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Meles Zenawi gripped with growing fear of assassination

Meles Zenawi fear of assassinationEthiopia’s khat-addicted dictator is gripped with fear that disgruntled members of his own ruling party, the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), are plotting to assassinate him.

Two months ago, Meles replaced many of his bodyguards from Tigray with those from the Adwa Awraja and some Eritreans whom he seems to trust more.

Last week, at least 5 of the replaced Tigrean bodyguards have been arrested and taken to an unknown location, according to Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit Sources.

The detained bodyguards have been arrested after being suspected of secretly communicating with the opposition ARENA Tigray Party.

ARENA Tigray was founded by former TPLF fighters, including the former president of Tigray Gebru Asrat.

ARENA Tigray considers Meles Zenawi as a thief and a traitor who is pitting the people of Tigray against other Ethiopian ethnic groups to prolong his rule.

As a result of growing hostility from Tigreans and his fear of assassination, Meles Zenawi, who already takes extraordinary measures to protect himself, has doubled his security detail since January and hired security experts from U.S. and other countries to train them.


55 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi gripped with growing fear of assassination

  1. As we all know he is very paranoia from the start of the TPLF struggle.
    He retreats from war many times and he is FERI. Whatever measure he takes he will not hide forever. I heard that he doesn’t sleep much and he change rooms every night According to one of his 1993-1998 bodyguard.

    He will be hanged like Mussolini upside down.

    Tewodros yimam hussein replies:

    Dam lier. You dreaming bad. He is the son of ethiopia. You are f***n eritrean.

    Dejafu replies:

    why would an Eritrean want Meles dead while there are 90 million people in Ethiopia who want to see Meles —–! Fill the blank.
    Are 90 million Ethiopians happy with the Tigraian ruling class?

    dawit replies:

    Hi Tewodros

    It is not a lie.
    Listen to the interview with his old time colleagues on ESAT.
    I hope you will not say, they are also lying or attacking him personally.
    They did not say this about Azeb or Siyoum or any other person among those close to Meles.
    As a matter of fact, one of them, when asked about Azeb, he praised her for her courage. He also praised Seyoum. When comparing Azeb with Meles,he said Meles cannot be compared with Azeb. He said,Meles was always the first to run in fights. According to the interview,some of the things he did were really funny.
    I am saying all these not to discredit Meles. It is to show you that Kiros(above) is not lying.
    Otherwise, he was better than most people who did nothing to overthrow Derg; at least, he was in the forest and contributed something. But, he does not deserve to be a leader.
    I said he was better; not he is better now.
    At present Meles is the worst enemy Ethiopia ever had; as a matter of fact he is one of the most hated leaders in the world.
    He manoevered his way all the way up because he is very cunning.
    I read some people call such guys evil smart( smart to kill,cheat or do all the bad things).
    He killed, imprisoned and forced the genuine Ethiopians to leave the country. He avoided all the genuine Ethiopians one by one.
    Now he has become the absolute leader.
    I don’t believe in assasination to change a leader.
    But this guy; he is too evil; he is very cunning.
    I don’t believe there is anyone around to match his evil ways; his evil tactics.
    He is too evil that he will do any thing to survive.
    He tried Amhara Vs Oromo; he tried Tigreans Vs other Ethiopians;he tried Christian Vs Islam; he tried repeatedly, Eritrea Vs Ethiopia.
    Who knows what he will bring next?
    So,now, I start to see, even assasination is not a bad idea!
    Now,we ethiopians are aware of all the evil tactics of the Meles Mafia.
    We, Ethipians are one; you can no more divide us.
    Eritreans are our brothers.
    Our enemeis are Meles and his clique supported by The Hodams like Hailemariam; The Ignorants like Samora; The Cowards like Abay and The Evils like Bereket.

    Long live Ethiopia!

    Waka replies:

    Tewodros imam (Gobland acheberbari tota) and dedebit illitrate

    You yourself is also a small thief who makes your life from a looted money of Ethiopia by the rat whom you call son of Ethiopia but the fact is he is a killer of Ethiopia along with the old Alkohol addicted Sebhat nega who besides looting the nation who that cooks woyaniawi history in his dirty kitchen.

