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Woyanne mercenaries captured in Libya (video)

Libya opposition forces continue to capture mercenaries who have arrived by planes from other African countries to carry out Gaddafi’s threat of bloodshed. Some of the mercenaries were sent to Libya by Gaddafi’s long time friend and aid recipient Meles Zenawi, who himself is a genocidal dictator. The following video shows some of the soldiers along with their Ethiopian passports.

36 thoughts on “Woyanne mercenaries captured in Libya (video)

  1. Some of those could be innocent refugees. During uprising in a mob mentality people most often do not differentiate well between criminals and innocent foreigners. I have to say this because I believe it from learning it through an experience. While revolution must go on we must be carefully to stand for refugees. Specially Ethiopians in Diaspora since their government cares only for their money and abandons them on their times of need, while other countries are evacuating their citizens. Where will Ethiopian Refugees in Libya go?

  2. Elias great like always you are a man of action you will let those gegema woyannes quiet even though their savage mentality does not allow them to accept the reallity on the ground.

  3. Guys,
    Please let us restrain from portraying many innocent Ethiopians, who fled the woyane regime in pursuit of European derams through Libia, as Woyane soldiers. Can you imagine how many Ethiopians are there in Libian prisons? Gadafi is compelling some foreginers who are in prison and people captured wating to sail on meditranian to make thier way to Italy. We would rather need to worry much on thousands of helpless Ethiopians massacered on a pretext of Mercinaries. I am not rulling out the possibility of some willing Ethiopians who bend backwards for the money to kill Libians and i would say they deserve it and the people of Libya can take care of them. But, think of those brothers who faced the worst while in Libia.

    Awash the sweeper!!!

  4. I think it’s wrong to prematurely judge by such video clips that the story is true. These may be poor innocent ppl living/working in Libya but happened to be in the wrong place at a wrong time. I’m not ruling out what Meles could do but think of the poor Africans in Libya living in fear at this unfortunate time.

  5. Oh my God! How can woyanes got so low to send Ethiopians as mercenaries to kill civilians. I’ve never been so ashamed of an Ethiopian Government like I’m today. Even Derg had some kind of self respect. What sick people are these woyanes? Never in Ethiopian history were Ethiopian troops used as mercenaries but now … I’ve no words to express my shame. Woyanes must be removed by any means! NOW!

  6. As they say, Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” Once again, here is another example how the brutal shameful TPLF dragging the name Ethiopia in the mud to support brutal people just like them. Somehow, I hope the news get to the Libyan Oppositions that the majority of Ethiopians are on their side, and that it is the TPLF dictator Meles that has sent his killer dogs to kill innocent Libyans the same way TPLF have been killing tens of thousands of innocent Ethiopians for the last twenty, thirty years. It was reported yesterday on NBC that, Gaddafi along with his sons have been looting the Libyan people for decades and have accumulated more than 36 billion dollars stashed in America, Canada, Britain and other banks around the world. While many Libyans struggle to make ends meet as Ethiopians, Gaddafi and his sons celebrate New Year and Birthday parties every year with singers like Beyonce, Mariah and other famous singers paying them millions of dollars to be entertain in Libya — it sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

  7. Will melese end up like Hitler by killing himself?

    He may not have a chance to end up like mengistu.
    Melese has seen that his option killing protestors is not a solution now a days.
    I am sorry for his future less familie.

    But still he has a option to give the power to the people and I am sure the ethiopian people will give him an immunity for this blood less transition. This option is not yet tested by the other countries.

    Any other options could have a nightmare results for his familie.

    The other officials could also make history now to save their ass.

    soon or later, dictators will disapear from this world since the struggle will countinue until this happens.

    A bright future for poor ethiopians.

  8. I seriously doubt that mercenaries carry passports while shoting at people. On the other hand, it could be poor Ethiopian migrants. Elias, please give some thought to the possibility that Ethiopian migrants could be suffering because of this.

  9. Ethiopian lawyers in the diaspora should come together to investigate this case and file a charge at ICC against blood-sucker Zenawi. This is a case with international political support. So anyone engaged in this case can easily be referred by the security counsel to the ICC, as long the evidence is there.

  10. I really appreciate it is expected Woyane will say that these mercenaries are refugees who are living there.As usuall Elias Make sure that you get their Identites befor them.

  11. “We win justice quickest by rendering justice to the other party.” ~
    Mahatma Gandhi

    In reality Wayane itself is a mercenary gang itself.

    On the other hand, we also need to remember the fact that those good Libyans who are resisting gaddafi’s blind brutalities of the last 42 years should not get blinded and descend in to even more reckless racist brutalities by labeling anything and every thing that moves as mercenaries and take justice in to their own hands by denying basic human rights to other who are even in much more weaker positions than themselves.

