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VIDEO: Ethiopian soccer tournament fails to score with fans

By Alysia Patterson, Medill Reports

WASHINGTON–The teams at this year’s African soccer tournament in Washington are playing to a nearly empty stadium. Ethiopian community groups have been boycotting the annual event until today to protest the tournament’s funder, a member of the party in power in Ethiopia. Watch the video below:

18 thoughts on “VIDEO: Ethiopian soccer tournament fails to score with fans

  1. This is a simple objective proof that we trust Elias and his integrity. You know now, what ever Elias said has a great impact on all Ethiopians from the 14th teklaye gezat living in the west and in our country.

  2. Elias you are doing a wanderful contribution for Democracy in ethiopia.We have shown that to HODAMS that We Ethiopians don’t compromise with our freedom.

    thanks again Elias !

    keep the good job!

    may GOD bles you!

  3. It is sad to see stituation like this because of some political issue back home. It was one of the best thing to happen to the most of Ethiopians in the diaspora. It is a good excuse to bring families and friends once a year from all over the world. So brother and sisters let come together and show our solidarity to the boys who are taking part on the tournament. Unity is Strenght and we can bit Woyane and it’s puppets by standing shoulder to shoulder.
    One Love and One Ethiopia forever

  4. Job well done brothers and sisters. I’m living in silver spring since 1998 last time when we had the soccer here in PG county I had over 5 guests in my house but this time non of them are well comed and they didn’t come. If we all did our parts we can make a diffrence. A journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step. A chinese proverb.Lets do our parts.

  5. Al Amoudi said he will give his life to the cause of woyane. That means Al Amoudi is woyane squared. Because regular woyane may not donate his/her life to destroy Ethiopia. Even Melse did not say he will donate his life to his Mafia group. ESFNA is highly connected to Al Amoudi= woyane squared. Therefore, ESFNA is even more than regular woyane as its connection is to Woyane Squared.

    Those of you who are buying tickets from ESFNA are donating money to Woyane. In other words you are contributing to the destruction of the nation. Think about it people.

  6. you are to be appreciated – ethiopian review – a small group of hodams have messed up the wonderful get together of Ethiopians – Alamudin is worse than Meles since he is sucking our economie and acting as an agent to all our enemies – we don’t know how many people he as helped kill and desappear – we need to expose all his agents and these bandas

  7. ethiopian people have never lived at the mercy of al and they will never be. we can servive without this dude.this is a kind of action we must take to defeat the enemy of ethiopian people.we the ethiopian people have indeed power and thus our fate will always be dictated by us.let us unite.power to the people…

  8. By far, Ethiopians have been action oriented when there is a call for making a decision on issues that affect Ethiopia.

    Ethiopians love sport and Ethiopia. Soccer is seasonal, when there is no scoccer, there is football;but there is no substitute for the motherland. Everything and anybody that harm Ethiopia bleed us.

    Ethiopians are very much diversified and have countless things in common; our difference is the beauty of colors in unity and will always exist in our immense commonality.

    Al Amoudi, the Sheikh and the mafia has nothing in common with the rest of Ethiopians because he is with anti-Ethiopians. He came into Ethiopia as alien with a lot of hidden anti-Ethiopia destructive activities and managed to fool the few and the rest through his agents and left his destructive footprint on the innocent girls and boys while leaving a major cleanup for the rest of Ethiopians to do when and after he is sent back to where he came from along with the robbers who brought him into Ethiopia.

    Ethiopians have weakness too, as they have strength. why was that and still Ethiopians are failling to prottect their organization/s from the threat of woyanaetplf agnts?

    The bloodmoney, that $300,000,clearly came out of the dirty pocket of the spyShiekh was intended to dilute the spirit of the event and to weaken the unity of Ethiopians diaspora and the rest in Ethiopia. But he failed terribly and now is drenched in shame and stinky sweat of his.

    He is a well-regarded collaborator of the crmeregime with unlimited destructive activities in clandestine while pretending to do good on the surface. The $300,000 is bloodmoney and must be returned to the poor who have been exploited.

  9. It makes me very sad, really sad. A gathering that was conceptualized and commenced in a spirit of Ethiopianism is led to go asunder like this. It aches my heart. I hope and pray that some day we will all have a genuine understanding of our historical responsibility to do the right thing so the next generation back home and wherever it strives will live in harmony and peace. If this well-conceived annual gathering is let to wither away overnight, what else will be more saddening? Nobody is coming up with alternatives. What a mean generation with no taste for compromise and accommodation. I am devastated. Really, Really, Really sad.

  10. Ofcourse Politics and sport are separate things. But this is not a fully sporting event. It is an event where Ethiopians come together. I think Ethiopians fulfill that purpose by standing together, boycotting the soccer tournament. Isn’t this the mission of ESFNA, bringing Ethiopians together? What a great job.

  11. I’m so excited to see sons and daughters out there are heroics and do the right thing for the unity of our country. Keep teaching lessons to those ill conceived few individuals to think “in terms of us rather than in terms of me”. The federation should do us a favor sending the money back to Ethiopia where it is most needed to save hundreds of lives perishing every second as a result of not only natural calamities but also hellish governance.

    Thanks Elias for all your efforts to dig out info and pass on to us.

    God bless the country!

  12. YES FOR ESFNA !!!



    YES FOR HR-2003 !!!


  13. Dawit agonafer,PhD in mathematics, is a very intelligent young man. ESFNA is really lucky to have him. He has shown so much wisdom in accomplishing the goals of the federation. So much improvement to com yet.

  14. Citizens
    nineteen years exiled this is the second time that I felt
    Ethiopian 1) HR 2003 supporters 2)ESFNA boycott
    really, really,really it is excellent job. congratulation!!
    Thanks to all.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a wonderful people?

  15. we are more than happy to host this 25th anniversary ethiopian soccer 2008, but please for the next time let’s do it with eritrean soccer tournament together; we need to forgat what was b/n this tow country let us be united in one name and do it together.

  16. Thanks to Mr. Elias/EthioRieview’s contribution.
    There is no way of compromising our dignity and honour for riff – raffs creatures.By this boykotting the younger generation would apprhend and ask question what is happening in Ethiopia.

    How strong are our people, it is admirable.
    Alamoudin had missed one thing. He should have said ” I would sacrifice myself for mother Ethiopia” rather than for Ehadeg/Woyane. Woyane/Ehadeg dies down soon. But mother Ethiopia is eternal.
    If he wants to die with them it is upto him. Woyane is hoarding money from the tax payers of the socity. Al Amoudin is used as a joker for money laundering and great investor. He is a trojan horse of Woyane. They should not try to fool us again and again.

    Advice to Mr. Alamoudin:
    The man has to apologize for his arrogant speech to the Ethiopian people and correct his doings, if at all he is the source of this whole riches.

    quotation: “Ehadeg beEthiopia lai endefelegih galbibet blognal” said the Sheik in Sheraton Hotel years ago.

    What is to be done?
    A general strike has to be initiated in Ethipia, since our people are at the verge of life and death.
    The geneal strike should demand the resignation of the Meles regime. It is high time to organise it and put into effect.
    Victory is at our doors.

  17. Ok, we know there is corruption by efana, how do we stop it ? people , we are in the land of the law, not in Ethiopia. Since this org is listed as non- profit, there are varuious US gov agencies that AUDIT NON PROFITS.EFANA must make its financail records available for the public NOW!! they have hidden this for the last 25 years, getew , getew cheresut !! otherwise I will make it my personal mission to expose the theft. You are in the USA so you must live by the law of the land.

    AUDIT, AUDIT !!!!!

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