    Anonymous replies:

    Meless shouldn’t be killed, he sholuld be voted out of office if he failed to rule the country. But trying to revange for everything he did should be left to the people who held a grudge againist him, and the attempt to rally the people of Ethiopia to settle a personal vendata is cowrdice by itself.

  2. We counted more than 20 years talking trash about this stupid man. I only want action oriented news. I spent at least 5% of my life doing all i can to bring down this traitor to justices. If everybody does the same, we can finish this tugs in few months. Please let us simply act rather than talking.

    DAMO replies:

    I coud not agree more. Talk cheap. we nee to talk about how to bring down the shiftas. Action. ACTION.

  3. He is the most timid prime minister. He has never been in front of a crowd while leading a country for 2 decades. Even Gadafi used to greet crowds. እጅግ በጣም ፈሪ ሰዉ ነዉ። ፈሪ ለእናቱ አይነት።

    Waka replies:

    I cant say it any better God Bless

  4. Meles is not gonna be next year in this world. He will be in hell. That is where he is supposed to be. He is a devil number one.

    wedi kiristoss replies:

    How do you know?

  5. It is just a matter of time , he will be gun dawn by his own people / woyanes / , very soon!

    wedi adwa replies:

    you amara you are only dreaming as you do all the time , all amhara will be killed before he dies like anbesa

    Tolosa Kussa replies:


    Is Tolosa Kussa an Amhara name? Since you started eating this f***en kitfo, which you have never seen in your life, your doro brain has stopped differenciating between an Amhara and an Oromo. Amharas with the other true Ethiopians will blow your doro brain soon. Your days are numbered!!

    Helmi replies:

    Wedi lemagn

    Are you still lives in dedebit lemagn fabrication center? before killing the amhara peoples you better clean your lies and dundruff with Alkohol as no other medicine can cure you (Koshasha agamido)

  6. It is without saying that the end of tyrant Meles and his associates that have the blood of countless number of innocent people, won’t be pretty. May God bring the end of Meles soon.

  7. well all dictators in the end they live power disgraced never will they live power willingly MELESE SATNAWE no different.he will be thrown out of power only by force.

  8. Several factors have to be considered as to why the most wanted terrorist in Ethiopia, Meles Zinawi is heading to his permanent place where he will be locked up indefinitely for all the crimes that he had been committing before and after he came into Ethiopia via invasion.There is a lot of evidences out there,and it’s encouraging that Ethiopians have fully committed and determined to capture this former a bandit and coward a robber,known by his nickname, Meles.

    We must redouble our cooperative effort by making sure that the end of the repressive and oppressive regime that has been built and run by Meles Zinawi and his men and women that surround him be totally demolished and rebuild one and only one home for all of where we, for sure know that the current and the future generation will benefit the most.

    When Zinawi captured and arrested,it will be the beginning of the justice process,and the justice will culminate with awarding the criminal, Meles Zinawi is chained from top to bottom and heading to his permanent cell that has been exclusively kept for him to get rotten.

    Now,Zinawi is gripped with endless fear,one day,in the very near future will end up in the hands of Ethiopians,the reality that he covertly or subtly accepted would happen to him.

    This terroris will face major criminal charges in both domestic and international courts to eventually receive bitter punishment equivalent to the crimes he committed insanely for the last two decades.

    Ethiopians, keep the faith,keep the fight.

