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U.S. Congress rejects proposed measure against Eritrea

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The Woyanne tribal junta ate dust in the U.S. Congress on Thursday after paying tens of thousands of dollars for lobbyists to have the Eritrean Government labeled a sponsor of terrorism rejected. The fact is that, according to the U.S. Department’s own report, it is the Woyanne regime that is brutalizing and terrorizing the peoples of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. The Human Rights Watch accuses Meles Zenawi of committing war crimes in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia. It was the Woyanne regime that sent its army into Somalia, slaughtered 10,000 Somalis and made 2 million of them homeless. It is shame on Congressman Ed Royce to close his eyes to these facts. The tribal junta in Ethiopia, with the help of its high priced lobbyists, is working to have the U.S. designate Eritrea “a state sponsor of terror” to use that as a pretext to launch a military offensive. If that happens, the people of Ethiopia will stand with the Eritrean army and crush the vampire regime that has planted itself in Addis Ababa.

US House Of Representatives Approves State Department Funding Measure

(VOA) — The House of Representatives has approved legislation authorizing U.S foreign assistance programs and other spending for the 2010 and 2011 fiscal years. Lawmakers debated a range of global issues before the 235 to 187 vote approving the measure.

The legislation is part of an effort by Foreign Affairs Committee Democratic Chairman Howard Berman to reform foreign assistance and strengthen the diplomatic and other resources the U.S. deploys each year.

The United States, Berman says, faces a range of threats while grappling with economic difficulties. “The U.S. now confronts the most complex array of threats in many decades, if not [in] the entire history of our nation. Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran [and] North Korea, terrorism [and] nuclear proliferation, drug trafficking and climate change. All pose major challenges to our national security. And we must confront these threats in the midst of a global financial crisis with enormous ramifications both at home and around the world,” he said.

Among other things, the measure requires the president to present a national security strategy for U.S. diplomacy and development every four years, modeled on a similar review produced by the Pentagon.

It authorizes more than $18 billion for the State Department in 2010, including 1500 new Foreign Service officers at State, and 700 at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and expands the Peace Corps, one of President Barack Obama’s priorities.

Provisions improve oversight of U.S. security assistance, support international peacekeeping operations in Darfur, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Chad, and strengthen State Department arms control and nonproliferation capabilities.

The measure also funds U.S government-funded international broadcasting activities, establishes permanent authority for Radio Free Asia and extends the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy.

In the Western Hemisphere, the measure broadens the Merida Initiative with Mexico, and other Latin American and Caribbean countries to combat drug trafficking.

In the Middle East, it directs the president to implement policies to address resettlement needs of Iraqi refugees and internally-displaced persons.

In Africa, the measure requires an assessment for Congress on continuing needs of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, and a report to Congress on a government-wide strategy and the strengthening of U.S. civilian capacities to prevent genocide and mass civilian atrocities.

The legislation seeks tighter coordination of U.S. policy on Tibet and authorizes establishment of a Tibet Section in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing and directs the Secretary of State to seek establishment of a U.S. consulate in Lhasa.

House consideration brought debate on familiar issues such as U.S. policy regarding abortion, and contributions to the United Nations.

Democrats such as Lynne Woolsey from California argued that the measure marks a move away from policies pursued under the Bush administration, while Texas Republican Ron Paul disagreed:

WOOLSEY: This bill moves our foreign policy away from intimidation and pre-emption to a policy based on smart security.

PAUL: Some are hopeful that this will be a less militaristic approach to our foreign policy [but] quite frankly I don’t see any changes.”

Florida Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen questioned U.S. funding for the U.N. Development Program. “The U.N.D.P. to which the U.S. contributes $100 million or more per year continues to be the poster child for mismanagement, corruption and waste. From Zimbabwe to Uganda to Burma to North Korea,” she said.

The House rejected Ros-Lehtinen’s proposed amendment to require the U.S. to withhold funds from the U.S. contribution to the International Atomic Energy Agency equal to nuclear technical cooperation provided by the agency in 2007 to Iran, Syria, Sudan and Cuba.

Also rejected was an amendment by California Republican Ed Royce declaring that Eritrean support for insurgents in Somalia poses a direct threat to U.S. national security, and calling for Eritrea to be designated a State Sponsor of Terrorism.

Among those approved included an amendment by Texas Republican Michael McCaul to require a presidential report to Congress on a comprehensive interagency strategy and implementation plan to address the ongoing crisis in Sudan.

“Implementing this comprehensive strategy will advance respect for Democracy, human rights and religious freedom through Sudan. It will address internal and regional security while combating Islamic extremists and by advancing regional security and cooperation it will eliminate cross-border support for armed insurgents and it will shut down safe havens for extremists who pose a threat to the national security of the U.S. and its allies,” he said.

