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TPLF and Addis Abeba

By Yilma Bekele

Dictator Meles Zenawi has not been seen for over three weeks or so. We know he is not in good health after we saw his picture with the Chinese Prime Minister in Mexico. Some are claiming we did Photoshop on his picture to make him look sicker than what he was. As with everything with clueless Woyane, it would have been easier to present the subject and show us with all his glory instead of blaming us for his haggard look. But that is Woyanne for you: if you can’t find the answer find a scapegoat to blame.

As is the situation when information is not readily available people make up all sorts of explanations to fill the void. Regarding Meles’s health the speculation has gone viral and right now it is difficult to keep count of the possible scenarios. One thing we know for certain Meles is holed up somewhere due to illness, vacation or even death. We just don’t know. His handlers are telling us he is in perfect health but are no forthcoming on why he is hiding from ‘his’ people. It is perfectly sane to assume there is something gone wrong in Arat Kilo.

What made the situation more alarming is his absence during the 24th. Tigray Martyr’s Day Celebration. That does not reflect well on the organizers when giving a party and the guest of honor is unable to attend. Normally when main guests do not show up due to conflict of scheduling or other problems they usually send a video greeting to start the ceremony. Ato Meles did not do that. It could be considered further proof our Woyane warrior is incapacitated and cannot even be propped up, applied make up and send his message. I will not dwell on that because the discussion is fruitless. What I want to discuss is this idea of holding a Tigray Martyr’s celebration in our capital city.

I don’t know where to start because the whole idea is loaded with so many ramifications to our country, people and our future as a Nation. Let us start from the beginning being careful not to bore my readers I am afraid including myself. As we all know the Military opposition that morphed to be the Derg and overthrew Haile Selassie is day one of our current tribulations. Different groups rose up to oppose the Derg as it became clear the trend was dictatorship not liberation of our country. EPRP was the most famous and organized force that confronted the Derg head on. The entire Nation became a war zone. There was no exception.

Human beings were dragged and killed on the streets of Addis Abeba, Gondar, Mekele, Wollamo Sodo, Dire Dawa, Debre Markos, Assela, Nazret (Adama), Lekempt, Asmara, Hawasa and many more localities. No one escaped from this nightmare. The urban area centered tactics followed by EPRP was not able to complement the goal of getting rid of the dictatorship. Due to proximity to the Sudan boarder and possibility of creating an alliance with the Eritrean fronts EPRP was forced to move its forces to Tigrai and Gondar regions.

It was at this juncture in time Meles Zenawi and his Tigrean friends formed what today is known as TPLF virus. In their opinion the task at hand was the liberation of Tigrai not the entity called Ethiopia. True to their word they waged an ugly relentless struggle against the multi national force of EPRP and succeeded in expelling it from their beloved Tigrai. It is also true as they continued their war against the Derg they were able to recruit other Ethiopians who fought along side with them. We are told such persons as Berket Semon, Addisu Leggese, Abadulla Gemeda, Kuma Demeksa, Junedene Sado among many others fought along side Woyane solders. As far as the Ethiopian people are concerned the Derg was an equal opportunity killing machine that did not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity or religion.

Yes it is true the Derg punished Tigrai more harshly than other regions and it has nothing to do about their ethnicity. It is because they were organized and fought as a force and it is natural the military will concentrate its might on those that challenged it more effectively. The Derg did the same when it came to Eritrea. It does not mean the Derg spared the rest of the nation any less. As a matter of fact so many of our young were forcefully recruited to fight a war they did not believe or understand. That is what war is about. You kill your opponent before he kills you. The Derg run out options, its enablers the Soviet Union and Cuba were on retreat and Mengistu saw the writing on the wall. The TPLF branded itself EPDRF and marched into Addis without firing one shot. It should also be noted that the people of Addis with the rest of Ethiopians were happy to see Mengistu go and were willing to give the new conquerors time to adapt and feel comfortable.

It is sad we have to rehash this story after twenty years. We are forced to do that because the new people in power have this nasty habit of revising history and distorting it to fit their version. That is what they were doing on July 24 in our Capital city. If they are celebrating their Martyr’s why aren’t they doing it in their own enclave rather than our City is a valid question? That is where the connection with the unforeseen illness of warlord number one comes into the equation.

There are two possibilities for such insane and idiotic action. Number one is pure panic. The real possibility of the demise of their one and only leader since inception threw them out of balance. Their house was built on a shaky ground around an individual. Meles Zenawi was the head, the body and soul of TPLF. His absence opens a gulf as wide as our famous Rift Valley. They decided the only way they could show their existence was by a show of force against a population that was not even aware if such theatrics was necessary. I mean we all know TPLF is in every house, every village, every work place and every association including Eder. The only place TPLF is absent is from our heart. To show the rest of us how strong he is their mini warlord President Abbay Woldu showed up with three hundred heavily armed Agazi solders and dispatched two army helicopters to circle Addis. The people of Addis took note. They saw it with total amusement and went on their business.

The second possibility is struggle for power among the TPLF cadres. Abbay Woldu is showing his muscle. The absence of Berhane GebreKristos, Tedros Adhanome and Samora Yunus is a telltale sign all is not well in the camp of Woyane. It is not said if Azeb attended but most proably her non-Tigrean status is enough to sideline her. If it means anything old horse Sebhat was not present either, draw your own conclusion.

What I find very revealing is after twenty years of absolute power TPLF is not sure of itself. It has to go thru this kind of useless exercise to validate its existence. It shows lack of self-esteem and obvious weakness. Sure sign of impotence if you ask me. If the illness of their boss is to make them unravel like this what would his death do is a good question? This is how Aiga saw the meeting ‘Organized by Tigray Martyrs Self-Help Association, the ceremony was attended by leaders and former fighters of Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) and natives of Tigray drawn from Sub Cities in Addis Ababa’ Poor Woyane they still think in provincial terms. You would think as leaders of a multi-national empire they will try to meld in but not Woyane, they are stuck in that frame of mind. You can take the Woyane out of Tigrai but not Tigrai out of the Woyane. Remember it is only when faced with the rest of us they preach Tigrai unity when alone they go back to their village mentality of Adwa versus Axum, Tembien versus Agame or what ever ancestral village they came from. The learned folks of Aiga residing in the Silicon Valley of America where diversity is celebrated cannot help themselves but be drawn to their exclusive meeting and write about it. What is shameful is they wear it with pride.

