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The Ethiopians in prison… No Emperor to intervene

Kenyan troops force innocent Ethiopian refugees to lay on the ground, face down, before transporting them to jail. The only crime the Ethiopians have committed was trying to escape from Meles Zenawi’s brutal dictatorship. Ethiopia under Emperor HaileSelassie had supported Kenyans to liberate their country from colonialists by providing them with food, shelter, and weapons. No Kenyan refugee had ever been mistreated or deported by Ethiopia. As we see in the photo above, the ingrate Kenyans are returning the favor by humiliating the Ethiopians who have now fallen victim of a vampire regime that is backed by neocolonialists. This week Kenya has celebrated “Founding Father Day.” Marking the occasion, Ato Taddele G. Hiwot has penned the following poem:

The Ethiopians in prison
No Emperor to intervene
No Kenyata to listen
The Noble Ethiopian
The blameless Ethiopian
Is in prison
No smiles on their face
Counting the minutes by Meles;
In prison without charge
The eighty nine noble beings.

Lucky Kenya celebrates
23rd Anniversary of its founding Father
Mzee Jomo Kenyatta
And the noble Ethiopians are there
On 22nd of August 2010
To celebrate in prayer
The Kenyans at the Mausoleum
And Ethiopian in prison.

Lucky Kenya celebrate
August 1978 Kenyatta’s Day
Ethiopians had a father
Founder of educated Ethiopia
August 1975 Haile Selassie’s Day
Kenyatta was born in 1894
Only two years earlier 1892
The Ethiopian king was born
Both are founding fathers of Africa.
Kenyatta rises from death
Selassie still in Meles prison.

Kenyan government runs on olive oil
Ethiopian government stuck by racial clogs
Kenyans have one thing to do
Celebrate Founding Father’s Day
Kenyatta was born on August 1978
Selassie died on August 1975
And both leaders were founders
Founding fathers of Africa.
Kenyans celebrate in the palaces
Ethiopians celebrate in Meles prison.

The blameless Ethiopians in prison
Singing with Kenyans uhuru
Counting the time by praying:
Let life begin withering of racism.
God bless African unity.

Taddele Hiwot

8 thoughts on “The Ethiopians in prison… No Emperor to intervene

  1. It sad to see such image, I am very sorry for my fellow brother ethiopians,
    I just want to know what sort of effort is going on by woyane govt. regarding this issue.

  2. what ever happens to these Ethiopians, Kenya will be responsible. It is an act that can lead to war between countries. If they deport them, and any one is killed by Meles zenawi government- that is a sad day for Kenyans and Ethiopians with a very dark future in their relationship sooner or latter. TAKE MY WORD

  3. My fellow country people have no where to go. If they flee to these neiboring countries this is what they get; rounded up like cattle; beaten; detained in such inhuman way and finally handed over back to the beast they tried to escape from in the first place. These days it lookes the world has accepted that Ethiopians are less human and don’t deserve any protection even animals are entitled to get.

  4. Come on ethiopians, if u´re still dreaming of that other midget dictator or somebody like him to save U, then believe me u´ll never be saved. Work and fight for ur freedom people! Stop with this idol worship of a dead bones.

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    ክብረ ነገስት

  6. It is painful to see our fellow Ethiopians rounded up like this. We should potest to the nearest Kenyan embassy. I for one will do so. I do not think Kenyans know the history of Ethioia, i.e. (except the few educated)with whom they are messing with. They will pay for this sooner or later. By the way what do you expect from a country the lets its economy be dominated by decendents(by 80%) of Indians who came to bulid the railwy during colonial times.

  7. A very sad story, indeed! I hope, the opposition party leaders advocating on behalf of our desperate Ethiopian brothers and sister who are being humiliated in neighboring countries. It is very likely that, Meles bribes the Foreign Ministers, the Immigration Office Workers, the Police Chiefs, and other government officials of the neighboring countries, not to give asylum to Ethiopian refugees.

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