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Who jailed Eskinder and the rest?

By Yilma Bekele

The headlines screamed ‘Ethiopian court convicts 24 of terrorism charges’. As usual it was a misleading and incorrect statement. There is no such animal called Ethiopian court. There is a TPLF controlled judicial arrangement in Ethiopia. Prime Minster Meles and his politburo are the directors behind the scene of this farce. For the last twenty-one years they have been using the power of the state to marginalize, terrorize, demean and undermine the Ethiopian citizen. We are so used to their bullying the average Ethiopian does not even dwell on it. We make that peculiar noise with our lips you know that hissing sound and move on.

Our brothers Eskinder Nega, Andualem Arage, Wubshet Taye our sister Reyot Alemu and the others whose names are not publicized were convicted for exercising their right to speak and write freely. They only used their voice and their choice of weapon was the pen and paper. There was no evidence to show otherwise. Ato Eskinder has the audacity to speculate the chance of Arab Spring migrating to Ethiopia. Ato Andualem was simply trying to organize and recruit people to his legally recognized party. Reyot and Wubshet were doing their job as journalist and reporter. In any other country this is a normal and routine kind of job. But we are not like any other country or any other people. Our Ethiopia has always been different. Not only we got strange and bizarre leaders but we also have a different breed of people.

Yes we are different both inside Ethiopia and in the Diaspora. A vast majority of us have decided to accept shame as normal behavior and we even celebrate it loudly and wear it with pride. We victimize each other our country and people and we are the first ones to holler foul. It is done so much and so often it is becoming a little boring. I am afraid we have lost any semblance of respect for our selves and what is sad is others are losing respect for both victim and victimizer. They deserve each other is what comes to mind.

Asians have this philosophy referred to as Ying and Yang to describe how opposites are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. Nothing is totally yin or totally yang. Female and male, dark and light, cold and hot, water and fire are manifestations of yin and yang. ‘Just as the state of yin is reached yang begins to grow. Yin contains seed of yang and vice versa. They constantly transform each other. The classics state ‘yin creates yang and yang activates yin’. I am afraid that philosophy is not true in our country. Our yin and yang are not in balance. The harmonious change envisioned in the philosophy has gone haywire when it comes to us. Too much of one is bound to weaken and consume the other. That is happening in our society. This phenomenon is so clearly manifested in the Ethiopian Diaspora community.

Let us start with our yearly soccer tournament. It is such a beautiful and positive activity that it has energized our community for the last twenty-five years or more. It should be our pride and a showcase of how much good we can do when we work together. Unfortunately it is also the other side of us where a few can use this positive energy for negative purpose. Those that have been leading the organization have been using the proceeds as cash cow and also as a vehicle to undermine our unity and sell our country to the highest bidder. We let them do that. We see, we hear but we choose to be silent. We have this notion that ignoring bad deed will make it go away.

Thus the Ethiopian Soccer Federation in North America (ESFNA) governing body at long last voted to start fresh and reform this rogue outfit. Of course those who are so used to working behind the scene in the dark were not willing to go silently. They were taken to a real court that ordered to cease and deceit from using the name of the organization and also answer a few question regarding finances and book keeping. What did they do? They went to their sugar daddy and applied for welfare. The same person that is fully integrated with that other rogue outfit called the TPLF supposedly gave them $2 million US to carry out their mission of dividing us and setting us against each other. They, like their father and mentor Meles Zenawi do not believe in self-imitative but run to the nearest welfare donor to get their funding. He sells our land, borrow in our name and steals in consort with his friends, sells our daughters to Middle East degenerates and ours squander their payment in renting stadium to entertain the rich and greedy. Money can buy you anything including entertainers that got their start from the Diaspora but now serve a new master to undermine their benefactors. Definitely Yin and yang are not in harmony or in balance.

