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The other handshake

While sellouts like Hailu Shawel are shaking hands with a blood thirsty tribal warlord, genuine patriotic Ethiopians like EPPF fighters are in the bushes and jungles of Ethiopia fighting to liberate our country from the Woyanne vampire regime. The photo below was taken during my recent visit with EPPF freedom fighters in the field. I have also visited and held discussions with leaders and fighters of other Ethiopian resistance groups during the past few days. Detailed reports, photos and video will be posted in the coming few days. – Elias Kifle

Elias Kifle with EPPF fighters

19 thoughts on “The other handshake

  1. Thank you elias. Egziabher Yebarekihe for standing with the poor people of Ethiopia. You know what, the Hodams always die before any body. We Ethiopians, will spit on the grave yard of Hailu Shawel and his puppet for betraying the people.

  2. Coward hailu shawel insulted dr birhanu and birtukan, while he was bowing to meles sytanawi. shame on moron and coward hailu shawel who pretends to be an opposition but has sold out shibere desalegne and others who died for kinijit and auep. shame on him. history won’t forget the betrayal of hailu and his destruction of kinijit.

  3. Hailu Shawel, redgardless of his good deeds in the past for the struggle, he did terrible mistakes after his release from prison and damaged the struggle a lOT. AS IF THOSE MISTAKES WERE NOT ENOUGH, his recent agreement with tplf regime without the 8-preconditions is not just mistake, it is a pure betrayal of the AEUP PARTY THAT HE represents in particular and the ethiopian people in general. I appeal all AEUP supporters to condemen his agreement with tplf and reject him as a leader. THE STRUGGLE TO BRING REAL DEMOCRCY

  4. Mr. Elias,
    You are on the right path. Work with can do people and I have no doubt that you and the EPPF or any other organization will succeed. Ethiopia doesn’t lack goodhearted people. They only need a bold focused and determined leader. I Appreciate all your efforts for the Ethiopian poor and the voice less. … Keep up the good work you will be in my prayers at time.

  5. Let’s not judge Engr. Hailu Shawel. He may be doing it after receiving assurances from the Obama administration to change Meles Killer Zenawi. The world knows Hailu Shawel won the 2005 national election, and may be the Obama administration order the tribal leader to make sure Hailu Shawel is crowned his winning.

  6. This heralds the bigining of the fall of the tribal junta and the birth of a Hero. The only way out is SACRIFICE.
    I salute you man for your Sacrifice to visit our Heroes.

  7. Bekelle (NO. 7),
    You must be a massively jilajil individual. How the fool you are to expect Obama to bring Hailu Shawel to position. He has his own domestic headaches my jilajil brother.

  8. Hailu Shawel has always been power hungry. He has done it so many times in his life. He tried them during Mengistu period and managed to be a minister. But,Mengistu understood this power hungry man since Mengistu himself had same behavior. Megistu did not allow Hailu to go above a ministerial level. Finally, Hailu has come out in the open with his Greed for Power.

  9. That is what a patriot means.I never regret if I die after I do what Elias has done.Go Elias!
    There are millions of Ethiopians who want to free their country.You are not alone.

  10. I am sorry for Hailu Shawel to join the Meles Gangster Mafia Company though I knew Hailu Shawel has been a power greedy guy and that was why he could not agree with Behanu Nega. Now, we have come to understand that Berhanu Nega a real gentleman. Berhanu Nega is a man of intergrity, God bless him.

  11. Hailu Shawel did not and will not have any place in Ethiopian politic.I do not understand how any body support such inarticulate person to lead Ethiopia.Every time he gives interview to a foreign press I am humiliated to be represented by him.We need competent and honest people.

  12. The second political or missionary journey of Elias Kifle

    Elias’ sweet words to the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters in his second historical trip, I guise, is “I have not forgotten you; I and most of the oppressed Ethiopian people are with you physically and spiritually.”

    Indeed, neither the wind, the cold, the heat, the dust, and the mosquitoes of the Ethiopian jungles have stopped him from visiting and encouraging those real Ethiopian Freedom Fighters, nor the severe criticisms, more severe than the African bee bites and the desert heat – from the media paid by the Woyanne regime have succeeded in dwarfing or frustrating his noble mission that most Ethiopians hope for will bring down Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and end the 18-year-suffering of the Ethiopian people within a short time and at the heavy cost for Meles and his gang squad.

