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67 thoughts on “VIDEO: Ethiopian Review publisher on ETN – Part I

  1. Elias you are the man proud of you keep up the hard work. Angete kebe teta like Mr. Obang said. Yes I suport you 100% we have to work with Erteria to get rid of Meles just like they did.

  2. Eliyas may have a problem but no one dare to confront Woyane like he does, at times his love for Shbiya sound strange. But no question about his loyality to his country and his guts to face off the tayrant is admirable in the sea of scared population.

    Keep the good work we are with you until the tyrant goes down.

  3. I also appreciate Elias. Unfortunately most ethiopians in Diaspora are cowards including most who are insulting and commenting online. They are hiding and dont even tell their names let alone come on TV like Elias. If we had few more brave ethiopians liek Elias, weyanes would have not ruled ethiopia so many 17 years. Elias has contributed so much to the anti weyane struggle ! Elias BERTA: Ethiopian people are with you.

  4. This guy is after two things. One he is just running his business by stuffing the pages with adds, and second he is trying to satisfy himself by insulting others.

    The danger that hovers around Ethiopia is countless. If we all think as Ethiopians, the first thing that should come is protecting our motherland and the ppl. Internal matter should be carefully dealt with and should remain internal. But what ER doing is absolutely irresponsible. The site favours any party as long as it is against the government. Which is shortsighted and sign of immaturity. Let’s preserve the good things and go and fix the fault. Nobody denies the current development in Ethiopia, and at the same time it is apparent that there are a hell of things need to be changed. If you hate Meles, advocate for his removal but not for the destruction of whatever good things done so far. Unless you are one of THEM!

  5. Hi Eliyas,

    It is good to know you. I have a hard time following the interview. Both of you used Amharic and English. Please use one language for the future.

    What is the name of the interviewer? He did not introduce himself.

    Eliyas, You have the right to hate. I am like you. I hate that kill our children I hated derg, I hate, EPRDF, I hate Lidetu, I hate, Agazi, I hate all that stands for division!! I can see my self in you.
    I hate all that want to bring misery to all of us that want to live in Peace.

    The interviewer made a good point for people like me. I do not have to stoop to the level of EPRDF, Aba Pauloes, Lidetu, Girma etc……….. I know it is going to be hard to stop hating but I will try.

  6. I don’t understand why people confuse press in developed countries to Ethiopia. In develped countries is regarding ideological difference. In case of ethiopia is fighting the corrupted regime.
    Elias you absulutely right.

  7. Thank you,Elias.Truth must be told in public.I do 100% agree that WoyaNazis are the enemies of Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet.I pray to the almighty from the holy land of Jerusalem to let me see Zenawi and his collaborators hanged in Maskal Square.

    Jonathan from Jerusalem.

  8. I saw part I of the interview; i don’t have disagreement with you. If that was the case, then I don’t understand why we don’t get along. Part II through IV of the interview, I tell you, I didn’t watch it. I think you looked good on this piece of interview. We shall not refrain from telling the truth. You are, I think, nailing down the center of the problem. Keep up the good job. But I shall evaluate your consistency as you progress in your effort to inform the Ethiopian people.

  9. Thanks for putting the man in perspective. I’ve never known they guy is blind, that is what makes him dangerous. People with less than 5+ senses should never be close to political authority. They are ruthless in their instincts.


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