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TPLF luminaries defect to the US; infighting appears to intensify

Is Azeb Golla next?

Arkebe Equbay, a one-time rising star of the Tigrai Peoples Liberation Front  and former mayor of Addis Ababa, has fled to the United States seeking asylum, according to reliable sources.  Also defecting is Getachew Equbay, Arkebe’s brother and former executive of Mesfin Engineering.  The brothers are said to have escaped along with their families.

Arkebe Equbay -- defection exposes cracks in TPLF facade
Arkebe Equbay — defection exposes cracks in TPLF facade

According to Wikileaks, in 2008, the  majority of TPLF leadership had voted for Arkebe to lead the politburo.  Arkebe is said to have wisely chosen not to antagonize Meles.  Arkebe was nevertheless unceremoniously purged from the politburo by the vindictive former prime minister two years later.

Just last year, Arkebe was thought to be the heir apparent to the throne following the demise of former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

Unconfirmed reports are also circulating about the defection of many frightened TPLF biggies who refused to return home after traveling to the US.

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