We have variety of independent Web sites that celebrate our diversity. None are ethnic centered nor would they allow anyone to insult demean or put down any of our people based on ethnic identification. We have Ethiopian Review, Addis Voice, Ethiomedia, ECAD Forum, EMF, Nazret, Abugida, Ethio Lion, Quatero, Ethio Sun, Ethiopia Zare, Tadias, Ethiopia and plenty others including our ESAT the heart beat of Ethiopia. None are based on ethnic identification and serve all the children of Ethiopia equally. What do they got? Aiga Forum that insistently chews the same old chauvinistic policy geared to divide us, put us down and set us against each other. They have Tigrai on line dedicated to the beautiful people alone and here is a sample from its recent posting regarding our past history:

‘Menelike is adored and highly regarded by the Amahras but intensely detested by the rest of the Ethiopian people especially the Oromos. While Emperor Yohannes of Ethiopia was fighting foreign enemies in the North, Menelik was expanding his areas of influence south and eastwards. He treated the subjugated people in the most barbaric and harshest way possible; in Wollaita alone 120,000 people were massacred when they refused to submit to his rule. In their own land, the conquered were considered as second-class citizens and were forced to work as serfs for the Shoan nobility who controlled large swathes of fertile arable lands.

Menelik was not only brutal to his subjects, but he was also a traitor who connived with the Mahdists, the Egyptians and the Italians to bring about the defeat of Emperor Yohannes in order to crown himself as the king of Ethiopia. For his troubles, he received large quantities of weapons from the enemies of the country which he later used during the battle of Adwa.’ Written by a Berhane Kahsay.

This is the mindset we are fighting against. Yes there are people that think like this and actually put their disturbing thought on paper for all to see. How is brother Berhane brain wired, and why would anybody be consumed by such hate after over hundred years is something to ponder. What does it prove to come up with such ugly interpretation of history to build a new and prosperous Ethiopia? Is he telling us we are condemned by the actions of our ancestors assuming his interpretation is correct? It is disturbing to think Ato Berhane residing in the US working with all kinds of people is not capable of formulating a correct response to past injustice. Rewiring his brain is a valuable course of action.

My humble advice to mini warlord Abbay Woldu and friends, the road you are traveling is not a healthy one. Sooner or later the rubber hits the asphalt and there is no telling what it will entail. I assure you single ethnic supremacy has never worked. It shows promise for a while but in the end it explodes and explode in a very nasty way. A few of you that are benefiting from this arrangement will definitely take a whole bunch of your own people into this abyss where all our country and people will suffer for no reason. We are also aware that you think you are doing the right thing and no amount of reasoning will sway you away from your destination. But we just want to tell you fighting back did not start with you nor would it end with you. See what happened in Libya. Witness Syria that reflects your situation better. Do you think the minority Alawit with all their special forces, with all their guns are a match to the Syrian people? Now that does not require a degree in nuclear physics to figure does it? I hate to say I told you so but I have a feeling you are going to force me. Good Luck my peasant revolutionary.

62 thoughts on “TPLF and Addis Abeba

  1. Ato Yilma,

    I respect your endeavor here whatever it is intended for but you are hopelessly wrong in every observation you try to present. All of these websites in the Diaspora you mentioned are all Amhara infested websites or stooges of the Shewan Amhara group who are trying a comeback to the Gebbaar system they were forced to spit out in 1974. What you are doing is trying to push us all Tigrayans, the direct descendants of the Glorious Axumite People to walk out of the federation. You want to drive us all into the Red Sea. But you know what? That is impossible. Every one of your ancestors has already tried that. Emperors Tewodros, Menelik. Haile Selassie and dictator Mengistu all tried to wipe us from the face of the earth but we got our lot and survived. We have been around since Antiquity. We are the originals. Before Haile Selassie was, I am! Before Menelik was, I am! Before Tewodros was, I am! Before Gragn was, I am! Before The Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) was, I am!! Before Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, I am!! Before The Prophet Ezekiel was, I am!!! Before Moses was, I am!! Before Abraham was, I am!!! Before Adam was, I am!!!!! Get it!!! I told you all a million times before. We will play leadership roles in all facets of that country’s affairs for the next thousand years because you are not qualified and none of you all are qualified!!!

    Geremew replies:

    Tekle teh golden race,

    You just confiremed the assertion of Ato Yilma. Sad!

    Goromsa replies:

    Menilik, Yohannes,Tewodros…. These are ignorant leaders who happened to be better than the average people at their respective time. Now do they deserve to be a means of disagreement at this DNA age? No. these ugly leaders and their history at the museums and raise an idea that smells the 21st century, idiots!

    wase replies:

    Tekle, you must be God the Father!

    wase replies:


    You are full of shit. Your creepy superman like bubble will soon bust on your face. You’re an Idiot.

    margda replies:

    Tekle, “What you are doing is trying to push us all Tigrayans, the direct descendants of the Glorious Axumite People to walk out of the federation.”

    Believe me Tigrai would be the last thing to leave Ethiopia behind. What are you going to do with your rocky, barren and desert kilil called Tigre? fenta bitqota egruan tila hedech kkkkkk woy tigray egenetelalehu? hahahaha

    Abebe replies:

    Tekle: Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! It is 21th century–Globalization. Why only about your village? Poor !

    Gudeta replies:

    It is funny that you and your people were starving to death just 30 years ago – and known for none other than drought and famine. You and your people were at the mercy of the rest of Ethiopians and the rest of the world – the world saved you.

    Times have changed certainly that the paradigm shift in favor of your warrior representatives, Woyane, you looted the wealth and treasure of the rest of Ethiopia – and now started to mock Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

    Tekle – you are nothing but a boliviating ignoramus. Sooner or later you and your Woyane criminal enterprise will face justice. I wish to remind you, God forbid for how you and the rest of Woyane thugs will be treated in the rest of Ethiopia.

    Tekle replies:

    You all rascals and U-Street loafers stop ganging up on me!!! You hear me? You better shut up and let’s do something valuable. I just heard that At Eskinder was sentenced to 18 years of hard labor without the possibility of parole. I told and reminded you before that our Prime Minister is the most magnanimous political leader of out times. He believes in and supports one of our golden traditions (Originally Axumite) which has been our cultural way of pardoning offenders. It is called ‘ደጅ ጥናትና አማላጅነት’. We should all call upon our elders to do just that at the Prime Minister office beginning as soon as possible. We must, I said must, do that for the sake of his child even though according to the police evidence and as presented to the court he has committed a terrible crime. We as responsible and compassionate people, we should start asking our Benevolent Prime Minister to bestow mercy upon this misguided family man. So leave me alone and try to do productive work for a change. Get off your laurels and plead for mercy on Ato Eskinder’s behalf. You are the ones living here in your comfy home who pushed this guy to carelessly collide with a mighty concrete wall in the first place. You should be ashamed of yourself for that!!!! You see I am not a bad person because I am as compassionate as our Axumite people.