    For many years now, Elias Kifle has been showing his journalistic talent in actions rather than in mere words that differentiates him who he is from the other Ethiopian journalists who simply talk and write but never leave their towns and mix themselves with the ordinary people and bring their complaints to the public for fair discussions.

    To convene hundreds of Ethiopian Freedom Fighters in the middle of the Ethiopian jungles, listen carefully to what they say, to what they do, and to videotape their voices, take pictures of their sun-burned faces, and shake their friendly hands is quite a remarkable achievement that Elias Kifle has demonstrated once again that other Ethiopian journalists should learn from such extra ordinary person – Elias Kifle, a friend of the common people, the voice and hope of the oppressed Ethiopian peasants – the art of real, practical, and public service-(not money)oriented journalism.

    As most of us well know, the purpose of Elias Kifle’s second missionary or political journey to the Ethiopian Freedom fighters is to remind them that their struggle to bring democracy to their beloved country is not in vain; it will be recorded and documented in the history of the Ethiopian people; it is also to tell the world the dissatisfactions and frustrations of the Ethiopians under the most oppressive dictator, Meles Seitanawi and to let the United Nations know that many Ethiopians, some of them at their homes, and others abroad, are fighting hard to get their freedom, to bring the Meles crime families to justice, and to release all Ethiopian political prisoners who have been in jail for a long time for the crimes they have never committed.

    Therefore, it is for this and many other convincing reasons Elias Kifle has frequented the Ethiopian jungles and talked to, or with, the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters who are sacrificing their lives, their families, their friends, and their properties for the sake of their country.

    Almost everyone knows that living in the jungle, fighting with snakes (Mendel temen), wild animals, and with the Woyanne well-trained army is not an easy task; however, someone has to do it, and this someone is the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters who are always on the frontline, maneuvering over the Woyanne frustrated and double minded army: one mind would say: “retreat and run” and the other mind of theirs would say: “give up fighting with the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters and join them.” The latter one by far is the best and patriotic.
    Woyanne will never tell to the Ethiopian people the true stories of these Ethiopian Freedom Fighters and how much damages they have done to his disarrayed soldiers, but thank God, a determined journalist, fervent for justice, equality and freedom for his people, and unwavering in his judgment, Elias Kifle is here to tell us the successes and the failures, if any, of the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters, and let us watch the videos and look at the pictures of our heroes – the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters – and let us be proud of them and of our trusted friend, our ally, and our 24-hour news provider, Elias Kifle.

    Welcome back, Elias! Good job! May the Almighty God strengthen you and bless you for your excellent work you have been doing for the Ethiopian people at home and abroad.

  13. “What drives an EEE (Experienced Educated Elite) to such a Slippery Slide Show (SSS)?”

    #7, Hailu Shawle was driven by money. Take a look at the business he is running. Do you think Woyane will let him run empire like that unless he give up something? He gave up his sole, the Ethiopian people who had a high regard for him and most of all Bertukan Midekas and the 200 + people who sacrificed their life in the past election. He betrayed 80 Million people just for money. No more no less. We should have known! After all the guy was a Dereg buchila.

  14. bekele says:

    “Let’s not judge Engr. Hailu Shawel. He may be doing it after receiving assurances from the Obama administration to change Meles Killer Zenawi. The world knows Hailu Shawel won the 2005 national election, and may be the Obama administration order the tribal leader to make sure Hailu Shawel is crowned his winning.”

    Bekele, you are absolutely right! Obama suddenly got up from all his pressing issues and said… You know what I am calling Melse the Agazi and tell him to transfer power to Hailu Shawal. Look you fool, No body gives a rat’s ass about Ethiopia but Ethiopians. The only change will come fro Ethiopia is from Ethiopians. Stop daydreaming.

  15. Engineer Hailu Shawel has three choices to make before he expires:

    1.Be with the Ethiopian people and end their struggles
    2. Be with the Meles crime families and amass a huge amount of blood money
    3. Be confined to one’s own home and give some advices either to Meles or to the opposition party. He must make one of these personal choices, stick to it, and with it die in peace if he believes there is death, and after that judgment before the Almighty God, whose judgment on the sinners and on the righteous is swift and final.

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