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Woyanne police attack Christmas gathering at Meskel Square

The Woyanne police, ordered by Aba Gebremedhin (formerly Aba Paulos), savagely attacked Christmas gathering at the Meskel Square today. Many are wounded and hundreds have been rounded up and taken to jail.

The gathering was organized by Mahibere Kidusan and other Ethiopian Orthodox Christian groups. They had permission to organize the event, which had been announced on radio and TV. So it is not clear why Aba Gebremedhin called the gathering “illegal” and sent the notorious Federal Police to disperse the people, mostly young worshipers.

Tens of thousands of people had started to gather at 2:00 PM (local time) when suddenly the fascist Woyanne police surrounded Meskel Square and told the crowed to disperse. The police also started to dismantle the stage. An argument ensued with the organizers. Then without any provocation, the police started to savagely attacking everyone in sight. Many people run to St. Estifanos Church to hide, but the guards were ordered to seal the Church’s gate.

A bewildered eyewitness who managed to escape attack and arrest by entering St. Estifanos Church before the guards closed it told Ethiopian Review that the crowed had been peaceful and there was no need for such a violent reaction from the police.

30 thoughts on “Woyanne police attack Christmas gathering at Meskel Square

  1. I do not understand the guards closing the church doors. Isn’t the church supposed to keep its open at all times, especially for those who seek refuge? Who is guarding the church doors after all? Isn’t that supposed to be Christ? How can we forget that Christ opened his heart for us and gave us protection? Can the church close its doors on anyone? Under Aba Paulos/Diabilos, the church has turned into another Woyane institution receiving command directly from Arat Kilo. Where is this madness headed to and when shall these criminal minds come to their senses? As people, what are we waiting for? Please, somebody help me understand?

  2. First of all, we need to adress our respected clergy men by their bestowed title. As a conservative orthdox christian, I see it as a sacreligion of my faith. To address the most high priest of the Ethiopian orthdox church as a commoner is by itslef a defamation towards not just the idividual high priest but also to the relgion and to the ardent followers of the Ethiopian orthodox church in either camps; be it under the ambrela of the exilied Patriarch Abune Merkorios or under the leadership of Patriarch Abune Paulos. I don’t care whether you are a geniune christian or not, but you are disrespecting my religion for the sake of scoring some cheap political points. Please stop adressing our father as a commoner.

  3. Tagay Gebremedihin ( Dr.Paulos), You will pass tomorrow but what you and your boss Meles are doing will remain a bad scar in our history. shame on you! shame on you!

  4. Mahibere Kidusan are the vanguard group of the illegitimate patriarch and therefore have been the most notorious agent of division among the Diaspora churches. The Ethiopian people have been able to differentiate the enemy from the nation and the church itself respectively. The time will soon come to be free for those who have aligned themselves with sworn enemy of Ethiopia and her church, and openly rejoice in Christ as we did the last 2000 years. GOD SAVE ETHIOPIA! AMEN.

  5. We haven’t seen all of it yet! More to come!

    Aba Paulos is one of the stool-pigeons of Meles Zenawi, and, as we all know, Meles has been suffering from narcissism. Both Aba Paulos and Meles Zenawi have seized power illegally against the wills of the Ethiopian people, so whenever they see two, three or a thousand people gathered together peacefully, they think the crowd is going to overthrow them; therefore, they both resort to force rather than to dialogue. Meskel Square is not the right place for the young Ethiopians to do some people’s businesses; it is a Devil Square, and they should not go to that Devil Square again. They have to do their businesses through the Internet or at their homes. In fact, the best way to do a political business is, I think, immediately after the Church service is over as many Muslim countries do their political demonstrations after the mosque prayer is over. Of course, Meles and Aba Paulos can also prevent people from going to church if they see a political demonstration after the church service is over, but it doesn’t hurt to try it; it may work, who knows. We are fighting two cosmic powers here: the spiritual power and the secular power represented by Aba Paulos and Meles Zenawi, respectively. If we, as the children of light, gather our forces together and wage war against these two evil powers, we can easily defeat them, and defeated they will be forever.

  6. Aba Dabilos, Commander-in-chief of the agazi army, is known for his brutality. This is not his first time to order the SS army (agazi, and federal police) to safeguard his thrown. He is one of the messangers from Adua with a subtle mission of dismantling Ethiopia.

    Nardos #5 above: You are not a true christian. A true christian never says “I don’t care whether you are a geniune christian or not…” You are here just to promot your ethinc politics.

    It won’t be long before Meles, Aba Dabilos Nardos and their cohorts pay the full price for what they are doing now.

  7. 13 Yitbarek
    Elias! Iwould like to ask you one thing. Why the so called
    Mahibere Kidusan(rikusan)went to celibret Christmass? In the Etiopian Orthodox church tradition and law Christmass is celiberetd in the church at night. As I have heared from insiders, they went to Meskel Square with the concent of Aba build his diabolic immage. When they found it the other way,they created the trouble (TEFAFERU).Letus
    pray for the judgement of GOD.