    The Ethiopian replies:

    Tekle the Termite and the village Idiot

    you better go and learn about the Axumite history.i can understand you want to be considered Axumawit? Being Axumawit and trying to be one is not the same thing as Bing one of the i understand you guys have a lots of identity crisis and trying to be what you are not.but keep trying..

    April in July replies:

    To Tekle

    What a hell is that man? April the fool in July?Any way this is not something you can make a joke out of.People are in pain back home.Think about that.

    Who do you think you are though?…telling us to be ashamed of our selves.Have you done any thing on your part to bring about changes in that country?

    Addisu replies:


    All the people Melies pardoned had no crimes in the first place. But he likes drama to improve his immage in front of the West. He falesly accuses them then pardons them through laughable dramas. He is a terrotist himself, terroriazing his people for the last 21 years and yet he accuses all his oppenents as terrorists. Eskinder and others have no crimes other than speaking the truth.

    Regarding the treat to walk out of the federation, the people of Ethiopia will be more than happy if you retrurn the lands looted from Gondar and Wollo and leave us alone. Frankly speaking we do not care if you leave us and join your cousines shabia. We loose nothing, but gain a lot if you leave us alone. But we know that you will not survive a day without the Ethiopian wealth, that is why you are sticking to the power. As you have tested the Ethiopian wealth, it is hard for you to go back to the jungle unless the Ethiopian people resist you and pushed you out. A parasite does not leave its host willingly.

    Tes replies:

    Is this your last word, Tecle. Dead man Walking. If it were not for Eritrea you would have been still in caves of dedebit. They carry your arse to arat killo. You will never get near arat killo, never ever.

    Z consequence replies:

    To Tekle

    Your comment had really defined the term parasitism ; the parasite point of view is to feed up on a host from which it can indefinitely suck its blood and life juices with out killing the host.We know that Meles invented that idea for you.All Meles has done in his entire life is to lay the ground for this dangerous lie.A lie which is now slowly poisoning the minds of many like yourself.The worest consequences of this lie is yet to come.It would be a needless tragedy unless die hard human parasites like you regain your senses soon.The sooner the better.You like your boss Meles are the most deadly threat to our country , a die hard blood sucker.

    Wahid replies:


    It seems that you a very backward primitive woyanne with no knowledge of Ethiopian history and politics tries to support Aboy Sebhats village rumor as if it is real that might help your tiny ego and cover the crimes that your chronicaly sick chimp had commited in whole his life since his moving to dedebit desert.The reallity on the ground is your ancestors has only betrayed Ethiopia all the way by allying themselves with enemies,Woyanne has nothing to do with the axumite kingdom. you are simply an idiot and backward woyanne not more not less .

    Meyesaw replies:

    You Sumbash Tekle!

    You started all over again pukeing the wrong history of yours that you were fed with cattle furushka. I told you in the past that you people are called Tigres, because you do not deserve to have the name Axumite. Axumites are different than the slave decendants like you Tigres. You are none other than slaves originaly living around the river Tigeres in the middle east. I said slaves not masters. That is the inferiority complex that makes you try to be what you are not.

    matti replies:

    You think you are the first man on earth!kkkkkkk
    as a starter, you do not represent any of the glorious tigrai people.

    The tigrai people hold Emye Menelik with a great affection and love unlike you ‘bandas’ whose ancestors were serevants of mussolini.

    You are barking your heart out , simply because you know in your heart that the days of you and your likes are coming to an end. it is for sure your fascist leader is dead or lying on his death bed. You should be worried

    You have been murdering, evicting, dislocating, deliberately spreading disease among the amhara and other ethnic groups for the last 20 years and your insatiable appetite for more killing and blood is still evident in you.

    You people consider murder and violence as a sign of courage, born out of violenece you servive by inciting violence and commiting murder. Some body should tell you that murder is a crime and you should be ashamed to be talking about how many people you murdered, any body who pride themselves, like the woyane do , on murder and violence are psychophants.

    Reform yourself, help yourself to save yourself.

    melese zenawi replies:

    Obviously, you are one well brainwashed TPLF with no return. If I were you, I wouldn’t be proud of what the most disgraced and despicable dictator and his professional inhumane brainless cruel TPLF mafia group called have done to Ethiopia and to 87 million Christian and Muslim Ethiopians including our proud Ethiopians from Tigrea for the last 21 years. The most hateful tyrant has proven himself to be evil inhumane creature who gets a thrill watching innocent people tortured and killed. Loving and supporting Meles is the same as loving and supporting Satan.
    I pray to the merciful and loving God/Allah to remove as soon as possible the evil possessed dictator and his trained TPLF dogs by every means God pleases to protect innocent people.

    Jegnaw replies:

    Tekle the termite
    Axumawit wan be.. you are not Axumawit nor have you been are what we call CUNTY lekame.the people you just mention are the very people who built the Axumawit the descendant of queen of Saba all the way To Hailee Selassie.there is no Tigre descendant who are you have to re think your assertion my little Termite Tekle.go and tell that to your inferiority complex family that.your not wish you were Axumawit that i can understand my Termite.and what you were and what you are now is always been a Tekle i am going to send you whatever shit hole you came from.that is dedebit…

    zenash replies:

    I think this Tekle is not from Tigray he just wants all other Ethiopians get angry at us including me who is from Tigray so that we will have a hard time to live peacefully in the other part of the country. I am ashamed of being from Tigray because of him. Please my brothers don’t listen to this stupid moron man who definitely is not from Tigray. I can not believe there are little worms like him who exist just to cause problems nothing else.I am from Tigray but i don’t support the TPLF.

    Tekle replies:

    You lazy bums are still ganging up on me. You can’t accept the fact that I have all the rights to my beliefs and convictions. I decided to be an ardent supporter of our Prime Minister and the democratic government he is leading. I also have the right to take Him as one of my revered notables. I never encroached in your rights (and he never did also). Ever!!! All you have been doing is teaming up and beating on me lifeless. And the editors of this website are not doing anything about it but they kept watching while I am being crucified verbally. Even my call for helping this poor family man who is just sent to jail is being treated with deaf ears and insults. I demand you stop calling me names and threatening me with violence. What really hurt me most is someone tried to banish my Axumite blood. That made me sobs uncontrollably. You Zenash! You are so mean to me. If this harassment does not stop, I will have no choice but to stop commenting on this website. That means you do not want to live with me and want me to go away. Again stop harassing me and rather shut up as I ordered you a million times before.

