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Samuel Tafesse flashes his wealth – in America

There are three classes of the rich in Ethiopia: 1. the Woyannes (the super rich), 2. their hodam supporters (bottom-feeders), and 3. honest wealthy Ethiopians whose number is diminishing by the day.

(Note to non-Ethiopian readers: Hodam is one who has no conscience, who sells his country, his people, his soul… for material gain. Woyanne is the ruling junta in Ethiopia.)

Among the hodam class, the second richest person in Ethiopia, next to Al Amoudi, is said to be Samuel Tafesse, a business partner of Meles and Azeb, the Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu of Ethiopia.

Samuel has been known to flash his conspicuously massive wealth by building a palace for himself in the middle of Addis Ababa, and throwing lavish parties.

This week, Samuel Tafesse and friends, including top Woyanne officials, are arriving in Washington DC to attend an extravagant party to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary. The party will be held next Saturday night, August 28, at the Mandarin Oriental, one of Washington DC’s most expensive hotels.

The who’s who of Woyannes and their hodam supporters, about 500 of them, have been invited to dine, wine, and dance.

The cost for throwing the party is estimated to exceed $200,000.

Etete Restaurant in Washington DC has been hired to cater the Ethiopian food (Tel: 202 232 7600).

Woyannes and the hodam class in Washington DC are busy this week buying party dresses and going to beauty spa in preparation for the party.

The wedding anniversary celebration will be followed by a house warming party for Samuel Tafesse’s mansion that is being built in Alexandria, Virginia, at the cost of $5 million.  Construction crews are currently hurrying up to complete the house (shown below), which is sitting on 2 acres of land, located 20 minutes drive from Washington DC..

Fairfax County public records show that the 2-acre land (see below), located at 6434 Casperson Road, Alexandria VA, was sold to Samuel for $750,000 in December 2008.

When presented with the plan to build such a huge house, city officials were unhappy because the land could be used to build at least 10 townhouses. They urged him to build his mansion in another location further in the suburbs, which he refused.

(The above satellite photo was taken before Samuel’s mansion was built. City planners wanted to use the land to build townhouses similar to those in the area.)

The small house in the middle of the land (shown above) has now been torn down to build Samuel’s 16,000 square feet gigantic mansion.

One amused neighbor who saw the construction wrote: “It is being built as strong as a bunker. The basement looks like you could practice firing machine guns without disturbing neighbors. The 4 car garage is larger than my townhouse.”

Building big homes and buying luxury items is not a crime. In fact, they need to be encouraged since they help create employment for many people. But when such wealth is accumulated illegally, by crushing other businesses through unfair competition, by bribing government officials and partnering with heads of governments, it is harmful to a nation in so many ways.

As a close friend and business partner of Ethiopia’s brutal dictator Meles Zenawi and wife Azeb Mesfin, Samuel’s company, Sunshine Construction, is the first in line to receive the most lucrative contracts for construction projects around the country. Conveniently, Samuel’s wife is the sister of Public Works Minister Kassu Illala, who supervises all major construction projects in the country.

Samuel’s partners, Meles and Azeb, whose wealth is estimated to be $1.2 billion, get a cut from all the profit he makes. Since profit is the only motive — and in the absence of  genuine inspection — most of the buildings and roads Sunshine and the other corrupt companies build do not meet quality standards. Some of them are already falling apart. In short, Samuel’s wealth is accumulated through pernicious corruption — the kind of corruption that suck the life blood of a nation.

There are so many hard working, honest Ethiopians who could be as rich. But they are kept down, pushed out and many are leaving the country because they are NOT friends or partners of powerful government officials. It is such corruption and greed on the part Woyannes and their hodam supporters that have created an environment where most Ethiopians are unable to work and earn decent income in a country as rich in natural resources as Ethiopia. Instead of living under such a system, many are fleeing the country, in the process being subjected to the kind of humiliation and indignity as shown below where poor, innocent fellow Ethiopians are forced by Kenyan police to lay on the ground, face down.