If we look at our Church in exile it is something to be proud of. It is a place where our rich culture and ancient religion is celebrated like never before. It is a place where our fathers and mothers in exile find peace and happiness and every week and mentally transport themselves to that place they call home. It is a place where our children learn how social we are and how we respect and value our culture and country. It is such a beautiful feeling to see our children come in front of the congregation when they graduate from high school to be blessed by the priest and proudly inform us their choice of college. Then we have the troublemakers in every city and town. Their mission is to disrupt and divide us. There is no church spared from these prince’s of darkness that scheme behind the scene and attempt to take over the leadership. If that does not succeed they have no qualms in waging a relentless war to undermine and weaken and disparage all those that stand between them and their evil scheme. Our city is going thru such a painful process and it is sad to see families and friends in turmoil. Most of us allow them to do that by our silence and apathy. It is another instance yin and yangs are not in harmony.

A few days ago we had a fund raising activity for ESAT and also celebrate Ato Abebe’s heroic stand for his people and country by exposing the tyrant in front of his enablers and the whole world. There was no question a vast majority of our people was empowered by his action. There are most certainly over ten thousand Ethiopians in the Bay area where the event was held. Less than two hundred brave souls showed up to help raise fund to make ESAT a powerful force in the struggle against tyranny. A good amount was collected from those who came. We are happy and grateful. But I find it odd that out of all these country and freedom loving folks only a handful showed up. Why do you think it is so?

They all seem to harbor negative feelings against the TPLF regime. It is odd to meet some one that would speak favorably regarding the actions of the dictator or his polices. Every Starbucks and every coffee house is full of these talkers parsing the actions of the TPLF party. How come they don’t take the next logical step, which is to help bring this ugly regime to its knees? Why is there such a wide gulf between talk and action? Here is what President Obama said on his visit to the Holocaust Memorial in Washington a few months back speaking of the victims of nazi horror:

He said “Let us tell our children not only how they died, but also how they lived—as fathers and mothers, and sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters who loved hoped and dreamed just like us — we must tell our children about how this evil was allowed to happen – because so many people succumbed to their darkest instincts, and because so many others stood silent – We must tell our children. But more than that, we must teach them. Because remembrance without resolve is a hollow gesture. Awareness without action changes nothing. In this sense, “never again” is a challenge to us all—to pause and to look within.”

‘Awareness without action changes noting’ is the key phrase and that is what is escaping us. That is so many of us talk but are unable to move beyond that. We kid ourselves or we expect someone else to do the job for us. Is that why when Kinijit kicked Woyane’s ass so many people were pushing each other to get to the center of the action? We had a visitor to our church from Canada. Abune Michael of Calgary gave a memorable sermon a few Sundays back. What stuck in my mind was his saying ‘meswatenet yelelew emnet’ or belief without sacrifice I believe that is ying without yang.

Fear not all is not lost. We also have our Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America (EHSNA). They are celebrating their second anniversary from July 27-29 in Washington DC. Last years event with Judge Bertukan Mideksa was a huge success. This is one venue where our flag fly high our culture is celebrated with all its diversity and our history is told with all its glory. It is a family affair and our young ones and children are given the respect and attention they deserve. The March 2012 Adwa Victory celebration organized by EHSNA gave our ancestors gallant effort the highest honor reserved for such Herculean deed. We salute the organizers for shining a bright light on our accomplishments as people in this time of doom and gloom. This is one organization that is trying to bring balance between our yin and yang. We can see perfect harmony between the opposites.

Each one of us is faced with a choice. We can be carriers of change or we can follow the path of destruction. Change does not happen without effort. Those that are hell bent in bullying and dividing us are not going to leave voluntarily. No one willingly gives up his privileged position. It has never happened. They are unable or unwilling to see the freedom train coming at them at full speed. That is what happened to Mubarak, Gadaffi faithfully believed his people loved him and we see Assad for some reason thinking that he can save himself and his clan by killing all Syrians if necessary. Dictators are a rare breed of people. Meles honestly believes he can last a while longer. Locked in his palace surrounded by his yes men reading his own review and watching his one channel TV he is intoxicated by his own lies. Twenty-one years is a long time to be isolated from normal people. It is possible to create ones own make believe world.