    አለሙ replies:

    ተክሌ በአጭሩ ሰማይና ምድር ሲፈጠር ነበርኩ የማትል? ጅል አጋሜ! እገነጠላለሁ ምናምን ትላለህ ደግሞ። በተገነጠልክና በተገላገልን። ምንህ እንዳይቀርብን ነው? ብትገነጠል የነቀዘ ማሽላህንና ቁልቋልህን እያላመጥክ ትኖራታለህ እንጂ ነጭ ጤፍና ቡና መዛቅ ያለ መሰለህ? ወገኛ አጋሜ!
    ኤርትራ እንኳን አሰብንና ምጽዋን የመሰለ ወደብ ይዛ ብትሄድ እኛ ምንም አልሆንን፤ ደግሞም ምንም አንሆንም! አንተ ብትሄድ ድንጋይ ይዘህ ትሄድ ነው እንጂ ምን ይቀርብናል። ወየው አድርጎት ነው! ሐማሴኖች ከሰው ጋር መኖር ይቻላል፤ ከአጋሜ ጋር ግን መኖር አይቻልም ያሉት ወደው አይደለም። እኛ ትግሬዎች ኢትዮጵያውያን ናቸው እንል ነበር። አሁን ግን አየናችሁ፤ አማራው ስለሚያስቸግራችሁ ዘሩን ማጥፋት ይዛችኋል፤ ኦሮሞውን ግን በባርነት ቀንበር ረግጣችሁ ሃብቱን መዝረፍ መርጣችኋል። በጣት ከሚቆጠሩ ትግሬዎች በስተቀር ሁሉ አጋሜ የአማራ ጠላት መሆኑን እያየን ነው። የኦሮሞው ጌታ ሆኖ እንደአጋሰስ ሊጭነው ይፈልጋል።
    እጉም ወዲ እጉም! ኤርትራውያን እንዴት እንደሚጠሏችሁ ባወቅህ። አንድ ዘመን ይመጣል፤ አንተና መሰሎችህ ምነው ያኔ ተስማምተን በኖርን ኖሮ የምትልበት ዘመን ይመጣል። እሱም ቅርብ ነው።

    Tee replies:

    “Before Moses was, I am!! Before Abraham was, I am!!! ”

    Wey keld…for this alone, you will pay big! (Only Jesus Christ, the creator of the universe can say that (as stated in John 8:58)

    Let me give you an example from Daniel 4:33, since you quoted from the Bible, it is only fair I quote from the Bible.

    Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, who was too ignorant to know God allowed him to be a king, said:

    “Is not this great Babylon, which I have built by my mighty power as a royal residence and for the glory of my majesty?”

    While the words were still in the king’s mouth, there fell a voice from heaven, “O King Nebuchadnezzar, to you it is spoken: The kingdom has departed from you, and you shall be driven from among men, and your dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field. And you shall be made to eat grass like an ox, and seven periods of time shall pass over you, until you know that the Most High rules the kingdom of men and gives it to whom he will.” Immediately the word was fulfilled against Nebuchadnezzar. He was driven from among men and ate grass like an ox, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven till his hair grew as long as eagles’ feathers, and his nails were like birds’ claws.

    In your case it is even worse, you equaled yourself with Almighty God!

    A torpedo is coming your way! A fool!

    Tekle replies:

    Ato Tee:

    First of all I respect your comment and you are entitled to it. But I ask you this: If you are a person of faith like me and our Benevolent Prime Minister Meles, why you call me disparaging names? I am a devout Orthodox Christian as we all know it. And I will explain why I phrased my self with such claims as ‘Before Adam was, I am!!’. You better believe in that. It means that God has me in his making plan even before he created Adam. Are you saying that God has no plans? That is utter blasphemy. Our Benevolent Prime Minister Meles was already in Our Almighty God’s plan even before he created Adam. God already knew that our people will be in dire straits in this day and age of our time and had a well thought plan for it. That is to bring Our Most Intelligent Prime Minister into this world so he can take the people out of misery. He is brought into this beautiful earth to show that God works in many mysterious ways beyond our comprehension. Therefore, in stead of wishing him sickness and death, we should all ሳትአት መቆም መጸለይ አለብን for his longevity and he will have it. Whether you and others like it or not, this God’s Child Meles will live well into his centurion.

    Jegnaw replies:

    @Tekli the Termite
    So is every one else my moron one has monopoly on GOD..but if you asked me Melesse and you Tekle are created in the image of MONKYS not GOD!! sorry i put you higher in the evolutionary scale as monkeys. ops I’ll take that back,you have been created in the image of Termite that need to be fumigated out of Ethiopia just like Termite…

  2. Ato Bekele: your assertion that the dergue threated the tigray region more harshley than other region of ethiopia is totaly wrong. You have to appologize to us and please if u do not know the subject u are writing about,just stop doing it. To begin with, compare to other regions of ethiopia ie, Eritrea, Gondar and Addis abeba the crime committed in tigray is nothing to write for. (1) there was no red terror in Tigray (2)There was no Netsa Ermija in Tigray. There was no mass murdered body left on every corner of cities and towns in tigray.

    There is only one incident in Tigray in Howzien and that is orchestrated by the tplf. by the way, according to Sebhat Nega, the tigray region is only consist of Adwa, Shere, Axum and southeren eritrea. the rest are not tigrian.

  3. Tekle, you have to be a village idiot, like most empty-minded TPLF sympathizers. You don’t even seem to read or barely understand the content of article, and try to reply with your own counter argument to the contrary. Predictably, you have to just repeat what Tigray Online dedebs like you advocate. Village mentality has always been the hallmark of the existence of TPLFites. So, no one is expecting anything that makes sense from the likes of you. I don’t think there is hope living with dedebs like you ever. If you want to be treated as a respected citizen and member of a modern society, you need to wise up and try to take the blinders of off your tribal village mentality.

  4. Ato Yilma, you are the number one neftegna, and a living example of the coward Ethiopians. We Tigrians don’t want your blessing to live. We respect others, but we never fear. No one for that matter gave us a blessing. Everyone of your previous governments tried to wipe us out systematically or directly, but that was not simply possible. You are a mad dog. Doctor Tebiye!

    Jegnaw replies:

    We give you one chance to lead look what you did to Ethiopia and what you did to what will happen next to a parasite like TPLF is beyond your control. and thanks GOD i don’t want to be you ween that day comes and it is not very far.never again you will be aloud to do what you have don to Ethiopia.

  5. Mr Yilma,

    I don`t care if you hammer the devil Woyane and its dictator leader. But you have to becareful when you write about things that are not true.
    1. The media you mentioned are not serving all people in that country.In one way or other they are the reflection of one group.
    2. The history which you quoate is true and don`t try to deny truth( about menelik).Unless we admit wrong as wrong, we can`t do right because we can`t differenciate the correct from wrong.
    3. EPRP never ever footed in Neqemtee. There was no red terror in that area in Derg era but It is common since Meles arrive.