The difference between these desperate Ethiopians and the likes of Samuel Tafesse is that the poor and destitute Ethiopians are not friends and partners of the ruling class. They are not any less hard worker or less smart than the hodam class who are flashing their ill-gotten wealth in our face.

Woyannes and their hodam supporters are committing egregious offenses, with impunity, against Ethiopians because the Ethiopian elite, including scholars, religious leaders, artists, the media, those leading opposition parties, have all failed to provide leadership. It’s easy to blame every thing on Woyanne, but the truth of the matter is that Ethiopians in every field who have the responsibility to provide leadership have miserably failed, as Teshome Mitiku points out in this song below:

Leader-less people by Teshome Mitiku

121 thoughts on “Samuel Tafesse flashes his wealth – in America

  1. All of this people who are crying for Samuel are in and around Washington DC who are hoping to get an invitation to wash up with the blood champagne. I really don’t know where we lost our common ground of thinking right.People in Ethiopia wants to work hard or working hard to be like Samuel Tafese,the problem is they don’t sleep with weyane. Or they don’t have respect for weyane. In Ethiopia everyone should be equaly free to get rich, for example Haile G/Selase is by any account much better than an average guy and he got his money by chasing others that is fair and square.We might have another side about Haile’s smile around weyane too that gives us a different feeling about Haile.My point is we don’t care if the guy makes Billions so long as he/she dosn’t put his/her finger in the blood of millions of ETHIOPIANS (by huging,sharing,giving,accepting goods…).

  2. Dawit,

    I think I trust your information more than even ER’s. ER’s message although they bring us valuable information, it is driven towards resentment and therefore, every information they bring tends to be skewed. I disagree that when many in Ethiopia are poor, such explosion of wealth by some is sickening. However a person can always be successful without getting any benefits from government, etc. This is definitely shown by many Ethiopian Entrepreneurs for centuries. Remember, those entrepreneurs who most tend to be from Gurage are hard workers and definitely everyone knows that. They don’t look down on the type of work they do starting from kulinet, listro, etc, while I remember, neighbors who were Gonderes used to insult these Gurages that saying the Gurages do dirty jobs and love money. But then these Gonderes were doing nothing but make sure they appear professional and look good. Because of the hard work of these Gurages, they tend to be well off and if someone like Samuel is rich, it shows that and is proven that he worked his butt off to be where he is today. As governments change, how people achieve varies. For instance we have a corrupt government therefore, in order for people like Samuel to continue his work, he may be forced to be used that while Weyane is making money on the side he will be allowed also to continue his work. Lots of people do what they do in order not to leave their country and provide jobs and so on. They are sacrificing something as well, that is the oppression of Ethiopian people. I know one rich guys who supports the poor there as much as he can because of conscious. Even though extreme wealth is inexcusable if true, Weyane gets strong hold on these Entrepenures. Some leave when they lose jobs such as their coffee business. Governments come and go but Entrepenures are important for Ethiopia’s economy.

  3. Mikael wooow you are dam and clueless.Just because your brother is working for the second rich man in Ethiopia and you are going to attend the flashy party you said “Stop whining and make a difference by going home and by investing your hard earned money and still unwashed brain. Trust me, if you don’t stick your nose where it does not belong – maninly on politics – nothing bad will happen to you. Don’t be fooled by what you read and hear from the hate mongers.” We are not stupid,what we are saying is ETHIOPIA is not only for haves ETHIOPIA is for all.How dare you tell us not to touch politics?

