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Exporting Ethiopian girls: The story of Trungo (video)

Ethiopians in the Diaspora have become the largest source of hard currency for the brutal dictatorship in Ethiopia bringing over $3 billion annualy. To keep the revenue flowing, companies that are affiliated with the ruling party are busy exporting poor Ethiopian girls to Arab countries to work as maids in slavery-like conditions. These girls face constant abuse and mistreatment in the hands of their employers. We Ethiopians as a society should be terribly ashamed of ourselves for letting our defenseless girls to be exploited and abused in foreign countries. The girls should be at school and able to find jobs in their own country. The following is a gut-wrenching story of Trungo by a German TV, WDR. It’s in German language, but not difficult to follow the story, which is about a young girl named “Trungo” who comes from a remote area in the northern Ethiopia and traveled to Dubai to work as a maid. The film recounts that Trungo decided to leave her village so that she can support her family. The film also shows the dubious cooperation of the brokers in Addis Ababa and in Dubai and the savage and inhuman behavior of Arab employers who are abusing Ethiopian women. Watch below:

14 thoughts on “Exporting Ethiopian girls: The story of Trungo (video)

  1. This has been going on for some time now not only the woyane even
    other ethiopians paricipate too it’s so sad to here about your own
    sisters going through this kind of hard ship try to support their
    family and we heard many bad stories in the past but hoopfully now
    there is going to be some chang in both the people and also in the

  2. this is the direct result of woyane’s policy making life misrable while our ear got enough of woyane’s “”dobuble digit” growth the last 7 yrs hello lets wake up the quastion is its not like we dont thier fiction ‘growth’ but how long r we gonna tolerate thier childish game for real feel sorry for these peoples realy!!!

  3. Elias, ke: misgana gar: –I wonder how many Ethiopians know about this fact:

    After world war II the German government was beginning to rebuild their country, they needed a lot of man power and one of the countries they went to to ask for labour was our own Ethiopia. But, Janhoy being the loving father of his country, told them in no unwaivairing terms, “No, my country men are not for sale and they don’t go to any foreign country for slavery”. With that the Germans had to go to countries like Turkey and bring in day labrouers.

    But today, we have Wouyane, in Minilik’s Palace and sells our daughters, sisters to arabs for profit.

    Ethiopia, ye motelsh kerto ye gedelesh bela::

    Woyane has to be eliminated not tomorrow, but now, today!!

  4. response to hamu

    you ask what the export of poor young girls have to do with the meles’s developmental government?

    that question is stupid enough to disqualify you from any discussion about ethiopia or, for that matter, anything of substance.

  5. @LOL, “chigar” has forced them to look for a “better” life. I think, the woyane regime looks at only the hard currency from Ethiopian immigrants.

    More exodus means more hard currency for woyanes.
    They are doing human business industry.

    Ya, raising awarness hasn’t been tried in Ethiopia.
    The mass media is for woyane business;
    The delalas are for business;
    The parents are unable to carry the burden of helping their children; The youth are unemployed;
    … it goes like this

    There is NO HOPE as long as woyane is in power

  6. I want to see what going on in the world, in my countery i brows the internet once in while today like another day i ended up seeing this before lunch at work & want to eat even i am crying, crying i didn’t stop eating i said to my self way we are even care about Woyane we are not there people we know that. Why we dispora try to do some thing about it as a woman i am week when i see about Ethiopians kids or womans cry so many times that was it, i ask my self we spend so much money for materail thing herin US but we don’t have money to help our kids & sistes,our number in US abot 1 million docmented or more Ethiopians if we collect just our lunch money ones a month this thing will never happen this is our weakness way we always talk about same stupid goverment again & again, it is time to move one mama Ethiopia ,our kids ,our sisters need us let do some thing i will be the first one to volenter please let do some thing some body any body we can do this the time is now like one of the guy said enough talking let is act now before it is to let. To day the first time of my life i said “GOD BELESS AMERICA ” i used to bleam them for every thing politics there forign policy to ward Africa but one thing i amnot bleaming them i don’t see here thing like this thanksgod for that. The sad part is when we will be smiling about our beloved countery when?

    I don’t know what to say this is way to much our sisters to go through.

  7. LOL –
    Your comment exemplifies your immense stupidity. These girls have to leave home not because they want too because they have too. The terrible situation at home left them no option. This is not a matter of choice any more, it is a question of survival. We Ethiopians always suffer from the short memory syndrome. You are pretending like you forgot the difficult journey of Ethiopians to beat every single day. I don’t consider myself as I have a home land, it is rather a concentration camp. Our culture, our way of life plus the brutal governance this country faced over the past 50 years made us one of the most recognized people for all bad reasons. We love to declare our selves as proud people but just watch this video to discredit that empty hallucination.

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