  9. There has developed a consensus that, as it stands now, no one is in a position to replace Meles in the event anything dangerous happens to his personal life, one of the main reason is that, what is holding EPRDF is not ideology nor principle but power and financial security on the part of the members and anything happens to meles, the EPRDF will dissolve overnight with out a doubt and this is a great danger to our country and our people and the other reason is that meles has instilled a psychological fear of “doom” with out him– not just for his fellow EPRDFites but for the whole country. Now the fear of Shabia and the border situation is taking center stage and some are starting to have second thoughts on the health of the Ethiopian army, meaning its strength and preparedness, this is b/c Melese’s saber rattling is giving to the notion that the army perhaps is empty of heroes which is unheard of in the long history of Ethiopia, you can go back in history, Ethiopians as people never had a doubt in their army not even during the Italian invasion, this time is quite different and scary b/c of the nature of Meles and his anti Ethiopian clique in leadership. Meles is also extremely nervous of MEDREK members and harbors great hate towards such people like Dr. Negaso Gidada, Gebru Asrat and Seye Abraha. The above figures have shown great wisdom and maturity in attacking him successfully and refusing in becoming “loyal opposition” to his ruling party and he knows that any of the above personalities may step in to fill the vacuum in the event that he is ousted by any means, and he can’t stand it especially of Gebru Asrat and Seye Abraha seen as potential ousters of him from power b/c it will be the death of everything he stands: the two (Enderta and Tembien Tigrians) are the most hawks when it comes to Shabia and the Ethio/Eritrea issue and the most hated by Shabia (EPLF/HEGDEF).

    Ethiopian Army,

    Potential cued-eta will not come from the Ethiopian army this is b/c the army has become too autonomous and had since separated itself from the ruling party of EPRDF (note, the army is only loyal to a handful of people with in the TPLF). No army general is a central committe member of EPRDF even chief of staff, samora yunis; what ever samora and few generals want to pass to the polciy makers in EPRDF executive committes, they don’t go to EPRDF polcity makers, instead they pass them and go through their influential ally Wedi Shambel Assefa (head of NISC) him self as powerful as samora and this has its own interesting reason. The other factor is the army’s top brasses have become extremely wealthy, they compete for contracts in building dams, roads and construction of industrial complexes all over northern Ethiopia (for ex. the high way in afar that will connect Mekelle to semera, Asaita, berhale and far east cities and towns) is being built by the Army with hundreds of millions of birr in contract and other light and heavy industries in amhara provinces as well. In short, Ethiopia’s army is becoming more of like Egyptian army during Mubarke, one that is autonomus and extremly wealthy and one that reports to very few people. Ethiopian army will dearly protect its economic interest and by default doesn’t want a change in the status quo. Therefore, any potential ouster of meles from power will come from mid level officers as well as low ranking officers of the army and the security officers which is the most plausible scenario and one that people are murmuring about currently in addis particulary of Tigrians of Enderta and Tembien who by nature are anti-meles policies especially when it comes to the teritorial integrity and the border issue with Eritrea which can potentially be his ouster.

    Hana replies:

    I really enjoy reading your comments you are one TURE Ethiopan from Tigray
    God Bless you

    Anonymous replies:

    I enjoyed your incisive analysis. I can’t agree more. God Bless, Wogene.

    Waka replies:

    Brilliant and matured like the previous comment i have enjoyrd reading it multiple times all the way to the end

  10. It is unlikely that Tigraians would like to kill the golden goose — Meles and Woyannie. The only few Tigraians who want to see Meles dead are the likes of Asrat, Aregawi and Tewelde because they are not benefiting from the 17 years of service they gave to Meles-Sibhat.
    The talk from the people of Tembien is all lies. The Tenbienites like Seye would serve any Banda as atsie Yowhanes served the British and got Atsie Teodros dead to get firfari from the British.
    Mengistu documented this indatail in his new book.

    dawit replies:

    It is better to say; the only few Tigrians who want to see Meles not dead are Samora, Ato (Aba) Gebremedhin and his wife Azeb; like there are few Amharas, Oromos, Gurages etc. who feel the same.
    Your divide and rule has failed.
    You still think you can play Tigrians Vs Ethipians.
    It doesn’t work any more.
    The majority of Ethiopians want to see Meles hanged.

    We ethiopians are no more divided.