How come we see Libya, Egypt, Yemen and now Syria and do not learn? How come we do not work a little harder to avoid such catastrophe? Why do we allow Eskinder, Andualem and all the other fellow Ethiopians pay the price on our behalf? How come we are unable to say no and show outrage at such act of injustice by a handful of people? Do you think Meles jailed our brothers and sister or do you think we allowed him to do such ugly deed due to our indifference and apathy? Is the blame on the dictator or on the vast majority that lets him gets away with this criminal act? I am sure we are all disgusted with this farce of jailing people for life because they spoke what the regime does not approve of. What is next, to go to prison accused of bad thought? Why not the dictator has no incentive not to follow that route. He knows we will take it silently. Didn’t we when Professor Asrat was denied medical treatment, when Asefa Maru was gunned down, when Judge Bertukan was jailed twice, when Gambella was sold, when our children are left to die in the jungles of Central Africa and their bodies scatted on the highways of Tanzania and the waters of Lake Malawi or Gulf of Aden? Yes no question about it we are responsible for the jailing of Eskinder and all the rest. Frankly I am bored and tired of shifting the blame.

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22 thoughts on “Who jailed Eskinder and the rest?

  1. Ethiopian dictator prime minster Meles Zenawi was humiliated in the presences of world leaders on May 28, 2012 and A top exiled journalist Abebe Gellaw was raised a task question in G8 meeting “freedom before food” Ethiopian Prime minster M…eles Zenawi is taking a revenge to Ethiopia journalist and opposition party leader in order to minimize his political crisis since May 28, 2012. I can assure you that in half of my nation and in the name of GOD, they are honestly innocent, and they don’t even know a single person connected to terrorism except prime Meles Zeanwi who is specialized in mascaraed human life. We have seen a lot of dictators in the past 30 years, they were busy aggravated their time of death by oppressing innocent people. Eskinder Nega, I know you are a man, a real man! And you have been jailed 18 times in the past 22 years. Almighty GOD keeps you well and hopefully I will see you in those Ethiopia bright days and it will be very soon. As we all know there is no justice in Ethiopia,be strong and all Ethiopia except those we are with you. I love you, your brother

  2. Yilma, Well said!

    I share your observation and experience as whole. Messages like yours may open some eyes and mind. I believe to continue to share wisdom like you just did needs to be encouraged. However, insisting in the majority involvement in the struggle against the tyrant meles, be it in attending fund raising, joining demonstrations, lobbying etc. may cause more frustration and hopelessness to those who are bitter and always ready to act and want to end this misery in Ethiopia. Weak public involvement is common with third world countries mainly in African political struggle and even worse when it comes to Ethiopians. In my view it has a lot to do with the scale of intimidation an brutality of the dictators that is successful in creating fear on the people so that they do not retaliate. But never say never, I remember in 1991 when meles and Esayas Afeworke controlled Ethiopia, We had a community meeting in western Canada, I can tell you, the entire Ethiopians from all sectors attended the meeting and offered anything including their lives to fight. The 2005 Ginbot courageous rally is also an other example. God only knows what will trigger the sleeping giant, or unlock the fear. Till then the movement should continue with anger an passion by the ones who are in the forefront as they should continue welcoming new arrivals in the struggle. Thanks to ESAT our fight is steps ahead.

    God Bless Our Country Ethiopia and Her beautiful People!!

  3. This time you have got it correct.That is right ! “There is no such a thing as Ethiopian court”, as you have rightly pointed out.Nor is the ruling TPLF regime need to be referred as Ethiopian.To be right the regime need to be referred as the ethinocentrist TPLF regime that runs Ethiopia with some courupt officials boutght by Melese.As a result, I often referred it as the TPLF regime.This is the truth! Ever since TPLF set its foot in Addis,Ethiopia is ruled by TPLF chief. All major decissions have been and is being made unilaterally by Melese.
    And the solution to the national humilation is siply this- pursue the age long strategy that works best for the country.That age long strategy is this, secure freedom from the criminals through armed means.Then,leave the political forum for the entire Ethiopian people to devise what form of government they want to settup.One more thing the TPLF regime managed top linger around at least for two reasons.One,the Ethiopian oppostion have broblem of overcoming how to work together as people with the diverse shades of our people.I guss athe first thing that comes to mind to some when it comes electing leaders is that the person must have Phd.
    I prefer a leader with average intelegence but who is morally upright.You can not recompenset moral uprightness with anything.But it is possible to make up for lack of education by suplementing it with advisors.
    Second,TPLF is able tao buy some Ethiopians to workl for it for because some people have nomora rectitude. These typs of supporters will be used as instruments because they have an attitude that says let me live for now and here.These self seeking one’s will be there until theybegin tosense the balancee of power tilted to the other side. Such is human nature.Therefore,in the struggle aginst injestice and evil morality means a whole lot.

