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Woyanne launches a military attack on Eritrea


ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Ethiopian Woyanne forces entered Eritrea on Thursday and carried out what a regime spokesman described as “a successful attack” against military posts.

Shimeles Kemal said Ethiopia Woyanne launched the attack because Eritrea was training “subversive groups” that carried out attacks inside Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Woyanne and Eritrea fought a border war from 1998 to 2000. Tensions have reignited between the countries in recent months.

No details about the military operations or any damage or casualties were immediately released.

The “Eritrea government has continued launching attacks at Ethiopia through its proxy groups. The attacks had continued. And the recent attacks against European tourists is one of the reasons for the retaliation,” Shimeles said.

Militants attacked European tourists from five nations traveling in Ethiopia’s arid north in January. Five tourists were killed and two were kidnapped. The two kidnapped German tourists have since been released.

Ethiopia Woyanne blamed gunmen from Eritrea for the attack.

The attacks Thursday by Ethiopian Woyanne forces took place about 10 miles (16 kilometers) inside Eritrea’s territory in areas called Gelakalay and Gimbina, Kemal said. The Ethiopian Woyanne forces have returned to Ethiopia, he said.

“Today’s measures do not constitute a direct military confrontation between the two countries. The Ethiopian Woyanne defense force has entered into Eritrea and launched a successful attack against military posts that have been used to organize, finance and train the subversive groups,” Shimeles said.

Shimeles said it was unlikely that Eritrea would retaliate because it is “not in a position to launch a counter attack.”

The border war between the two countries killed about 80,000 people. Recent signs have pointed to growing tension in the region.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Woyanne junta leader Meles Zenawi told his parliament in April that his government would actively support Eritrean opposition groups to help topple that country’s regime.

121 thoughts on “Woyanne launches a military attack on Eritrea


    E.O. 12958: DECL: 03/15/2017

    REF: A) ASMARA 282 B) 070649Z MAR 07 ASMARA IIR 6 908



    ¶1. (S/NF) SUMMARY: On March 14, British Embassy officials
    provided additional details about the kidnapping and release
    of the five Europeans by the Afar Revolutionary Democratic
    Union Front (ARDUF). The British officials also shared a
    report issued by the Government of the State of Eritrea (GSE)
    which outlined its efforts to secure the release of the
    kidnapped Europeans. The report indicates that the GSE had
    knowledge and access to the abductees as early as March 6,
    although the Eritreans shared no information with the British
    Embassy until notification of the release and travel of the
    abductees to Asmara on March 13. Despite the GSE,s lack of
    transparency in communication with the British and French
    Embassies and despite the questions lingering around possible
    linkages between the GSE and the ARDUF, there is no
    indication at this time that Eritrea was involved in any way
    with the kidnapping, and in fact, the GSE appears overall to
    have played a proactive role in facilitating the release of
    the abductees. End Summary.

  2. war in the name of ethiopians, what a joke! not in my name!! it is not your sons who are dying but the poor ethiopians it is not your property which you are destroying but tax payers money. how about war against poverty, corruption, hunger, dictatorship, torture…………weyanes, i think it is the beginning of your end.

  3. Hold on. How are they going to release about Pres. Girma W/Giorgis or other breaking News? This retaliation attack is nothing more than twisting the mind of “shame-fool” people.

    Tomorrow, they may announce the death of President Girma W/Giorgis. The tplf evil-orchestrated propaganda machine had been successfully used in the past and continued to be used even now. The mind of most people has been manipulated for the past 21 years. Many people in tigrai had been heavily tested on evil-minded propaganda (mostly anti-amhara)for the last 37 years. Only hand picked and not many were able to say “show me the proof.” Many people accept all propaganda “as is.”

    I do not buy today’s drum-war News on Eritrea. Probably few tplf cliques know what is going to be released in the coming few days:
    THE DEATH OF PRESIDENT GIRMA W/GIORGIS. That is it. It is “shame” to continue to be fooled by meles-sibihat-bereket propaganda machine. These people are arch-hatred men (to amhara people)which is equally comparable to what Hitler was to the Jews.