    Dejazmach of Tigray replies:

    commentator # 11,

    Why are you using my nick name: Dejazmach of Tigray? don’t you have confidence in yourself? and why are you pretending to be some one who you are not? you are either son of tesfa gadis and dejat sibhat of agame or Ye Adwa oromo (a.k.a the sons of Adwa’s gerassie baria-gaber the man who used to serve minilk and italia day and night for decades, behind Ethiopia’s greatest Emperor Yohaness IV of Enderta and Tembien (note his mother is from Chelekot Enderta and his father is from Maibeha Tembien period). Emperor Yohaness never served any one but the state of Ethiopia and the people of Ethiopia he fought almost 16 epic battles against foreign aggressors unmatched by any emperor in Ethiopia this is with out counting the battles he and his advisers and commanders fought inside enemies who are bandas. He never begged nor served foreign entities unlike the sons of gerassie baria, meles-sibhat, gebrehiwot meshesha of adwa who fought against the first woyenti of 1943 on behalf of mehal sefaris (Gebrehiwot used to wear “Sani Enderta” on the hills of “choma mekelle” or what is knows as “degua mekelle” near enda yesus while fighing against the heroic peasants Enderta and he used to brag how he was the favourite dog of Haileselassie for 5 months. An Endertan guy from mailiham/dameskel mekelle killed Gebrhiwoete’s younger brother by beating him to death and gebrhiwot run away from Degua mekelle all the way to adwa in a matter of few days with his soliders and he was the governor of adwa and this he did b/c he was coward, he couldn’t avenge his brother’s killer while he had many soliders with him. Sons of Yohaness never serve foreign entites, they only protect what is theirs and serve their people and history is our witness period. You believe the psycho-mania mengistu’s bluburing writing as a history book? please, Mengistu used to kiss and beg all the soviet union block leaders for 14 years for biskut, grain and weapon, he was a beggar no matter how you see it and ass kissing of the far east (communism) while adwa’s meles is the greatest ass-kissing of arabs, west (capitalists) and east (communism)– I have to say the adwa midget tops Menge on the begging but that doesn’t mean Menge didn’t beg although he was not outright beggar like meles.

    Mu replies:

    Meles doesn’t look healty (as can be seen in the following link). He will die soon even if he escapes the assassination!

    Waka replies:

    Why are you using my nick name: Dejazmach of Tigray? don’t you have confidence in yourself?

    Typical woyanne cyber cadre behavier it is not a surprise

  11. Why should one prefers to be enemy of the people. Is Meles – the butcher of Addis really sleeping well. You may think that Butcher is exajerated because you do not see dead bodies on the streets of Addis during the reign of Mengistu. Meles is “smart” he knows how to silently eliminates his enemies – hunger, poison, silent killing etc.
    I hope somebody will take action and he sleeps his final sleep but do not forget that he cannot sleep without his darling – the looter of Addis so the action should concentrate on both.

  12. Ethiopians are suffering in silence. But the silence is a time bomb. The line for many is now crossed. Things are now beyond tolerance. It is just a matter of time before the Big Bang. Ethiopia has become a mafia state. Few control all aspects of the economy. Established businesses are systematically being dismantled. In their place new businesses controlled by Meles’s mafia circle are flourishing. All in the name of economic development, and private sector growth. Urban land is being confiscated from the long time owners and is being transferred to Meles’s mafia group in the name of urban renewal. Poor people are being evicted from their own house and being sent away to far away land with no infrastructure without compensation. Government employees with conscious and not willing to be member of the repressive Meles’s party are being harassed and removed from their job, all in the name of civil service reform. Meles’s mafia pays a lot of money to village informers to report on members of their families. There is constant surveillance on citizens’ movement, conversation, phone calls, emails; you name it, huge budget is allocated, diverted from development assistances. The situation in rural areas is beyond description. A peasant cannot go away from his village for any duration without the Melle’s cadres knowing and following about his whereabouts. New persons cannot venture into remote rural villages without the cadres’ interrogation and even torture and imprisonment. The country has turned into hell. The world watches in silence. Time is ticking…..