  4. I read the above statement and it quite true what is written here,we call our selves proud and civilized people but how can it be that we can not agree in unison with the aim to free Ethiopia from the dictaters whom I simply call mad,we have lost two chances for a home of hope and futurity i.e.1974 and now under these pigs who do not represent any decent Tigrean,please let us make our own dream and destiny to try again for that country the gentle and loving fight for,I am an Ethiopian and what these people are doing like the writer of the article clearly wrote is wrong,seeing it from our history,these people in the leadership are prisoners of their own mistakes,I once heard some one say I hate ignorance and these people are from the start giving priority to bring the oblisk of Axum shows that they were narrow minded,Netsanet Asfaw,a woman from Adwa was a national service teacher from the univrsity in the 1960s in Mekelle,I am ashamed for her to do the dirty work of these people,Ithink it is enough.

  5. Ato Yilma!!

    You keep forgetting that the law that these individuals allegedly violate is not something that was decreed by one individual but rather passed by 99.9% of members of the parliament. You should remember that all members of the parliament were elected with 99.6% popular vote. It was proven and certified by all independent observers. So what is the problem? They broke a written law of the land approved by 99.6 of the people and they will face the consequences. But still they have the chance to go home after serving time. In my last comment here I brought up an excellent idea how you can help these individual get a chance to go home and I really think it is a good idea. Our benevolent Prime Minister have effectively and successfully brought back from the dead one of our golden but forgotten traditions. It is called ‘Dej Tinaat’. Instead of wasting your time hitting the pavement for nothing, you should form an ad-hoc committee of able individuals who are familiar about this valuable tradition and begin ‘dej tinaating’ the good office of our magnanimous Prime Minister asking for mercy for the prisoners. Once the individuals contrite and promise the Ethiopian people that they will not violate the law ever again, they may have the chance to go home to their families. Otherwise, we should all forget about them and go back to our daily chores.

  6. Mr. Tekle,
    How blind can you get to make such an outrageous statement? Have you been in Ethiopia? Have visited the jails? People like you are the problem of our nation. The narrow minded and Ethnic based TPLF is the Law of the land.

    Anonymous replies:

    Unity, why don’t we just forget Tekle, because he is a hired killer by the TPLF and he was their member and he still is. do you think any normal person would talk like this? He calls this little uneducated Frog looking Meles his “great leader”. Just like North Korea. These TPLF moron brought his fleas to Addis got a hair cut and becomes a General in the TPLF army. If it was not for Ethiopia what do you think these people would eat if they were separated and form a Government of Tigray with no food. You see any body can have nice names like Meles, Tekle, Hagos etc. but the people are rotten rats who eat anything on their way. The only choice they got is to stay in power and rob the country.

    If there was a democratic government where would they go? they have no education, they have no good resume other than the ones that were prepared in the jungle. They will not find a job in Ethiopia. Even Meles will not find a job in Ethiopia because he is not educated. so they are fighting hard to stay in power like all dictators talking about that 99 percent “vote” they said they got. Like Gadaffi, Mubark and Sadam Hussein. They all tried to kill Ethiopia by hiring this Woyane Tugs. The masters are gone. These ones will be gone too.