  4. Ethiopiawie,

    I so much agree. People want to be elite by looting Ethiopia’s bank and not returning the money. Weyane doesn’t care as long as they accumulate mass amount. The Ethiopian banks are going broke along with the stolen gold of Ethiopia’s treasure. Indeed in a way, we are contributing the destruction of Ethiopia and we are perpetuating the survival of Weyane. Peole, when you have bad leadership, you end bu doing the same thing. Weyane is deliberately being a bad leader, it is not accident because when there is chaos, they can profit and push their political agenda therefore there has got to be another leaders who can counter attack that who will sacrifice for the survival of Ethiopia

  5. I’d say let him enjoy and spend his money which ever way he chooses. Let’s be honest, even the reporter won’t pass such an opportunity (to make it BIG) if he/she were given the opportunity.

  6. First of all I want to thank Brother Elias for his report regarding a fellow Ethiopian and his massive wealth. I have read every comment submitted by the congregation shown until I start writing my own comment. It was a moving experience for me to read through all the comments both for and against the report. I was moved by the quality of this man, our own Elias who, true to his convictions, opened his website door to all. Some of them even wrongfully told him off but he still let it ride. Then I started struggling with myself to hold back my over flowing emotion. From what I heard over and over again, not only from Brother Elias, but from countless other international news agencies, this is what is not allowed in Ethiopia. Thank Brother Elias. May Allah give you all the strength and sustenance in your unabated effort to provide us venues for exchanging views!!! Insha Allah!!!!
    In the meantime, we all know that to be such filthy rich in countries such as Ethiopia, you must have a formidable connection with someone in the inner circle of the ruling clique. And when his wife is the sister of the official who holds the key of the construction contracts…..Come on guys!!! Do you need to read that on his forehead!!! Do you think nepotism that has been running for centuries in our country will just go away in a heartbeat? At least it should raise all sorts of questions and must be investigated. By the way, what is IRS saying about this fellow?

  7. I am really sad. I never thought we have Ethiopians as jackass as this- discouraging everybody who works hard and do not align with them. How do you think a country can grow when half of the population is like Eliase and his stooges !

    I wish I were not Ethiopian !

  8. #47, you and the likes of Solomon Tafessame are problems not only for Ethiopia, but also for the continent of Africa. It is not morally justifiable to have extreme excess wealth by looting the poor and let the poor die of hunger. It is impossible to get this filthy rich by owning businesses in one of the poorest country in the world, without robbing the citizens. At the end of the day, the money is coming from the poorest Ethiopian Tax Payers who are struggling to make ends meet.

    #56, I agree with you that, it is good to have honest discussion and hear from people who have different opinions, at the same time, why hear from people who never disagree and never criticized Meles and Co. that looted and committed gruesome crime.

  9. A provocative piece with a reasonably honest conclusion.

    “It’s easy to blame every thing on Woyanne, but the truth of the matter is that Ethiopians in every field who have the responsibility to provide leadership have miserably failed,

    The song: It is also provocative, but not true all the time. Good leadership makes a world of difference, but a whole lot more goes into building good, healthy and prosperous society. The people themselves as well could make a difference. I agree with the singer’s statement about lack of trust among members of the said society. That is also a big problem that needs reforming, and it is not easy to rebuild trust.

    Over all, the taste of power and money and its effect varies from individuals to individuals. Even with pen names, dedicated educators and writers who have been their need to write what it means, its temptation, the wall it could create between the masses and themselves, their fear and/ or blindness to the state of life they are in.

  10. I know Samuel in person. He had a successful business and comfortable Bole mansion way before woyane was in power. He built his business from the bottom through hard work. Elias, please try to be better than the people you despise, woyane. Why complain about woyane if you think it is okay to make up a story to attack others..

  11. GORASH AGOORASH you must be Meles himself “THE WEAK SHALL BE EATEN!!!” ? well you are acting like a shark in an Ocean but don’t forget you are a small fish a sardine like to be exact.