    Yisha replies:

    You have highlighted the situation in Ethiopia very correctly….There are teribble things happening in Ethiopia that did not reach the outside world – that time would bring out…

  13. Without a doubt, the paranoid mentally unstable and totally madman subhuman tyrant Meles has paid off millions of Tigrean people, a few hodam Ethiopians and foreign billionaires with Ethiopian Tax Payers and Foreign Aid money, in order these soulless people to look the other way, hide his crimes and protect his and his family lives. More than the rest of Ethiopians, his close Tigreans associates know a lot more that tyrant Meles not only has the blood of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians and Somalis on his hands, also the blood of tens of thousands Tigreans. And yet most of these Woyanes have chosen to be quiet and sold their soul to the devil for the mighty dollar that has made them rotten rich. There is no doubt also, Almoudi and the rest of foreign billionaires who own land, mining operations and other businesses in Ethiopia, will help Meles to pay for his private Army Body Guards for their own best interests. And people have a nerve to blame HaileSelassie! Even the other bloodsucker Mengestu is saint, compare to the current heartless mass murderer and looter Meles!!

  14. meles is a little man but a big bully. You can see the way he treats those dummies in his rubber stamped ‘parliament’. oh boy! he insults, intimidates and threatens them like small children in an african kindergarten.
    All of them clap their hands when meles finishes speaking, raise their hands when told to do so, even if some of them do not even know why they are raising their hands, and no questions asked.

  15. Mr. Legesse/Meles is acting like a rodent cornerd from all fronts. Sooner than later, we will hear of his fast disappearance from Arat Kilo with Alamdouine by his side & hoping to cash in the billions he stole from the citizens of Ethiopia.

    His latest love affair with China is primariley nothing but an attempt to get himself a place for retirement now that teaching his mambo Jumbo theory (20% GNP gorwth for his mafia group) at Colombia University has been dead on arrival!. His 1000 pages of “academic” papers, from the thesis to Bonapartism, and the video clips of his speach (be in Parliment or at the iron-caged Mesksel Square!) will serve as materials for children to learn (about the evil act of dictators in comic characters!) for generation to come.

    However, he also thinks that the ICC will have no power to capture him in China. That is why he has placed his friend Seyme Mesfin so that he will make all the right TPLF move to secure a hide-out. The only problem they have is, as funny as it sounds, what to do with Azeb Mesfin! She has all the money & the properties under her or siblings names! Besides, we have been told that she was never a coward like we know who?!

    She is not the type to sit around with some TPLF-old farts & talk 24 hrs a day about good-old life in Addis in some remote Chinese built manson. Mind you unlike her insignificant other she hardly hides 24/7 at Arat kilo bunker.
    Dubai, Paris H London would be her spot for life after the beautiful Addis she managed to buy & sale with Effort stolen money. May be she will think of other creative ways….to remain in Addis & not follow Alamodine & his chat addicted home boys to China!

    Well folks, the stage is set and the TPLF last show will go on & hopefully the latest Unity of all the progressive forces will speed-up to remove dictatorship in Ethiopia for ever.

    God/Allah Bless Ethiopia!

  16. እባካችሁ አትፍረ ዱ: ፈርቼ ነው: መኝታ ቤት ስቀያይር የሚነጋው::
    የእኔን ስቃይ ያላዎቀ: ጀግና እያለ ተሳለቀ::

    ጥይት አልወድም በቃ:እፈራለሁ ሲንቃቃ::
    የልጆቼ ፈስ ቢንጋጋ : ቁጭ ያልኩበት መሽቶ ነጋ:

    ፍር ሃቴ እያናድደኝ: እንደውሻ አደረገኝ::
    ከሮጡለት ለ ውሻ : ይመስለዋል አጼ ባሻ::
    ፓርላማውስጥ ብደነፋ: ፍርሃቴ ሰለከፋ::
    አይመሰላችሁ ጭካኔ: ግራ ገብቶኝ ነው እኮ እኔ::
    ቦዲ ጋርድ ቀይሬ አለሁ:ፍርሃቴ ግን አልተሻለው::
    ሚስቲቷንም ፈርቻለሁ: ለመቀየር አሰቤአለሁ:
    ምግብ ሳልበላ እንደሰው: በጫትብቻ ነው የምኖረው::
    መርዝም እፈራለሁ: ለሰው ግን እፈቅዳለሁ::
    በቃ በቃ እያላችሁ: ለምን ታስጨንቁኛላችሁ::
    ብርቱካንን አባርሬ: እነ እስከንድርን አሰሬ:
    ብዙም እረፍት ሳላገኝ: ኣኤልኤፍ ኢቶጲያዊ ነኝ ሲለኝ::
    መንፈሴ ተረብሽዋል: ኑሮዬ ሁሉ ተቃውሷል::
    ያዳመጠ ንግግሬን:ያየ ካለ ድንብርብሬን::
    በጭንቀት ተወጣጥሬ:ሰወራጭ እንደ ዱር አውሬ:
    ሞትን መፍራቴ ገብቶአችሁ:ሰለሞት አታውሩ እባካችሁ::