    When things I know perfectly turned to be in contrary, it is very diffecult to believe what you don`t know.I am not saying you are wrong in other of your analysis, but I doubt its authonticness .

  6. Some corrections. Wollamo Sodo = Wollaita Sodo, Lekempt = Nekempt, Hawasa = Hawassa, … As an Ethiopian, you are not tolorated to make such kind of silly mistakes. I would tolerate if New York Times makes such kind of mistakes.

    Back to the very very long article. The central piece of massage is that you are writing against Berhane Kahsay assertions in Aiga Forum. But your negative connotation also makes you the same as Berhane Kahsay. You are just comparing Menlik, H/Sellassie and Menge with Yohannes, obviously showing one sidedness. For me, they were somehow good for one thing, protecting the boundaries of the current Ethiopia but do not deserve any praise other than being leaders. Lets cut the emotional stuff for once and try to think factual as other societies. Our history is not as glorious as we think, we are the poorest compared to more than 200 sovereign states.

    I am young, highly educated Ethiopian diaspora. You can consider me as one of the the silent, frustrated majority. We are sick of new opposition parties every week, often pointless emotional opinion articles, old Ethiopian elites dominating the social and political domain with as wrong mentality and strategy as the current regime. Can you guys think for once, something simple, which units all Ethiopian, workable, palatable, inclusive, with high standard of tolerance, so we can all contribute to change the social, political and economic situation back home. Birtukan was good at least for image. Don’t do the same mistakes again and again. Bring people from diverse opinion, particularly young, bright and modern people. You, the old generation gave as nothing, but burden and mess to clear up.

    Elias please don’t filter-out my post, We need thought provoking ideas at least in this forum.

    cheers and God (Allah or whatever deity is there) bless Ethiopia.

  7. When it comes to TPLF and its ethnic thinking – they are like a bat trying to fly in a broad day light. they are blind, all they see is their flight not the destination. woyane is a narrow minded political group, they will never change.

  8. Good article and good point Ato Yilma! I was bemused when I saw “Tigray Remembers It’s Martyrs in Addis Ababa” splashed all over TPLF websites. On one hand they tell us that the Axum Obelisk should have no meaning to other Ethiopians except the people of Axum and on the other hand this farce about celebrating ‘Axumite Martyrs’ in Addis. But, TPLF and their minions have been suffering from cognitive dissonance for so long; contradictions like this one have become second nature to them.

    What should be more bothersome to us is this incessant rehashing of our history which always starts by trashing Menelik. The clumsy attempt of borrowing nonexistent power alignment code words like ‘Fifth Columnist’ from soul mate despotic sister states like North Korea and China, and trying to defame Menilik is irritating but churlish. Menelik, who has been the beacon of freedom and hope, for all blacks since the darkest colonial days of the Dark Continent, doesn’t need defending from the likes Berhane Kahsay.



  9. Both Tekle and Yewaldba,

    Both of you are extremists on the opposite side. Yilma wrote what is very close to the facts.
    1st, Tekle’s version AMHARA this and that doesn’t hold water. All patriotic Ethiopia’s struggle for democracy, liberty, rule of law not to bring supremacy of one ethnic group or the other. So Tekle your assentation smells as brainwashed by the mafia group. That is, Meles and Co.

    2nd. Yewaldba: Derge killed all that opposed and including in Tigray. I myself was a political prisoner and I was there when people were called their names and told “abiyotawi Ermija Yiwosedbachuhal” and from the prison I can hear the sound of guns. After I get released there was another red terror the bodies of the dead were displayed around Mekelle. So, denying that will not get us anywhere.
    The same the Mafia group of Meles aimed and killed innocent young & old starting from Tigray during their bush days and when they took power all over Ethiopia. No one is safe from prison, torture, and being killed if you oppose TPLF & Derg.

  10. Ato Yilma,

    I always admire you for your capacity to distort things. Had that caliber been used for good think, well…

    I actually wanted to comment on your take of why Berhane in Tigray online took on Minilik, with a “why now, after 100 years” kind of connotation. I would say, the case of Minilik has been brought to the forefront not by Ato Berhane the writer, but Teddy Afro who does not hesitate to pile all sorts of praises to some leaders that were not universally acceptable. On top of that, add VOA’s three part project on glorifying that story! As I said earlier though, I admire your capability of looking the other side when it suits.

  11. Tekle

    Woyanne in general are like a bats who are flying in a broad day light totaly blind in every aspect be it politics ,history,manner
    and above all emotional with nothing scientific in it and the most funny part is the hardship of picking one like a day time bird.

  12. Yilma Bekele,

    One of the extremist few Amhara supremacist; because you do not represent the patriotic amhara people, I asked you many many times to stop putting the people of Tigray in one black box? but you have refused so. You are vindicating yourself free from ethnic politics, but if one has to go between the lines, you are an ethnicist, racist, primitive and backward because you engaged in scare and intimidation tactic.

    The Tigray people will not be intimidated by you. You did not save them; they saved themselves. Even now they will save themselves. Do whatever you want we will be ready. I promise you I will follow you not only one Tigrean, but if you ever touch one single Ethiopian be it Oromo or Gurage,… any. I do love each soul in Ethiopia regardless ethnic, tribe, race …

    Tigreans can celebrate not only in Addis, but if they can even on the moon. You do not want Tigreans to have business;work, organisation. Ethiopia is their counrtry. They can celebrate even Ogaden, Gambela, anywhere in Ethiopia? They are even celebrating from America, Canada, Europe, Australia. The problem is not the Tigrean people, you are the problem because you have built hatred, biase, prejudice, negativity in you. You will not see this by yourself, but we have to tell you clearly you have built biase, prejudice, hatred to the people of Tigrai. You do not care about Ethiopia, you care about Arat kilo only. All the websites you mentioned are set up to Promote elite Amhaara dominance and to down play Tigreans achievements no matter whether it is good or bad. Go any website, there is no single website that give balanced and do fair reporting.

    One of the problem is you are trying to confuse TPLF so that it can lose totally its focus because you broadcasting as if everything is wrong in Ethiopia. This has been tried in 2005, Kinjit killed 195 people inorder to blackmail TPLF? Do you know that? You not accept this, but I have to tell you the 195 people were killed by the order of Kinjit leaders after they infilterated EPRDF.

    Mr. Yilma, you go ahead with your pogrom you wanted. No one is going to care about you intimidation.

    The only right you have as a citizen is to oppose wrong policies that affect our national interest. If that was the case, I would have joined you with no doublt. But you scaring tactic does not help for that. You scaring, intimidating tactic, … will not be accounted. This is called in Tigrignea Aklitsbet or depression.You are depressed. I am not sure if you ever slept these days.