  12. Anonymous and 53 are the kind of people that makes us look fools as Ethiopians. They can’t even try to read between the lines and discern what someone else is trying to convey. The mere fact that someone is not pro their views is reason enough for them to categorize the others in one box. Now, are we saying that the government should involve itself in the business of wealth distribution by controlling how much money one can have, or tell the wealthy how and where they should spend their earned money? I’m sick and tired of those who seem to be shocked by the idea of this guys connections. Are they forgetting being wealthy means having the key to ACCESS. I wonder in what world they are living in. I wish this was not the case, but hey it’s what it’s and live with it. When I also say: “involve yourself in politics”, I wasn’t suggesting not to be involved in politics per say – I rather was making a point about getting in touch with “woyanes”. In that case – if you oppose their views, they will fight you like there is no tomorrow, like they should. If you can stand that heat, well “mengedun cherk yadirglieh”. Anonymous, I wish I was invited to the party as you suggest I was. I’m a little man with no chance getting even close to this guy. I’m just trying to stay sane under all this propaganda. I’m not a politician and does not aspire to be one either. I consider myself a true Ethiopian living with a guilty feeling for choosing the life I have and no participating in the struggle and advancement of the country and the people who gave me everything I have today. The least I can do at this time, I thought, was defend this people (woyanes) for trying to bring a change however imperfect. That’s all, no more no less. Go ahead paint me as you want – the truth shall set me free!

  13. For those who claim to have known Samuel as a wealthy man even before Woyane, I have a message:

    I heard of families who had been exceptionally wealthy people before woyane and lost everything after Woyane took control of the country.

    So, my message is your argument is invalid.

    You remember the saying: “Behind every fortune there is a crime.” Especially in the case of Samuel you can not honestly argue that this person accumulated his wealth honestly.

    Samuel built palace for himself and his family members in Ethiopia and it already got him in “the mouth of” the citizens of Addis. His new palace in the state will only get him more of the same.

    Samuel joined the Sheikh, and the pope in decadent excess that revolted the good citizen.

    In a country where tens of millions of people are starving, such ostentatious display of wealth is gross, if not criminal.

    Such crass disregard to the sensibilities of their fellow country men, women and children who are dying of hanger, is astounding.

    No more to say.

  14. Dear Elias, there were times I diagreed with you. I will never ever take away that you have the balls man. I have no word to describe you. I wished there were a lot more Ethiopians with your kind of guts. You remind me our brave forfathers who fought in the defence of the mother land.

    I have no problem with people getting rich but in a country like Ethiopia when such kind of wealth goes beyond to a complete waste there is no dobout the end looks coming.
    thx. bro

  15. Elias more than ever your Investigative report is on the money brother I like your new way of journalism Name and Shame and Every body who read your news will contribute what they know about this hodams lets bring their crime and cruel Looting the poor Ethiopians Money in to the day light the more we know about this hodams the more we weaken the blood sucking woyanes

    god bless u Elias keep pushing!!

  16. The Virgina house is built to house top Woyane families in their future exile from Ethiopia, it may be the future house of Azeb Gola and genocidal PM Meles ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  17. “An Operator’s Manual”

    “Abstract for Assisted Regime Change: A Bright Future Ahead?

    This paper explores the world of the coup d’ etat, with a focus on Africa and the involvement of outside actors in particular. As such, after introducing this topic, I take the reader on a brief journey through a number of the terms used in this paper as well as those seen so frequently in the press, in public and in academia about coups. These various terms are addressed and clarified (or at least I hope they are) in order to explain the difference between, say, a putsch versus a guardian coup versus a pronunciamento versus a revolt…”

    go Read more here:

  18. Derg did this:

    “The Derg unleashed the Red Terror because it considered itself powerful beyond measure and that its opinion alone represented the “absolute” truth about Ethiopia. Anyone that did not conform to its kind of “truth” was a counter-revolutionary and subversive.

    All of the photographs below are hanging in the museum. I apologize for the glare on some of the photos, but the light in the museum was not even sightly conducive to quality photographs…”

    Above is photo I couldn’t paste.

    See full blog by someone @:

    Tigryans killed not few like derg but the whole Ethiopia.

