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Woyanne threatened to sodomize Debebe Eshetu’s family

By Elias Kifle

Meles Zenawi regime’s propaganda chief Bereket Simon released a 4-part documentary video this week that accuses journalists and opposition politicians of plotting to carry out terrorist acts (One only needs to read what the U.S. Gov’t says about who is the real terrorist – click here).

The star witness of Bereket’s fictitious docudrama is popular actor and member of the opposition UDJ Party. The video shows Artiste Debebe talking about various plots and the discussions he had with me and Dr Berhanu Nega. I cannot speak for Dr Berhanu, but none of what Debebe said about me is true. It’s a total fabrication. After hearing what Debebe had to say, I was convinced that he must have been tortured or some thing real bad had happened to him to say all the things he said, because no such conversation had taken place.

Yesterday, members of the Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unity in Addis Ababa sent me a report confirming what I had suspected. According to the report, Meles Zenawi’s deputy head of security, Esayas Woldegiorgis, gave a script to Debebe Eshetu to study and repeat in front of cameras every thing in the script in a convincing way or else his grand children and other members of his family will be sodomized with a bottle. This information is according to a close member of Debebe Eshetu’s family. Debebe has complied and understandably so. I’d do the same thing if I were in his position. There is no heroism in unnecessarily subjecting one’s grand children and other helpless family members to torture and sodomy by Woyanne hyenas. The people of Ethiopia understand that any thing that comes out of Bereket Simon’s lie factory is a lie. Only gullible individuals believe the Woyanne propaganda. Debebe Eshetu remains an Ethiopian hero in my view.

Torturing and sodomizing political prisoners is not a new practice for the Woyanne junta. Various international human rights organizations, and recently Wikileaks, have documented the horrific tortures inside Ethiopian prisons. Among the journalists who have recently been arrested, Woubshet Taye, for example, has been beaten up to the point of losing his hearing, according to his wife.

Sodomizing opponents, which is foreign to Ethiopian culture, is a method that Meles brought from his country Yemen. Victims of sodomy are extremely traumatized and that they are too ashamed to tell even those closest to them. In recent past, at least two prominent opposition politicians I know of who had been subjected to sodomy. I will not mention their names to keep their privacy. But in time, they themselves may be willing to talk about it in public so that the perpetrators face justice.

Those of you who doubt Woyanne’s {www:bestiality}, listen below one of the many messages that is left on my voice mail by Woyanne goons.


For such crimes alone — not to mention the genocide in Ogaden and Gambella — Meles, Bereket and gang must be brought to the International Criminal Court.

98 thoughts on “Woyanne threatened to sodomize Debebe Eshetu’s family

  1. “This is the only time in Ethiopia history that Ethiopians are fighting an enemy whom resembles and reside with them as Ethiopians. once the enemy is clearly identified and the majority people are zooming at it, Ethiopia will be on the victory side and Elias will be one of the heros ” Well said

  2. If you haven’t seen a devil before look no more than the face of Melies Z-setanawi. If you look straight at the eyes of any TPLF member, you will look the evil sprit radiating from their eyes.

  3. If we need to succeed in rehabilitating our country, we need to refrain from the type of behavior we are manifesting by posting this article and similar comments. It is as a result of what we saw and heard in Libya that we are talking about sodomy. There has never been this type of conversation amongst us. This is a new language. Are we going down the sewer ? Is this what we can do ? Couldn’t we come up with a better stuff ? I have never been so sad and depressed, thinking that we are becoming loser types. We are powerful and we could do so much, if we tap on our power with out degrading ourselves. Lets not take the lazy route that will not get us any where. Lets get together and get our country out of the ditch it is in but with out becoming uncivilized. We can claim the government with out taking our people into a third round of anarchy. Anarchy and civil war don’t make sense. Education and awareness is what we need and the rest will be easy. Lets not lead the poor people of Ethiopia into a nightmare. God help us.

    Anonymous replies:

    Mr tezibt,

    You have asked questions.

    question 1)”Are we going down the sewer ?”
    Answer Yes you are, in fact all weyanes are going down the sewer.

    question 2)”Is this what we can do ?”
    Answer I have witnessed that you weyanes can do worse than sodomizing inocent people.

    question 3)”Couldn’t we come up with a better stuff ?
    Answer Oh! God! What are weyane killers up to this time?

    tezibt replies:

    Mr. Anonymous:

    Reading at your comment, I could see that not only do you need therapy to heal your psychiatric problem, you need a brain transplant. Of course I will pray to people like you so that your worthless life doesn’t remain anonymous. No, I am not joining you in the sewer you are in but I will do everything in my power to contribute positively to get you out of it, even if it is a drop in the ocean I have to because you are one lost soul who bites people like a dog with rabies and that is a great sign of people who cry out for help. Let me know what city you live in and I will recommend a mental institution, serious I will do it. Is this the result of being abused as a child ? Did your father beat you up often, sounds like that.

  4. Do you know why the Woyanned are out of control after they invaded the
    whole country?

    1 They start eating they have never eaten before
    2 They start dressing they have never dressed before
    3 They start driving cars they have never dream before. The solution is to send them back to Dedebet.

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