  7. Dear Janamora,

    We need change or revolution; but armed struggle is not good. Reason: there is no any gurantee the incoming armed winner will give what we want. Note: TPLF and Shabia claimed they were fighting for freedom. But it is a living witness if you can see shabia giving freedom to Eritreans? You cannot deny this. Eritrean did not spare anything for the struggle; they gave their lives, their resources and anything they can offer. But you see what they got ? Look, the number of Eritreans youth who perished during the 30 years war? plus the amout of resources lost in the 30 war? see the cost of Eritrean independence? and see the benefit of Eritrean independence? did armed struggle gave them what was promised? no

    TPLF promised did the same; but Tigreans got nothing from it. The general Ethiopian lost nothing, but the Tigreans and Eritreans who sacrificed so much lost what was promised.

    Even now G7, EPPF, TPDM,… will never bring peace in Ethiopia. Reason: they do not the basic recipe to be democractic. To be democractic, there must the recipes of democracy as the basis. When you build a house, you cannot build the house without foundatition. The same principle applies in poliitics. You believe you have to kill people to bring freedom? you do not see that you are killing freedom even if you kill those whom you consider enemies. Democracy values life and treatment of people with dignity even criminals. But if you believe in killing, you cannot be democractic.

    The fact that Ethiopians could not even think a new of struggle is one indicator that Ethiopians in general do not actually understand democracy. They are saying democracy just for the name of it. You cannot tell me about democracy while you believe you have to kill souls?

    There is a quick, non-bloody and civil way of kneeling down dictators, but Ethiopians do not have the capacity of that. Reaason: we are divided along ethnic lines. You are going to tell me it is TPLF who is doing that? but it is not true. Everyone is doing that but no one realizes it because every Ethiopians think they can use it but blame the others. There is no real good faith among Ethiopians.

    If there is good faith, recognition and respect among citizen, believe TPLF can down in one day, but there is no recognition of each other. Because few Amhara elite supremacist believe they are more Ethiopians than other Ethiopians and they have no the capacity or the gut to see themselves equal with other citizens, superiority complex. The other tribes fear of the coming back of the most oppressive amhara rule and everyone tries to avoid them?

    This is real. Did you listen to the current affaires talk show where one supremacists try to convince Ethiopians to kill 7 millions Tigreans to save Ethiopia? If you kill 7 millions Ethiopians which Ethiopia are you saving? who is Ethiopians really?

    There has been problem in Ethiopian past, present and even for future. These problems can only solved by addressing the problem one by one, but not by Hoye hoye,… the below, nefaw, kurettew, gidellow, … slogan is not an ideology.

    If that was not the case, why we do not have one strong party that represent all the people?

    We need change, but we do not have still the recipes for change.

    Meseret replies:

    Ato Gezaee, I know you are going to reply to this comment and you are going to complicate, bring new issues so that this discussion can go on for ever. If you promise yourself you don’t do that here are some of the points i want to say in response to your comment.

    one….. I am not an advocate of war. I don’t like it. But for the sake of discussion we have to ask some questions just based on past history. Do you think it is wrong United States, Britain, USSR, Ethiopia, China. Etc made a mistake when they fought a war to destroy the Fascists and bring about peace? Do you think the Egyptians, Iraqi’s, Yemeni’s and Libyans made mistakes when they waged war on the dictators that oppressed them for years? do you also think the Syrian opposition is making mistakes to try to bring change in Syria? And the rest of the world that is supporting the Syrians are wrong too?

    Two……I have read some of your comments and I believe you are from Tigray and you do not support the TPLF party and Meles. I also think you believe in the equality, respect, democracy of all Ethiopians.
    Therefore, Do you think there will be another election and the Ethiopians who are like you will win and Meles and his party will transfer power peacefully to us?

    The only possible way is some one like you who is high in the TPLF and sees the problems the country is facing and overthrows the Meles group and announces there will be a fair election with equal opportunities to all and releases all political prisoners and admits and reverses the mistakes committed by the TPLF. Even with this process there could be some peoples’ “souls” lost.

    My conclusion is that people who believe in Democracy( for instance the United States, Britain, France etc) do not like wars. I also understand they say they have to protect their interests. But they have to wage wars on those who are threatening the peace and democracy of themselves or friends. It is a natural instinct to defend your rights. In Ethiopia, if your neighbor gives you a very hard time and every day he is violating your peace are you going to wait until he changes or you take a legal action. If you think you or you family members are living in fear of him that he is going to kill you, I believe you will take some action.

