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Ethiopians in DC mourn Alem Dechasa; meet Lebanese official

By Elias Kifle

Concerned Ethiopians in the Washington DC Metro Area gathered in front of the Embassy of Lebanon Thursday to mourn Alem Dechasa, the Ethiopian girl who died after she was attacked and abducted outside the Ethiopian embassy in Beirut early this week. We also expressed our outrage over the killing of Alem and presented our demand to the Government of Lebanon to bring the individuals who committed the crime to justice.

Toni Frangie During the silent protest, First Secretary of the Lebanese embassy, Mr Toni Frangie, came out to speak to us.

Ato Tekle Sahlemariam, who spoke on our behalf, expressed his gratitude to Mr Frangie for his willingness to hear our concern and communicated to him that Ethiopians are seeking justice for the crime against Alem.

Mr Frangie expressed his sadness about the death of Alem and assured us that full investigation is underway. From his demeanor, one can tell that he appeared to be genuinely moved by our grief.

All of us left the embassy feeling better because of Mr Frangie’s assurance that Alem will get justice.

The ultimate justice is of course to eliminate the Woyanne junta that is the primary cause of Alem’s tragic death and the suffering of millions of other Ethiopians. The Woyanne ambassador was watching and doing nothing when Alem was dragged to her death. Probably because he is one of those individuals who are profiting from the human trafficking of Ethiopian women and she is one of his victims.

22 thoughts on “Ethiopians in DC mourn Alem Dechasa; meet Lebanese official

  1. I am having a hard time expressing my self about this girl it’s a very tragic issue and there are no wards to explain it . I fell very sorry about her and beloved once

  2. Thanks Elias for keeping us informed on Alem’s case. I’m one of those millions of Ethiopians who are disturbed deeply, saddened and angry to what happened to our sister, daughter Alem. The job of the Lebanese officials is to give lip service, Ethiopians should demand to see the autopsy of Alem’s body performed by a private medical examiner. May her rest in peace.

  3. I thank all who came out yesterday in front of the Lebanese Embassy to mourn Aleme Dechasa and demand justice. We are calling for the same kind of rally in NYC where we have an organization that is working as an advocate of Ethiopian women who are abused in Middle East.

    Our women should lead the struggle for justice and dignity for our women until then action like the one initiated by concerned Ethiopians in DC is critical.

    Last week Ethiopian women in DC had a three day conference.On that conference many young women participated from different areas.Those women should take the lead wherever they are. Freedom and justice demands visibility on streets. Occupied Wall Streets is a good example for that. It is coming energized this spring all over the world watch out !!!! it is up to our women to use all avenues to demand justice for our women.

    I suggest for our women to organize rallies through out America this March the “Women Month” and make Alem Dechasa the symbol of Arab Barbarism and be advocate for the “Invisible Ethiopian” housemaids who are abused as we speak.

    Ethiopian Muslim as well as Christian leaders should mobilize their followers by publicly preaching on the death of Alem Dechasa and call for those who are responsible to face justice.

    I call on all Ethiopian women who have recognition on national and international stages, athletes, politicians, artists, models etc to speak up on the wider problem of our women killing and abuse in Middle East that is widely covered in foreign media for sometimes now.

    We need them to speak if they want to get respect from the Ethiopian people. A single death and abuse of Ethiopian women is our humiliation as Ethiopians. The whole world is watching us for our failure not to come in defense of our women who are now living in a modern day Slavery in Middle East !!!

    Anonymous replies:

    Thanks Bro, I totally agree with you!

    Alem lives in our heart forever. She was murdered fighting alone. Let every Ethiopian join her in her fight against Woyane and its supporters.

    abysinian fox replies:

    well said and i completely support that.For us ethiopians, failure to speak against this humiliation of our ethiopian sister as if nothing happened is unacceptable. THis is a humiliation of every ethiopian and we need to be vocal and demand justice. thank you all who came out to protest and YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF YOURSELVES!!!!

  4. It is a little bit comforting. It is still sad that we will never know her story since she would have been the only one who knows the truth. But the Ethiopian embassy staff could not even fight on her behalf as a man even if he had to fight physically. Oh may be he did not want his cloth get dirty. what a shame? A small Ethiopian woman was dragged and beaten in front of him he did not have any courage. I wish I was there. I am not a super man but i would not allow those donkey heads beat my sister up.

    Gelaw replies:

    This is one perfect example that Ethiopians have no government of their own. Otherwise how can an Ethiopian woman is abused and beaten infront of an Ethiopian Embassy and emabassy staff does nothing? What about at least calling the police?

    As Elias, poined out, the lasting solution comes with erradicating the Mafia scourge woyane from Ethiopian soil.

    mola replies:

    Ethiopian young women must learn from this”STOP GOING TO ARABS COUNTRY”
    Arabs have no respect for women,not even their own mother or siste



    Anonymous replies:

    He is not like you cries and makes story he is a real man you idiot watch ur mouth you dirty ahiya donkey!