    I, Tazabiw, will not be fooled by this non-sense News. I will be happy if this minor attack will eventually bring forward the demise of the following people in sequential order:

    #1. meles zenawi
    #2. sibhat nega
    #3. esayas afeworki
    #4. bereket simion
    #5. shimelis kemal

    Anonymous replies:

    why esayas afworki? because he stood against agressors that you consider as your friends, you wish him death. If we discount the woyane and western media propoganda, he is popular among his people. There is no one leader in the world today elected or unelected who could walk freely and dance with his people! Better revise your list, do not be blinded by others, use you brain instead of being a parrot.

    sami replies:

    you live in a dream world.issyass is hiding a long time ago. he moved frm asmara to massawa for his safty. forget about walkin live in denial world.just wake up and smell coffee.

  4. stroking a line through Ethiopian and replacing it with another noun violates the copyright laws

    Anonymous replies:

    why do you worry about copyright law, when you don’t care keeping human right and God’s law, Thow shall not kill, lie etc. If there was law and order in Ethiopia, then there would not have been so much misery, suffering and death. This is is not the place or time to raise copyright law. If you do not have idea to contribute you better shutup.

    Anonymous replies:

    You and your cohorts are a bunch of cowards who hide behind a screen and defame your country by defending the enemies of your country. You can disagree with the regime in any way you want, but not by being mercenaries.

    Anonymous replies:

    The only mercenary army in the region is TPLF army, and you want us to believe that to be Ethiopian army! The army that destroys, Ogaden. Gambela. Oromia and Afar etc.

  5. This is the war between Tigray and Eritrea. We Amharas don’t involve in this.
    Let the two Tigres slush their throat eachother, and the rest of the people will have a chance to get freedom against the Woyanne regime.
    God, please make them ESAT and CHID, and let the fire start.

    Amare replies:

    Eritrea will always feel woyane heat as long as it continues its current strategy of lukewarm support to opposition forces. In order to succeed it has to give the opposition full support without any operational restrictions and must stop trying to control them through its security forces. In its long war with woyane, Eritrea learned nothing except approach the conflict like a bull without a viable strategy to defeat woyane.

    SELAMAWI replies:


    AFTER THE ARABIAN-SPRING, Arabs rising up in droves, REVOLTING & TOPPLING life time tyrants with bare-hands, Wayanie is more paranoid from the Ethiopian people REVOLTING, take arms & training from Eritrea & destroy TPLF.



    Just like Yohaness of Tigray lost his head serving ENGLAND, helping General Napier to wage war against King Tedros & Sudan, TPLF-APARTHEID waging ENDLESS ETHNIC WARS against Ethiopians or INVADING SOMALIA & ERITREA, might SERVE THE POWERS OF THE DAY, but it does NOT save TPLF-APARTHEID from falling on it’s own sword, by Ethiopians, Eritreans & Somalis, forced to fight back to stop TPLF-AGGRESSION.

    Check it out for yourself.


    -Insecurity rules on the steps of the empire.
    After two decades in power, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has still not been able to bring a lasting peace to certain of the country’s peripheral regions and establish regional administrations that are considered legitimate by the local populations (…) Read more

    -Exit General Bacha Debele in Ethiopia
    In July 2011, General Bacha Debele received the “Patriot of Development” award from the Addis Ababa local authority. (…)

    -The old guard is still at the helm
    The results of the party conventions of the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) and the Oromo People’s Democratic Organisation (OPDO), which have just come to an end, made little change at the top (…) Read more

    -The political bigwigs in Addis Ababa
    While some Western embassies had been expecting Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to make a substantial changes in the teams leading the various factions of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF in power in Addis Ababa), the outcome of the congresses of these parties was something of an anticlimax (…) Read more,

    Helmi replies:

    Amare you are a tplf rat not amhara or what else you are only a low life primitive woyanne,

    Dani replies:


    You are just pretending, u are not Amara. You are A TPLF dog.

    seleme replies:

    you are an Eritrean midget loser. We are one and one. We will swallow that little country in an over night battle. We have recognized hw weak you guys are hahahahah

    Anonymous replies:

    you tried for more than half a century and you have failed and still trying!

    Anonymous replies:


    You must be some bone head and real original Woyane or Shabia.

    Me replies:

    zeregna!! Shame on you!

    ET replies:

    Correction to Amare you can say I Amhara but you cannot say we Amhara
    Thank You.

  6. Elelelelelelel !

    Ezana ! replies:


    Anonymous replies:

    We ethiopians have to simply watch the two gorilla groups lead by two idiots eat each other.

