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A clear winner is emerging – Vote for the President of Ethiopia

Voting will end tomorrow, Sunday. Please vote now.

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Vote for the next President of Ethiopia

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Ethiopian Review has been collecting suggestions on potential candidates for the next president of Ethiopia, if there is a free and fair election, and system is presidential, and not the current fake parliamentary. The response has been massive. Within the past 3 days we have received over 170 suggestions, out of which we have prepared a list of 15 candidates. Please vote above by clicking in the small box next to the name of the candidates you prefer. Vote for two candidates: President and Vice-President

As the numerous suggestions prove, Ethiopia is rich with able individuals who are well qualified to govern the country better than the current genocidal murderer in power. Meles Zenawi and gang are not governing the country. They are destroying Ethiopia piece by piece.

The candidates are from divers background — age, gender, ethnic, education, and profession wise. We would have liked to see more women in the list.

After you vote, please explain in the comment box below your reasons for the choice you made — campaign for your candidate.

Criminals such as Meles Zenawi and traitors such as Hailu Shawel have been disqualified from the list.

President Isaias Afwerki’s name came up several times. We could not include him in the list for the obvious reason. Let him confederate Ethiopia and Eritrea and he will be every one’s first choice. It’s within his power to do it.

70 thoughts on “A clear winner is emerging – Vote for the President of Ethiopia

  1. Seriously, Obang all the way!!! Elias as foreign minister, Professor Ermias as minister of interior, Professor Hassan from Murray State as minister of development, Professor Alemayehu as minister of justice, Iyasu Alemayehu as prison guard commandant so he can keep an eye on Meles and the gang who are in prison for embezzlement. I would prefer Mr. Obang to choose the prime minister in consultation with Professor Ermias and other notable elderly. Professor Yakop can be a good candidate for the premiership. I would also like to see Seye given a ministerial position since he has also suffered under the current regime. The defense minister position should be open and an extensive search must be conducted within the civilian establishment.

  2. My country deserve a loyal, honest, charismatic, smart, and of course courageous leader like me. That was my wish to Ethiopia. Please be practical instead of idealist. You can choose the leader you want if you work hard and fight the Weyane regim like your forefathers did with the facists. That is my advice and join the struggle now with Ginbot 7.
    Any way my choice is (please note that this is my choice for transition period only, after that I accept what all Ethiopians elect freely)
    President: Dr. Birhanu
    V.P: Birtukan
    House Speaker: Dr. Negasso (Prof. Mesfin)
    Foreign Minster: Dr. Merara (Efrem Madebo)
    Defense Minster: Andargachew (General Kemal)
    Finance Minster: Bulcha (Dr. Elene)
    Justice Minster: Prof. Alemariyam (Obang)
    Education Minster: Prof. Beyene (Dr. Hailu)
    Economy Minster: Dr. Hasan (Dr. Yakob)
    Information Minster: Sileshi (Elias) I am fond of these pair

  3. As Eritrean, I would like to help Ethiopians brothers and sisters in any way. Elias is a true journalist who can bring people together such as Ethiopians and Eritreans to common goal and friendship. He went beyond his reach and interviewed the Eritrean president to break the ice made by Weyane. The only way to crash Weyane is to incorporate the Eritrean people and Ethiopian people. I hope Elias provide a plotform for both these people and make a constructive dialogue between each other.

  4. Dr. Berhanu Nega for president, the only leader who can bring the desired leadership to the already dismantled governance system. We are well behind even our peers ( other poor african countries). Time is running. We don’t have enough time and resource to waste for another decade until fresh one learns how to lead or how to loot. So, no opton except providing the chance to people such as Dr. Berhanu and other very few able individuals to lead us and develop a smart overall policy for rapid growth. Anyway, the Westerns have given us a lifetime award and assignment – ethinicity and sleeping under it.
    May God bless us and realize our dream!

  5. Sileshi Tilahun for President and Daud Ibsa for Vice-President. I believe that this guys are doing god job for Ethiopia, they are really dedicated and passionate ones.

  6. DR Birhanu and andargachew tsge told us after sucssesful struggle againist woyane to work on their profession not to take political post.Ethiopia will be ruled a big central committe of different parties that the president or prime minister with limited right. I think Birtukan showed practicaly her strength to serve the people and our country with Andnet or not.

  7. If u r talking of nominees under the current constitution, I would suggest as follows:

    – Ato Bulcha D – President
    – Dr. Berhanu – Prime Minister
    Wt. Birtukan Mideksa, Speaker of Parliament
    Dr. Negasso Gidada
    Special Advisor to the President
    – Ato Siye – Min of Defence
    – Prof. Almariam, Minister of Justice
    – Ato Andargachew
    Minister of the Interior
    – Ato Hailu Shawl
    Minister of commerce
    – Ato Ephrem Madebo, Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Dr. Merrera Gudina, Minister of Education
    Dr. Hailu Araya, Minister of Info & Culture
    Enj. Gizachew, Minister of Urban Devt.
    Ato Gebru Asrat, Minister of Mines
    Gen Kemal Gelcho, Minister of Agriculture
    Ato Obang, Minister of Labour & Social Affairs
    Prof. Beyene Petros,
    Minister of Health

  8. I belive that engeener Gizachew shiferaw wuold be the Presedent of Ethiopia. becouse if you observe deeply Gizachew is a Persone who do not eger for any Post. he is a cool person who able to inviet like Dr. Negasso Gidada and Siye Abreha to work In UDJ along with him.

    he is not a Narow minded Person. Viva Gizachew.

  9. Demelash,

    That is one hell of a timir (power-sharing) mengist. Well thank God we are talking about reality but not a fairytale. What you have proposed, with all good intentions, I believe is a cabinet from hell. You can’t put all those egos together and expect them to get along or for anything to get done. I think the next government should have a very few current political leaders in it, to be effective and to give the president/prime minister a clear mandate to get things done. We should trust one or two veteran politician(s) in an elective position of power to form an effective leadership from the new generation. Otherwise, too much compromise will have unintended consequences. Btw, I voted for Dr. Birhanu. I don’t think anyone can dispute his unique gifts befitting the times. Also, I would love to see some people from Tigray because we don’t want to send the wrong message. I think there are many qualified people from that part of Ethiopia as well. Let’s give them equal chance and let the people decide.

  10. President: Obang Metho, becuase he seems to have the capacity to reachout to all sections of the Ethiopian society.

    Vice President: Kamal Galchu, because he has both political and military experience to complement Obang Metho’s lack of it.

  11. President: Berhanu Nega, Ginbot
    VP: Birtukan Mideksa,
    M. Justice: Obang Metho, SMNE
    Chief of staff: Kemal Gelchu, OLF
    M. Defence: Sileshi Tilahun,
    M. Federal regions: Bulcha Demeksa
    Minister of Internal Affairs: Andy Tsigie
    M. Daud Ibsa,

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