    Gezaee H. replies:

    Mr. or Ms Meseret,

    I agree with you with the need for action. I do not agree only on the bloody action. I am arguing it is possible to do it peacefully without killing each other. That is a civilized way of doing things. Killing is barbaric and primitive way of solving problem. It is expensive also. It takes long time; it destroys economy and lives. I have lived in war zones and I know how it affects lives of human. War even kills trees, grasses, nature does not even love war. Springs, rivers dry when there is war. Plant or trees die out. Animals run away. Birds disppear.I have lived in war zone during derg. As a small child I used run from fightings and spent sleepless nights and bullet going over my head. I will never ever wish that not only Ethiopian, but to any human being on earth. As I said war destroys everythhing. I am against any armed struggle.

    People who believe in war are cruel human beings who have stonehard heart who have loaded with arrogance and ignorance and pride. There is away for everything to anything. It is just we failed to think better.

    Brother o sister Meseret, you can hate me but I am against any armed struggle.

    Yirga replies:

    Ato Gezaee, you did not answer any of Meseret’s questions. She or He asked you if you would support the armed struggle in Syria and other countries. I think you are saying no. But these people are supported by all democratic countries. You keep saying people who believe in war are cruel human beings but that is not the case in history.

    And also in your response to Janamora you also brought up an issue of Amhara instead of talking about the need for armed struggle. That was just to provoke another issue so that people will talk about ethnicity.

    Gezaee H. replies:

    Dear Yirga,

    About ethnic, I am not ethnicist. It is not a topic of interest for me. you just translate everything to what you want only and you can translate to anythig u want I do not care it is upto you.

    I have stated I do not support armed struggle anywhere, I do not care whether it is in Egypt or America or Yemen or anyhwere else.

    I have stated my arguments clearly. If u agree it is fine; if u do not, do not agreee, move on with your beliefs and do not try to braintwist me. I only reason out my argument and do not force people to accept my ideas.

  8. Dear Ato Tekle I have no idea what you have been smoking in this great land where any mind altering drug is available or if you have been transported into another dimension and you are operating on a different level. That is the only explanation I could think of regarding your assertion of the the 99.9% parliament and the ‘independent observers’. Do you really believe that or you just threw it there to muddle the situation. As for the ‘dej tenat’ I thought it was a land of law and order, do you mean to tell me the idiot PM can override the judiciary? Then I suggest we cut out the middlemen and go directly to the idiot and settle matters why bother with all this drama of black robed judges and attorneys.I suggest you sober up for a few days and and think before you give opinions that are half baked and not fit for public consumption. As for Ato Gezaae you seem to speak with both sides of your mouth, I suggest you leave Eritrean problem for Eritreans to solve. Now when it comes to Ethiopia I thought we all fought together against the Derg, isn’t that why the Abba Dullas, the Tefera walwas, the Tamrat Lines, the Kums Demeksas marched together with the TPLF army? I have no idea why you think armed struggle does not bring freedom, America was won by Armed struggle, South Africa is the result of Armed struggle Kenyans fought for their freedom I could go on and on so if necessary armed struggle is one way of getting rid of Woyane bandits nothing wrong with that of course there are other means too, please do not force your phobia on us no sane person or party has ever advocated killing people based on ethnic identification on the other hand Meles and his party are the ones that brought that up in 2005 when they felt they were going to loose the election, remember ‘interhawme’ that was evil Meles please do not project that on us it is yours you own that crazy idea I suggest you keep it to yourself. They say the price of sin is death, I guess those that abused their authority and used their ethnic identification to hurt others have something to fear from change then again that is their problem they just have to face the consequences of their evil action I wouldn’t be surprised if some are hanged in public – you know things like that happen me I am not worried are you? Good day gentlemen.

    Gezaee H. replies:

    Dictator Yilma,

    Do you realize how dictator you are? I guess you do not ? You are trying to tell me what I must say? It is you who have not only two mouth, but aslo forked tongue?