    Anonymous replies:

    They have a proverb in the English language ‘when two elephants fight, it is the grass that will be hurt’ During the last war, between the two countries, the majority who were sacrified were Amaras, Galas, Gurages and other minorities, of which even we do not know the number, from 80000 to 120000 or even some report extend the stat to 200000 souls. When you don’t have land or job, you will be drafted by hook or crook to the army, just to sevive for your daily bread!

  7. Eritrea will not succeed as long as it gives only a lukewarm support to Ethiopian opposition groups. It must start full support without trying to control them. It could have eliminated woyane if it had given the freedom to the opposition forces to do their job without being controlled by its security forces. As long as it continues it current path, it will receive defeat after defeat and shame after shame.

    Observer replies:

    the problem is Ethiopian opposition lacks unity and some of them they are not trustworthy. Today they are Mr X and tomorrow Miss Y!

    Truth replies:

    The opposition shares some of the blame too. But we have to remember Eritrea never considered its conflict as a conflict with TPLF. Instead Eritrea still considers it is in conflict with Ethiopia. As a result it hesitated to fully help Ethiopian opposition. Don’t forget, as TPLF want to secede from Ethiopia and establish greater Tigray that includes Eritrea, Eritreans also would like to expand southward. They also want to be beneficiaries of Ethiopian resource as they used to do during the early days of their friendship. Therefore they do not really want to bleed woyane to death. Instead they want a puppet woyane government controlled by Asmara. Eritrea knows Meles zenawi is a willing puppet if he can be isolated from the rest of the Agames. In fact, Zenawi is their man in Addis. As long as he is in power, Shabia will not make a decisive strike.

    Anonymous replies:

    Mr. Truth you are lying, Eritreans always refer their enemy as TPLF. What is wrong if they benefit from Ethiopian resources, did they still it? No they worked for it. Trade is not stealing. TPLF is robbing Ethiopia in broad day light. They are selling anything of value to any one willing to pay dollars. They sell to Arabs, Chinees, Indians, Dutch, Germans American you name it. You think that an investment, but Eritrean money is exploitation. I am sure you must be one of those EPRDF cadres agitating for the deportation of Eritrea Ethiopians from their country. Eritreans born in Ethiopia have every right to be Ethiopians if they prefer to do so, just like many of here U.S. Canada, Australia, or many European countries take citizenship. The truth is many of the Eritreans you deported were the sons and daughters of patriots that fought the Italian agression in the 1930s. Read your true history before you expose your ignornce. The Bible say ‘only the truth makes you free’.

    Anonymous replies:

    Your response is a perfect proof for my theory. By the way, I do not even raise the issue of fair trade here. I have no problem with that. My question is Eritrea only looks to exploit Ethiopia through a surrogate TPLF as this seemed to be the easiest thing to do. But time has proved this policy wrong, but Eritrea chose to hang on to its old strategy and as a result failed to support Ethiopian opposition full-heartedly. This will bring more shame to Eritrea as long as it continues its current path.

    Eritrea has the perfect opportunity to topple Woyane in few weeks if it wishes to and gives complete freedom to the Ethiopian opposition. 99% of Ethiopian people are opposed to Woyane. How come Eritrea has not capitalized on that?

    Both Woyane and Shabia need each other, my friend Anonymous. Explain to me why Eritrea chose to move its soldiers 18-20 kilometers inside from the border on March 4? Could it be because they are signalling TPLF to hit opposition sites as it did on March 16 and 17?

    My advise to both peoples is that not to be fooled by both TPLF and EPLF and seek to destroy both to bring lasting in the region

    Anonymous replies:

    Mr Truth, it seems you are under the influence of some mind altering drug, to insist that TPLF and Shabia working together to exploit Ethiopian resources. Who told you Eritrea moved its soldiers from 4 KM to 18 KM. Do you have a credible source? or are you halucinating under Khat? It is not Eritrea who need to capitalize on the help of Ethiopian opposition forces, but instead the otherway. Ethiopian opposition forces need to capitalize on Eritrean support and strengthen their unity and struggle. Eritreans have they contry and charting their destiny. It is Ethiopians who lost their country to TPLF and being sold left and right. Think clearly

    Ali replies:

    Truth (ketafi belly boy or woyanne rat )

    Your fantasy will eat you some day like unexpected peoples tsunami like it happens by election 2005 with no organizational structure otherwise we would have been celebrating the woyanne free zone not only from Ethiopia rather from the whole horn but this time it can be to day tomorrow or after a month woyanne will go once and for all mark my word.