  19. Secondly … this is NOT the translation of ‘Hodam’.

    (Note to non-Ethiopian readers: Hodam is one who has no conscience, who sells his country, his people, his soul… for material gain. Woyanne is the ruling junta in Ethiopia.)

    Bad journalism.

  20. I am not against people buying or selling houses. But I am worried of smuggling foreign currency and built a mansion here. If this guy is only operates in Ethiopia how did he get foreign currency while the country is in shortage for foreign currency? During the Emperor’s regime all the foreign companies like Shell, Mobil and Agip are allowed to remit their profits after taxes about 12% the rest they have to invest in the country. Than derg came and told them no remittances use all the profits in the country. So here we have a local business man not a foreign company why they allowed him to have a foreign currency from the coffee sale. We know the hair salon in VA does not make that kind money.

  21. I will be attending this event. What a beautiful hotel. I will wine and dine with one of the richest man in Ethiopia while you are outside trying to take pictures. Let me know when you take a picture though so I can smile. It sucks to be broke or not know a rich guy to get invited. You will get there one day when your uncle takes power, that is if you are alive by then.

  22. thank you for your great work. That was a perfect name,,as you said all those hodams are so selfish and do not care about the rest. i just can not believe how the hodams brain can your neighbour, your country people live in suffering and pain and u do not feel it? but, i know it is just the way it is. their concsious is covered by greed and selfishness and will never care if millions starve and die.

    In the opposite the hodams will do anything to get rich and have money at any cost. they will sign an agreemnet with “luciferous, the king of darkness” himself and sell their soul to live the pathetic short life in this world with every kind of money at their disposal. they build palaces,throw parties with the money taken from the rest of the Ethiopian people struggling to survive. very sad,,please,the rest of us let us feel the pain of the People back home and do whatever we can..exposing hodams.

  23. It doesn’t matter whether Elias is part of the story or not.The fact is Sanshine construction on bole road is well knowen conglamorate who has close attachment with the ruling clique.It gets its construction contracts in its back door beting–that is what is being condemend back door business with weyanee. Commet #52 Mr dawit, how is it you know very much about mr.tesfaye and you claim to be non weyane.You seem to think that to expose lebas and embezlers is what you call Mekengnet.It is wrong to get rich by bribing go.official,it is wrong to be front men for go.officials where they assist to hide their money.Such ones are really unashemedly HODAMS.

  24. I bought 2 properties from Sunshine (One apartment, and one Villa). Unlike other real estates in addis, the property was handed to me at the expected quality and without any increase in prices. My respect for Mr Samuel’s company. For those who are calling any Ethiopian residing in Ethiopia Hodam, I dont think there is any other HODAM than you guys. If it was not for your HOD, you would have been back home with your fellow brothers and sisters to share the fruits or sufferings.

  25. Elias, why are you letting the disease causing flies spitting out venom on your website? Come on! Elias, it is time for you to buy fly repellent and get rid off the flies!

