simply put a poster of all Ethiopians maid killed in UAE on ofices like imigeration and airport to let them what is waiting them.
    Where is this bastard Ali-muda who get reach by selling human being. This middel east shipment have a lot to do with this barbar Ali-muda supported with melese.
    Ethiopia is now complitly distroyed. To recover our name it takes years. Weyane make strong revange on amharas and oromos. The mission of weyane is leave the countrey or you will die in honger amara or oromo.

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