  8. Patience has a limit! Our wise leaders have well thought about this for years and years! Here we Go! Now has reached the time to cut every finger of the Isaiase regime if he is not stopping his reckless actions against our development path towards Mamma Ethiopia’a Renaissance!!

    SELAM FELAGI replies:

    There is no Mama Ethiopia Renaissance here “Hidassie”. There is only Woyanne & Tigray renaissance if you can understand that. This is not a war for Ethiopians against our brotherly people of Eritrea or the Government of Eritrea, it is a war by the Woyannes’ to save the Woyanne.
    For all we know the Eritreans are in “LIMAT” as it has been shown not only on their state television Eri-TV but on other world media outlets.
    Think big Woyanne is not Ethiopia. Woyanne is for Tigray & Ethiopia is for Ethiopians.

  9. I don’t believe any of it!! It is just a distraction for us from woyanne misery. Woyannes are facing increasing challenges everywhere in Ethiopia and abroad, and all ethinicities have already figured out how woyanne-engineered division is hurting them than benefiting any, except woyannes. Bad news of teachers stopping to work, armed gangs springing everywhere inside Ethiopia, outrage over Alem Dechassa’s abuse and death infront of woyanne embassy, the romoured death of the pig symbolic president, skyrocketing produce prices, land confiscation and sale by the mafias (including the new law on inheritance), etc is making them nervous and want us distracted. Will it work? It is up to us to deny them the chance. I think all is fabricated news and real war will never occur between old friends as we witnessed it before. It only made to look Eritrea a legitimate nation than it seemed before as the Eritrean Meles wanted it. Who will lose at the end. Young Ethiopians who will make a sacrifice (in their life) for their game!!!!

    SELAM FELAGI replies:

    Feri, gobez yene wendim/ihit. This is not our war and we will not be destructed.

  10. our poor sister suffer arab country woyanne spent money for war,we can change i am feeling shamed be an ethiopian we need real conistitution any one live under the law muslim christian oromo amhara tigre lets start work together at least we can learn from kenya gahna something wrong my country.

  11. The devil woyane is a killer, it lives by sucking blood, spilling blood, inciting violence and disturbing the peace.

    For the woyane, chaos and crisis are modes of survival. Born out of violence, the woyane live and breath violence. this is the strategy of the woyane to stay in power for ever, by shifting their goals from one crisis to the other.

    There is no organisation in the world that uses crisis, violence and conflict as means of survival as Tplf does.

  12. Attacked on Eritrean appeared to be a vent mechanism for woyanne,because they know that their day is over with they are under so much pressure from everywhere a small gain in Somalia doesn’t mean they control Somalia we will see where this is going.

  13. I think we need to look at this carefully. What’s behind this News? Should be the question. Weyane are in big trouble as it is and would do anything to divert their misery inside Ethiopia. These thieving thugs are extremely hated by Ethiopians and as always Eritrea or Somalia is the way out. In Somalia they are being literally murdered. So now they will come up with the warmongering tactics against Eritrea and spread it through the war hungry media. I don’t think Eritrean people and media should play their game.

  14. The Woyanne regime in Ethiopia is sick and on a life support. This unprovoked attack on neighboring Eritrea is an attempt to drag the entire Ethiopian population to war with Eritrea. Ethiopian people have learned we are wiser now than ever and we have no reason to go to war with our brotherly country of Eritrea. This is a Woyanne war not an Ethiopian war. My beloved Ethiopian brothers & sisters and also beloved Eritrean brothers & sisters think clearly don’t be dragged into this war that Woyanne is trying to instigate to save it self from its demise.

    May God give the peoples of Ethiopia & Eritrea peace & prosperity.

    Selam Felagi.

    tekat kemayewedew replies:

    Good analysis Selam Felagi and Anonymous. Our enemy is not Eritrea or Ethiopia, it is poverty, backwardness and hopelessness. We should be careful this time ’cause both Isayas and Meles)might be working together to divert internal pressure.

  15. The well calculated attack on the rest of the terrorist camps in Eritrea will continue including Asmara unless the lunatic Isaiase abides by the rule of law rather than the rule of the jungle. Viva EPRDF! Fighting poverty, establishing Mamma Ethiopia’s renaissance on solid bed rock foundation while cutting each and every spoiled fingers of the ruler in Asmara!