  26. From Friends of Sammy Taffesse
    • Sammy Taffesse started Sunshine Construction Company, PLC, (“Sunshine”) as a sole proprietorship business entity 25 (Twenty-Five) years ago. The company grew to a private limited company about 9 (Nine) years ago.
    • Sunshine has gone through tough challenges, up and downs of business trends, like other businesses have. Despite these challenges, through the hard work and ethics of the professional leadership of Sammy, Sunshine has persevered and become one of the top construction and real estate development companies in Ethiopia.
    • In today’s Ethiopia there are so many successful businesses in every corner of the country; Sunshine is just one of them. Sunshine is extremely grateful for the Ethiopian government for creating an enabling atmosphere to do business in Ethiopia and also to grow while doing business.
    • Sunshine as a private company competitively bids for public and private construction projects.
    • Sunshine works solely with private banks and insurance companies to finance the operation of its construction and real estate development projects.
    • Sunshine has successfully completed many public and private development projects. These projects include infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges, buildings for institutions, industries, and residences. Sunshine also builds houses and townhouses.
    • This year alone, the following road projects have been successfully completed by Sunshine and handed over to the local and/or federal government:
    o Benshangul – Assossa Road
    o Zewaye – Butagera Road
    o Nedjo – Garso Road
    • Sunshine also builds mid-rise buildings and houses for government and private developers. This year the following projects have been completed by Sunshine:
    o Merry-Louke residential 210 Villa houses,
    o Gerdji Project 34, G+4 mid-rise buildings
    o CMC Project 11, G+4 Mid-rise building
    • For the past 25 (Twenty-Five) years, Sunshine, under the leadership of Sammy, has delivered projects on time, within budget, and with quality workmanship. As a result, the company has won the hearts and minds of the public and government. It is because of its strength and efficiency that Sunshine has won projects competitively and repeatedly. Currently, Sunshine continues to have several projects under its portfolio.
    • Sunshine employees about 1025 (One Thousand Twenty-Five) permanent employees and more than 6000 (Six Thousand) temporary employees on project sites.
    • Sunshine believes in professional development of its employees, treating its employees with utmost respect and in paying its employees with fair and reasonable compensation.
    • At Sunshine, every employee strives to give his/her best. With more than 7000 (Seven Thousand) employees giving their best, this becomes the energy and driving force for the company’s success.
    • Each year employees of the year receive bonuses that include awards, houses, cars, and money.
    • Even though Sammy had a humble beginning, he now conducts business around the world in places like China, Dubai, South Sudan, and the United States of America. Each of these businesses in different parts of the world follows the same disciplined leadership from Sammy; and they are all successful.
    • Through Sammy’s business connections he was able to facilitate technology transfers to Ethiopia such as:
    o The Terrazzo Tile production plant
    o The Hollow Block production plant
    o The Computerized Spare Parts Store
    • Because of his international business relationships and acumen, Sammy will be the first in the country to collaborate with Marriott International Hotel to open 4 (Four) Marriott Hotels in the near future; the first Marriott-Sunshine 5 (Five) star hotel will open for business during the first quarter of 2011, and the others to shortly follow.
    • Under the great leadership of Sammy, Sunshine also gives back to the community. The following are examples of Sunshine’s charity work:
    o Pre-K to high school buildings built in Nekemete City and donated to the City.
    o Sunshine also donates about $150,000 (One Hundred Fifty Thousand Birr) to school for operations cost monthly.
    o Sunshine promises to build retirement houses for the under privileged elderly in Addis, ground breaking for the building was held earlier this year.
    o Sunshine has also held the ground breaking ceremony in Agena, which is a village located between Butagera and Wolkiette for an elementary school. This school will be donated by Sammy to the people of Agena.
    o Sunshine held a ground breaking ceremony on January 2010 at Axum for an elementary school. This school will be built by Sunshine and donated to the people of Axum.
    • In addition Sammy and his wife Fettlie are the benefactors to many churches in Ethiopia.

  27. If Sunshine does all of this for our country why are we all bitter and quick to point fingers? This article had no source nor evidence it’s pure speculation. Come on people, have any of you accomplished anything from that list? Thank you comment # 85

  28. Elias,

    This one is very simple …… Etate is owned by Henok. Some would say, it’s owned by his mother. Well, he invested the money and helps her with promoting and managing it as needed including entertaining people that are influential in D.C. politics and high level official in Ethiopia. This is the same Henock that was profiled in Washington Post Newspaper for winning to manage the National and Dulles Airport in Washington D.C. It’s also true that Henok made it in USA by working hard the American way. But, once he got it made, with (including or not?) the help of his mothers’ and father connection, he had been trying to invest in Ethiopia. One of his business associates is Samuel that helps him with his construction company in Ethiopia (from what my sourness telling me, he has several bulldozers). Beside his business relationship with Samuel, he just had a baby from Samuel’s Stepdaughter that was MARRIED (OH! by the way Henock is MARRIED as well when he got Samuels’s daughter pregnant). These are a whole bunch of Hodams that care less to what happen to poor Ethiopians or Ethiopia as long as they are living the sop-opera life style. As far as Samuel is concern, the house you posted in your web site is one of several he has here in USA and in Dubai. At least, he has three houses in D.C. Metropolitan area that each one of them worth over a million dollars. The place in Dubai is out of this world! …… I can go on, but I am sure you get the picture.