In the end all but 7 Republicans voting opposed the Foreign Relations bill, while 18 Democrats voted against the legislation, which the Congressional Budget Office has estimated will cost the government about $40 billion to implement over the next five years.

13 thoughts on “U.S. Congress rejects proposed measure against Eritrea

  1. There is a saying that goes “The stick of truth can get skinny but never breaks”. The truth always gets were it should, it is only a matter of time. Love to the people of Eritrea & Ethiopia

  2. The tribal junta, Weyane, is resorting to desperate measures.
    Weyane was humiliated when it was sent with its CHiraQ tails between its legs as it couldn’t even defeat unorganised rag-tag militants in a stateless Somalia.
    It knows very well that an all out war against Eritrea will certainly result in own undoing, the demise of the racist junta. Weyane’s only hope is direct US military attack on Eritrea, which is highly unlikely under Obama administration. No wonder Weyane campaigned for McCain in the past US election.
    The noose is getting tighter around weyane’s QWAQUCHAM neck.
    Weyane is in deep Sh*t!

  3. TPLF used its last card against Eritea. It is a wake up call for Ethiopians who were bombaded with unfair smear campaign from the WEST and TPLF thugs. Now lets do a favour to USA by eliminating TPLF Thugs by working with Eritrea. It became clear to USA they cant go on with TPLF. The last thing for TPLF is getting back to Somalia to please USA. Good luck!!! The fact is clear for Ethiopians that stable and united Ethiopia only happens when we have dependable friend from far north. The West have worked hard to change Eritrea to failed state like Somalia. It is blessing for Ethiopians that Eritreans endured. The truth is, we were misguided by supporting TPLF’s invasion of Eritrea. Thanks god they have balls of Steel and be thankful TPLF didn’t succeed 1998-2000 war. I don’t want to imagine what would be the fate of Ethiopia knowing TPLF now. The time is ripe!!!we need to act fast and united because thee is no viable and practical option for Ethiopia to get out of these mess. And who ever oppose working with Eritea must be Hodam, TPLF thug or a fool.
    Go Arbegnoch!!!! Wake up G7!!!

  4. Before embarking on accusing others on issue of terrorism, TPLF should first stop state sponsored terrorism and genocide against Ethiopians. In addition, the Mafia group led by Nazi Meles should stop cross border operations to target Ethiopians in Kenya, Djibouti and Somalia where it specifically targeted and killed several Oromo citizens. Ethiopia under TPLF has built more prisons that schools. The budget allocated to military and security branches far exceeds that of health, education or agriculture. All this money is spent to silence opposition groups by brutal forces loyal to TPLF. Ethiopians live under constant fear for their life or property. No one is free except their clique — we live under Meles sponsored terrorism.

  5. U.S. Congress has vindicated the integrity of Eritrea, a peace loving nation, and Meles Seitanawi has remained the chief suspect of all acts of terrorisms in the Horn of Africa.

    When the news of victory for Issayas Afeworki and defeat for Meles and his lobbyists heralded in Asmara and Addis Ababa, felicity and bliss filled the hearts of the citizens of Asmara, but grim sadness engulfed Meles and his Woyanne gangs.

    Telling a fabricated lie on your own neighbor has been always dangerous and risky, and Meles Seitanawi has been telling Washington that Eritrea is helping the terrorists in the Horn of Africa to destabilize the new government of Somalia and to weaken the Woyanne regime in Ethiopia. That is why some Americans say: “If you snitch, you will get a stitch.” Meles is now getting the stitch because he is badly wounded by Issayas Afeworki for snitching on him to U.S. Congress, and from his snitch and stitch, I hope, Meles Seitanawi will learn an unforgettable lesson.

  6. I believe we can safely say, “THE LAST TRY OF MELES AND his boss BEREKET SIMON”, to bring the new US administration to unnecessary blood shed after they misled the first administration. Meles and his boss Bereket Simon had fooled the Ethiopian people for the past 18 years and it is time now they are being exposed for their lies, killings, deceptions, hatred, and they must rot in the prisons they have built. From here on it is only a survival mode for the mafia family that had ruined this beautiful nation for the past 18 years and our region will live side-by-by side ones these butchers are eradicated from the face of the planet.

  7. I agree that Eritrea involve in some sort of repression its people and involve in somalia. But TPLF has involved in several heinous crime of innocent civilians, in Amhara, in oromia, and the ethnic cleansing in Ogaden, Gambela, and the massacre of Addis, massacare in the South. Even though Issias is also deprived his youth, free movement, freedom of speech, the regime, does not involve in daylight killing, and massacare of his citizen. The main problem in Eritrea would be the war with Woyane.

