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Call Etete Restaurant in DC – 202 232 7600

Etete Ethiopian Restaurant in Washington DC is hired to feed 500 Woyannes and hodams this coming Saturday at a lavish party thrown by the second richest man in Ethiopia and a business partner of Ethiopia’s brutal dictator Meles Zenawi (click here to read details).

If Etete owners need our business, they need to be sensitive to our pain, the pain of Ethiopians who have been forced into exile by Woyanne looters and murderers who continue to brutalize our people back home.

Let’s call Etete owners at 202 232 7600 and politely ask them to cancel their contract to provide food at the party.

Ethiopian Review has established a hotline for those who have information about every one who will attend the party. Please send us names, addresses, and photos of those who will be dining and wining with the looters:

Etete Restaurant Tel: 202 232 7600

Ethiopian Review Hotline Tel: 202 656 5117
Email: [email protected]

Sources of information will be kept strictly confidential.

68 thoughts on “Call Etete Restaurant in DC – 202 232 7600

  1. lol
    Check out all the Woyene online team try to influence opinion by flooding this website with their comments. They want the casual reader to believe that people oppose this article so they come here in gang and post comments.

    Hey WOYANES! Get this straight…you are going down, so will any collaborators. Let alone overseas. your claim in Ethiopia is zero. Give it up dirty scums!

    Those naive enough to support Woyanes either out of stupidity or ignorance, leave the sinking ship before it is too late!

  2. I have called Etete and told them to either confirm of deny the allegations. Either way they are not willing to respond, so guess what, I will be advocating against that restaurant any chance I get (which is a lot- tour guide.)

  3. Thanks to God that, the majority of people are not like brainless #50, who are born without compassion and empathy.
    Elias, thank you! Keep up the good work!

  4. Wow Elias is attacking local business. They have a right to take a contract from anyone. Sir you are creating distraction after distraction what is the difference between you and woyane since you spin Shabiyas evil within us. You know you are coming after Ethiopian success I know you will do it again and again but the world can’t accommodate fanaticism anymore.

  5. Hi Dawit I agree with your comment # 34.

    Let me also guess what Elias is going to do next. He will also threaten not only small businesses like “Etete” and any individual who buy land or house back home but also Diasporas who will fly with Ethiopian Air Lines four days a week to visit their family or for business trip.
    Mr. Elias would set up a camera crew at Dallas International Air port, I mean permanently, to take a picture of every individual and post it on his website like he did it last time.
    It will be another way of threatening people to call them, “Weyane” or “Hodam.”



  6. Elias,

    This one is very simple …… Etate is owned by Henok. Some would say, it’s owned by his mother. Well, he invested the money and helps her with promoting and managing it as needed including entertaining people that are influential in D.C. politics and high level official in Ethiopia. This is the same Henock that was profiled in Washington Post Newspaper for winning to manage the National and Dulles Airport in Washington D.C. It’s also true that Henok made it in USA by working hard the American way. But, once he got it made, with (including or not?) the help of his mothers’ and father connection, he had been trying to invest in Ethiopia. One of his business associates is Samuel that helps him with his construction company in Ethiopia (from what my sourness telling me, he has several bulldozers). Beside his business relationship with Samuel, he just had a baby from Samuel’s Stepdaughter that was MARRIED (OH! by the way Henock is MARRIED as well when he got Samuels’s daughter pregnant). These are a whole bunch of Hodams that care less to what happen to poor Ethiopians or Ethiopia as long as they are living the sop-opera life style. As far as Samuel is concern, the house you posted in your web site is one of several he has here in USA and in Dubai. At least, he has three houses in D.C. Metropolitan area that each one of them worth over a million dollars. The place in Dubai is out of this world! …… I can go on, but I am sure you get the picture.

  7. Let those voltures devour the loot from their country. The looter is TPLF and its henchemen like this Parasite so called millionair. We have seen many who became multimillionairs. They ar eall TPLF money laundry agents and spy network members. DC people! have courage and challenge the TPLF money laundry agents in your area. Mechem weneee yelachu

  8. Elias:
    why dont you apply for a position to contribute to the enquirer megazine, you have the talent to make doomesday stories come alive. That is if the money from Shabia dries up, not before.

  9. It’s so sad that we are always tearing our own. That is the reason that we DO NOT GROW as people or community. Please stop killing our Ethiopian business for personal or political reason. We are ALWAYS good at talking ill of others since we are not as successful as them. It takes a lot to have a successful restaurant in the DC area when you are competing with 50 plus restaurants.

    The question you should ask yourself before saying staff (rumors) about others on the name of our country is:
    • What have I DONE to help my country or her people?
    • Have I done anything constructive with my life so that I can be a role model for the upcoming generation.

    Etete restaurant is employing many Ethiopians. This folks are supporting themselves and their family. You think hurting them makes any sense because of some jealous so called Ethiopians. You want to blame a business for catering to an event????
    I read an article not long ago about how the son of Etete restaurant is building a good business in the WDC area and how many of our country men he has hired.

    I do not know of the guy who had the party. But, it’s total wrong to blame the Ethiopian vendors for proving a service. Please grow up and stop hating just for the sake of hating!!!!!

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