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Donors give $847 million to cut poverty in Ethiopia

EDITOR’S NOTE: The World Bank and U.K. are well aware that the money doesn’t go to ‘cut poverty’. It goes to subjugate and terrorize the people of Ethiopia and Somalia.

ADDIS ABABA ( Reuters) — Donors funding Ethiopia’s programmes to cut poverty said on Friday they would provide $847 million in 2008/09 for projects such as free education and distribution of insecticide-treated bed nets.

The World Bank and the UK Department of International Development (DFID) jointly gave the money to Ethiopia’s Protection of Basic Services (PBS) programme. Last year, they gave $573 million.

“After reviewing the results of PBS implementation since 2006, both the government and development partners are of the view that the programme has been successful and will be crucial in supporting Ethiopia’s plan towards poverty alleviation,” said Paul Ackroyd, head of DFID in Ethiopia.

Keniche Ohashi, the World Bank head said the PBS was the largest single development assistance in Ethiopia and that it would help the poor country achieve universal goals to halve poverty by 2015.

Under the PBS programme, an extra three million children and 65,000 teachers were now in school since 2006, Ackroyd said.

A total of 24,000 insecticide-treated bed nets have been distributed so far in 2008 compared with 2,700 in 2006 and as a result, new malaria cases have dramatically dropped to 370,315 in 2007 from 780,019 in 2006, he said.

Donors had also raised an extra $200 million out of the $420 million that the government says it requires for humanitarian needs. Efforts were also underway to raise a further $150 million, Ackroyd added.

The fund will distributed to the U.N. World Food Programme and other agencies and will be used to purchase food, fertilizers and for other humanitarian purposes, he said.

World Bank’s Ohashi said his organisation was considering helping Ethiopia with additional resources to mitigate against the external shocks of rising oil prices.

8 thoughts on “Donors give $847 million to cut poverty in Ethiopia

  1. Name it world bank or UN organizations all have closed their ears not to hear what is happening in Ethiopia under Meles disasters government.

    They care only one thing that is provide money for this corrupted leader and share some from out of that money. That is the reality, who can or will tell me that do you think ethiopians or ethiopian finance office will recive $847 million dollars in their account? Forget it, it is they call it ” Float” a deal between our stupid PM and head of that organization(another well known corrupted organization) leader.

    Finally what they need from ethiopians Report coulde be monthly or annually progress and financial report; that will be prepared by special meles’s financial officer and signed by ato meles as if the ethiopian people utilized the fund.

    This world is full of crime and criminal. This remind me the proverb of the known artist and former Ministry of Information at the time of king Hailesillassie. I quote what he said ” At the back of each and every wealth, there is crime!” Don’t you think that is right, I do no your I think and believe so.

    Good day from Toronto

  2. we are all aware the new draconian legistlation to control the ngos operating in the country that are helping the poor people – inorder to control the resources and wyannes have come up with a new game in order to steal the money going to the poor – a la mugabe – who has only Meles the killer as his friend – birds of feathers flock together – two illigal regmes supported by china who are committing unheard of crimes against the people – the weyannes are so abosorbed in hording everything and anything that looks like a dallar that they care little about the famine and the poor condition of the country – they will die before they touch a penny of what they have stolen – the whole world has its eyes on them

  3. Walta( Weslata) information.
    “Meles says gov’t set for rapid economic growth, inflation control”

    With 5.7 billion dollar yearly budget plus 847 million donations, this governments can rule Ethiopia for decades. They keep giving him money until they are confronted with a strong opposition. US and EU has no need to end this because he is doing his job in Somalia and Eritrea front. Meles will rape and kill in Somalia to keep the fire burning. We are on our own people. We need to tighten our belt.
    They never cared for the oppressed and they never will. Go G-7

  4. One more fat cheque to enrich Meles and his associates in crime.

    The World Bank and UK, and any other institution and country for that matter, would have thought twice before helping Meles if they remotely think that whoever comes after Meles would severe relations with them and punish them for providing Meles the help he needs to commit crimes against innocent Ethiopians. They are particularly guilty by association as it was not long ago that Human Rights Watch made public the graphic crimes committed by none other than Meles and his junta.

  5. We know damn well that money is going to disappear in the coffers of weyane way before it will reach the poor and the needy in Ethiopia.
    How long are we going to witness this kind of robbery?
    How long is the international community going to keep feeding the monster of dedebit instead of the real Ethiopians suffering?
    This vicious cycle must end if we are to ever see any positive developments in Ethiopia!

  6. We all know where this donated money is going, to supplement Woyanne’s warring government (if it is to be called a government), Woyanne needs this money to implement the directives given to them by their masters. What is sad is that these “donors” will call the loans when Woyanne is gone and a true patriotic government is established in Ethiopia. What a sad story, this is like a nightmare that never ends.

  7. the money given to wayane under the pretex of fighting poverty is to support a defeated regime whose an verge of clappsed due to the strong popular armed resistance of the ethiopian and somalian people. This money is not donated to help the ethiopian people people but to destroyed them. Thanks to chicken fried hungary frazer, wayane is getting anything they have asked to destabelize the region and our people. But in the end machinary and money could not break the will of the people. victory is near.

  8. Abbett says:

    Name it world bank or UN organizations all have closed their ears not to hear the idiots among the diaspora b/c they are bunch of fools who know how to kick their right foot with the left.

    Are you ok Abbett, You must be a woyane to write such a nonsense.

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