    But the west is pretentious, why issias to spend money to make a false election, while meles spent millions of dollar for lobby and fake election , then kill those who oppose the result, and charge politicians with treason and ethnic cleansing while he is the one instigate the ethnic war among nations, but you may bury the truth but you can not destroy , it is time to bring Woyane to their coffin, and bring all the looted money in the name of EFFORT to poor people of ethiopia.

    The time is ticking , and even the West come to their sense that they are part of the system which tries to create racial tension and ethnic cleansing by sponsoring or donating the regime, which is known for its record.

    The message is also for TPLF officers to come to their sense, and supporters of the Woyane. and above all the TPLF also risking the poor people of tigray, they steal in the name of Tigray and keep the money in their account, once they gone even the factories will be confiscated because they have built by CBE bank, and their so called leaders escape.

    If Ethiopia, grows even tigryans would be benefited but if you are taller than the rest of the group i.e is an easy target, even this could deny their opportunity in the rest of ethiopia, due to hatred of this inequility , in addition the hatred from the North, all the factories would be closed and business will be gone if the economy is not based on strong basis such as agriculture , mining and true business with the neighbouring regions. The tigryans should remembr that even other people who represent like Addisu, kuma, and others are sharing the money which was stolen in the name of Tigray but in the last the tigrayans people will be the one who will be victims, and isolated not only in ethiopia, but also in the horn of Africa, the West and Middle east , this is shame, ethiopia was poor for long, poverty comes and goes, but the most important thing is the social life which is important.


    Any way nothing lasts forever the sun will set at the end of the day,and even those who a

  8. Lobbying is a business that makes a mockery of Democracy in USA. It is a legal corruption. This lobbyist are hired by corporations, interest groups, foreign governments, etc…
    US unilateral military actions around the world & often by-passing the UN and usually frustrating several UN resolutions by its veto power has convinced many nations to rely more on US than UN through US lobbyist.
    There were over 40,000 registered lobbyist in US in 2002. Since then, their number has more than doubled to nearly
    100,000. It’s a huge industry that brings billions in tax revenue to the US gov.
    Congressmen & senators get more money from lobbying than from their salary. Often lobbyist write & give proposed legislation to an elected senator or congressman, together with a brown envelope, to push it as a law in the congress. This sort of mafia-like dealing ignores the interest of the people in national matters as it by-passes the UN in policies of international issues.
    This undermines the very notion of democracy. Money talks rather than the people in US politics. Obama was elected on the back of a campaign slogan, ‘CHANGE’ including the immoral practice of The Lobbying business.
    Obama is swimming against the tide & have realised lobbyists are, indeed, more powerful pests than him that they won’t go away easily. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them. The interest groups, including the despot weyane, won’t give up on ‘THEIR WAY OF LIFE’, however immoral & undemocratic they can be.
    Following the economic crisis in US, lobbying is one of the only industries, after the US arm industry & multi-lateral corporations, that can bring revenues to the ailing US economy.
    Weyane is advised by its foreign advisors to uses the $2 Billion a year aid it receives in the name of the poor, to invest on lobbyist & buy arms while saving a few chunk of it in their private banks. The poor majority fight for the crumbs.
    Only the power of the people can break this chain of lyches & stop them suckling on our blood. No wonder they fear democracy, power by the people not by the lobbyist.

  9. What’s happening is not new. I think Ethiopians should understood by 2003 when the Court in the Hague Ruled badme for Eritrea, that the Meles regime was lying for the war and now shouldn’t be trusted for not working with the People in the region but people far away from the Horn of Africa who are known to be the distraction of peace.

    One Thing….Just Imagine Peace in the Horn of Africa..If Ethiopia accepts the Court ruling for Virtual Demarcation which was in the agreement and if Ethiopian Troops leave somalia and Somalian people make their own choice of government.

    People Just Imagine the people of the Horn Of Africa running their own life…. Dammm that’s My Dream.

    One Love, The Horn Of Africa.

  10. This is where the fall of the weyane regime starts to accelerate. I wish the best for the ethiopian people as the falling regime might get more barbaric trying to survive.
    As for Eritrean people and their beloved president, this is nothing but expected. It was just a matter of time and the time has come to clear the air one that was polluted by the weyanes and all other evil doers.
    Peace to the people of the horn.

  11. RESPOND TO CUCUS.There is no prove that isais oppress his own people.president iseyas is a normal man who send his children to military training like evryone else,gets slary less than 800 and free to walk on the streets,no own proprty like mels and his hench men.thats 99% the eritrean people but i dont blame you USA and weyane overfeeding you with false information and now you are vomiting it

  12. respond to cucu there is no prove that esaise opress his people.if he does why we love him so much and all people vit this web?which president send his children to do military servises get less than $800 OR rented a house and walk free in the street .of coure there is a little econmy problem but it is temporary open your eye

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