    Denial, blaming others is your way of life. You are irresponsible, not accountable, rude and undiscplined. I can see your arrogance of ignorance right from your writing? Why do you think I have to follow your way or I have to think what you think? You can give your opinion, but you have no right to control what people say or how people think.

    Whether you like it or not, your way is old-fashioned and bloody one. You will not get anywhere, mark my words. Rembember this is also my opinion which I am entitled too. Time will prove me wrong or right. you have no control on me whether you like it or not.

    As about Eritrea, hell, if you do not care about Eritrea, it is upto you, but I do care because the Eritreans issue is right at my nose and affected my own life. I know you do not care about Eritrea because you are trying your way to get to Arat kilo at the back of Shabia? You wanted to me to keep quiet? haha, Sir, you move on with your business with Shabia, but I will move on with my ideology too. You have no control over me. You go your way Sir, and I go my way. You have to stay away from my way Sir. You can only get me to follow your way if you have what it takes,but I get you do not have that capacity besides bashing people to accept your way only.

    It must be you who declared to kill 7 million Tigreans on paltalk and because you came out here to defend and to deny?

    Sir, we need freedom; we need change; we need justice; we need equality; we need fairness; we need peace; we need impartiality; we need transparency; we need accountability; We need better leaders. But we do not need arrogants who acts as if they are bosses and even try to boss are on web forums. Sir, if you do not like my opinion, or comment, you really need to shut up and skip my comment. I can only make dialogue with people who are responsible and rational. Your dreams is to kill your enemies and even to hang them? Sir, your way is bloody way; You must know, when you hang, you will be hanged in return due to the fact there will be others who aspire to hang you.

    So Sir, I ask you to skip comments if you do not like them. I do not subcribe to opinion. I only follow my heart and my mind. You will never ever able to arm twist or braintwist me.You cannot Sir. You have two choices Sir:
    1. You read my comment and you can forward your response in a civilized manner without vitriolic words and by considering yourself as ordinary webster. You have to take off your position or status, I do not care who you are and please avoid you bossing attitude or

    2. You can skip my comments and ignore them. I suggest you do that if you cannot make a dialogue based on reasons.

    I am an indepedent mind; I am not a trailer of anyone. Any Ethiopians must understand. I am not Woyane; I am not G7; I am not ESAT. I am not TPDM. I am who I am and that will never change by anyone. Thank you Mr. Dictator Mr. Yilma.

    yilmab replies:

    Dear Grzaee, all this rant and you don’t even deal with the question raised, you just keep claiming you are anti violence I don’t know any one who likes violence but the TPLF is the only violent organization in our country, they kill, they jail, they exile so what do you propose we do about that sir, beg, accept or fight back see there is no other choice here now unable to answer you resort to all kinds of confusion creating blabber I just replied to your comment if you don’t like it tough because on our independent web sites anyone can comment your responsibility is to reply to the specific issue and present you argument logically and rationally no need to discuss whether i am a dictator, irresponsible, rude, old fashioned or any other adjective just stick to the point we are discussing Ethiopia do not bring Shabia, Eritrea, Amhara etc into the picture the question is still on the table does Ato Gezaee believe the TPLF is a sigle ethnic based party lording it over 80 million people, is Meles Zenawi the leader of TPLF a dictator that does not allow democracy and freedom and has this nasty habit of using his security to kill those that do not agree with him and what do you propose we do to get rid of this cancer? I have already presented my analysis you give us your version please without meandering around like a drunk sailor, can you do that?

  9. Ato Yilma I agree when you said this
    “Dictators are a rare breed of people. Meles honestly believes he can last a while longer. Locked in his palace surrounded by his yes men reading his own review and watching his one channel TV he is intoxicated by his own lies. Twenty-one years is a long time to be isolated from normal people. It is possible to create ones own make believe world.”