    I do not agree with the article on Tigraionline accusing the entire amhara people because of one leader. But that is said only by one person, not by the entire Tigrean of 7 million people, unfortunately I have no access to the website like you. It is very wrong to use one person’s opinion to promote your hatred towards the people whom you do not like? Mr.Yilma, get out of the box please, unless you do not know where you came from, the Tigreans whom you are threatening to kill are your own cousins and who own the Ethiopian histroy.

    In general, Mr.Yilma, I know you are an adult, you will never change. No matter what we advise you, you will never listen. This is the big problem we have in Ethiopia. The TPLF leaders who do wrong are right. Even you are right to your biase, prejudice, baseless offenses. Almariam is right. Elias Kiflie is right? Tigraionline is right? Aiga is right? Ethiomedia is right? all the Amhara elites websites are right? While everyone is right why the Tigreans expected to be angels? you need to be fair Sir?

    Sir, I can discern one article on Tigraionline has excited your nerves to the sky? check out all the website what they against Tigray people? check out all the paltalk, all the websites? Mr. why do you think you are entitlted to scare, intimidate, … Tigreans? why? who are you?

    Sir, we will not take you words. We are not blind what people are saying in all the websites.

    If you really love Ethiopia? you have to cool down, even organize a forum where all people can meet and talk face to face with good faith and they can let out all the evils in them. But you are far from that. You politics is only to intimidate, scaring people?

    Way forward:

    1. People like you must quiet politics
    2. young people from all ethnics must be educated to love each other
    3. You need to stop your ethnic politics right now.I know you do not think you are wrong, but you are an ethnicist and racist. Facts, u do not want Tigreans to celebrate in addis whatever they want to celebrate? that has to do with ethnics only. They can celebrate across the globe? why not in Addis in their own capital? are you telling the people has to go away to Mekele?, you are discriminating them, you are arrogant and ignorant who you think you are right, but you are not any better than the people whom you are accusing.

    4. We need new people who have clean heart, clean mind, clean soul,who can unite our people to work hand in hand and who can also stand together to avert the abuse of power being practised by Meles and COs.

    5. Your politics will never help Ethiopia; you have no idea, ideology, principle, discipline, vision, positive attitude,… except biase, prejudice, hatred,.. to one ethnic group. You need to get over it. You are only dividing people like everyone else. I am not a supremacist Tigreans, but I am against ethnic supremacists like you and Tigraionline. You may not agree with me, but you I put you in the box with the Tigraionline Tigreans Supremacist. I hate supremacists whether they are white or black or amhara or Tigrean or Oromo, or muslims. I hate supremacists who think they are the only people on the planet? You are not different from Alshabab. You would not hesistate beheading Tigreans if you get a chance. But that is not allowed in Ethiopia no matter how you feel.

    6. Free yourself before even trying to free 91 million people. You are caged in your own microworld that is dark and windowsless.

    Thank you my brother Yilma, I hope you will wiseup and stop your intimidation and stand to oppose the bad policies instead of chewing Tigreans like Mira or chat all the day. I understand the Tigreans have made your life a nighmare? they made it to me too? I would not have left my home they did not wage that blood war, I would have prefered to be colonized by Amhaara elites than the live as refugee and even to see Ethiopians humiliated across the world.

    7. Solution: stop politics of fear, discrimination, abuse, degrading, icrimination, intimidation, scare and focus on the main problem. I know it is capacity, if it does not exist, it does not exist. At least know, you are not doing good job.

    Elias Hawey, do not delete; do not be like Tigraionline and Aiga. We can only unite if we know each well and express our fears. We are not killing each other. This is good also someone ways, people are venting their frustration in many diffferent way. It is good to allow people to say whatever think or feel as long as it does not infringe the right of people. Sometimes we are angry and we want to vent out. They may not be correct. It is all caused by fear or anxiety. Fear, anxiety is the mother of failure and illness.

    God bless Ethiopia, my mother land.

    Jegnaw replies:

    Dude are you taking psychotic medication?if you are not taking medication you should start taking now.God knows you need it before it is too late..

    Abebe replies:

    To Gezaae:

    You said, ‘Kinjit killed 195 people in order to blackmail TPLF.’ You must be crazy. I could not understand why you guys are racist like this. Gezaae , why do you think only about your small village? Open your eye and heart, and see the big picture and love everybody equally. YOU HAVE CLOSED YOUR EYE AND HEART, SO YOU CANNOT SEE ALL THE EVILS OF tplf. WHEN YOU READ OR HEAR CRITICS ON TPLF, YOU WILL TAKE THAT AS AN ATTACK AGAINST Tigray. It is your problem. You are a victim of tplf trash and backward political philosophy–divide and rule . Melles and other tplf corps have done everything they can to polarize the people of Ethiopia. It is a strategy; they designed to stay in power by (divide and rule). But it is not useful for Ethiopia, particularly for some radicals from Tigray who are faul played by Melles.

    Gezaee H. replies:

    Mr. Abebe,

    Let me tell you the truth. I do not want to go into the ethnic discourse as you did. I do no want also to insult you as you did. Reason: simply it is barbaric to do that. I even do that in reaction sometimes to people like you while I know it is wrong to insult any human for whatever reason. People like you drag me to do that sometimes.

    Mr. Abebe, Ethiopia has been badly divide before TPLF. Actually the division today is much better than the that of before. From my side, it is better today; because at least people speak their language these days. The Oromos can speak Oromignea, the Ogadenis can speak Somalignea, the Guragignea, the Tigrai Tigrignea. Do you know I was not allowed to speak langauge.My parents were told to teach me Amharic instead of Tigrignea, my mother tongue. They were beating me my head to learn Amharic, to write it, to speak it. I have never been given the chance to read, learn, speak my own mother tongue at school at home. My ethnic tribe were denied to use their langauge. Today they can at least use their language? can not they? It is better today my brother. you need to see from the other people shoes my brother.

    You can call me anything you want; But I want more, not less. when you insult me here by calling me woyane and all sort of things, you taking away my rights and make it less than what I have. I wanted more, but not less. You must respect me even I am I woyane. The only civilized way to bring last peace. There is no way your way can be right. I have said it many time in this form hyperboliclly 1000 times that I have never been woyane, I am not still woyane, but people like you have refused to respec tthat.

    My Ethiopans brother I have a message for you; this attitude of you is not good for Ethiopia at all. I know you think you are right. But you are wrong. Even if you I am woyane, you need to respect me. You can only change me if you are better than me. Assume I am woyane, let it be, you need to convince me and to follow your better way.