    Getta replies:

    Weyanne always lies,
    We will know the truth soon,
    When Weyanne said I win that means loss or defat

    Anonymous replies:

    Good reflection

  16. Bertu Ayzuwachu!! we are always with the Ethiopian defense forces as long as the yare fighting enemies of the nation.

    tekat kemayewedew replies:

    Are you going to fight from 18th Street in DC. Lam balwalebet kubet leqema!

  17. Unless the likes of “Semhal Meles Zenawi” comes and joins the war with Eritrea,from the place where she runs the family business, the woyanes should not count on the poor Ethiopians blood.Its very unlikely that this time they can achieve to decieve for the 2nd time. So in this respect they have to stop hitting the war drum,and fight to curb the inflation … the people can atleast eat once in a day.

  18. Elias Kifle, here we have the language you Shaebias understand. I wish it will continue until no possible threats are n Eritrea (a.k.a. spoiled nation)

  19. Bravo Ethiopian soldiers. This is the language Isayas Understands!

    Anonymous replies:

    isayas is not the one selling you mather and sisters!

  20. The war warmongers and drum beaters from the north (Eritrea – Tigray) are going to start it all over again.

    The rest of Ethiopia, please know this is not your war. Rather opportunity to weaken the dictators & get rid of them.

  21. A couple hours before I saw this news a friend was telling me not to trust TPLF and its creator Shabya. He claimed that he heard a news from a reliable source. Israeli and Quatar sponsered negotation is taking place between TPLF and Eritrea in Germeny. In addition about a two weeks or so ago the same person told me Shaebia has withdrawn its border troopers from the border areas to 15KM inside Eritrea. If what he say is true , most likely this attack is a diversion for public consumpption

    Anonymous replies:

    You make sense.

  22. Let the war began its about time . Let this two terrorist group kill each other . Fascist meles army (the AGAZIS) AND fascist issayas army (the SHABIAS) it’s a win win for Ethiopians and the world . The incant amhara blood crying for justices. As a real amhara I will never forget what you did to our people .

  23. This is a calculated move by TPLF to divert our attention from the crucial current topic of Ethiopians tragic situation on the day of our mourning to our daughter and sister Alem-Dechasa. They are afraid that Alem’s tragic death which happened under their supervision would be the spark that would lead to an effective unity and opposition of all Ethiopians to Meles government. Alem is our Rosa Park who became the spark to American Civil Right movement in U.S. Martin Luther King captured the occasion to launch the Civil Right March starting the Montgomery Bus Boycott, followed by the March from Selema to Montgomery. There was 50 years Jubilee memorial celebration last week that initiated a new national campaign against the Alabama Immigration Law that is targeted to discriminate against new Immigrants and their children. Let us not fall to the evil trap of EPRDP/ TPLF. Let us condemn the Woyanes war in Eritrea, and show our opposition to this adventure! Long live the solidarity of Ethiopians and Eritreans. Alem-Dechasa lives in our hearts and will never forget her.

  24. Hidassie

    you TPLF supporters are sic YOUR problem is Bunker Mentality. You were not even able to defend Badime and Tsorena. Having let Shabya encroach to your Greater Tigray then you turned your shameless faces to Ethiopia to save you. You shed the blood of 80 000 Ethiopians and now you you are starving for blood. You are ready to shed the blood of our youth for nothing. No Way . This war shall bring your demise. Stop the blood thirsty woyane.

  25. Breaking News..Rubansaba: 03-13-2012..Israel and Qatar mediate between Eritrean and Ethiopia ..some representatives of both countries arrived in Germany

    Rubansaba 03-13-2102 : Different sources this week have confirmed that the Eritrean government and the Ethiopian government are going to have preliminary meeting in Germany on March the 20th, already some representatives of both countries arrived in Germany.
    The mediating that is Israel and Qatar shuffled to both Eritrea and Ethiopia a five point plan:
    1.Qatar will lease the Eritrean port of “Assab” for 20 years and Ethiopia will use the port.
    2.Ethiopia will be committed to demarcate the border, restore “Bademe” to Eritrea, and withdraw its troops.
    3.Both countries work to normalize the social relations between them.
    4.Both countries work on normalizing diplomatic and political relations.
    5.People affected by the 1998-2000 war to be compensated with the help of donors.
    At this time, the Eritrean ruling party “PFDJ” is clearing the way for the negotiation by reshuffling its ministers, administrators, diplomats and military leaders, which is believed to enable the government to get rid of any official who may potentially oppose the above negotiation.

    just saying replies:

    Why would we give you bademe then pay you to use your crappy port. Dear to dream my friend.