    Given that most dictators are ousted by members of their own inner circle, we should also remember the role of the dictator’s support group: the elite coalition.
    When elites are bound together by an established institution, like a military or party, the consequences are profound, increasing dictators’ bargaining power over policy relative to their supporters. If the time and space allowed it would be very important to explain multiple political outcomes, ranging from the ability of dictatorships to send signals of commitment to falsely promise to their capacity to attract foreign direct investment. That makes them look like ” progressive, democratic, liberal, revolutionary” and so on. Also assuming that dictatorships are all one and the same conceals important differences in the organizational structure of these regimes, and consequently, in the ability of dictators’ supporting coalitions to tie the hands of the dictator.
    And dictatorships are by no means a thing of the past. As late as the 1970’s, autocracy was more common than democracy. In 2007, seventy of the world’s 194 countries were governed by dictatorship. The Chinese communist regime alone rules nearly a quarter of the world’s population
    under dictatorship. Unfortunately the TPLF government wants to copy cat that dictatorial system of governance.
    In democracies, checks on the power of leaders are usually outlined in a constitution. Such de facto constitutional checks often do not exist in dictatorships. Rather, the means by which to check the power of dictators is to credibly threaten to remove them from power.

    This can only done by one power. That power is the power of the people. What type of method should be used is usually determined during a process of intense political struggle and led by a political party. Sometimes something simple or big triggers a widespread revolt by the people. Like in the Arab countries.

    Finally, I would like to salute those fighters of freedom for others who were denied their own freedom in my beloved country. It is not ok for them to be in prison but because they are in prison they are serving to others as mirrors to see themselves and where our country is at now. As A. Lincoln put it right “Those who deny freedom to others they do not deserve it for themselves.”

    Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.

  10. Yes we may be partly to be blamed for not protesting on the streets. But we must also blame the G8 countries for supportng dictator Meles. What is the aim of the G7 (the most doners of the G8) for supporting a leader who is hated by his people. They know meles is disintegrating Ethiopia in to ten contries ( including Eritrea), but what is their benefit? What I can say is the the last summit was between G7 and the ^devil Meles ( representing the 10 horn of African contries ). To become good or evil is a matter of choice, so we ask the G8 countries to stop their support to dictator Meles Zenawi.

  11. Fascist Meles may kill hero Eskinder Nega and others like Professor Asrat Woldeyes but does not kill the will of the Ethiopians for freedom. It is very unfortunate that some fascist Tigrians and hodam banda collaborators are promoting and nurturing this state terrorism. When fascist Meles turns his face to them they may cry foul but a tyrant like fascist Meles even does not hesitate to kill Adwans or other Tigreans. Geniuine Tigreans should join with their brothers and sisters to free Ethiopia and Ethiopians from fascist Meles.

  12. You must be a weyane imposter with an agenda to Divert the energy of the justice seeking Ethiopians and pit them against Eritreans. You always bring Eritrea into every arguement about Weyane’s barbarism. Your agenda is slowly revealing itself. Try to stick to the issue at hand & concentrate to the relevance of the topic.
    may be I should prescribe your own quote as a medicine to your dillusional views.
    “Sebays yeqrekin ne’Arskin srera”
    seyTan yesrerih, ante dedeb Fessam!!!!

  13. I want to take a moment to express my thoughts and prayers for those of you who are currently inconvenienced by the stormy that swept the area on Friday night and Saturday morning. I really mean it. We should all come together in times of a disaster like this one even though a lot of you hate me just because I am from Tigray. I am using my generator to keep my essentials running at home. My house is untouched along with my Mercedes S600. Some of my neighbors have a lot of damage done to their homes and trees. God is protecting me because I had spent more 15 years in deserts and mountains to liberate his people from blood thirsty monster by the name Mengistu Haile Mariam.
    You see this time I am not talking about any politics and it shows I along with my (Our) benevolent Prime Minister Meles are people of boundless compassion. Now I have to run to buy gasoline for my generator and off course my cars. So I want you to keep your mouths shut and stop hurling insults at me.

  14. Tgreans specially the common people love Eritreans. Infact, the port of massawa was given to them for free service. If that’s the case, why do they then rise the Eritrean card particularly in times of pressure? Well, since it’s an obvious question, i leave the answer to the reader.

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