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Local radio in Ethiopia ordered to drop VOA programming

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA – The tribal junta regime in Ethiopia has ordered the Addis Ababa-based Sheger FM (102.1) private radio to stop all its re-broadcasts of Voice of America (VOA) programming effective immediately.

Sheger FM had been carrying some of the VOA Amharic programs, mostly music and entertainment, through a contractual arrangement.

The order followed the release of VOA Correspondent in Addis Ababa, Meleskachew Amaha, from jail after detaining him for being in possession of radio equipments.

A kangaroo court judge set Ato Meleskachew free yesterday after ordering him to post a 15,000-birr bail. He was detained for two weeks.

American Ambassador Donald Yamamoto had visited Meleskachew in prison and might have did some arm-twisting at the highest level to get him released.

The equipments in question were imported by ABC Broadcasting with a grant from the Government of Norway a few years ago, hoping that it will secure the license to operate a radio station.

Last month, the Woyanne regime shut down the company and accused Ato Meleskachew Amaha, Ato Abebe Workie and others of illegally owning broadcasting equipments. Both were shareholders in the company.

ABC Broadcasting’s principal shareholder was Dr Berhanu Nega, chairman of Ginbot 7 Movement.

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