    Tewebakeh replies:

    You wish….If the Ethiopian Gov’t agrees to that term … for Ethiopians will start to support thoes forces who wants to topel it, i believe Eth Gov don’t play such kind of foolish game.

    semhar replies:

    Hahahaha… I don’t Think so. We rather Have Asseb to be used By camels than Ethiopians. Phony News and if it is True there is no seriousness about it from the eritrean side. Please Ethiopia Continue The No war no peace policy you are starting to break up soon.

  26. Though this is a war of two monkies, I do not mind if the Weyanies hung Isaias Afewerki in Asmara Adebabay up side down.
    Sadly, they made the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia slaves of the evil and selfish Arab world.
    These two Arab slaves are sources of our predicament.

  27. The woyane government is trying to divert the world attention. Because it has been exposed their dirty triks. So now they want a war again with Eritrea. We Ethiopians had enough of this we don’t want no-one to die. They came with gun and are still with their gun.
    May God Give US Peace and destroy the entire woyane.

  28. I saw read the news from Press TV. I immediately know that weyane needs some kind of relief or escape to divert what is really happening in Ethiopia now. Once the ppl of ethiopia especialy ppl in Addis start the Arab style revolution gues what weyane will not be saved and US will sake an alternate government and start negotiation with any one who appears stronger. See what happen in Egypt. The US can not fihgt the ppl and can not stope them from uprising but they will always try to hijack their revolution. Ethiopia is not any different, CIA will always look for an alternation. Weyane knows very well and is in desperation they can do what ever is they think to divery the home grown problems. Eritrea is the number one escapegot for weyanes and that is why they do not want to solve border probs with Eritrea. the last playing card.

  29. The whole people of Ethiopians don´t trust woyanne/ T.P.L.f this is the diversion tactics of meles.Few mintues ago i watched ETh Tv and Doma Mefti made explainatation and it was fun and just we destory terrosist and now we are fighting poverty hiche poche and bala bala!!1
    Now T.P.L.f is on the final Hours and i don´t now what they do,period!!1

    meles has to go!!!

  30. First lets asses weyanes accomplishment since the 1998-2000 war: 1- any Ethiopian that can read, speak, or write is jailed or hauled out of the country; 2- any Ethiopian that can walk or talk is imprisoned for life; and 3- any Ethiopian that opposes Meles and his boss Mebrahtu G/hiwot is sent to war to Somlia and the remains would be sent to another senseless war with Eritrea. The people of Ethiopia, Somalia, and Eritrea must unite against these thugs that are distroying the horn of Africa in the name of Ethiopia.

    sami replies:


    why u already issyass unite with terorist somalians and he enjoy it. but he pay heavy price.even sawa chikens will never save him….

  31. desperate move by woyane, Scared of uprising!!! create fighting between ethnic, chase journalist, involve again in Somali war and now w/Eritrea.
    jest went 10 miles inside Eritrea and came back to its border. This shows something wrong with woyane. It is clear for all Ethiopians what the motive of woyane. Some people who are writing against Eritrea are only from Adwa Tigray. Don’t west your time to respond to them.
    They are at the end of the rope.

  32. My friends, this is the starting stages of dismantling Ethiopia. Meles is on his way becoming the Emperor of Greater Tigrea. I predicted in 2010 that, Meles would start a war with Eritrea with in the next five years and overthrew his own cousin Isayas and build Greater Tigrea and dismantle Ethiopia. Already thousands of acres of land from Gondar and Wollo have been taken and these days more Tigreas have been encouraged to buy more land from Gondar and Wollo poor farmers for dirt cheap to expand Greater Tigrea Province. The opposition leaders need to inform the non Woyane Ethiopian soldiers not to die for Meles’s war that is going to destroy Ethiopia. Mark my words!

    Solomon Frew replies:

    You are a super retard who has no place in Ethiopia to call Ethiopians who disagree with your nonsense. Please get Kool Aid and learn how to agree to disagree.


    Anonymous replies:

    I expected such kind of response from Woyanes like you.