  17. The very ugly chimp (rat) who is hiding in Minilik palace is not suppose to be assasignated rather should pay for the crimes that he has commited for the last 20+ years during his jungle and after reaching addis all the way from dedebit with the help of CIA and Britain with his un experienced militia and by the organizing master of dissaster Sebhat Nega an illitrate very old chimp

  18. What is wrong if Legesse my cousin have an Eritrea body gourd ti him ot to his family?He is an Eritrea by his mother side my aint W/ro Alemash dej Gerluel my fathers sister.
    Hi folk,what is going on here?People is here is so crazy.Meles done to Ethiopia more then his family his energy,time and monay.He did’t killed people and don’t harm to Ethiopia ,but he gived to Ethiopia all his left time life.

  19. The Adwa Bank Robber misfit woyane ring leader should not be assassinated. That will be glorifying a pussy cat who lies on his belly flat in the limo. Was it prone or supine position? Let him talk.This devil dooryee should be smoked and caught alive and confess to all his crimes and his mentors’ play book – like the CIA, Rand Corp Think Tank,MJ12, Shabia,Said Bare, Saudi State and all his errand-boy-mission in the slavish service of Ethiopian sworn enemies. This rat may niot be caught in Arat Kilo but the gallant Eths should set up a snare next time he travels abroad.
    To make this a reality we ask all in the name of God Allah Wallelign and Yenesew Gebre!

  20. The robber,known and famous for committing crimes is day by day is convinced himself that he will be finished on one day that is comming so fast to reality.He has no doubt that he will end up being finished,but what he is not sure is how and where he will be captured;this is why he is being freaked out and don’t know how and where to begin his day after he gets up from his bed.When he is dead sure he is close to be captured,what kind action he will take on himself is something that he himself is shakingly wait to see.

    In the mind of Ethiopians,there is no doubt what measures and actions will be taken on this devil criminal;he knows too.Too much khat,too much blood consumed he for many years;yes,he is a billionaire,and also the most wanted man in the history robbery and murder.We shall definitely see,this robber crying at the time his arrest and his being standing before Ethiopians on that very crucial and most awaited day.

  21. hi guys.i was just reading all the comments am eritrean and have suffered a lot cos of meles but come on dont kill him bring him to justice.let him addmit infront of the world.

    Anonymous replies:

    How did Meless hurt Writers? By attcking Mengistus army with 12000 wayaness from behind and helping shabia from total annihilation?

  22. Re:Meles Zenawi gripped with growing fear of assassination

    Well, while I respect any view targeting the current Ethiopia’s regime political or economic actions; i would say there should be no room for character assassination. The PM’s preference to CHAT/KAT, is his personal choice and as such should be left as personal matter. Chat/Kat is part of the majority of Southerners’ and partly Northern culture in Ethiopia and number of other East African nations. While you associating the item to the PM, what you don’t know is you are doing the PM a favor by associating him to those of us who see CHAT/KAT as part of our culture. What next? Should we refer to anyone of the opposition leader as being ‘Tela’ or ‘Areke’ addicted?

    think smart, wright smart for those are what your actions depend on.

    Good day

    Ezana from Toronto

  23. I am shocked to see so many blood thirsty commentators on this forum; and it also appears that most peoplepeople who would like to see Meless assassinated wish to rally all Ethiopians to settle their personal bandittary vendata which is cowrdice at best and evil at worst. Leave the man alone he is just an individual who happens to have a different opinion than yours, and you don’t need to be bloody about it.

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