  8. The news now is that Mulugeta Asrate Kassa has become the closest advisor and the new public relations officer for Aba Paulos. Negusse Woldemariam of the Hager Fikir radio has also been a candidate to work as an assistant to Mulugetta Asrate Kassa but he did not get the blessing of Aba Paulos yet. These cowards are doing all these to please their coward master, Meles Zenawi. It is also informally reported that

  9. It just shows you what a pathetic life the crooked in Mineleki palace are leading. Their days are numbered, and seeing that many people coming together simply make them pictuire as if the time had arrived their hiding palace to be set on fire for good.

  10. Thanks ER for posting my comments.

    Reply to illinformed and confused souls –Jebra, Tazabi, Tesfa, Anduamlak, Getu, Ananimous and Tazabi 2

    I just want to reply to some of the people who are accusing me of supporting Abune Paulos and calling him names that are unEthiopian and most importantly unchristian. Have we sunk so low? Have we been blinded by poltics that we bring our selves to utter moral and ethical banckruptcy? I mean we can’t even give the benefit of the doubt before calling the much respected Patriarch names ? Are you telling me that he has no right to work with the gov’t ? of course he has whether we like it or not but there are lines that he should not cross as a religious figure; since there is the seperation of church and state. The exiled, ex. Patriarch Abune Merkorios was one of a handful of Orthodox Church clergy who were granted seats in the Communist Ethiopian Parliament known as the Shengo during the Derg era. Now, do I dare to call him with names that you guys refered to Abune Paulos ? ofcourse not, I am better than you guys. He had to work with the then government in order to save the lives of countless orthdox followers and even the church itself; Now, I hope he was not accomplice but even if he was, I think it is up to God to judge him since he, as an Ethiopian patriarch, is the successer of St. Peter, the most high disciples of Jesus christ. The Ethiopian orthdox church traces its succession to St. Peter through St. Mark the evanglist who brought christianity to Egypt. Therefore, think twice before you throw horrible names, one day it will get you in big trouble.

  11. Dear Nardos (#),

    Try to learn facts before u say something.. To stand against the estranged criminal Ato Gebremedihen (or as he call himself Abune Paulos) doesn’t mean a defamation to the relegeion.. rather to safeguard and respect the relegion…. Lord Jesus Christ emphasized practices rather than beliefs and he brought transformation and not doctrine… As The ALmighty said the people have everything to differentiate evil from good…. And Ato Gebremedihen confirmed himself as a politician who strives for his personal will (Like selfish and arogant people do) he even is not living as an ordinary Christian.

  12. I agree with #7. These so called Mahebere Kidusans are the Ethiopian version of the Tallibans. They are no doubt “the Agazi of abune Paulos” . Their members rentlessly attack the churches and the clergys who are not with Aba Paulos in the USA. Honestly we should do the same thing to them in America too. All churchs in America will be better off if we kick out their members specially in Atlanta,DC,Dallas and Houston.

  13. above 80 thousand university stundents in all over the country are learning about orthodox religion under mahibere kidusan thats why woyana and aba paulos atack them.In ethiopia most of the people SUPPORT mahebere kidusan except some tehadeso group no body hate this mahebere.
    aba paulos one of Supporter of tehadeso group he has no faith so he oppose day God will judge by this tehadeso group and he avoid aba paulos from our church.I blieve the those polticians member of esepako aba merkorios and membere of woyana aba palos will pass soon and we get spritual father. by the way aba melkesadake/the okland/the leader of herasies aba weldetensaya/modase advertizer/ paster melaku /los angele/lule kale/atlanta/this all are enemies of our church with diabilos/aba paulos/

  14. እኔ የሚገርመኝ አባ ጳዉሎስ ሰዉ ያላወቃቸዉ የማህበረቅዱሳን ጠላት ናቸዉ::ማህበረቅዱሳን ልጆቻችንን በዩንቨርስቲ ዉስጥ ኮትኩቶ ሃይማኖታቸዉን እንድያዉቁ አድርጎ ያስተማረልን ማህብር ነዉ:: የቤተክርስቲያንን ሕንጣ ድዛይን የሚሰሩ እነርሱ ናቸዉ ታድያ ወገኔ “እርሳቸዉ” የሚያስለቅስዋቸዉ አይበቃቸዉም እንዴ ::”እርሳቸዉ” እንደሆነ አንድም ቀን ለቤተክርስቲያንና ለሕዝበ ክርስቲያን ቁመዉ እንደማያዉቁ መላዉ የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ያዉቃቸዋል ታድያ ልጆቻችንን ባስተማሩልን ምን አደረጉ እድሜልካቸዉን ሲቃወሟቸዉ የሚኖሩት ቢሆንም “እርሳቸዉ” አንድ ሰው ናቸዉ ለዝያዉም አላዉቅበት ብለዉ እንጅ አንድ ቀን የሚያልፉ ናቸዉ ታድያ የተሃድሶ ጭፍራዎችና ጀሌዎቻቸዉ አይበቃቸሁም ገና የስድብ ዱላ ስታነሱ እነማን እንደሆናችሁ ትታወቃላችሁ አፋችሁን ይዛችሁ ዝም ብትሉ ይሻላችኋል::ለነገሩ ሁለተኛዉ አባ ጳዉሎስ ናችሁ ብዙም አትራራቁም::