  29. How many of you are buliding your house in Ethiopia, or trying? How many of you own your home here in the state? How many of you own more than one house or tried to own? After you answer this question. You know if you are successful or not. This the country there is land of opportunity, and you should take advantage of it and make your life successful… I do belive that everybody should live there life the way the wont it or dream it… Stop the coffee talk (gossip)and do some thing for you self and for your family… for those who complaint about bing reach as bad thing, I feel so so sorry for you and for your familys. I do belive that everybody is working everyday for better tomorrow. wake up and smell the coffee… Work so hard so you can bulid you dream house here in the state or Ethiopia..

  30. To Friends of Samuel Taffessse says:

    Well he can do what ever he wants with his money but in my view, his contribution is nothing compared to his wealth. Specially, a person like Sammy who came from poor family, he understands what poverty is like but he doesn’t help the poor. Don’t brag about what he philantrophy. Again he can do what ever he wants with his money but I see you as a fool when I see your comment. Did you hear about Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, do you know about their philantrophy. I am not even asking that much or from that matter any thing but stop bragging for nothing he has done. Yes even pick pockets do give to gabriel and few other churches so that they get mercy and protection while on duty.

  31. Again some of you need to control your jealousy because it is obvious that some of you look like you know Henock in person and that you are attacking him because he made it and you are still parking attendants and cab drivers. Guys we can only have few successful business men. The rest of us need to chill. Attack him on his association with weyane if you have evidence otherwise your jjeoulousy and sickeness is showing.

  32. Well,can you imagine how much wealth the rest of Zinawianrobbers accumeleted through disgusting robbery?

    Ethiopians,just streatch your imagination and measure how wide and how deep the wealth of Zinawianrobbers is;it will definitely sickning you deep into your heart.They have multidimensional sources of profits.They sell girls,they sell land,they sell livestocks,and they sell babies;our babies.Today,they are the absolute owners of everything,and they are the undisputed and uncontested owners of everything and anything that is available above and below the land that they invaded twenty years ago.These Zinawianrobbers entered the rich and the wealthy life as soon as they invaded Ethiopia and they did not waste time to murder and loot Ethiopians.To Zinawianrobbers,it is business as usual;looting and murdering Ethiopians.In reality,Zinawianrobbers are nothing but parasite.They will definitely fall asleep while sucking.

  33. Friends of Samuel Taffessse,
    The usual Woyane spin. Good try, but we have seen enough not believe a word that comes out of the supporter of looters and friends of tyrant killer Meles. The contributions your friend has made is a drop in a bucket, compare to what he has made by milking the poor Ethiopian people. Your friend has made his millions out of all Ethiopians, but it seems all his contributions is going to Meles’s birth place. Could it be a deal that was made with the devil? I bet, as we speak, Solomon Tefessame’s hardworking day laborers are struggling to make ends meet, while he is building a five million dollar home, and throwing lavish unnecessary party for his corrupt unethical people like himself. How disgusting!
    The last twenty years, Housing in Ethiopia, have become the most corrupted business in the world,
    at the cost of 76 million Ethiopian Tax Payers.

    “According the World Bank, the level of standard of living in Ethiopia to day is the same as it was 40 years ago.”
    “…In Ethiopia, less than 5% of the population is getting richer at the cost of 90% of the population…”
    Read more:

  34. If what Friends of Samuel Taffessse listed is true, then the meaning of wealth, its purpose and fruition is well realized. Good for Mr.Samuel and spouse.