    Mercenaries were alleged to have come to Libya from Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, etc. But why is it that the massacre is essentially directed against Black Africans many whom are Libyans themselves, or refugees fleeing poverty and injustice created by black African dictators or are students in Libya? The question of human right is a universal right and we can not violate others human rights even when we are justifiably struggling for our human rights.

    According to CNN, in connection with the current state of the people’s uprising and chaos gripping Libya in general and eastern Libya in particular, educational institutes like the Aruba School in the east are currently serving as one of the prisons for nearly 200 so called suspected mercenaries of the Gaddafi regime.

    Libyan soldiers who have defected from Gaddafi’s ranks are said to have been standing guard at the school’s gates, draped in belts of ammunition and cradling machine guns.

    Agitated civilian protesters from the nearby towns often gather at the school gate and try to break in and deliver mass justice to the prisoners.

    The protesters accuse Gaddafi of sending foreigners — from Libya’s southern neighbors of Chad and Niger — because they believe he had no one else to support him. They say the mercenaries were rounded up and paid to fight. And they’ve found ID cards from Niger and Chad to prove it. One activist displays a traveler’s cheque for 15,000 Libyan Dinars alongside a matching national ID card from Chad, and a stack of several others.

    A guard, pointing his finger at the individuals in a prison room containing Osman Ali and 75 others where Ali insists they are innocent. “We were brought to the airport in Sabha and told we were going to participate in peaceful protest in Tripoli to support Leader Gaddafi,” he says. After an hour and a half flight late last week, he was surprised when the airplane landed at Labrak military base instead of Tripoli.

    Then, says Ali, a protest outside the base turned into an intense firefight between those outside and those on the inside. At some point, the soldiers on the base offered us all weapons to protect ourselves on our own. “They told us the people of this city want to kill you all because there are rumors that there are mercenaries among you,” he says.

    By Friday night, Gaddafi’s soldiers began to defect to the other side; joining the revolution. And that’s when soldiers turned to the men from in the military camp and said they should run or they might be killed, Ali says.

    Ali surrendered when ambulances pulled up outside and told the people inside the camp that if they laid down their weapons, they wouldn’t be hurt. He and a group of other prisoners handed surrendered and were taken to a nearby mosque and guarded by local elders, he says. “At the same time, there were people outside who lost their relatives in the clashes and they were shouting. One tried to attack us. People at that time didn’t know who’s Libyan and who’s a foreigner.”

    Many of the so called mercenary prisoners at Aruba School are dual nationals —Libyans with roots in Chad or Niger. And some are entirely foreign. Three men, two 19-year-olds and an 18-year-old boy, crossed the porous Saharan border from Chad into Libya’s south just a few weeks ago, looking for work. They wound up as prisoners on the Aruba school floor, they say, after being told by a taxi driver in Sabha that they could get a free plane ride to Tripoli which in fact turned to be miserable free floor warming.

    I am just thinking if some of these Black African victims were/are in fact running away from brutal dictatorship, unemployment, poverty, hunger and dehumanization but were faced by the same fate they were trying to avoid?

    “A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.” ~Jean de La Fontaine :)

  12. Hey, we have to be very very careful here, there are many African refugees including Ethiopians, Eritreans and many other African countries in Libya; reports are coming that the Libyans are targetting the refugees as foreign mercenaries. We should stand to defend and advocate for our poor brothers, not add fuel to the fire.

    I just rest my peace with this !

  13. Meles is known to involve in all sorts of both local and international crimes. I have no doubt that Meles is part of the human rights violations against the Libyan people by contributing mercenaries to his friend, madman and criminal Gaddafi. Meles sees the successful campaign for change of the Libyan people a great threat to this criminal regime in Addis.

    I forsee the end of Meles’s era in the coming few months. Let the campaign against dectatorship prevail!

    Thanks Ethiopian review!

  14. If you’re a black man in the midst of the oppositon, God help you.
    It could be that the few ugly kill for money black mercenaries that Ghadafi bought are giving the many innoncent africans who have fled their homeland in search of a better life a raw deal. let’s not judge to rush until we hear from them if possible. This could very well be a case where people are getting them confused with the real killers. It is sad, and very tragic to see an ethiopian engaged in such an act on behalf of a brutal dictator who is willing to create havoc and mayhem inorder to save himself. And if these men are acting by themselves, out of desperation and poverty, I can’t imagine anyone doing this for money regardless of how much!