  33. It is not true how do you trust wyane, it is totally lie business as usual.Wayane can’t fight with Eritrea at all.

    Denna replies:


  34. To all those retarded Ethiopians who are dancing to woyane war drum bits there is an amharic saying from the Arada lij, ‘eye b-d-h-t, Tankelafalech’. In the last war between ethiopia and eritrea, TPLF strength its power miltarily, lost your airforce base relocated from Debreziet (Bishoftu) to Makale Tigray while you danced in the street on your victory of Badime and in the next war you will lose your capital from Addis Ababa (Finfine) to Axum. Yekotun awerd bila yebibtwan talech. Our babis and sisters and our land is being sold left and right by Meles and you are barking on Isaias and Shabia! Woygud alu Emahoy! This is an insult to all Ethiopians.

    Solomon Frew replies:

    You look like crying for your loser Shabiya. It is your right to rant your anger against Woyane whenever you want but crying and talking mumbo jumbo when the gallant Ethiopian forces crossed the Eritrean border to crash the puppets and any Shabiya dogs if they were there to help their puppets is non sense. So, please don’t mix up things. If you have money go and buy the land and develop it. There are millions of Ethiopians who are ready to work for you. If you don’t have money and but does have only cheap talk, keep your cheap talk infront of your PC.


    Amare replies:

    Solomon Feriw, I have no desire to buy land from TPLF and be a land lord over poor Ethiopian peasants! I was one of the students who raise the banner ‘Land to the Tiller’in 60s and 70s at a time when Ethiopian students stood on the side of the poor. Any way now Ethiopia’s land is TPLF’s and they are selling it to Arabs, Indians, Chinese and their supporters like you by evicting poor farmers, making them land less and work as coolies, or live their country to live in exile. I am sure there will be another student movement that will demand the return of your plantations to the rightful owners.

  35. There was no Ethiopian attack or incurssion. Woyane is habitual liars hoe could anybody trust these guys.

    jj replies:

    that is what i am guessing it just another lie. but i realy wonder how about if it was true who supports the ethiopian opponents financialy
    moraly while they are fighting weyane to save so sad majorty of as are only good to chat and forget about it.

  36. I hate to say this but the fact is Woyane and Shabya are two faces of a coin. This is another sabotage between the two; to distroy opposition goups based in Eirtrea. The two head beasts(Milas and Esayas) talk for hours on the phone. Eirtrean and Ethiopian people stand up and claim your rights for yourself.That is what brings you FREEDOM.

  37. Woyanne gets all its guidance from the west as the midjet has promised them to do everything to protect him as he has once said dont worry about ferenjis only help me tdefeat the challenge that i have with the countries even his close friends apart from the one who was once an ambassador in brussels and now in the ministry of foreign affairs and the others like seye abrha thrown out of the game and now he is alone and as his last days nears his former advisors drive him to his own destruction

  38. My good guess is that weyane will brandish the death penality on some the opposition politicians and some of the journalists whose phony trial is undrway. So this beating of ‘war’ drum is to divert the public and international attention away from its barbaric act.

  39. Shabiya dogs along with their misinformation minister will deny this news even after Woyane produces evidence. There is no need to argue with the weak shabiya dogs. The only good thing about this news is Melese finally wakes up from his sleep and starts taking Shabiyas distabilization of Ethiopia is serious and needs a very robust action. Shabiya is weak and can’t even protect its puppets who are stationed in its territory. Ethiopia must act decisively before it is too late. Once the cancer metastaises, it needs more medicine to destroy it.

    Viva to the gallant Ethiopian forces. You can cross any border and destroy anti-Ethiopian elements whereever they are. Be it in Somalia, Sudan or Eritrea.


  40. It is funny why TPLF wants to be known its attack of Eritrea. I am sure this news’s purpose is to Ethiopians loud and clear to distract from the existing crises TPLF has with the 80 millions of Ethiopians. Because why the victim Eritrea did not knew what happened in its border shouldn’t Eritrea claim being attacked so I think TPLF is in a bigger problem as you know sometimes when regimes are in difficulty they create conflicts. I am sure Eritrea will say it has been attacked by TPLF since TPLF claims it had attacked Eritrea so Eritrea will say Eritrea has been attacked by TPLF. More over now days TPLF can not fight from 3 directions which are Eritrea Somalia and with 80 millions of Ethiopians so I think it is a big time miscalculation from TPLF’s end as you know TPLF does not have a strong air force when we compare with Eritrean air force power. Eritrea has the latest fighter jets upto 100 Mig 27 and Mig29 with the latest air defense system according to the latest news however TPLF has around 50 old Mig fighters. In addition TPLF does not have a strong ground military because of the TPLF policy. So let we Ethiopians watch when these 2 brothers fight each other.