    I have tell you the 195 people were killed in 2005 not by TPLF, but the man called Shawl, he is the one killed them. I know this very well because he planned to remove TPLF all in all. Democracy or election was used as cover plan but the design was to ousted TPLF from power by any means.

    I have tell you in a clear term; TPLF far far far smarter than you. TPLF was actuall very very smart, it is Meles who undermined TPLF.

    Even now after interacting with people like you in this forum, I have to believe that it is better to repair to TPLF than to work with people like you. Because you have no idea, ideology, principles, discipline, doctrine, or faith, ethic, manner. You come here only to Bash your bias on people whom you do not agree. Is not that right brother? you and your cohorts call me woyane without knowing anything about me? how is that going to help you to remove TPLF? it will not help your way. There is no substance in it.

    The best way I think now is to really convince TPLFF to introduce really democracy in Ethiopia by convincing them, not by insulting them and degrading them, incriminating them. Yea, they have made many mistakes like their predecessors. But it is time now to correct mistakes and to use the law to make sure the right of every Ethiopian is corrected. TPLF now has to use the law to do well. Mistakes has to be corrected now.

    I believe TPLF has gone through many ups and down, it has to respect those who gave their lives for freedom. 120 000 Tigreans gave their precious lives for freedom. My brother, I lost 1000s of relatives for this. I cannot exchange them for your hate politics. You have to unedestand I oppose TPL only its policies, nothing more. Do not get me wrong, I am not hate politicians. I have lived a great deal across the globe, that has the best school for me than University.

    TPLF must do the following now;

    1. Respec the law
    2. Apply the law with no if, but just apply it even on itself and on any renegage
    3. It must root out and tear down corruption
    4.It must make Amhahric, Oromignea, Tigringnea national languages, that means if I have to be employed in the federal government, I must able to speak Amharic, Oromignea, Tigrignea at least, other people must be encouraged to learn as much as they can including Guragignea, Harerignea,Somalia

    How many languages do you speak while you live in a multilingual Ethiopia? I speak Amharic, Tigrignea, some Oromiginea, French, English, some Somalignea,… I regret I did not learn more in my multilinguage country. Ethiopia must called not only multiethnic, but also multilingual.

    As you claimed I am not ethnicist or tribalist. I am an internatiional person. I have Europeans friend, Asian friends, Arab friends, African freinds,… you may not believe me. This is who I am.It has been agees since I have lived with Ethiopians. You may even wrong assume I am anti Arab, but I have best freinds from across the middle east, men and women, we fight over religion, some time we agree, sometimes we do not but I am not the person in your brain. Thep person of me in your brain is not me, it is he person of me whom you created and figmented in your own brain. That is not me for; that the Gezaee you have created for youself. Hahaha

    5. All the rebels have to put down their arms and engaged in peaceful Ethiopia positively. They have to follow the law

    That is the only way out; Amhara, tigrie, oromo, gurage, gambela, Ogaden politics will not benefit anyone.

    My message, we must respect all of us the law and we must also stand the to protet the law by those who deliberatly break and by those who deliberatetly abuse it ( TPLF ). This is the only way forward. Calling woyane, Derg, onlf, olf, amhara, tigrie, muslim, christian will nerve feed the poor.

    Jegnaw replies:

    Just keep taking your psychotic medication it may take a While to be effective.better yet take more of it and overdose and take your self out of the mental illness agony that you are in..

  13. Hailengaw
    It is true we cant go any where if we try to be extrimist.
    we are in 21st century we have to face the truth.Don’t give names for those who wishes all the beast for their country so think beyond your village,and think as human being. Supporting the mafia tplf and to be a tigrian are two different things.All who are opposing the tplf are not amaharas.

  14. ER,

    Please stop being driven by fear or judging. Don’t waste my time if you are posting my comments.

    Dear Yilma,

    I disagree with you on this. It is the traitors EPRP who empowered TPLF no doubt. I don’t even blame TPLF or EPLF. EPRP, with their imported ideology the so called educated did not bring liberty to Ethiopia but misery. I think you are protecting them when you said “the EPRP was forced to bring the struggle to Tigray..” Really? Who are still the EPRP members who are prominent in TPLF’s cabinet? Who are the EPRPs in the daispora who are still suporting TPLF this time as subordinate. They didn’t struggle for Ethiopia to bring equality. Until this day, they are secretly benefiting in power and wealth as subordinates of TPLF. The only EPRP is the dead EPRP. To those EPRP who are today anti TPLF. They are still kicking to stay alive and to make relevance of themselves. It is time they stay in the back burner and leave the struggle to the next generation. They have done enough damage. Of ocurse these groups are relentless because after all they are bought by outsiders hence created havoc in Ethiopia under the peaceful Emperor and the ruthless Mengistu.

    Regarding Tigrayonline. I can’t believe they are deliberately going out all war on Ethiopia. I never visited this site but I can’t believe.. what makes them any different than Eritrea then? At least Eritrea is no longer part of Ethiopia therefore can say what ever it wants. But here they are being part and parcel of Ethiopia waging war against Ethiopians. It is obvious which group of Ethiopian ethnic groups they are targeting. It is written for Oromos. Of course the Oromos especially must still until this day beleive the TPLF otherwise, why would TPLF still write about this. Ethiopians of ALL must condemn seriously this. They are creating ethnic cleansing because they are driven by fear and power. Whenever such ludicrous statement comes out, they should be challenged. Until this day those who claim against Menilik have not shown concrete evidence what Menilik did. Of course those OLFs who may or may not believe this will use this anyways to divide Amaras and Oromos further for their own greedy game. How can these people so selfish. Is this really supporting their own people? NO, they are leading to their own people’s demise as well. One thing also this is not just the work of Tigray as well, there are still die hard Eritreans as well working day and night to divide us, perhaps collaborating with TPLF that is for sure.

  15. Breaking news:

    According to reliable sources, Meles Zenawi is assassinated and secretly taken to Adwa to be buried. I hope now we all the problems of Ethiopia is gone forever. No poverty, no landgrab,, no teenage sex trade, no corruption. OMG, this is a big relieve.

    So Mr. Bekila, because you are writing my name Geeze, instead of Gezaee ? I write yours Bikila, do you like it? why you write my name Geeze? I am not Geeze, is this your contempt of me? I write yours Yimila Bikila/ do you like it? do not my write my name by twisting it to Geeze while I have written my name 100 times Gezaee?

    Meles is dead now; what do you want now more, do you want to drink his blood? I hope you do not want more to die? is Meles enough?