  15. My worst fear for innocent refugees huddled together in Libya is coming true and happening. The acts of the very few is going to be extolled and over reported by the global media that an enraged and revolting population is going to come down on defenseless and innocent refugees like a wall of bricks. It happened in places like Djibouti and South Africa before and this one is going to be much worse. An enraged Arab mob can be the most unreasonable and barbaric killing beast in just an instant. I remember in the days after the 1967 Israeli-Arab war how thugs in Yemen and other Arab countries killed innocent Jewish individuals. There are thousands of refugees who fled their autocratic regime and sought temporary refuge in Libya. Some of them can be swindled, forced or willingly made to join the Libyan military now and well before the start of the rebellion. This is not new. Saddam was recruiting foreigners including those refugees from Ethiopia who were in places like Djibouti for his war against Iran. They were mercenaries for a specific purpose. But they were very few of them. The same can be true in Libya. There can be very few scabs among the refugees who meddled in tasks they don’t belong. But that should not be a reflection of the entire refugee population. And they have nowhere to go. I call upon Mr. Elias and all other media owners like him to appeal to the Libyan audience using every possible means to be fair and remain merciful to the refugee population at large. This is a huge responsibility that comes with owning a widely-read medium. 99.99% of the refugees are innocent people who fled repressive regimes in their homelands and there nobody there with ships and airplanes to evacuate them to safety. May Allah(God) blanket those innocent and defenseless refugees from harm and hostile rampaging mobs!!! O!!! Lord!!!

  16. Elias,

    I do really apprciate what you are doing to expose Facist Mafia group Woyane and I would urge you to forward this material to very well known international medias if you haven’t done it yet so that this ugly facist should be exposed and this is shame for those who are still giving him money to terrorize Ethiopian people.

    God bless Ethiopian!

  17. This is a double aged sword. While there is a very good possibility that Weyane sent mercenaries,i also know that there are plenty of Ethiopian refuges who are a victim of the situation. One thing is for sure, nothing surprises me about Weyane.

  18. great work – we need to send the video to white house and state dept and all those so called democratic western countries – who are the greatest pretenders who continue to fool us


    After selling our babies to the West, the began selling our sisters to Arabian countries, then they began selling our land to the same Arabs, thanks to Al-Amoudi and his connections, now they are selling Ethiopian soldiers to carry out terrorism in the name of mercenary task. I am baffled, I am speechless, what can one say?

    Ethiopia is being ruled by a satanic cult who does not have any Ethiopiawinet in him. This man is what they call in the bible a destructive force. Woyane has damaged Ethiopian culture to a point of no return. All these opposing Woyane need to come home and save the nation or else if they take time and wait for another five years there will be no Ethiopia. It will be a land owned by foreigners.

    There is no regime in Ethiopia that destroyed Ethiopia as much as this UGLY beast. They sold us out, STRAIGHT UP! They reduce the value of an Ethiopian to the point we are cheaper than any other African. We thought Yoweri Musevini was a sold out NIGRO, we now know our own donkey is worse than the Ugandan Monkey.

  20. Last days of Gadafi are coming.This clearly shows the inevitable fate of Meles in the near future.Gadafi did not mind to care for his people ,kill them in thousands,his son also says ,”river of blood will be seen in Libiya in coming days if opposing people do not stop the revolt” , and so long as it shakes their power.They even planned to bomb the oil fields if conditions lead to step down of their power!!! “Ene kemotku serdo aybkel theory!!’This are some of the dictators who rule us!!!
    Mengistu did same thing,in the context of saving the “Mother land!”. All dictators forget that people are basic pillars of a nation, and try to deceive us that they are massacring people for the sake of keeping integrity of a nation! Only Mountains,rivers,sands and forests do not make a nation, the basic components are its own people, group that are taxed and milked everyday to carry the wild animal termed as “The government!! “

  21. I saw this morning in Algezira, I appreciate ER for sharing with all. Weyane is now clearly disclosed his true color. Day after day the mercenary nature of weyane has been left naked. Meless is the cheapest African leader ever. He is easy to do dirty works for any foreigner. What a shame.

  22. #1, #3, #7 and the likes of you, we know your tactics.
    Woyanes always lie and find ways to blame Ethiopians whenever they get caught red-handed. No way in hell, Ethiopians that run away from Woyane regime and seeking a life outside of Ethiopia would be caught with the weapon to kill innocent people in a strange country with Ethiopian passport in their pocket — what a pathetic lie! The truth is that, it is the same Agazi army that killed hundreds of peaceful Ethiopian protesters and Somali women and children that went to Libya to kill more peaceful protesters. Period!
    #10, please save your sympathy for what matters. Why are you feeling sorry for a brutal tyrant that has tortured and killed innocent Ethiopians, looted and given our precious land to foreigners.

  23. I hope the midget Meles is following the events unfolding in north Africa and the middle east. By now, he must be telling his wife to pack his luggage and ready to run. The storm coming from the north is strong and has no mercy for a dictator no one will stop it even his generals. Time to leave office Mr primate minster. Let the people and the nation have their destiny no midget should tell 80 Million people how to behave and run their business! Time for change.. Time to leave office Mr Minster… go back to dedebit!