  15. In the Name of Holy Trinity Amen
    I’ve so surprized why we are so fast for evil and slow for good. Is it because of devil? are we poor? or is there a lack of knowledge? No. Then what?! The reason is we can’t try, dig out, get deep to get the truth.
    My intention is to say ‘find the reason first why meskel squre is prohibit for Gena ceremony?’ First of all the owner of meskel Square is the EOTC. The ceremony was prepared by EOTC. Mahbere kidusan is just facilitator.
    The federal police was doutful to control such a big celebration and said “I don’t have enough policemen to control.” Abuna Paulose talked with the federal police office wiht phone, ” please don’t worry, my son, nothing will happen.” This was happen Thursday. Until saturday all things were ok. On saturday in the morring there were federals.
    Then who is the responsible for the disturbance? MK? Abuna paulose? Federal? I don’t know. But we should find out from MK, EOTC, if we can from federal office. This is history; don’t take it as easy.
    May God bring the truth.

  16. Hi: “tewodros the mekdela” what evidence do you have? or can you back up your allegation? if so, i would love to hear from you [email protected].

    if your allegation about aba woldetensai, kesis melaku and leule kal is purely based on jealousy or hatred, then i will despise your effort.

    so, be a man about it, don’t be hating

  17. Even though you all seem to be angry and out of control, you all are talking about your country and religion both of which are most important for our earthly existance as well as our eternal dwelling. The talking part is ok, but where is your brain, use it to analyze and put down some ideas that would make sense, instead of butchering each other and show your ignorance by throwing idiotic words around. Educate yourselves about what is happening to our country and our religion. Where were we? where are we? and where shoud we be? Let us stop being childish and act responsible and respectful to our elders. If they are in error let us list the facts down and debate the issue and organize an opposition if necessary and let the world know about them. We should not forget the people we are calling every name in the book are the same people we use to bow down for before. We all are human and make mistakes.
    We hope the good people at Ethiopian Review are kind enough to investigate and post the unbiased facts about the issues as well as the individuals and entities involved, “Christmas attack, etc.; Abune Paulos, Abune Merkorios, Aba Wolde Tensai, etc.; the current status of the church in Ethiopia and in America, Mahibere Kidusan and their role in Ethiopia and in America”. And most importantly ask this individuals and entities to give their side of the story. If they do, we have something to moll over, otherwise blowing steam does not get us anywhere.

  18. ፓትሪያሪኩ ምን ነካቸዉ ማህበሩ ጥሩ በሰራ ለምን ይቃወማሉ ከ አቡነ ተክለሃይማኖት በሃላ የመጣ ጥሩ መሪ የለም አምላክ ራሱ ይምራን በማህበሩ አድሮ ጸሎት ይገባዋል አምላክ ይታረቀን ለክርስቲያኑ ለህዝባችን ሰላም ይስጥልን ወስብሃት ለእግዚኣብሄር ወለወላዲቱ ድንግል ወለመስቀሉ ክቡር ኣሜን!!!

  19. The great Book says/reads:”judge not, that you be not judged”.
    Dear Ethiopians on this site I’d really love to ride on with some of the issues raised by,which mainly targeted on individuals and institutions. The Church never belong to individuals or institutuions, the Church entirely belong to Jesus Christ. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church have been passed through various challenges both internally and externally. It really seems a critical time to the Church, but never worry! Our Church has not established by human wisdom, rather established with eternal Love and the holy blood of Jesus Christ…let’s wait, the true time is coming soon…We all reap what we sow at the end of the day…put off all these: anger, wrath, malicce, blasphemy, flithy language out of your mouth…who we are the first damn place to rise our voices and fingers against others…It’s really so embarasing…

  20. አባ ጳዉሎስ ከአባ ሰረቀ ጋር የሚያደርጉትን የተሃድሶ እንቅስቃሴ አኩመዉ ባላቸዉ ዘመን ስለ እዉነት ቢሰሩ መልካም ነዩ እንጂ ማህበረ ኪዱሳንን ለማትፋት መታታር እድመን የሚጎዳው በተክርስቲአንን ነዉ.አቶ ሰረቀ ደግሞ አማሪካ ያለዉ በተክርስቲያን ለመናፍቃን መፈንጫ አድርጎ ይህንንም ለመቀየር ይመስላል.አንታለልም እንዲጠነቀቁ እንመክራልን!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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