    Addisu replies:


    No, No, the death of Melies is not enough, all the TPLF gangs should die in order Ethiopia to get peace within itself and with its neighbours. The TPLF killed millions and looted millions in the last 21 years and all the TPLF leades should be brought to justice.

    TPLF AKSHAFE replies:

    you should be in the line of fairing skoud with meless guys deserve each other.

  16. Elias, where is my comment? do you arrest my comment ? do you accuse my comment as terrorist? I hope you did not put my comment in prison ? Kakaka, Mr. Elias, I am serious, where is my comment? May be you going to put my comment in prison for 18 years? kaka,

    Jegnaw replies:

    No, you should be arrested not your comment.

    “May be you going to put my comment in prison for 18 years?kaka.”

    what that supposed to mean? you mean you are Being sarcastic about our brother Eskinder Bing put to prison by The parasite TPLF for 18 are nothing but one sick poppy.

    you know ER this guy Gezaee have been band from all Ethiopia media accept in Ethiopian Review,i think in my opinion he should baned from Ethiopian review too.

    abdi replies:

    Gezaee, I think you are going wacko very fast you have started talking non-sense.

    peace&love replies:

    What an awful exprience to hear that ato G,
    If u r suffering from computer illitracy like the trusted herder myself who keeps on erasing his comments by pressing every time the wrong keyboards, then falsely blames the innocent perseverant like my beloved camels ER, in that unfortunate case may i prescribe u to swallow once per day a pill named ‘computer 101’ by worthy paying visit @ the closest public library near u? The peauty of it is free of charge which has a proven power of blessing suspicious gray head souls that only requires giving it a kool shoot bro:)

  17. The movement known as Woeyane was NOT formed during the Dergue era. When the Italians left Eritrea, the first Woeyane rebellion took root. It eventually expanded to Wello and Gojam where rebels closed roads and carried out attacks against any passerby. The country having no Air Force of its own at the time had to rely on the British Air Force known as RAF to put down the insurgency. That was long before Mengistu’s era. During the recorded relative history of Atses Sahele-Selassie and Menilick, Tigreans who otherwise were counted as fellow Christians, would sneak into Shewa and other provinces, steal cattles, attack and leave, incursion well known throughout that time. During Atse HaileSelassie’s time, despite his open ended loving kindness and unfailing peace overtures that included inter marrying his daughters to Tigrean nobels and unprecedented opportunities granted to them and Eritreans, he was constantly a victim of their conspiracies which led to his ultimate demise. He who returns evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house. We mistreated our king and thus got Dergue and Woeyane in succession. Those who are the enemy of God, their best will surely die out.

  18. Ato Yilma,
    I hope the voice of the voiceless ER is not suffering from selective
    hearing. I think i have to shout ‘landlocked Ethiopia! Access to ports!’ which have its own civilized solution, by the way, to get her lovely attention and make posted my innocent free democratic expression comments.
    I hate to admit that the woyane propagandits are brilliant when it comes getting attention from the unsuspecting Ethiopians. They certainly do know how to maneuver issues like desperate conman drug addict:)

    Freedom to all peace&justice loving oppressed people everywhere!

    peace&love replies:

    Me too, after not seeing posted some of my comments, i almost resigned saying ‘sad to wittness the beloved ER going resembling Aigforum where warmongers roam freely unchallenged.’
    It’s obvious by now that the faithful employees of propagandas’ unltimate prize is to sheild away all eyes from the Menelik big chair by diverting and exploiting the overwhelming unsuspecting good people of Ethiopia’s emotions, as if it has not peaceful smart solution to it, likr you correctly put it.


  19. Mamush,
    Thank you! T’s all we need. Work, tolerate each other for the sake of of the younger generation. All I always see is haterade of each other, diging a grave for any one who, he is not agree with.The older generations including, Weyane, EPRD, MEISON, EPLF, DERG, and others brought all these mess to our country. Indeed, our fore fathers gave us a country, defend our land and from invaders. We must be thankful and tolerate each other to end this useless fight. It didn’t get us no where and it never will.
    Elias, please don’t delete my opinion. That is where democracy start.

  20. Dead tekle;

    I read your wrong interperetation of the
    great ancient Ethiopian history to fit your sick
    tribalism at the dawn of the 21st century. I
    don’t think you belong in these days and age.
    You should do some digging to get some archeological
    evidence to assert your assumption. While at it if
    you come across an artifact to justify your wrong
    theory; Further dig six feet under to bury yourself where
    you belong. Hope you will get comfortable there as evidenced
    by your underdeveloped brain with too much of white matter
    having a scant grey matter in it. Once you have your place
    warmed up invite your beloved racist PM to join you
    and share your bliss. Hope this will work for you to eternity:)

    Do not take it personal Kkkkkkkkk

    Tekle replies:

    Hey you Negodguad!!!

    You must be one of those sore loser Shewan Amharas. You folks have been left toothless and you don’t even scare me at all. I can take you down bare handed even you are armed with the latest fully automatic machine gun. You do not know how to fight; you do not how to eloquently express your mind; you don’t know how to organize and above all you are all illiterate. I bet you are one of those ‘zenbil hod’ so called ‘opposition’ groups on welfare here in the West. Just keep on gabbling down your Big Macs and you better deal with your out of control diabetes and Hypertension. And don’t forget the following statement I made a million times before,

    17 years of struggle X 25 years of compensation = 425 years
    425 years of power options X 2 years multiplier = 850 years awarded
    And rounded to the nearest millennium = 1,000 years that we will be in the leadership roles. Take this to your heart and don’t you ever lose it.

    TPLF AKSHAFE replies:

    who let you out of the monkey zoo you need to go back to your cage so you don’t infect the rest of us with your monkey disease…

  21. The evil done during Mengistu gave us the current incredible evil-2; this present evil is about to give birth, as in one of those Hollywood si-fi movies, to evil-3, yet. This is what happens when the creator turns His face away from us, according to the biblical time table, since 1974. The most peaceful and curse-free time in history belonged to Atse Sahele-Selassie. He outlawed Aude Negest (Horoscope), confiscated properties of those who labored on the Sabath. The judicial system was to be relied on. He brought utopia to Ethiopia by way of righteousness.There was no rampant disease; no enemies, outside or inside; no drought; no curse. Back to the present, and while our collective sins of 1974 + the big black snake from the sky (Mengistu) + (Woeyane) the plural small snakes – define our current state, however, when this darkness is finally over, the cleansing would have covered the expanse of era since 1928 when Italy dishonored a covenant country. Thanks to our sins, Eritrea, an ever encroaching Islam*, our disobidence, the anti-Christ – and the devil behind all – our peace will be short-lived.

    * Al-queda, Salafists, Muslim Brotherhood, Wuhabists, Gulenists

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