    Ezana ! replies:


    dream is free, so keep dreaming. you are Eritrean and suffering from defeat & humiliation.

  41. Ethiopians hate meles thats fact but also Ethiopians hate Eritrea more than they hate melse and melse is very smart man when he feel the heat inside country he use war With Eritrea since he know amharas will dance war with him .Amharas are so dump Eritrea is not your enemy arabs and indians fucking your land egypt fucking your nile but you guys too busy hating on Eritrea and couldnt see who is your real enemy.

    sami replies:

    profesor u said we ethios are not dump.we know who are our friends and enemey. the problem with you Eritrinas is an ego guys think u are better than africans. unless eritians not get out from that kind of mentality, they will lose every thing they have.

  42. First and foremost Wayane is very frightened by the rising popular demands and increasing deman for chnages around there as well as the butchering of its invading army in Somalia and the Gambella attack in the west. Either the tplf wants to make peace with Eritrea 1)seeking renewed support in the face of increasing challenges just in the form of their early cooperation when they entered Addis Ababa together and or 2) to be nasty to Eritrea to please Amhara elite traditional diehard corner patriots and use them against other Ethiopians for few months in order to breath for a while and divert attention from the domestic opposition as well as start
    begging foreign donations to fight Ethiopians as usual. Nothing new! Tplf lasted 20 long years by constantly dividing Ethiopians and manufacturing wars and chaos which it
    s payed cadres are braying day and night on line and offline.

    As long as this highly insecure minority dictatorship is occupying all the state power and dictating lives and livings while visible and invisible dynamic social changes are taking place there will always be violence, chaos, hunger, starvation, wars,looting and a run down to the bottom of the drain for that country and people.

  43. Mr. Anonoymoos
    Don’t worry about losing Addis to shaibia…your master issyass once said ” the sun nenver rise in east” and eritirai will be like sengapoor…we see it …forget about marching in addis.. if shabia try to cross tigray border they put them selves on fire.the root cause of etritian ego and problem is, which was builet on too many constructed myths. As one Known eritrian writer said ” As long as eritrians have thier foolish pride and misguided identity ,they never recover from the downfall they are trying to compete with”

    Ezana ! replies:

    Sami don not worry for Shabia crossing you border and taking over your capital. It is TPLF that will remove your capital to Axum. The Government of Eritrea already posted press release they are not interested to go to war. Eritreans are not interested to be like singapor or anyone else. They are working hard to be Eritrea and be the future example to Africa and the rest of the world. You are repeating like parrot what you learned from TPLF war propoganda, such as ‘Eritrea became coffee exporter, the sun is not rising etc, and they let you dance in the street of addis after losing 80 to 120000 of inocent ethiopian youth for a war based on false claim. Then they went to court and the court decided Bademe, belonged to Eritrea, and then you danced again in the street! wake up!

    sami replies:

    dear ezana u say eritirea will be good exmple for world and africa?let me ask u this? after independent how many countires eritiea invaded? ethio,yemen,dgebuti ..even try to fihgt with sudan…is this good examle?the other thing he last war it coast like 80,000 ppl from both not fun of war. but try to make it correction .the reason this time issyass didn’t reply the ethio incursion he don’t have means to do that.he is weak more than ever.and if he started he know it will be the end of of his rule. or like his friend gaddafi he will end up in rat hole.

    Anonymous replies:

    Ethiopia invaded Eritrea and Somalia, and Eritrea defended against invaders backed by U.S. and Western countries from Ethiopia. Sudan, Djibouti and Yemen.

    Anonymous replies:

    Empty Brovado did not help Mengistu or Ethiopia armed to the teeth. Eritrans do not settle on short battle victory but long term victory on the war. the result is Independence for Eritrea 1993. You fought for two years sacrificing 1000000+ inocent poor Ethiopians, and Bademe legally recognized by the world body an Eritrean teritory in 2002, while you danced on the street with empity hand and stomach! Learn from your past mistakes!

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