    If the issue is his business partnership with Woyane, we don’t know for sure. Association between business contractors and government is not uncommon at all in most of the world. The point might be to know the behind the scene activity, such as corrupted regime cleaning out resources and opening businesses in ordinary citizens names. Now that kind of partnership is questionable.

    -Bidding granted to unqualified competitors over qualified citizens without connection?

    Admit it connection is important. It is also part of public relation. Over all people who turn out rich have had good peoples skill, like to have plenty of company around themselves, are out going etc.

    -Unfair practice of granting bidding to less qualified competitors over well qualified business people is part of the core of Elias’ article and that can call for a nice discussion.

    The Dulles and National parking bid to the public’s knowledge was given to unknown immigrant company like the recent Ethiopians/Etete’s proprietors. They won because their bidding was four times less than some of the other companies. Now, that could be taken as a legitimate reason to offer the business. In general Ethiopian governments and businesses may not be thorughly ethical in such practice.It was only recently that giving and receiving bribe was a usual way of getting results in Ethiopia and most likely still the same.

  35. In the beginning,they were a small group of bandits;then,grew larger and larger and became armed robbers.Disguised as Arab merchants made blood money in millions of dollars while the little ones and the weak perishing.They bought weapons,guns and bullets and invaded Ethiopia and created two economic systemss;one for themselves and another one for Ethiopians.

    They quickly dispatched themselves throughout Ethiopia,and broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families.They then entered the lives of the rich and the wealthy;rewarded the moles,spies,and the informers who settled in the cities before them.

  36. JJ,

    I cannot believe that you are measuring value based on material thing. Do I have to own a house to make me successful? How about morality, how about being a good human being. It sounds like the only way we can be human beings is by owning material things. Think outside of the box. Put your brainwashed of this system away and think for a bit.

    To all,

    Over all, if you are a successful wealthy person, Weyane will come after you. They will give you two options, either you work with them or your property will be confiscated. Not only you work with them, they monitor you in every way. Lot of good businessmen have died secretly in the hands of Weyane. News say they committed suicide but it is the hands of TPLF even using by poison. Many good Ethiopain industrialists die and people say it is heart problem, sudden death, etc, no, no, no, it is poison that they get killed. If you work with them however, you get monitored. Since the past 2 years, even if you work with them and you are not Tigray or close to them, TPLF is now confiscating people’s businesses deceitfully for example, cofee owners were out of job. There are very few non Tigray businesses these days. Meles almost confiscated Sunshine construction but Azeb stopped him because Samuel and his wife are very close to Azeb. She saved Sunshine. It will not be long until Meles turns against these non Tigray businesses because he will never trust them anyways. Instead of perpetuating for TPLF’s power, let us bring the downfall of TPLF. For example, we can research under different name what tPLF has in the West and challenge that. Challenge their stooges, challenge those who are exporting the wealth and money from Ethiopia to live here under false claim by applying asylum, challenge, challenge, challenge.

  37. Thank you very much for the information.
    However, the big quetion is why the Etete restirount is singled out? That I will never ever agree.
    I think also they are making their living like many Ethiopians in the land of free people, the USA. Therefore,we should leave them alone.

    Ethiopian discredited elites who made the miserable life in Ethiopia are merly responsible for the current situations.
    Nobody is to be blamed other than these pseudo intelectuals and useless beasts who brought red terror and Bantustanism.

    Long live the Etiopian People!!!
    Hell with puppet regime of Melse Zenawi.

  38. Tamiru Tafese, Is it true that the owner of Etete restaurant’s son helped her to open her restaurant? Is it also true that, her son is close to tyrant Meles, and got help from looter woyanes to grow his business? Please don’t get me wrong, I am trying to find out the whole truth.

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