  24. I have followed the story when it was aired first on tuesday around noon at aljazeera arabic and there’s nothing that suggests these Ethiopians were sent by the “woyanes” according to you. It was rather an individual decision where they offered $2000.00 each in order to take part within the mercenary recruits who are killing innocent Libyans.

  25. #28, Stop lying! Why do you people keep on talking about something you know nothing about? You don’t know Rule of Law even if someone pock your eyes out. The most hateful ruthless TPLF are capable of doing all evil under the sun to hurt Ethiopians in and outside of Ethiopia.

  26. Fellow Ethiopians,there are a lot of Ethiopians who took refugee in Libia fleeing from Zinawi’s brutal regime and there life is in danger.Meles Zinawi has sent his mecinearies from among the people who surround him to do double tasks,one of them is to kill Ethiopians who have been refugees in Libia, and the other purpose is to aid the Gadaf’s regime in fighting against Libians.

    You see Ethiopians,Meles Zinawi is a criminal,and not only he would be ousted from the power he snatched from millions of Ethipians and removed from the lives of Ethiopians,he shall be tried in domestic and international courts for all weird and wicked crimes he committeda against Ethiopians.

    We feel the pain and the fear it hurt them;isn’t it sad? Ethiopians have a wonderful country,but don’t have a meaningful life,for the last twenty years.As all of you know,Zinawi has ugly and brutal arms eveywhere.Zinawi has borrowed millions and millions dollars from Gadafi and kept it for himself yet burdened Ethiopians with the debt to make matter worse.

    Citizens beware! Zinawi will do anything to harm Ethiopians.To stop Zinawi from his despecable criminal acts,we must carry on the struggle and end it with victory.Thank you.

  27. Folks! The primary reason and the truth for being endlessly under the brutal wayane dictatorship is due to the simple capacity of the dictator in being able to play on the emotions and antipathies of the Amhraras and the Oromo people thereby effectively dividing and preventing them from uniting and challenging his criminal regime but instead keep running in parallels.

    The dynamic 2005 CUD uprising fell flat on the ground miserably essentially because it did NOT include Oromos. The Oromo student uprising fell flat because it did not align itself with Amharas. In both cases the WINNER was the manipulative Wayane cunning fox dictatorship while both the Amharas and the Oromos lost miserably.

    Worse yet and still some of the Amharas and some of the Oromos are still doing the same old things while keep getting the same old things and will still keep getting the same old familiar things (Wayane dictatorship) with different shades of colors and poisonous spice mixtures packed in honey painted new packages.

    What is absolutely for sure is the living fact that neither the Tunisian uprising nor the Egyptian or other uprisings will come to materialize unless the good Amharas and the good Oromos come together in unity within diversity and agree on the background positions and organize people for the common and greater good.

  28. Correction Elias……. The weyane merceneries are not dispatched in Libya as a friendly gesture by the supposed friend of Gadaffi-Meles….. Far from it!!…… Now-a-days….. Money has become most men’s best friend. Weyane is only accepting a job opportunity for its redundant & loyal death squads, the Agazzi murder-squads. Gadaffi has offered to pay as his own people won’t do unlike the weyane’s Agazzi death squads who won’t blink to ho on a rampage on their own people in the streets of Addis Ababa, let alone on some poor Libyans from Tabruks or Berber tribes in far away land. It’s a simple business transaction that got botched up. Weyane has already got its own cuts from the mercenery operation it provided. In January 2009 alone, Museveni of Uganda exported 12,000 Ugandan merceneries as private security guards for the US in Iraq & Afghanistan. Most of them perished. That was the biggest job created in Uganda. The so called “AU’s peace keeping” troops in Somalia where the Uganda & a tiny bullied enclave of Burundi are also doing a job of providing security for the embattled foreign imposed government in Somalia, holed up in a 1sq mile perimeter. The Ugandans are having fun firing cannon tucked inside a US made tanks, onto a densely populated area and Baraka market killing poor Somalians everyday. These merceneries send money to their poor families in Uganda so that their family can eat & use the rest of the money to open chicken house, cafetaria, corner shops etc, etc….. Museveni boasts that he created job for his people…… Blood job……. Meles is only doing the same thing, not out of his sympathy for Gadaffi but for his own interest. Gadaffi has got the money……while Meles can providenthe most ruthless merceneries…… It’s as simple as that……

  29. If their participation to the Libyan revolution is real, then they are criminals and must get what they deserve.
    I hope we will see a similar revolution this within 2 years in Ethiopia. But the extermination of woyanes has to be planned very carefully in order to minimize the death of civilians.

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