  5. The brutal assault and eventual death of our Ethiopian sister out side Tplf embassy in beirut is the responsibility of Tplf.

    poverty and lack of opportunities to make a living in Ethiopia is forcing our people to leave their homes and families to work as domestic serevants and concubines and to be humiliated and mistreated in arab countries.

    unless the scurge of the woyane is removed we will see more deaths, more humiliation, more refugees, more misery.

  6. Thanks to all Ethiopians who were at Lebanese Embassy to speak up the injustice done against Alem Dechassa. Thanks Elias for bringing the issue to the attention of millions of people all over the world.

    Ethiopians are fighting against injustice at home brought upon them by woyanes and elsewhere by their agents. Slowly, but surely our struggle is bearing fruit and we are in the right direction. The time we give deaf ears and blind eyes to some ones agony or death because he/she does not belong to our specific ethnic group or tribe is becoming out-dated. It is now time we think we are all first Ethiopians, stand up against injustice where ever it is committed and leave freely as an Ethiopian anywhere we want.

    Below is a great reminder to all of us before Woyanes finish us Ethnic group by Ethnic group; tribe by tribe and individual by individual. It is time now we explore our personal and collective responsibility and act accordingly.

    Here is what Pastor Martin Niemoller once said, and I quote, “First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up,
    because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics,and I didn’t speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me,and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me”.

    Have a great day.

  7. Do we absolutely know she wasn’t murdered?

    What evidence do we have to conclude (without doubt) she committed suicide? I have my doubts. It is possible she might have had stories to tell and someone didn’t want that story told, especially after what happened to one of our sisters in Libya recently.

    What evidence did they have to rule out Murder? Finding a body hanging from twisted bedroom sheets is not good enough evidence to conclude she committed suicide. Someone else could easily have done that to make it look like a suicide

    One thing is clear. The Governments in Addis and in Beirut are not interested in justice for Alem. They just want to save face. So don’t expect much out of any investigation carried out by either Governments. So, I suggest, Alem’s death must and should be investigated by an independent body.

    As an after thought I would like to add an observation: Grinding poverty is the fate of the vast majority of Ethiopians. And the Government believes this is the “bitter pill” that will purge poverty from the country, come the next Generation. But there is also luxury and wealth in Ethiopia beyond the reach and comprehension of ordinary Ethiopians. To the wealthy cronies of the Government, the “bitter pill” is sweeter than heaven itself.

    At present, our girls seemed to pop all the “bitter pills’. Now, even drifters and loafers from around the world are descending on Addis Ababa in droves, for one and one reason only – The “beautiful girls” of Ethiopia. I am using their own words here. It appears, The Malay and Thai girls are not just classed out as maids in Arab countries, but also as objects of lust for decadent and debased foreign vagabonds – at home.

    Anonymous replies:

    Vxim, your comment is very interesting

    I am Mauritanian and I am shocked by this story.
    I think that Alem do not commit suicide!
    But the question I ask myself is why the Ethiopian embassy in Beirut has not attended in time.
    So the Lebanese are worse than dogs!

  8. betame yemiyasazen betame yemikoche manentachen ke sew betache ytayenbete mecheme ke wesetachen yemayeweta bekele be ehetachen laye dersebate yesewa besew alefe ebachchew bezu yenoraluna lehulume yemihon ferde yestachew


    dadala replies:

    Not at all. I am Muslim. This is not what Islam has taught Muslims. Islam or any religions should not be blamed but Muslims, believers, followers.

    If you have comment on Arabs it is applicable but not on Islam. There is a reason why Quran has come to them originally first with their own languages. Quran has come to them to teach them MERCY. We, Africans, are pure and straight believers.

  10. We just have to be a human being to be absolutely enraged about Alem’s treatment.
    We all have mothers and sisters and it is extremely difficult not to get overwhelmed about Alem’s treatment and the worst all of this happening informant of the Woyane Embassy. It is time to get rid of the Ethnic Woyane regime.

  11. I am sorry sister Alem. After I listened to Video my heart is broken, I don’t feel normal.
    If I were that Embassy in Beirut I could suicide due to this humiliation. This is a great humiliation to all of Ethiopians. There is another story in Kuwait. One sister has been raped by one person and left on deserted street. Not only in Beirut but also in Dubai two girls had been found dead after three months at different sponsor homes. One of girls has brother in UAE but the sponsor hid the death news from him.
    I am sorry.
    But there is something we, Ethiopians, should know that our girls roaming on open streets with no any respect to their body and to others. They are playing with nasty styles which were not familiar in Ethiopia and family. Whenever I see them, I tell myself not to have common nationality with them. I am leaving in somewhere in GCC. I know stories. There are a lot of Cafes over here at where Arabs with all ages are visiting regularly treating and dealing with no respects what they have for their females at home. If one Ethiopian visit them, they don’t like or happy. B/c they don’t feel free and play with visitors well. They shy of us but not all of them. There are some with their original purposes.
    This doesn’t mean Sister Alem is the member of such women, I sorry with her families, she is mother of two.

  12. In memory of Alem Dechasa-Desisa, 33,

    wife and mother of two children

    Caritas Lebanon Migrant Center invites you to join its prayers and contemplations

    On Wednesday March 21st, at 17.30

    in its premises in Sin el Fil, facing the Futuroscope, Takla Center, ground floor, Lebanon

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